• Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream for Painkilling, 1.35oz Max Strength Pain Relief Cream Ointment Anesthetic Gel with Liposomal for Sections, Hemorrhoid, Local and Anorectal Discomfort

    Topical Anesthetic Cream (with 5% lidocaine) for faster absorption. It will kick in the skin within 3~5 minutes and reach maximum numbing effect within 20~22 minutes and will last about 1 hour.

    • Brand: Ebanel Laboratories
    • ASIN: B019D7MQMK
    • UPC: 682017337593

  • Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Spots - Hydroquinone Cream to Fight Skin Aging, Fade Sun Damage, Even Skin Tone – Non-Irritating Skin Bleaching Cream/Skin Whitening Cream Lotion

    Age spots, freckles, birth marks - it can feel almost impossible to prevent skin damage in daily life. Sun and dry weather can irritate your skin, creating dark blotches and uneven patches that are hard to cover with makeup. Emma Cardinelli Skin Lightening Cream offers more than a cover up - the specially formulated design penetrates deep into your skin, lightening blemishes and creating a softer texture for fresh, younger looking skin. Click ADD TO CART now to start your path to lighter, more even skin today. HERE'S WHAT MAKES EMMA CARDINELLI BEST FOR YOUR SKIN Never tested on animals Light mango scent and non-irritating texture Deep penetrating ingredients soften your skin Versatile treatment for face, armpits, elbows and back Unique formula helps fade sun damage and dark spots WHAT MAKES SKIN BLEACHING CREAM WORK? Emma Cardinelli Skin Lightening Cream uses the highest quality combination of ingredients to give you lighter, softer skin. The hydroquinone helps fade darks spots to create a more even tone, while Glycolic acid, antioxidants, and Vitamin E go deep to give your skin a smoother feel. IS IT COMFORTABLE TO USE? While some skin bleaching products can be heavy or uncomfortable, our fade cream has a light texture and refreshing scent that makes it perfect for ...

    • ASIN: B01N9ER4GO
    • UPC: 806810978047

  • Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream | Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream for Tattoo, Piercing, Skin Tag Removal, Waxing, Microblading, Microneedling, Dermarolling, Hair Removal, (1 Tube)

    Not a fan of pain? Is your low pain tolerance keeping you from getting cosmetic or important medical work done? Do you want to get a tattoo but are afraid you won't be able to handle hours of being repeatedly stabbed by a needle? Don't you wish there was a way to do all these things without the severe pain that come with them? Imagine how much less stressful your life could be if you weren't constantly being held back by your low tolerance for pain. Think about all the exciting things you could do. Keep the pain away with our Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream! Specially formulated in our world-class Canadian facilities, our fast-acting, long-lasting topical numbing cream is favored by healthcare professionals, artists and aestheticians from all around Canada for its unparalleled efficacy in procedures such as needle insertions, superficial skin surgery, microblading, Skin tag removal, waxing, Wart removal, laser treatment, split skin grafting, dermabrasion, tattoos application and removal, plastic surgery, removal of genital warts & biopsies of genital mucous. It's also not only hypoallergenic and fast-acting, but super long-lasting as well, with a single application providing effective desensitization for up to four hours. This means a single 30-gram tube would last you a long, ...

    • Brand: Dr. Numb
    • ASIN: B07NPR8VKS
    • UPC: 638037993684

  • AnuMed Vitamin D3 Cream with Magnesium 10,000 IU | Healthy Skin Care & Face Cream | Maximum Calcium Absorption | Non-Greasy Moisturizer for Dry Skin - 3 Ounces

    Need For A Vitamin-D3 SupplementVitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that is in charge of promoting calcium absorption in the body. In its natural state, vitamin D3 can be found in very few foods unless it is added or consumed as a supplement.Since the sun plays a key role in triggering vitamin D3 in the body, Vitamin D3 deficiency has become a common health complication for people all over the world. This deficiency is now recognized as a pandemic as 30-100% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D3, not due to dietary choice but instead due to spending less time in the sun due to concerns of sun’s rays on skin. People who live in Northern areas of the world have less exposure to the rays of the sun due to the angle in which the sun hits the earth. On the other hand, individuals residing in Southern areas of the world tend to experience more heat; therefore, they avoid the sun and lack the proper sun exposure to activate the vitamin in their dermis.If the body does not have sufficient vitamin D3, the body may experience a variety of health complications such as debilitated bones, rickets, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and other symptoms caused by general vitamin D3 deficiency.Why AnuMed Vitamin D3 Cream with Magnesium?Our Vit D3 cream with Magnesium may help provide various he...

    • Color: Off-White
    • Brand: AnuMed Intl
    • ASIN: B00454A1HE
    • UPC: 891264793308

  • Vitamin D3 Cream | Powerful Advanced Vitamin D Cream Supplement - Maximum Absorption - Face - Body - Healthy Skin Care - Dr. Recommended | All Natural | Maximum Absorption | 1000 IU D3 Lotion |

    Each measured dose of lotion from our airless dispenser delivers 1, 000 IU of vitamin D3 with a full press of the pump. For best results, apply our highly-absorbent vitamin D3 cream each day, rubbing into your arms or legs as needed. Our odorless nutrient-rich formula will dissolve effortlessly into your skin, providing maximum vitamin absorption. Maxasorb D3 lotion uses only natural, safe ingredients.

    • Brand: Vita Sciences
    • ASIN: B00N5I469U
    • UPC: 182273000151

  • Numb25 Max Strength Lidocaine 5% Topical Numbing Cream for Tattoo, Microneedling, Laser Hair Remove,1.35oz Painkilling Anesthetic Ointment Rub with Liposomal Technology, Use Before Tattoo, Hemorrhoids

    Topical Anesthetic Cream (with 5% lidocaine) for faster absorption. It will kick in the skin within 3~5 minutes and reach maximum numbing effect within 20~22 minutes and will last about 1 hour.

    • Color: 1.35 oz / 38 g
    • Brand: Ebanel Laboratories
    • ASIN: B07KRMC5XQ
    • UPC: 711005833615

  • Numbing Cream 5% Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic– Fast Acting Tattoo Numbing Cream for Deep Pain Relief & Numbing Cream for Microneedling/Piercing/Microblading/Laser Hair Removal/Electrolysis (1 Tube)

    NumbSkin Lidocaine 5% Cream Get Rid of The Pain and Do What Your Heart Desires. INSTRUCTIONS FOR BEST RESULTS STEP 1 - Wipe your skin with a damp cloth. STEP 2 - Place NumbSkin over your skin and start rubbing it lightly, not too harsh to dissolve the entire cream. STEP 3 -Make sure that the cream is not dry on your skin - add a little more if needed STEP 4 The numbing effects starts in about 15 - 30 minutes. For best results wait around 45-60 minutes. -Will it numb my whole body? No, NumbSkin is used as a local anesthetic cream and will only work on the part where it is applied. -How long do I have to wait for it work? We recommend at least 15-30 minutes just for the numbing effect to start. -What can It be use for? NumbSkin can be used as: - Tattoo anesthetic cream - Face numbing cream - Pain numbing Cream - Skin Numbing Cream for Tattoos - Brazilian Waxing - Piercing deep numb cream - Hemorrhoid treatment - Permanent makeup numbing cream - Can this cream be used before a vaccine injections? Yes! You it can be used as a numbing cream for injections and you won't feel the vaccination needles. -How long does it last? The effect lasts up to 4 hours. -Do I need a prescription? No, you can safely buy it as an over the counter numbing cream. -Is it a spray, ointment or a ...

    • Brand: Numbskin
    • UPC: 642419893417

  • 30g SUPER NUMB Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream Numb Tattoo Laser Piercing Waxing FAST SHIPPING

    Application 1. Wash the area receiving tattoo or laser treatment with soap and water. Dry area completely. 2. Apply a thick amount of numbing cream to the area and rub in thoroughly. 3. After rubbing into the skin, apply a 2nd heavy layer of cream (1/8" or 3-5 mm thick) over the area. 4. Cover the cream with plastic wrap (saran wrap). The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream. and keeps the cream form drying off. 5. Leave cream and wrap in place for 2 hours before procedure. For long procedures lasting hours over large areas; apply SuperNumb over the entire work area, then remove in sections as procedure progresses. 6. Skin typically remains numb for 3-4 hours once cream is removed from numbed skin depending on skin type and location on body.

    • Brand: SuperNumb
    • ASIN: B00NQJHM2Q
    • UPC: 619271346603

  • Uber Numb 5% Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic Cream Advanced Formula Rapid Absorption Non-Oily (2 Ounce (NCR))

    Presenting Uber Numb topical numbing cream. With 5% Lidocaine, the maximum amount allowed by law, plus Vitamin E to fight inflammation & moisturizers to hydrate your skin. 2-oz. jar.Why put up with pain? Rub a dab of Uber Numb numbing cream into the affected area... and you'll quickly get soothing relief for hemorrhoids, anal-rectal pain, itching & burning & more.The Secret: 5% LidocaineMany topical ointments contain up to 4% Lidocaine. But Uber Numb provides a full 5%, the maximum dose permitted without a prescription. What's more, it combines this extra-strength Lidocaine with propylene glycol, which enhances skin penetration. Result? Your Uber Numb anesthetic cream goes down deep to numb nerve endings & block pain signals. Plus, it absorbs extra-fast, reaches full effect by 20-25 minutes & keeps numbing for up to 1 hour.Water-Based, No Oily ResidueUnlike some topical anesthetics, your Uber Numb 5% Lidocaine Cream never feels sticky or greasy. Enhanced with Vitamin E & moisturizers, it leaves your skin soft & smooth... no itchy chafing or flaking.It's Made in the USA for Superior Quality & PurityPlus, it comes in a 2-oz. jar to last through multiple applications. Buy with total confidence. Click "Add to Cart" now to order your Uber Numb Topical Numbing Cream.

    • Brand: UberScientific
    • ASIN: B07KQND31B

  • Soothe Cool INZO Antifungal Cream Contains 2 Percent Micronazole Nitrate 2 oz

    Topical Soothe Cool antifungal cream helps maintain healthy skin while treating fungal infections. Lightly scented formula contains 2 micronazole nitrate. Antifungal ointment is ideal for use around ostomy sites, the perineal area, and in skin folds to prevent contact with moisture, urine and fecal matter. Also effective for treating ring worm, athlete's foot and jock itch. 2 ounce tube.Ingredients Allantoin, Bees Wax, Cetyl Dimethicone, Cetyl Peg/PPG10/1 Dimethicone, Dimethicone, Fragrance, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Isopropyl Palmitate, Petrolatum, Polymethoxy Bicyclic Oxazolidine, Sodium Chloride, Water, Zinc OxideUsage Clean affected area and dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer over the affected area twice daily or as directed by a physician.

    • Brand: Medline
    • ASIN: B002NH5KV2
    • UPC: 811032452404

  • Zymox Topical Pet Cream with Hydrocortisone, 1-Ounce

    ZYMOX Topical Zymox Topical cream provides a powerful natural enzyme formula to aid in the treatment of skin infections

    • Brand: Pet King Brands
    • ASIN: B001K35IW6
    • UPC: 667334129052

  • Hemp Pain Relief Cream (1500 Mg) - Natural Hemp Extract Cream for Arthritis, Back Pain & Muscle Pain Relief - Efficient Inflammation Cream & Carpal Tunnel Relief - Made in USA - Good for Skin Health

    Pain Relief Corp. 1500 MG is the highest quality and the most potent Hemp cream available, supporting optimal pain management & healthy wellbeing. Powerful Relief Cream is a great source of countless essentials beneficial to your skin & health! Perfect for everyone! EXCELLENT HELP WITH: ◈ Hip & Joint pain ◈ Back pain ◈ Ankle pain ◈ Knee pain ◈ Elbow pain ◈ Neck pain ◈ Foot pain ◈ Fibromyalgia ◈ Osteoarthritis ◈ Arthritis ◈ Muscle soreness Doesn't matter what kind of pain you suffer from - it will bring relief! SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS: ◈ Third Party Lab Tested ◈ Non-GMO ◈ Made In The USA ◈ Maximum Strength ◈ Long Lasting ◈ Non-greasy ◈ Fast drying and fast acting ◈ Only natural ingredients ◈ 1500 mg Hemp Extract for a price of 500 mg cream ◈ Made at an FDA Inspected and GMP Certified Facility Simply apply a thin coating to the affected area and gently massage it in until absorbed. Click ""Add to Cart Now"" and feel NO MORE PAIN!

    • Brand: PainRelief
    • ASIN: B07NJB2WX6
    • UPC: 721535927999

  • Face and Body Super Trio Topical Pre-Procedure Anesthetic Numbing Cream Tattoo Anesthetics 7/8 oz

    Super Trio cream is our most powerful pre-procedure topical anesthetic for numbing. This 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine, 12% benzocaine cream topical anesthetic is for use BEFORE A SENSITIVE PROCEDURE. This topical anesthetic is effective for the initial outlining of a tattoo or the first pass on a permanent makeup or for pre-laser procedure or piercing. This anesthetic is applied to the skin before a procedure. It is specifically designed for laser, body piercing, and thicker skin applications. Care should be taken to avoid getting any anesthetics into the eyes or mouth. Instructions: Apply to area of procedure. Cover with occlusive dressing if desired and wait 15-20 minutes or until anesthetic effect occurs. Wear Gloves while applying and wash hands after use. For use by licensed practitioners only. Made in the USA. Ingredients: 12% Benzocaine 4% Lidocaine Hydrochloride 2% Tetracaine Hydrochloride

    • Brand: Face and Body
    • ASIN: B07KYXNMW1
    • UPC: 769033912598

  • Ramina Natural Hemp Extract Pain Relief Cream - 500 Mg - Hemp Salve Contains Turmeric, MSM & Arnica - Relieves Inflammation, Muscle, Joint, Back, Knee, Nerves & Arthritis Pain - Made in USA - Non-GMO

    RAMINA Hemp Extract Cream provides PURE, SAFE and NATURAL PAIN RELIEF! PRODUCT DETALS: - Made in the USA - All natural ingredients - 500 mg Hemp Extract - Zero THC (no psychoactive effects) - Third Party Tested POTENTIAL BENEFITS: RAMINA Natural Hemp Cream is created to relieve: - Knee pain - Hip Pain - Back Pain - Sciatic Nerve Pain - Neck Pain - Ankle pain - Achy Muscles - Joint Pain - Inflammation and pain associated with RA and Psoriatic Arthritis Osteoarthritis DIRECTIONS: Apply the cream to the affected area 3-4 times daily and massage thoroughly for about 30 seconds for best results Simply Scroll up & click ADD TO CART to support your health now!

    • Brand: Ramina
    • ASIN: B07HZ23PSS
    • UPC: 782290971900

  • LiviaOne Topical Probiotic Spray -12 Strains of Organic Probiotics Work to Protect The Skin Stay Balanced, Calmer and Resistance to Aging. Crowds Out Bad Bacteria, Fungus and toxins.

    LiviaOne Liquid Topical Probiotics are plant-based, all-natural, wild-crafted and USDA Certified Organic. Safe to use even in the most sensitive skin areas. Probiotics are well recognized for protecting the gut's microflora and supporting the body's immune system. But did you know that these friendly beneficial bacteria can also help the skin maintain its barrier and function and keep dermal cells healthy? When sprayed directly on affected area, LiviaOne Probiotics Spray goes to work colonizing to crowd out bad bacteria, fungus, yeast and other pathogens that would disrupt your skin's derma. Our 12-Strains of symbiotic probiotics spray can help the skin stay balanced, calmer and more resistance to aging, plus they are USDA Certified Organic. Don't just take our word for it. Our customers leave us review after review of positive feedback about what LiviaOne Topical Probiotics has done in their lives. We are in the business of making lives and health better for our customers. Livia Global Inc is focused on making a difference in the lives of others. Change Your Health - Change Your Life

    • Brand: LiviaOne
    • ASIN: B00UNS8GOG
    • UPC: 030915107105

  • Organic Hemp Oil Extract Cream 300mg - Ultra Premium Pain Relief & Anti-Inflammatory Healing for Arthritis, Nerve, Back, Joint, Bone, Ankle, Knee, Chronic & Acute Pain - Non-GMO Ultra-Pure Full Spec

    Nature's Beneficials Organic Hemp Oil Pain Cream provides PURE, SAFE and NATURAL PAIN RELIEF! PRODUCT DETAILS: - Made in the USA - All natural ingredients - 300 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract - Zero THC (no psychoactive effects) - Third Party Lab Tested Helps Relieve: - Knee pain - Hip Pain - Back Pain - Sciatic Nerve Pain - Neck Pain - Ankle pain - Achy Muscles - Joint Pain - Inflammation and pain associated with RA and Psoriatic Arthritis Osteoarthritis

    • Brand: Nature's Beneficials
    • ASIN: B07JL83WZ3
    • UPC: 757284922084

  • Lidocaine Blue Gel Tattoo Numbing Topical Anesthetic Cream Gel - 1 oz

    Anesthésiant bon pour le maquillage permanent, microblading, tatouage et etc. Efficace durant la procédure lorsque la peau est déjà égratignée. Ph ok pour eyeliner mais il ne doit jamis y en avoir dans l'oeil. Anesthetic for permanent makeup, microblading, tattoo and etc. Good during procedure, this is not a pre numb. Good also for eyeliner but never in the eyes.

    • Brand: Dermal Source
    • ASIN: B010R1S3SM
    • UPC: 702082706282

  • ZYMOX DZY22905 Topical Cream, 1-Ounce

    Zymox topical cream 1oz. Potent and safe treatment for bacterial and fungal and viral infections of cats, dogs. Aids in the healing of infections.

    • Brand: ZYMOX
    • ASIN: B006MJPS28
    • UPC: 667334229059

  • TruSkin Vitamin C Serum for Face [BIG 2-OZ Bottle] Topical Facial Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, 2 fl oz.

    Who needs artificial fillers and harsh chemicals when you can achieve amazing results without them? TruSkin is all about skin-friendly ingredients! IMPORTANT - This plant based formula naturally ranges in color from almost clear to somewhat cloudy from batch to batch because TruSkin chooses not to hide these normal variations with artificial colors and synthetic stabilizers to keep the formula as pure as possible. The appearance of the ingredients has no impact on the effectiveness of the formula.

    • Brand: TruSkin Naturals
    • ASIN: B01EKUBU5Y
    • UPC: 646437501842

  • GREENCAINE BLAST Numbing Cream for laser hair removal for women and men topical anesthetic lidocaine 4% gel 4 Oz. (113 grams) large tube for repeat treatments. MADE IN USA.

    This is the numbing gel preferred by licensed Beauty Aestheticians. Yet only one in three professionals uses topical anesthetics; does yours? Why suffer? Uses: -Microblading -Tattooing -Microneedling -Scalp Micropigmentation -Tattoo Removal -Laser Hair Removal -Permanent Makeup PMU -Brazilian Waxing Epilating -Electrolysis Order now and schedule your appointment without hesitation. All orders are processed immediately on the same day. Not just another topical anesthetic: Greencaine Blast is backed up by ALMA Laboratories, Inc-USA. If you are not 100% satisfied, return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

    • Color: Clear Gel.
    • Brand: greencaine
    • ASIN: B00I080RUW
    • UPC: 369747040015

  • Zensa numbing Cream — Maximum Strength Topical Anesthetic

    **HOW TO USE**    Wash with warm water or use an alcohol swab on the desired area.    Apply a generous layer of Zensa topical anesthetic. Wait 5 minutes and then apply a second layer. Do not rub into skin.    Cover with an airtight wrapping such as saran wrap and ensure edges are secure to avoid leakage.    After 30-45 minutes remove wrapping and wipe away any excess cream thoroughly before procedure.KEY BENEFITS    As the most natural numbing cream on the market, the formula contains health conscious ingredients such as purified water and Vitamin E. Minimal filler ingredients results in no harmful chemicals touching the skin - only the purest 5% Lidocaine.    Contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that provides anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the healing process.    Innovative formulation does not constrict blood flow having no effect on tattooing, microblading or waxing processes.    Provides temporary relief of local discomfort associated with anorectal inflammation.    Extensive product Research + Development ensures that the cream works quickly and lasts longer (30-45 minute absorption and lasts for over 3 hours).    Backed by a 3 year shelf life, it is the most stable and federally certified (FDA & Health Canada) topical anesthetic availabl...

    • Brand: Zensa
    • ASIN: B01B14NDGQ
    • UPC: 627843518167

  • Clinical Resolution Non-oily Numb Master Topical Anesthetic Cream, 1 oz.

    Numb Master Lidocaine 5% is a non-oily creme, easily removed with facial cleanser and water. Long duration of effect lasts about 1 hour. Numbing effect initiates within 20~25 minutes. Tip: To enhance penetration, apply plastic wrap over the cream to minimize evaporation and drying.

    • Brand: Clinical Resolution Laboratory
    • ASIN: B00O133T00
    • UPC: 682017337531

  • SkinSmart Antimicrobial Wound Therapy Safely Removes Bacteria so Wounds Can Heal, 8oz Clear Spray

    Hypochlorous antimicrobial skin and wound cleanser for wounds and outpatient antiseptic daily foot care routines. Treat and cleanse skin infections, intact skin, minor wounds, minor cuts, irritated, cracked, red, blistered skin; including on rashes, hives, sunburn, dry cracked skin, burns, skin infections, radiation treatment burns, and many skin conditions that affect intact skin - like shingles, cold sores, rashes, hives, herpes on skin, nail fungus, toenail fungus, fungal skin conditions like ringworm, and more. This contains no alcohol, no steroids, no color, no skin cream, and is a clear liquid with no limits on use. Skin Smart Wound Therapy is safe for all skin, even around eyes and mouth. Safe for all ages. HOCL is recommended to use as a daily foot wash, foot wound wash, shingles blisters, anti-fungal skin wash, antibacterial skin wash, antiseptic skin wash, hypochlorous acid skin care, acne spray, body acne spray, acne cleanser, dandruff, blepharitis, even pink eye. Replace your antibiotic ointment and avoid antibiotic resistance - use this antimicrobial skin and wound cleanser for families instead. It's easy to apply this non-irritating, clear, hypoallergenic, gentle skin spray anywhere on your body. It soothes, cools, refreshes, and promotes healitisng, helps heal woun...

    • Brand: SkinSmart Antimicrobial
    • ASIN: B01N4DBR3F
    • UPC: 850471005932