• Shift: Digital Marketing Secrets of Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors

    Insurance agents and financial advisors are being taught outdated marketing and sales strategies to grow their businesses. Cold calling, seminars, online leads, networking groups and display ads are showing less returns.At the same time, according to Google, every 5 seconds someone is searching for a financial or insurance product to meet their needs, yet most agents are unaware of how to reach this growing market.Shift is a compilation of exclusive, rarely-before-seen techniques, strategies and best practices used right now to increase sales exponentially using digital marketing. These are not taught in magazines, books or courses today simply because most people won’t share them. Jeremiah has used these concepts to train over 100,000 agents in over 51 countries including the US, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, the Caribbean and South Africa.Using his years of success stories and behind-the-scenes access to the frontlines of what’s working now, Jeremiah has been part of teams that have generated over two million leads in the insurance space, leading to over $300,000,000 in commissions paid out. He has documented the most inspiring, entertaining and duplicatable techniques his teams and front line advisors are using TODAY to SHIFT industry thinking to solve these problems.

    • ASIN: B07BRG3JTW

  • The Baby Shift: Alabama (Shifter Babies Of America Book 26)

    This Wolf Shifter is on the hunt...Dr. Dalton O'Malley has always tried to help people where he can. Whether it's through his private clinic work or traveling the country on a lecture circuit, he won't stop following his calling. But when some of his healthiest patients back home start falling ill at the same time, Dalton can't shake the suspicion that it's not coincidence, and this leads him on a dark trail down his past...Every Monday in 2019 I'll be releasing a brand new novella for you to gobble up! Collect all the Shifter Babies of America series and enjoy a nice little one-sitting story!

    • ASIN: B07T14PG1P

  • SHIFT: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (Mackenzie Grey: Origins Book 1)

    It's hard enough being an undergraduate student, an intern at Downtown Manhattan's police station, and a bouncer at a local bar. Add her now ex-boyfriend who recently dumped her for the school's resident bimbo—oh, and she's a werewolf.Mackenzie Grey meets her match when she is kidnapped by the Brooklyn Pack and tossed between Sebastian and Jonah—the Alpha and the Beta. Being a lone-wolf in the city is dangerous, and now that the Pack has found her, so can every supernatural being in the Tri-State area. And not even her sarcastic, smart mouth can get her out of this.When a string of kidnappings involves Mackenzie in supernatural politics, she questions her new acquaintances and finds unlikely allies. Can she escape Pack law and keep her freedom—or will she be condemned to an unwanted path.SHIFT is the first book in the Mackenzie Grey: Origins series.

    • ASIN: B00RW8X7MG

  • The Shift

    • ASIN: B07579WL6B

  • BELONGSCI Women's Dress Sweet & Cute V-Neck Bell Sleeve Shift Dress Mini Dress

    Women's Dress Sweet & Cute V-Neck Bell Sleeve Shift Dress Mini Dress Perfect outfit for summer and autumn daily wear, school, casual, beach, vacation, date, party, club, etc. Comfortable to wear, this beautiful outfits make you more attractive and stand out from the crowd no matter where you go. Color:Blue & Black Package contents: 1 x dress Size: please refer to the above size chart picture

    • Color: Leopard Print
    • Brand: BELONGSCI
    • ASIN: B07PJQ7FMG

  • The Shift

    Originally produced under the title, Ambition to Meaning. In this compelling film, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning. The powerful shift from the ego constructs we are taught early in life by parents and society - which promote an emphasis on achievement and accumulation - are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back. Through the intertwined stories of an overachieving businessman, a mother of two seeking her own expression in the world, and a director trying to make a name for himself, this entertaining film not only inspires, but also teaches us how to create a life of meaning and purpose.

    • Brand: PBS
    • ASIN: 1401926347
    • UPC: 656629006420

  • Dragon's First Shift: (Dragons Secret Society)

    I never wanted a love story.True love doesn’t exist for a person like me,Or the creature that lurks within.Funny isn’t it, how blind people can be. Dazzled by the fancy cars and pretty girls. Tailored suits and slick haircuts. Almost all of them they fail to see the lie. Smell the stinking truth right under their up-turned noses.I’ll soon turn twenty-five, but my life has been one big, dangerous deception. I was born into a destiny I never chose, and a war I never asked for. But the biggest secret of all is running through my veins, hidden deep within my bones. A slumbering beast, that’s only now beginning to awaken.And right when it feels like my sanity is starting to slip, she appears. Fiery, seductive, and holding an envelope that’s about to smash my life to pieces.I never wanted a love story. But the last thing I expected was a tragedy.Warning: Adults Only


  • Photo Prints - Glossy - Standard Size (4x6)

    Select your favorite photos to print on high-quality photo paper, in fade-resistant color. Order your favorite snapshot or create a keepsake gift for a loved one.

    • Brand: Amazon
    • ASIN: B0711H8L7V

  • BB Transom Rebuild Repair Service kit with Lower Shift Cable, Bellows, and Gimbal Bearing for Mercruiser Alpha One Gen 1

    Transom service kit with lower shift cable, three bellows (u-joint, exhaust, shift), gasket and orings, 5/8 and 3/4 water hoses, and gimbal bearing for Mercruiser R, MR, ALPHA ONE Gen 1, 1978-1990 sterndrives.

    • Brand: BB
    • ASIN: B079GBQ4QD
    • UPC: 701649132878

  • Shift

    • ASIN: B071H85V2N

  • Swing Shift

    Reports to write, forms to fill, coffee to drink, leads to run down.Gus’s life was a tedium and boredom he’d grown comfortable with. One that he sought out after he’d come back from his tour of duty.A Detective in the Paranormal Investigations Department. A job he could work day in and day out in relative peace. One cold and forgotten cup of coffee at a time.It was an environment that made some sense to him. At least in comparison to civilian life where almost nothing did. On top of that, it gave him a chance to hide what he was from the rest of the world.An apex predator that made the entirety of the Paranormal world fear him. His very species was often killed as soon as they were found out.By government and citizen alikeHe’s a Boogieman.A name that made humans laugh, and vampires curse. It was a strange life to be sure.Now though, Gus’s stable non-life is about to be kicked over. Whether he likes it or not, he’s about to be handed a case that’s going to mess up his already screwed up life.Warning and minor spoiler: This novel contains graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, unconventional opinions/beliefs, and a hero who is as tactful as a dog at a cat show. Read at your own risk.

    • ASIN: B07R7YRQYC

  • Doggie Stylz Service Dog in Training Harness with Removable Saddle Bag Backpack Harness Carrier Traveling Bag. 2 Patches. Please Measure Dog Before Ordering

    Doggie Stylz Multipurpose Pet Dog Nylon Harness with 2 reflective removable Patches and 2 Side Bags. These harnesses are perfect for service dogs, therapy dogs, medical alert dogs, law enforcement and a lot more. The Saddle Bags provides you with two convenient bags on each side for your wallet, cell phone, keys or other items you may need for yourself or your dog. These harnesses can be used for walking, biking, hiking, tracking, hunting; various support tasks and a lot more. Made of durable breathable nylon with neoprene lining adds reinforcement and guards against abrasions. Machine washable and weather resistant materials make this harness low maintenance and very practical in all life situations. The trim and chest strap around the harness is reflective for maximum safety. Handle provides total control of the dog in any situation. The easy snap release buckle makes this harness the easiest harness to put on and take off. Please measure your dog's girth behind front legs at the widest point before ordering (see attached picture) This harness includes: 2 Patches and 2 Side Bags.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Doggie Stylz
    • ASIN: B01H7MZZS0
    • UPC: 701698941100

  • Merrell Men's Berner Shift LACE Fashion Sneaker, Black, 8.5 M US

    Sneaker meets outdoors in this rugged cavass lace up

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Merrell
    • UPC: 677338731540

  • Thayer Motorsports TRAN-TMP-S5D320-PARTKT ZF S5D 320Z Transmission Shift Pin Service Parts Kit

    Is your manual transmission feeling a bit sloppy? Does your shift lever stick when shifting in and out of the fifth gear or reverse gear gate? Having some difficulty shifting into first, second, third, and/or fourth gear? If your car is equipped with the ZF S5D 320Z transmission, the culprit is likely the shift pins. This kit includes the following genuine BMW parts necessary to perform the shift pin service on the BMW ZF transmission: This parts kit coupled with a tool set allows to fix the known difficulty shifting into first, second, third, and fourth gear and sticking of shift lever when shifting in and out of the fifth gear or reverse gear gate.

    • Brand: Thayer Motorsports
    • ASIN: B01LVUDX47

  • Titanfall 2 [Online Game Code]

    Pilot and Titan unite as never before in Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated Titanfall 2. Featuring a single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, and backed by a deeper multiplayer experience, Titanfall 2 delivers fast-paced action brimming with inventive twists. System Requirements:Supported OS: Windows 10,   Windows 8,   Windows 8.1,   Windows 7   Minimum Requirements: Processor:Intel Core i3-6300t or equivalent [4 or more hardware threads] RAM:8 GB Hard Disk:45 GB Video Card:NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB   Recommended Requirements: Processor:Intel Core i5-6600 or equivalent RAM:16 GB Hard Disk:45 GB Video Card:NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB Additional Requirements: 64bit OS Required Internet Connection: 512Kbps or fasterDirectX 11 Origin account required for game activation and installation

    • Brand: Electronic Arts
    • ASIN: B01H0LFJWA

  • Broadcastify

    • Brand: RadioReference.com LLC
    • ASIN: B01945ZM68

  • Epoxy Resin Color Pigment - 50 Color Mica Powder Epoxy Resin Dye, Cosmetic Grade Soap Colorant for Soap Making Supplies, Natural Slime Coloring Soap Dye for Paint,Nail Art,Bath Bomb(0.18oz Each Bag)

    Our micas have been carefully selected, a set of 50 luxury colors that will definitely boost your life. We are completely confident you will love our vibrant, ultra-shimmery pearlescent colors. Have fun and let your imagination go wild with all the creative DIY projects you can do with our mica powders! Mica Powder Pigments are widely used for producing of unique colorful slime, epoxy, soap, plastics, nail polish, automotive paint, lacquer, resins, fiberglass, bath bombs, lip stick, lip balm, latex, rubber, screen printing, cosmetics, blush, crafts, jewelry, lotions, creams, plastic resins, nail polish, embossing, wood and much more! Specifically selected 50 colors mica powder: Ruby, Green Apple, Tangerine, Pear, Cherry, Rosemary, Gerbera, Pink, Chestnut, Forget me not, Lime, Chocolate, Maple, Magical Red, Magical Gold, Magical Blue, Magical Green, Magical Violet, Lemon, Sea, Papaya, Corn, Datura, Wine, Coffee, Teal, Blueberry, Rose, Pearl, Avocado, Chartreuse, Beer, Kiwi, Bronze, Cactus, Calla, Fuchsia, Lilac, Peach, Blue Rose, White, Black, Grey, Orchid, Violet, Lavender, Peach Blossom, Lotus, Brown, Bear

    • Brand: DecorRom
    • ASIN: B07J1CFSSV
    • UPC: 646690136744

  • Brake Shoe Replacement - Shoes Included (Euro) - In Store

    Installing brake system

    • Brand: Amazon Home Services
    • ASIN: B01JAT0FTC

  • Logitech Dual-motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Gaming Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

    The definitive sim racing wheel for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Driving Force is designed for the latest racing game titles for your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console. Add Driving Force to your controller selection and you may never want to race with a regular controller again. With dual-motor force feedback, on-wheel controls and responsive pedals, G29 makes racing feel like the real deal.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Logitech
    • ASIN: B00Z0UWWYC
    • UPC: 097855112767

  • Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts Relieve Flat Feet, High Arch, Foot Pain Mens 8-8 1/2 | Womens 10-10 1/2 - Free Return

    About Walkhero WalkHero is the developer and manufacturer of a new insole technology that helps correct over pronation (also known as flat feet) , In the past year ,we has helped change many of people's lives with our insole,Recently, we produced the latest series , more solid support, more cheap price!! Features & Benefits: ◆Pain relief through Firm, resilient arch supports give more comfort than softer, foam insoles. ◆Excellent pronation control helps relieve the pain and ongoing support prevents re-occurrence. ◆Excellent mobility allow for free and easy movement of the foot, without locking it in place. ◆Top fabric that reduces friction and keeps the feet cool on those hot summer daysIdeal for foot and heel conditions such as: ✔Flat Feet  ✔Plantar Fasciitis  ✔Foot, Arch and Heel Pain  ✔Arthritis ✔Knee pain  ✔Supination  ✔Bunions  ✔Overpronation Q&A 1.What kind of shoes is suitable for this insoles?  The insols is designed for wider, high volume shoes, such as work boots, basketball  shoes,running shoes,casual shoes ,dress shoes and so on 2.Do I need to remove the soles of my shoe To replace with this insole?  Yes,you shoud better remove 3.How long can they last?  In general, it can be used for more than two years 4.How do you clean them? Can y...

    • Color: Blue
    • ASIN: B075YCZTWB
    • UPC: 737420840908

  • Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket Low Profile for Most 23-55 Inch LED, LCD, OLED, Plasma Flat Screen TVs with VESA 400x400mm Weight up to 115lbs by PERLESMITH

    PERLESMITH mount -- make your world betterthe tilting wall mount is suitable for 23" - 55" Flat-panel TVs. Its tilting system makes it easier to adjust the viewing angle. The design ensures TV mounting stability and security. Adjustable TV brackets offer lateral shift movement to allow perfect TV position, even with off-center wall wood studs. Tv is positioned just 1. 2"/ 30. 4 mm from the wall for a clean, low-profile appearance. Comes with a 6 feet HDMI cable and 5 pcs cable tie, to save you time and money! description: tilts up to 7 degrees for an optimal viewing experience. Vesa mounting standard: 75 x 75mm, 100 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 200 x 100mm, 200 x 200mm, 300 x 200mm, 300 x 300mm, 400 x 200mm, 400 x 300mm, 400 x 400mm. package contents: 1x standard mounting hardware1x user manual1x 6ft HDMI cable5x cable tie

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: PERLESMITH
    • UPC: 889743564716

  • Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount for iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 8plus 7 7 Plus 6s Plus 6s SE Samsung Galaxy S9 S9plus S8 S7 Edge S6 S5 Note 5, Xperia iPod, Smartphones, MP3, GPS (MCUPMP)

    Macally MCUPMP The Macally MCUPMP installs in a matter of seconds into your car’s cup holder and securely mounts your mobile device without cluttering your dashboard. Secure and stable in standard cup holders The cup holder’s base is able to adjust with a twist of the knob into most cup holders. The cradle and side supports are padded to prevent the scratching of your device. It also features two swinging “feet” that secure your phone into place without blocking any of your ports. Flexible and Adjustable for your preferred viewing angle Adjust the flexible yet stiff gooseneck mount into a position of your choosing. You are also able to rotate the screen 360°. Positioning The cup holder is one of the best places to mount your phone without obstructing your view and your dashboard. Device Compatibility (works with the bulkiest of cases) * Phone X / XS MAX / XR 8 / 8+ / 7 / 7 Plus / 6s / 6 / SE / 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5C / 4S * Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus / S8 / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S5 / Note 4/3 * Google Pixel 3 XL;  Nexus 6/5; LG V40 G5; Nokia; Sony Xperia XZ3; Motorola Moto, TC * Huawei Mate 20; OnePlus 6T or any phone with widths 1.77 inches and 4.1 inches Worry-Free Warranty At Macally, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with a one-year warranty and pr...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Macally
    • ASIN: B007GNNH3Q
    • UPC: 885784857572