• SHIMANO RD-M820 Saint Shadow Plus 10 Speed Rear Derailleur

    All new Saint is now Dyna-Sys 10 speed compatible. New slick features like a B-bracket rubber bumper and Shadow Plus significantly quiet down the ride.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B007Q4NLHW
    • UPC: 689228299689

  • SHIMANO XT BL-M8000 Disc Brake One Color, Rear

    Building off the smashing success of Shimano's XT BR-M785B Disc Brakes, the Shimano XT BL-M8000 Disc Brakes offer enhanced ergonomics with their sleek integrated master cylinder and simple integration with I-Spec II shift levers. Not only does this improved design shave precious grams, but it also frees up valuable real estate along the handlebars, which is always a positive with the ubiquitous use of dropper posts on modern trail bikes. Sero Wave technology delivers reliable stopping performance across widely variable trail conditions and riding disciplines. This technology improves brake engagement by closing quickly upon first squeeze, ramping up power after initial engagement for improved bite. 22mm ceramic pistons inspire riders to push their limits with gobs of stopping power at a moment's notice. Shimano's Radiator Pads disperse heat on shuttle runs and lift-accessed downhills, preventing dreaded brake fade on lengthy descents. Tool-free reach adjustment dials in a custom feel for precise trigger actuation. The Shimano XT BL-M8000 Disc Brakes come with everything needed for installation. This brake kit works with Shimano's XT and XT Ice-Tech Rotors for reliable stopping performance in all conditions. Hinged, split clamps allow for easy mounting. The pre-bled lever/caliper/...

    • Color: One Color
    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B00XKY3MAI
    • UPC: 689228635579

  • Shimano Saint M820 XT M786 SLX M675 ZEE M640 Deore M615 Rear Derailleur

    Shimano Miscellaneous Rear Derailleur PartsFeaturesOEM Shadow+ chain stabilizer unit for Saint RD-M820, XT RD-M786, SLX RD-M675, ZEE RD-M640 and Deore RD-M615 rear derailleurs

    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B00G8HVCN8
    • UPC: 689228931824

  • SHIMANO M820 Saint Disc Brake Set, Rotor and Mount Not Included (Rear)

    Saint hydraulic disc brakes are designed for performance and feel above all else. The 4-piston, dual-diameter caliper accommodates more oil for better temperature management while maintaining superior modulation and improving pad wear. The Servo-Wave levers allow for quicker pad contact, free stroke adjustment and tool free reach adjustment, all of which allow you to dial in the perfect feel no matter where you happen to be riding. Rotor not included.

    • Color: Black, I-Spec B
    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B007Q4O8VK
    • UPC: 689228378056

  • SHIMANO RD-M640 Zee Shadow Plus 10 Speed Rear Derailleur (Use with 11-32/11-36 Cassette)

    Dyna-Sys specific cable pull for (HG-X) 10 speed mountain drivetrains, improved cable routing, shadow design help eliminate drop out contact. Direct mount frame compatible. Aluminum construction with sealed bearing 11-tooth guide pulley. Shadow plus cage tensioner to help eliminate chain bounce and quiet down the drivetrain.

    • Color: One Color
    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B007Q4P7UQ
    • UPC: 689228305328

  • Shimano Saint M820 Post Mount Caliper (Black, Front)

    One-way bleed feature for easy set-upFour piston caliperSingle 74mm caliperFrame or fork mount adaptor not includedMetal Icetech pads with radiator cooling finsDisc Brake Pad Axle & Snap Ring assemblies are listed under "Brake Pad Small Parts"Shimano Mechanical Disc Brake Calipers are listed under "Disc Brakes"

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B007YH8HXO
    • UPC: 689228350014

  • SHIMANO ZEE BL-M640 Disc Brake One Color, Right

    Borrowing the powerful 4-piston caliper from Shimano's World Cup dominating Saint, the Shimano ZEE BL-M640 Disc Brake instills confidence into your riding with its brute stopping force and precise modulation. Ideal for trail and enduro rigs, the ZEE Brake resists fade on long downhill sections, thanks to its heat-dispersing 4-piston caliper design and improved pads with a new metallic compound for better consistency and control on the descent. Featuring Sero-Wave actuation with greater lever travel off the top, the ZEE allows its braking pads to sit farther from the rotor, reducing the chance of nasty brake rub, while providing a powerful bite for fast stopping. Its Shorty levers are almost identical to what you'd find on Shimano's SLX brakes. However, they exchange tool-free reach for a dimpled, non-slip lever surface. This gives you added control when your hands are damp from perspiration, retaining reach-adjustment with an Allen wrench for a customizable trigger feel. Note that the Zee Brake is available in either left or right options. Disc rotors and brake adapters are not included.

    • Color: One Color
    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B00DMM96EE
    • UPC: 689228378063

  • SHIMANO Saint M820 Disc Brakes Black, I-Spec B, Front

    The Saint M820 Disc Brakes may be the unsung heroes of the Shimano's pro-proven DH groupset, having enjoyed success on the world stage with Gwin since the prototype stage. In fact, Shimano's initial unveiling of the group was delayed slightly so the Japanese company could continue refining it according to the feedback from elite racers like Gwin, and the result is a shorter Servo Wave arm that modulates better than it's punchier predecessor, feeling more like XTR and allowing for more finesse while tempering speed to ensure you carry precisely as much momentum into techy corners and rock gardens as you want. The changes between model years include a reshaped brake lever, which is designed to meet the new Saint brakes' goal of single-finger operation, and a bit of texturing helps keep your powerful little digit firmly grounded. The brake caliper itself still rocks four ceramic pistons, which net the same full-halt stopping power as their predecessors that's nevertheless keen to modulate courtesy of the Servo Wave actuation. Servo Wave gives you more lever travel off the top, allowing the pads to sit farther away from the rotor and reducing rubbing. When you get deeper into the stroke, and the pads engage, Servo Wave acts like a cam, developing an incredible amount of power despite...

    • Color: Black, I-Spec B
    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B00DMMI5GO
    • UPC: 689228377752


    Shimano Saint M820 4-piston Brake Calliper, post mount, for front or rear The saint disc brake system with the dual diameter opposed-piston caliper design.     Stable braking power and excellent modulation.     Dual Diameter 4-Piston Design: For 50% more controllable power and even pad wear.     High Volume: Improved oil flow eases bleeding and provides more balanced piston actuation.     Rigid Design: For more power! Series:     SAINT Brake Type:     hydraulic disc brake Compatible Brake Lever:     BL-M810 Hydraulic Fluid:     Shimano mineral oil Caliper Mount Type:     IS Post-type Caliper Material:     aluminum Caliper Finish:     painted Piston Type:     opposed 4-piston Average Weight:     162g Does not include rotor or adaptors

    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B008HY25F4
    • UPC: 796254068537

  • Shimano Saint FH-M828, XT FH-M788, ZEE FH-M648 Rear Hub Axle Unit

    Shimano Hub Axle Unit

    • Brand: SHIMANO
    • ASIN: B00JNAMQ8C
    • UPC: 689228868403