• Bully Tools 92354 12-Gauge Warren Hoe with Fiberglass Handle

    Bully Tools hoes are all made of High strength triple wall fiberglass that resists breakage. The extra thick steel heads easily work tough soil.

    • Brand: Bully Tools
    • ASIN: B0031575HM
    • UPC: 735390923546

  • Truper 30002 Tru Tough Welded Warren Hoe, 4-3/4-Inch Head, Wood Handle, 54-Inch

    Truper 30002 Tru Tough Welded Warren Hoe, 4-3/4-Inch Head, Wood Handle, 54-Inch

    • Brand: Truper
    • ASIN: B0046VDYIE
    • UPC: 755625004239

  • Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe With Stainless Steel Blade & Painted Wood Handle

    - High-quality Japanese stainless steel blade for durability - Easy grip painted wood handle with metal ring on the end - Great digging tool for all your gardening needs - The stainless steel blade has been honed to a sharp edge that will serve every adult gardener

    • Brand: Tomita
    • ASIN: B002SW31YA
    • UPC: 753182907574

  • DeWit Right Hand Japanese Hand Hoe

    More than a tool, it's an heirloom! Right Hand Japanese Hand Hoe is sharpened on both sides to make gardening chores quick and easy. This tools is excellent for removing grass and weeds. Works especially well when weeding under mulch. Constructed of tempered boron steel with ash hardwood handle. Earth-friendly, no need for harsh weed killers. This tool is guaranteed a lifetime! On April 1, 1898, Willem DeWit started his blacksmith company in a small village in northern Holland. Today, the 4th generation of the forging family is running the company. Old-fashioned quality combined with innovative designs make DeWit the ultimate gardener's choice. Using the latest equipment and techniques combined with historical craftsmanship make DeWit one of the most respected garden tool manufacturers in the world. DeWit tools are made from high quality Swedish Boron Steel. The Ash hardwood handles come from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests. Tierra Garden is proud to offer these superior tools in the United States!

    • Brand: Tierra Garden
    • ASIN: B00QVER5I4

  • The Ames Companies, Inc 28112000 True Temper Forged Warren Hoe

    This True Temper warren hoe has a triangular head used to cultivate soil between plants and to create furrows for planting rows. The “ears” on the back of the head are designed to pull the soil back onto newly planted seeds. This hoe is also great for harvesting vegetables such as potatoes, celery, leeks and asparagus.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: The AMES Companies, Inc
    • ASIN: B00U2KG0IE
    • UPC: 049206645325

  • Yard Butler Terra Weeder All Steel 15” Weeding Tilling Digging Chopping Dual Head Weeder & Garden Hoe Hand Tool – TT-1W

    One side of the “two in one” Yard Butler Terra Weeder is one of the best hand weeders ever devised. Four tapered tines act like a claw hammer, locking and holding the weed for complete root removal. The second beveled straight edge can be used for cutting roots. The heat treated tool steel head guarantees light weight with heavy-duty long lasting performance. Use it once and this will quickly become your favorite “go-to” gardening tool. Perfect for all gardening activities. All steel with 15 inch handle and comfortable cushion grip. The heavy duty powder coated steel is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Yard Butler offers a full No Risk 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you know you are getting the product you need.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Yard Butler
    • ASIN: B000DILSBO
    • UPC: 033607003013

  • Seymour 2E-AE2 8-1/2-Inch by 7-3/4-Inch American Pattern Eye Hoe

    Seymour 2e-ae2 8-1/2-inch by 7-3/4-inch american pattern eye hoe

    • Color: NA
    • Brand: Seymour
    • ASIN: B00178VHZG
    • UPC: 031365104003

  • Japanese Weeding Sickle Very Sharp Edge Quick Work

    Weeding Sickle 313 The forged high carbon steel blade of this Japanese weeder has a very sharp edge and will maintain it longer than most hand held weeders in the same price range. The forward weight and sharp edge of the blade helps to make quick work of most weeking tasks. 5" blade, 13" overall. Made in Japan

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Joshua Roth
    • ASIN: B000XAN1DU

  • CobraHead Long Handle Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool - Forged Steel Blade - Natural 54-Inch Hardwood Handle - Ergonomically Designed for Digging, Edging & Planting - Perfect for Big Gardening Jobs

    The CobraHead Long Handle is a tool used for gardening, horticulture, agriculture and landscaping. Its blade is a "steel fingernail" that makes the tool a super efficient weeding, cultivating, digging and planting device. It weeds, cultivates, scalps, de-thatches, edges, digs, and furrows with ease. The CobraHead Long Handle allows many weeding tasks to be performed standing up. While most gardeners will find it useful, it is especially helpful for older gardener and those who have difficulty bending over or getting on their knees. The CobraHead Long Handle has three handle length options: 48", 54", and 60". The 54" handle is standard. Users 5'2" and under may prefer the 48" handle. Users taller than 6'2" may prefer the 60" handle.

    • Brand: CobraHead
    • ASIN: B000UUZT2E
    • UPC: 718122063321

  • Short Handle EZ-Digger

    A popular garden hand tool that is made in Korea. It has a specially designed steel blade that looks like a small plow. The curvature of this plow blade allows soil to be pushed to theh side making it easyier to dig holes and trenches. The edges of the blade are great for levelling, mounding and loosening soil. It has a 5" long wood handle with 6" long blade that is 6.5" wide. Weighs 10 oxs

    • Brand: Korea
    • ASIN: B0007LTRGU
    • UPC: 735868092019

  • Zenport J605-B Planting Hoe with 2.5-Inch Wide Carbon Steel Blade and 3-Inch Pick

    The Zenport J605-B extra strong carbon treated steel planting garden hoe with pick is ideal for weeding, breaking up compacted soil and roots and trenching. This Japanese style hand cultivator and weeding hoe with a super strong, 2.5-inch top grade quality and deep earth-piercing blade head is precisely balanced for one-handed use. Engineered to commercial standards with a 15-inch hand selected ash wood treated handle, this hoe is used by commercial and home gardeners and by miners and prospectors.

    • Brand: Zenport
    • ASIN: B00G514D38
    • UPC: 700112236617

  • Yard Butler Twist Tiller Heavy Duty Manual Raised Bed Garden and Flower Box Claw Weeder Cultivator Aeration Hand Tool With Solid Steel Shaft Unbreakable Tines – ITNT-4

    The extra wide high leverage handle and weight centering middle step plate of the Yard Butler Twist Tiller drives six claw spikes deep into the ground breaking up the hard compacted top layer of soil. This allows for easy weeding and planting and promotes the free flow of water, air and fertilizer for a healthier and more beautiful garden. The Twist Tiller can also be used for mixing compost adding soil amendments and digging holes for planting. It is perfect for preparing raised bed gardens for vegetables or flowers and does a better job with a fraction of the effort of other tools. The heavy duty all steel design is built for a lifetime of use. Yard Butler offers a full No Risk 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you know you are getting the product you need.

    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Yard Butler
    • ASIN: B000RYQ0CG
    • UPC: 757073158656

  • CobraHead® Mini Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool - Forged Steel Blade - Recycled Plastic Handle - Ergonomically Designed for Digging, Edging & Planting - Perfect for Small Gardening Jobs

    Get weeds in even the tightest spaces with the new CobraHead "mini" Weeder and Cultivator. It uses the time-proven construction of the Original CobraHead in a smaller, lighter, and narrower design. The CobraHead "mini" can perform most of the same gardening tasks as the Original CobraHead, and many gardeners will find it even easier to use. The CobraHead "mini" is exceptional for weeding grass. It gets in the tightest areas with surprising precision, and it's perfect for lifting out smaller tap rooted weeds intact. Its sharp, narrow blade rips up tough soil, and its small size makes it perfect for container gardening. Because it easily fits in your pocket, you can always have the CobraHead "mini" with you when you are in the yard or garden. Built to the same toughness as the Original CobraHead, the "mini" features a fully tempered forged steel blade and a nearly unbreakable composite plastic handle that is comfortable in almost any hand. CobraHead tools are built to last and can be counted on for years of service.

    • Brand: CobraHead
    • ASIN: B072PY8BGF
    • UPC: 600300672916

  • CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool - Forged Steel Blade - Recycled Plastic Handle - Ergonomically Designed for Digging, Edging & Planting - Gardeners Love Our Most Versatile Tool

    The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator is a small tool used for gardening, horticulture, and landscaping. Its blade is a "steel fingernail" that makes the tool an efficient weeding, cultivating, digging and planting device. It weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests with ease. The time proven blade design breaks up and plows almost any soil. The comfortable and efficient handle allows easy left-hand or right-hand action. Gardeners love this tool!

    • Brand: CobraHead
    • ASIN: B000JKONAO
    • UPC: 718122063123

  • SCOTTS Fabric, 4 by 220-Feet

    Scotts Pro Landscape Fabric is an excellent product to use with hardscape projects Very good erosion control and long last weed control.

    • Brand: Scotts
    • ASIN: B00KX88664
    • UPC: 085972004133

  • Radius Garden 22311 Root Slayer Nomad, Red

    Compact and portable, the Root Slayer Nomad revolutionizes your gardening experience. This multi-purpose tool excels in small spaces, raised beds, and campgrounds, slicing through sod and small roots with exceptional ease. The Nomad's blade is 70% the size of the original Root Slayer, ensuring lightweight usability without sacrificing sharpness or strength. The "inverted V" blade and root-cutting ripsaw teeth eliminate the need for hatchets and pry-bars; use while camping, metal detecting, weeding, and similarly tricky jobs.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Radius Garden
    • ASIN: B073X9NHXG
    • UPC: 817085015603

  • Wheel Hoe Plow Set

    Our Plow attachment(s) are made of powder-coated steel and built to last a lifetime. Designed to be used in established gardens where soil has previously been worked, this Wheel Hoe attachment allows you to easily move soil for building furrows or beds for planting. Our Walk Behind Plow attachments are the perfect garden tool for furrowing and hilling in your vegetable garden! Easily attach them individually or as a pair to the Hoss Single or Double Wheel Hoe. The Wheel Hoe provides a lower center of gravity than a high-wheeled push plow, making it much easier to use than a typical walk behind plow. The Walk Behind Plow Set on the Double Wheel Hoe makes potato planting a breeze! Place the plows in the inward position to make a perfect furrow for planting your potatoes, then turn the plows outward to easily cover the planted potatoes. When corn plants are small, use the Double Wheel Hoe and Plow Set to straddle corn rows and throw dirt to plants, stabilizing them for any increment wind or rain storms that might cause them to fall.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hoss Tools
    • ASIN: B00MCM1IAU
    • UPC: 851633003063

  • Kit4Pros Premium Garden Tools Set | Gardening Gifts for Women & Men | Heavy Duty Kit w/Ergonomic Handle | Weeder | Cultivator | Trowel | Storage Tote Bag Organizer | Pruning Shears & Gardener Gloves

    Everything A Perfect Garden Needs Are you a green thumb who likes to get your hands dirty in the world of flower pots and garden beds? Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for the gardening guru in your life? Are you searching for Gardening Gift/Gifts for Gardeners/Garden Tools/Gardening Tool Set/Gardening Tools/Gardening Kit/Garden Tool Organizer/Gardening Set/Gardening Gifts for Women/Mothers Day Gardening Gifts?   Take your garden to the next level with Kit4Pros! 5-Piece Aluminum Hand Tools Hand Rake Weeder Cultivator Trowel Transplanter Heavy-duty, rust resistant and durable. Pruning Shears Crafted from razor sharp titanium for effortless ease of use on bushes, flowers & hedges. 1 Liter Pressure Sprayer This is no cheap plastic bottle sprayer... Our professional duty pressure sprayer is engineered with an adjustable brass nozzle for efficient continuous spraying. Better Gardening Gloves We've included a pair of breathable non-slip grip gloves that are light enough for comfort but tough against thorns & stickers! Realistic Butterfly Stakes Add ambience to your garden or potted plant space with the carefree beauty of butterflies in flight. 5 colorful butterfly stakes feature wings that open and close and an indoor/outdoor waterproof design! Convenient...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Kit4Pros
    • ASIN: B07FJYH1CZ
    • UPC: 706612104326

  • Coarse Vermiculite, 4 cubic foot bag

    Horticultural grade Vermiculite has become a mainstay as a component of soil less growing mediums, as a soil amendment and in many other horticultural uses. 4 cubic foot bag. Vermiculite has the excellent property of improving soil aeration while retaining the moisture and nutrients necessary to feed roots, cuttings, and seeds for faster growth. Vermiculite possesses cation exchange properties, thus it can hold and make available to the growing plant ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. When mixed with peat, composted bark, organic compost, or natural soils, vermiculite like perlite helps promote faster root growth, and gives quick anchorage to young roots. These mixes help retain air, plant food, and moisture, and releases them as needed by the plant. Because vermiculite is very light and easy to handle, it easily mixes with soil, peat, composted pine bark and other composted organic materials, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

    • Brand: PVP Industries
    • ASIN: B015RXB9HW
    • UPC: 018296107402

  • Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set - Gardening Tools with Garden Gloves and Garden Tote - Gardening Gifts Tool Set with Garden Trowel Pruners and More - Vegetable Herb Garden Hand Tools with Storage Tote

    It pays to have the essential tools to grow a beautiful herb, flower, or vegetable garden. With the Vremi Horticulture Helper Garden Tools Set, you’ll have everything you need to cultivate a fine, indoor or outdoor garden in no time! Make gardening fun, easy, and enjoyable with our cute and long-lasting hand tools and included accessories. Each metal hand tool is made of durable aluminum or stainless steel with a soft rubber comfort grip handle, making them great for seniors with arthritis. This set also includes a pair of work gloves (one size fits most), a 25 ounce watering spray bottle, and a tote bag organizer so you can carry your tools with you while you work. The perfect gift at an amazing value for seasoned gardeners, and for anyone with aspiring green thumbs too! Product Details and Care 9 Piece Garden Tools Set includes: 1 Transplanting Spade: 12.8 x 3 in (32.5 x 7.6 cm) 1 Trowel: 12.6 x 2.2 in (32 x 5.6 cm) 1 Rake: 12.2 x 2.9 in (31 x 7.3 cm) 1 Cultivator: 12.6 x 2.2 in (32 x 5.6 cm) 1 Weeder: 12.4 x 1.6 in (31.50 x 4 cm) 1 Pruning Shears: 8.5 x 3 in (21.6 x 7.6 cm) 1 pair cotton Work Gloves: 9.6 in L (24 cm) 1 poly / PVC Tool Storage Bag: 23.6 x 11.8 in (60 x 30 cm) 1 BPA free plastic Watering Spray Bottle: 25 oz capacity Pruning Shears are Stainless Steel All othe...

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Vremi
    • ASIN: B017I2TUXA
    • UPC: 616932235450

  • Amazing-Jhon Short Handle Digger Homi, Hand Plow Hoe Korean Style Garden Tool Trowel Shovels

    Homi is a traditional Korean farm and garden tool that has been passed down for thousands of years. * Weeding : Homi helps you weed out easily. *Planting Seedlings : Homi can easily plant seedlings. *Root vegetable harvest : Homi helps harvest root vegetable easily. *Seeding : It helps digging the soil with sharp point at the time of sowing and covering the soil with the rounded back. *Light weight : It is lighter than most grden tool and is easy to use for women or children.

    • Brand: Amazing-Jhon
    • ASIN: B07PBF97CF
    • UPC: 738097866079

  • Hoss Single Wheel Hoe

    The Hoss Single Wheel Hoe is the ultimate garden tool for growing food in your vegetable garden. Save time and energy by using a Wheel Hoe to cultivate and weed your garden. The Wheel Hoe is a time-tested tool that's been a staple of backyard gardens and market farms for over 100 years. With a universal tool bar that allows you to attach a variety of implements, the Wheel Hoe is the most versatile tool to use in your vegetable garden. The best way to prevent weeds in your garden is to perform a shallow cultivation before they appear. Weed control in a vegetable garden is a preventative practice, not a reactive one. Weeds are easiest to eliminate when they are in the small and barely visible to the naked eye. With the Wheel Hoe, you can quickly and easily perform a shallow cultivation to control and prevent weeds. You'll never have to worry about putting gasoline in a Hoss Wheel Hoe or keeping the tires inflated. Each Hoss Wheel Hoe has a frame made of powder-coated steel, a 15" steel wheel and Amish-crafted, hardwood handles that are adjustable to accommodate your height. The 1/4" thick steel tool bar allows you to attach our wide variety of Attachments to perform all your gardening tasks. Our attachments include Sweeps and Oscillating Hoes for weeding, Plows for making furrows a...

    • Brand: Hoss Tools
    • ASIN: B0055V6BJS
    • UPC: 851633003001