• Security Chain Company QG20009 Multi-Arm Chain Tensioner for Heavy Duty Truck - Set of 2

    Security Chain Company's Yellow Multi-Arm Chain Tensioner is designed to tighten chains on tires for heavy duty trucks.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Security Chain
    • ASIN: B00O2Z4RYO
    • UPC: 044182020555

  • Peerless - Grade 70 Transport Tiedown Chain Assemblies 5/16-20Ft G7 Tktd W/Clev: 005-5261363 - 5/16-20ft g7 tktd w/clev by Peerless Chain Company

    Length - 20 ft;Material - Carbon Steel;Trade Size - 5/16 in;Working Load Limit - 4700 lb;End Type - Hook/Hook

    • Brand: Peerless Chain Company
    • ASIN: B01NA9PEZF
    • UPC: 735090132682

  • Security Chain Company S54 Supersox with 8 Vertical Jogged Strip Pad, 2 Pack

    Peerless Industrial Group, in partnership with Security Chain Company, offers several styles of winter traction products. There are products designed for virtually every type of use from passenger cars and SUVs to trucks and airport transporters. In addition to their diverse collection of tire chains, SCC's new SuperSox line provides ultimate protection in snow and icy conditions while guaranteeing reduced wear on vehicle. Featuring reinforced urethane pads and metal spikes on strip pads that provide greater traction for improved grip, SuperSox are designed with improved durability and with enhanced safety in mind to deliver higher, and longer-lasting, performance comparable to tire chains. SuperSox are Class "S" for clearance-issued vehicles. A lower weight makes it so they cause less damage to the wheels and vehicle itself, therefore wear and tear over time. This item is compatible with both ABS and ESP braking systems. Installation is quicker and easier than ever before considering they can be slipped on your vehicle's tires in just a few simple steps, and they automatically centre themselves when the car or truck is being driven. Similarly to SCC tire chains, each pack comes in a set of two "Sox" to cover two different tires.

    • Brand: Security Chain Company
    • ASIN: B076XWWT8G
    • UPC: 044182016237

  • Security Chain Company QG2828CAM Quik Grip V-Bar Light Truck CAM LRS Tire Traction Chain - Set of 2

    Security Chain Company's Peerless Chain Quik Grip V-Bar CAM tire chains feature a small 'V' of low carbon steel material, which is welded onto each link for added traction and durability. These are also CAM chains. CAMs are pieces of stamped steel that are placed on the outside rail of the tire chain. The keyhole on the CAM allows a tool to be inserted and turned, which takes up slack in the chain.

    • Brand: Security Chain
    • ASIN: B00HRI5MQA
    • UPC: 044182002513

  • Wire Rope Kit with Accessories 1/16" x 30 feet - Flexible Durable Project Cable with Oval Sleeves & Stops Max Load 120 lbs metal wire

    Peerless Wire Rope is strong and great for consumer applications. Use it for a variety of tasks.Peerless Wire Rope with Accessories: Extra-strong DurableThis Wire Rope Kit will help you get the job done. Peerless 1/16" Wire Rope Kit, 30': Zinc plated 30' rope Model# 4742860

    • Color: silver
    • Brand: Peerless
    • ASIN: B071X5J971
    • UPC: 042228091644

  • Peerless Chain Company Load Binders - 3/8 domestic ratchet binder blue

    005-5200320 Features: -These tough binders swivel 360° at both ends and the handles of the lever binders toggle away from the load allowing easier release under all load conditions. -For all heavy duty interstate transport users. -Testing and approvals: Meets all D.O.T. requirements. Product Type: -Chain And Hooks. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -11.5 Pounds.

    • Brand: Peerless Chain Company
    • ASIN: B002BY8K00
    • UPC: 042228036584

  • Peerless Chain ACC-650 Multi-Leg Chain Sling Master Link Assembly A=3/4, B=3

    A quadruple Master Assembly was designed to construct a triple or quadruple chain sling leg assembly by attaching three or four single leg assemblies eliminating the cumbersome connections created by attaching all to a common Master Link.

    • Brand: Peerless Chain
    • ASIN: B002HZZRQS

  • Peerless - PEE-5041454 - Domestic Transport Chain, 1/4in, Grade 70

    Ideal for use in load securement and transport, this heat-treated chain offers durability and high strength. The heat treatment also helps provide extra hardness. The finish helps to resist corrosion in demanding environments.• For load securement and transport• Heat-treated for durability, high strength, and hardness• Finish helps resist corrosion Chain, Welding Type Welded, For Lifting No, Chain Link Style Straight, Grade 70, Chain Classification Transport, Trade Size 1/4 In., Length 200 ft., Working Load Limit 3150 lb., Finish Gold Chromate, Material Carbon Steel, Links per Foot 10

    • Brand: Peerless

  • Peerless - 574481624 - 2 ft. Grade 80 Straight Chain, 1 Trade Size, 47, 400 lb. Working Load Limit, For Lifting: Yes

    This premium-quality, high-strength alloy chain is ideal for use in overhead lifting applications. It is also ideal for use in a variety of sling and tiedown applications.• Premium-quality, high-strength chain• Grade 80• Alloy construction• For use in sling and tiedown applications, and overhead lifting applications Chain, Welding Type Welded, For Lifting Yes, Chain Link Style Straight, Grade 80, Trade Size 1, Length 2 ft., Working Load Limit 47,400 lb., Finish Self Colored, Material Alloy Steel, Links per Foot 4, Standards All NACM

    • Brand: Peerless
    • ASIN: B007ICVWAK

  • Peerless - 574281218 - 1-1/2 ft. Grade 43 Straight Chain, 3/4 Trade Size, 20, 200 lb. Working Load Limit, For Lifting: No

    Ideal for use as a binder chain to help secure loads, this steel chain has greater tensile strength than proof coil. It is also suitable for use in industry, construction, agricultural, and lumbering operations. Not for lifting.• Ideal for securing loads• Offers high tensile strength• Use in industry, construction, agricultural, and lumbering operations Chain, Welding Type Welded, For Lifting No, Chain Link Style Straight, Grade 43, Trade Size 3/4 In., Length 1-1/2 ft., Working Load Limit 20,200 lb., Finish Self Colored, Material Steel, Links per Foot 6, Standards All NACM

    • Brand: Peerless
    • ASIN: B007ICVURK