• Sundance Spa Replacement Filter 6540-488 by Spa and Sauna Parts

    Sundance Spas Replacement Filter - 125sq ft Part #6540-488. Height: 19" Diameter: 8.5" Hole: 2.5" 125ft Double Sided Filter used on: 1. 2003+ Bahia 2. 2000-2001 Caprio 3. 2003-2005 Cayman 4. 2003-2005 Lagunas 5. 2003-2005 Palermo Filter equivalent to: Filbur: FC-2780 Pleatco: PSD1252000 Unicel: C8326, C-8326 Double Sided Filter used on: 2003+ Bahia, 2000-2001 Caprio, 2003-2005 Cayman, 2003-2005 Lagunas, 2003-2005 Palermo Technical Note: This filter has been used in many instances to replace the original filters that are recommended by Sundance Spa Can Be Used in Place of: 6540-507 Microclean 2 filterup to 2005. This filter was used on Sundance Spas 850/880 Systems 6540-501 and 6540-502 MicroClean System. NOTE: will not work with a part of the 6540-501 or 6540-502 Microclean filter as part of the Microclean filter, the 6540-488 is used as a single filter rather than the split filter of the Microclean System. Do not order a 6540-502 or 6540-501 filter with this filter.

    • Brand: Spa and Sauna Parts
    • ASIN: B01N0L1Q8L
    • UPC: 619730417189

  • Replacement Filter for Sundance Spa part number 6541-397

    This spa filter is the industry's first interlocking system to provide dual filtration, which produces the purest water. The outer filter traps large particles while the inner filter traps ultra-fine particles. You can wash out the first-stage filter to save on replacement spa filters. Filter Dimensions are 19.82 Long x 8.42 Diameter.

    • Brand: Spa and Sauna Parts
    • ASIN: B06XBWW5ZN
    • UPC: 619730417233

  • Sundance 6540-490 Replacement Spa Filter by Spa and Sauna Parts

    Diameter: 8-1/2", Length: 18" to 18-1/2" Filter Fits the following models: Altamar, Cameo, Marin, Maxxus, & Optima 1995-1999 Capri 2000; Altamar 1998-99; Rio, Optima, Marin, Maxxus, Capri, Cameo & Calypso I & II 1995-99; Royale & Corum 1995-97 Montego 1997-99; Replaces 6540-482.

    • Brand: Spa and Sauna Parts
    • ASIN: B01MZ9IJQW
    • UPC: 619730417196

  • Diverter Valve Knob 3 1/2" Handle for Sundance 2005+ 880/850/850E Spa Hot Tub

    You are Buying a 3 1/2" Handle Knob for a Sundance® 2005+ 880/850/850E Spa Diverter Valve. This Item is the Handle Only. The Valve this parts fits is found on Sundance® Spas only!! Compare the measurements to be sure this is correct. The list on this kit is $19.99. IF YOUR HOT TUB IS NOT A Sundance BRAND THIS WILL NOT WORK DO NOT ORDER IT!! PLEASE NOTE: We did a lot of extra work with pictures and measurements so please do your part and measure you old cover to be sure it is correct.. This will save us all some time and money.. Thanks..

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: American Spa Parts
    • ASIN: B01JAKQ42I
    • UPC: 740016013730

  • Replacement Filter for Sundance Spas 120 MicroClean 2 part number 6540-507 by Spa and Sauna Parts

    Sundance Spas MicroClean 2 filter uses advanced, triple-layer pleated material to provide superior filtration for crystal clear water. The system efficiently traps larger particles in the upper layers of the filter and smaller particles in the lower layers.Absorbs oils and lotions, removing them from the water. Sundance 120 MicroClean Plus Fits Sundance Maxxus, Optima, Cameo, Majesta, Altamar, Marin and Capri 2006-2008. Disposable after 6 to 12 months use. Height: 19″ Diameter: 8.5″ Hole: 2.5″ 120 sq ft

    • Brand: Spa and Sauna Parts
    • UPC: 619730417240

  • Sundance Spas Replacement Quartz Tube 6472-859

    Replacement quartz tube for ClearRay System

    • Brand: Sundance Spa
    • UPC: 850511004031

  • Sundance Jacuzzi Pillow Screw 4-Pack

    Sundance Spa or Jacuzzi Pillow Screw - Set of 4 Part #6570-231 (set of 4) Pillow Attachment Screws. Used on 2001+ Sundance Spa Models with plastic screw fasteners for pillows. Original Sundance Spa Parts

    • Color: White
    • ASIN: B074NPZK38
    • UPC: 010111003845

  • Sundance Sweetwater Spas Replacement Pillow 6472-974

    Sundance Sweetwater Spas replacement pillow. Part #6472-974 or 6455-451 Pillow used on the following Sundance Sweetwater Spas: Aruba Bahia (2000-2002) Cyprus Palermo (2000-2002)

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Sweetwater Spas
    • ASIN: B017PGKGO6
    • UPC: 810143020366

  • Sundance Microclean I Throwaway Absorbtion Replacement Filter 6540-502 by Spa and Sauna Parts

    Replacement Filter For Sundance Spas Microclean I Filter. The spun-bound microfiber cartridge allows for ultra-fine hot tub water filtration. 8.5" Diameter Should be replaced every 3-4 months Used on Sundance Spas 850 & 780 Series This is a disposable filter, do not use filter cleaner on this filter

    • Brand: Spa and Sauna Parts
    • ASIN: B01N33GKN7
    • UPC: 619730417165

  • 6541-557 Formerly 6000-300, Sundance Spas Rotating Intelli-Jet LX

    Sundance Spa LX Face Jet with 316SS Escutcheon. Textured/Rotating Grey. Come complete with the white housing and bearings. Jet is sold as a complete unit. Sundance Spa Original Parts. No Generics. Used on Sundance Spas 1999-2002

    • Brand: Sundance Spa
    • ASIN: B01CRD9IUA
    • UPC: 042768772560