• Red: A Crayon's Story

    A blue crayon mistakenly labeled as "red" suffers an identity crisis in this picture book by the New York Times–bestselling creator of My Heart Is Like a Zoo and It's an Orange Aardvark! Funny, insightful, and colorful, Red: A Crayon's Story, by Michael Hall, is about being true to your inner self and following your own path despite obstacles that may come your way. Red will appeal to fans of Lois Ehlert, Eric Carle, and The Day the Crayons Quit, and makes a great gift for readers of any age!Red has a bright red label, but he is, in fact, blue. His teacher tries to help him be red (let's draw strawberries!), his mother tries to help him be red by sending him out on a playdate with a yellow classmate (go draw a nice orange!), and the scissors try to help him be red by snipping his label so that he has room to breathe. But Red is miserable. He just can't be red, no matter how hard he tries! Finally, a brand-new friend offers a brand-new perspective, and Red discovers what readers have known all along. He's blue! This funny, heartwarming, colorful picture book about finding the courage to be true to your inner self can be read on multiple levels, and it offers something for everyone.

    • Brand: Greenwillow Books
    • ASIN: 0062252070

  • The Day the Crayons Quit

    • Brand: Penguin Group
    • ASIN: 0399255370

  • Toy Story 12 pack wax crayons (10554A)

    Toy Story 12 pacl wax crayons #10554A

    • Color: Full Color
    • Brand: Toy Story
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  • Crayola Crayon Maker with Story Studio

    • Brand: Crayola
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  • The Day the Crayons Came Home

    The companion to the #1 blockbuster bestseller, The Day the Crayons Quit!A Wall Street Journal Best Children's Book of 2015 / A TIME Magazine Top 10 Children's Book of 2015“Highly anticipated (yes, even for adults)” —Entertainment Weekly I'm not sure what it is about this kid Duncan, but his crayons sure are a colorful bunch of characters! Having soothed the hurt feelings of one group who threatened to quit, Duncan now faces a whole new group of crayons asking to be rescued. From Maroon Crayon, who was lost beneath the sofa cushions and then broken in two after Dad sat on him; to poor Turquoise, whose head is now stuck to one of Duncan's stinky socks after they both ended up in the dryer together; to Pea Green, who knows darn well that no kid likes peas and who ran away—each and every crayon has a woeful tale to tell and a plea to be brought home to the crayon box.Look for a special glow-in-the-dark picture [Note: make sure to “charge” it under a light first].Praise for The Day the Crayons Came Home  Winner of the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Picture Book of 2015!A Wall Street Journal Best Book of 2015!One of Parents Magazine's Ten Best Children's Books of 2015!A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year! "Funnier than the creators' original blockbuster."--Par...

    • Brand: Philomel
    • ASIN: 0399172750
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  • Broken Crayons Still Color: Based on a True Story

    Multi-platinum rapper Devin has it all. Money, cars, fame, women— he’s living the life of a rockstar. As with anything in life, all good things come to the end of its cycle, and God takes you off of a path so that you can begin anew. Devin stops getting booked for shows, and it causes a ripple affect on his life. Now unable to take care of his family, he turns to heavy drug use to take his mind off of the pain. When the money stops flowing, all of the love that he thought was genuine, doesn’t exist at all. Scandal after scandal surfaces on all of the major blog sites, allegations and rumors, liens from the IRS, and now rumors of his ties to murder for hire plots has him mentally defeated. It’s just him against the world until he meets and helps Ashlon when she too was down and out. A good girl with problems of her own, Ashlon understands him in a way that nobody else cares to. She vows to do all she can to help him the same way that he helped her when nobody else would. The question is... can Devin escape his spiraling rollercoaster of drug and alcohol addiction enough to help himself? Can he defeat his demons and pull back to reality long enough to accept help? Or will the devil continue to break and take him under? Certified tear-jerker based on a true story. This is a ...

    • ASIN: 1980316066

  • Multi-Color Rainbow Crayon Set - Non Toxic - Safe for Toddlers, Kids and Children - 7 Bright Colorful Fun Colors - Perfect Party Favor - Ideal for Home and School Use

    Inspire Creativity Through Coloring!Yes, a piece of blank paper and a box of rainbow crayons may motivate and inspire a person to write stories through pictures.That only implies that if you have ever received a colorful artwork from a kid, then you know it's pure imagination they had while coloring!Perfect Party Favors for Adults and Kids!The same way it does to kids, coloring provides the same amount of benefits to adults!So, whether you are enjoying your break time at work or enjoying your Sunday "me-time" at home, you know that your time will be more colorful than ever with these multi-color rainbow crayons. Just try it!Improve Concentration and Sensory Development!Coloring helps kids familiarize themselves even more, giving them the chance to realize innate talents or simply discover new ones!it does not only allow them to practice the right ways to hold writing tools at a young age. It also helps them focus on a certain task, hence boosting his concentration levels.Non-Toxic - Environmental Friendly!Our Rainbow crayons are made with recycled melted and broken crayons of all colors and combining them into a beautiful rainbow style pencil while saving the planet and eliminating millions of pounds of non-decompose paraffin wax from landfills,so you get a chance to teach your c...

    • Color: Multi-color Rainbow
    • Brand: Colors of Rainbow
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  • Harold and the Purple Crayon... and More Harold Stories (Scholastic Video Collection) [VHS]

    HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON: Harold wants to take a walk in the moonlight so he draws a moon with his purple crayon. Now he is on a fantastic voyage! A PICTURE FOR HAROLD’S ROOM: Harold draws a picture for his room. Soon he’s bigger than a mountain. Next he’s smaller than a bird. How will he ever get home? HAROLD’S FAIRY TALE: With his purple crayon, Harold takes a trip through an enchanted garden, where he meets a king, an invisible giant witch, and a fairy with one magic wish. (All stories written and illustrated by Crockett Johnson)

    • ASIN: B00008DDWX
    • UPC: 767685559437