• Eraser Ayurvedic Skin Cream Removes Any Marks 15gram

    Eraser Antimarks Cream is an extremely effective, natural, safe and gentle way to lighten and erase all types of skin marks- including Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Scar Marks, Burn Marks, Under Eye Dark Circles, Pimple Marks, Blemishes and Post Delivery Stretch Marks. Regular use of Eraser Antimarks can also help keep your skin luminous and youthful. Its unique blend of Ayurvedic ingredients helps to precisely deliver vitamin E right down into the torn skin tissue. This helps the collagen layer of the skin to heal, and diminish the appearance of marks - in most cases making them disappear altogether. Eraser Antimarks Cream contains Ayurvedic ingredients like Wheat Germ Oil, Neem, SafedChandan, Aloe Vera, Kumkum and Kesar, that have a healing effect on the skin, while Haldi, Rose Flower and Orange Peel help lighten complexion, together having a strong yet gentle effect on marks, leaving you blemish-free and beautiful.

    • Brand: IPSA LABS
    • ASIN: 5633336534
    • UPC: 078319047528

  • Dermasmoothe Pro Mole Removal Pen Kit | Skin Tag Remover, Mole Remover, Warts, Nevus, Dark Spots, Freckles, Tattoo | 9-Gears, USB Rechargeable, LCD Display | Spot Eraser Pro, Facial Skin Care Tool

    DermaSmoothe: Do what's best for your skinThe Dermasmoothe spot remover pro is the newest generation of portable nano-needle products, using ionization carbonation technology. The needles directly work on the affected spot on your skin and produce a plasma with high temperature immediately, which carbonizes the skin. This technology makes it safe to use, prevents bleeding, and is free from side effects. There are 9 adjustable gears which gives you a wide range of treatments, from removal of skin tags, to the reduction of skin discoloration, and much more.Save a lot of money and time from expensive treatments, by investing just a fraction of the price!Skin Care Kit Includes:1x Spot Remover Pen1x USB Charging Cable10x Fine needles3x Coarse Needles1x Instruction GuideSimple Instructions:1.Power On/Off: Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the device, then press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off it.2.LED Spotlight: Double click the power button to turn on /off the spotlight 3.Change Gear: Click the power button to switch from gears 1-94.Working: Press and hold the "OUT" button for operation, and release it to stop operation. Lightly tap over the area of your skin to start treatmentIt is highly recommended to start with gears 1-2. In most cases, gears 4 or lower is...

    • Brand: Dermasmoothe
    • ASIN: B0798GSG65
    • UPC: 670221344483

  • Velvetpen Pro Mole Removal Pen Kit | Skin Tag Remover | Mole Remover, Warts, Nevus, Dark Spots, Freckles, Tattoo | 9-Gears, USB Rechargeable, LCD Display | Spot Eraser Pro | Facial Skin Care Tool

    Velvetpen Pro Mole Removal Pen KitThis device is the newest generation of nano-needle product. Needles work directly on affected skin to immediately produce a low-temperature, high-frequency plasma. Sweep procedure is complex and innovative.This process allows you to remove various elements on the skin: moles, skin tags, age spots, birthmarks, dark spots, skin pigmentation, freckles, small or thin tattoos. This device is designed to be light and easy to use in the comfort of your home.Operational guide1.Charge the pen via USB AC adapter.2.Unplug from the USB.3.Insert a needle into the mole remover.4.Directly insert the coarse needle into the head of the pen and tighten.5.The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover.6.Sterilize the needles by wipe them with alcohol pad before use.7.Clean targeted area with antiseptic.8.You may apply a topical agent to numb the area.9.Long press On/Off button for 2 sec to power on or shutdown mole removal pen.10.Short press On/Off button to choose level of intensity.11.Double click the On/Off button to turn On/Of the spotlight.12.Keep pressing the Out button to start work, and tap with the pen to work through the mole/skin tag/freckle/age spot.13.Apply a cream after the procedure.Package includes1 x Mole Removal Pen1 x USB Cable3 x Corase ...

    • Color: white and silver
    • Brand: VELVETPEN
    • ASIN: B0794BMV7M
    • UPC: 665336980114

  • Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, Clear, 3 Count

    This lightweight and breathable pore-blurring makeup primer leaves skin with a smooth matte finish. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance-free.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Maybelline New York
    • ASIN: B077SJ7RZ1
    • UPC: 041554554793

  • [2018 Upgraded] Mole Removal Pen–Skin Tag Remover Kit with 9 Adjustable Modes&LED Light, LCD Display Spot Eraser Pro for Tattoo Nevus Freckles Birth Mark with USB Charging&Replaceable Needles

    Product Details : Material: ABS+Steel Product Size: 175*35mm Package Weight: 304g Battery Capacity: 1200mAh Input current: 3.7V/1A Output power: Max 5W Packaging Contents: 1* mole remover pen 1* USB charging cable 30* Fine needles 3* Coarse needles 1* Instruction Manual How to use? 1. Choose the proper needle and install it on the pen point. 2. Long Press the power button for about 3 seconds to turn on/off the pen. 3. Click the power button to choose the proper level. 4. Double click the power button to turn on/off the spotlight. Notice: 1. Please practice on pigskin until you are familiar with it before using the device on your own skin. 2. Please Put the device AWAY FROM CHILDREN since it can produce high temperature in an instant. 3. Please avoid the sunlight when you finish the treatment. 4. Do not leave the pen tip on your skin for too long to burn the dermis. 5. Don't wash the affected area, avoid scrubbing hard within 30days. 6. Do not scratch the wound until the scab comes off naturally. 7. When the equipment fails please do not disassemble to prevent danger. 8. Avoid cleaning the device with water since it isn't waterproof. 9. Avoid eating ginger, beef, soy sauce, vinegar and so on during the recovery. Normally, the recovery period will takes 1-3 months 10. Recom...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: PLYRFOCE
    • ASIN: B07B7KT77S
    • UPC: 788537132165

  • Spot Eraser Pro, Xpreen Professional Mole Tattoo Remover Pen for Skin Tag Freckles Dark Spot Skin Pigmentation with Replaceable Needles & USB Charging

    Xpreen® Spot Eraser Pro The Xpreen® Spot Eraser Pro adopts latest high technology; helps you to remove variety skin tags, spots, freckle, mole, wart etc effectively and instantly without hurt and bleeding. Easy and Safe to use. It will improve your skin and change your life! Features: - Sweep spot tag mole freckle easily - Safe and convenient to operate the device - 6 Level for different treatment - LED spotlight and built-in Li-battery, USB charging - Comes with 10 fine needles and 3 coarse needles How to use: 1. Choose the proper needle and install it on the pen point. 2. Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the pen. 3. Click the power button to choose the proper level. 4. Double click the power button to turn on/off the spotlight. Notes: 1. Before use the device on your own skin, please practice on pigskin until you are familiar with it. 2. Do not clean the affected area with strong alkaline washing or scrub seriously,simple nursing is fine. 3. Please promptly remove the needle after use, clean and disinfect, then keep it dry. 4. During the recovery period (1-3 months), do not eat spicy food, keep a healthy lifestyle. 5. Do not use your hands to scratch when the scab itch,neither wash the device in the water. 6. When out of service for long period, it should b...

    • Color: copper 2
    • Brand: Xpreen
    • ASIN: B077GV2V76
    • UPC: 713153271844

  • Mole Removal Pen, BDSii Portable USB Rechargeable Skin Tag Removal Tool Kit with 8 Strength Levels Professional Beauty Pen for Body Facial Freckle Nevus Warts Age Spot Tattoo Remover Beauty Skin

    Description: SAVE BUDGETS: It will be the best investment you make considering how much it costs to have on professionally remove.SAFE: Featured with the ionization carbonization technology, it makes people feel without the existence of current during the using process. HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Instantly sweep mole without hurting the normal skin and no bleeding. GUARANTEE: 100% money back guarantee.EASY TO USE: Charging: 1. Charge the pen before use.2. Charge via USB ac adapter ( includes charging cable)3. A white light will blink when the device is charging; When the blinking light is next to the 3, you can use the device4. To use, unplug from the USBInstall the needles: 5. Directly insert the corase needle into the head of the pen and tighten clockwise.6. The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover. Rip the fine pinhead into the pinhead cover, and then insert the pinhead cover into the head of the pen, and then tighten clockwise.7. Sterilize the fine and coarse needles by boiling them in water or wipe them with alcohol pad for disinfection before use.Operate the pen: 8. Long press ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to power on or shutdown.9. Short press ON/OFF button to switch the speed level10. Keep pressing the OUT button to start work, and tap with the pen to work through...

    • Brand: BDSii
    • ASIN: B077XDJD3Z
    • UPC: 713543920536

  • Herwiss Mole Remover Machine, Professional Skin Tag Remover Mole Removal Pen, LCD Display Spot Eraser Pro with Newest 8 Gears Adjustable Power & Portable USB Charging

    Mole Removal Pen Adopts The Latest High Technology, Dexterous Manipulation, More steady And Safe. Effectively Keep You Away From Variety of Skin Tags, Spots, Freckle, Mole, Wart, Tattoos etc. Instantly Without Burning, No Bleeding and Side Effects. What makes Herwiss Beauty Device Unique: 1. Designed with 8 gears adjustable scan spot power output for reliable treatment, working mode and battery level can be observed visually on LCD Display. 2. Features with the ionization carbonation technology, stable voltage, without feeling of electricity with upgrade chip once using. 3. Convenient USB charging supported power bank, phone charger, PC USB port etc. keeping working over 5 hours on a full charge. 4. Come with 2 kinds of needles. The coarse needle is for warts, fleshy, nevus and tattoos, the fine needle is for moles, freckles, spots and other small pigmentation on skin epidermis. Note: Please test on a fruit for the first using. 1. Before use, wipe the pinhead with alcohol for disinfection and clean the skin to be applied with alcohol at the same time. 2. Use the speed lower than level 3 to remove the shallow freckle with small area, while above level 3 to remove the bad freckles in large area. (Do not pierce the skin) 3. During the using process, gently sweep back and forth with ...

    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Herwiss
    • ASIN: B077Z8C7Q6