• Cen-Tec Systems 93620 Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose, Light Gray

    The 93620 is designed to provide superior airflow in a lightweight design to address the two features most desired in a central vacuum on/off control hose. The 360 degree swivel handle is designed to reduce kinking, stress on the hose, and stress on you as the user by relaxing any tension in the hose as you move through the room. The 35 foot length provides extra reach and insure there is sufficient length to prevent tugging and pulling to reach to the corner of the room. The pearl-gray color and soft rounded crown is designed to reduce the possibility of marking walls, floor, or furnishings while also avoiding wear to doorframes and chair legs. The hose is compatible with industry standard central vacuum inlets including Nutone branded valves equipped with low voltage contacts in the opening of the inlet valve. You can confirm suitability by putting your finger into the hose opening and confirming there are two low voltage contacts on the upper surface of the opening. No need for concern as these contacts are low volt and will not harm you in any fashion. The 93620 is compatible with all major brands of central vacuum including Eureka, Beam, Electrolux, Vacumaid, Canavac, Hoover, Cyclovac, Husky, Vacuflo inlets with pin jack inlets, M+S, MD, Imperium, and most regional brands.

    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • ASIN: B07CPJJ2FB
    • UPC: 810178030521

  • Broan-NuTone CH235 Crush-Proof Central Vacuum Hose with Swivel Handle, 30-Feet

    This crushproof, low voltage hose springs back to retain original shape. Includes on-off switch. Includes patent pending Universal hose end which fits all NuTone and most other standard inlets. Available in dark gray.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Broan
    • ASIN: B001PO2BUC
    • UPC: 784891779251

  • ZVac EX Central Vacuum Powerhead with Metal Roller & Geared Belt System Generic Powerhead Fits: Nutone, Beam & More!

    With its powerful motor, lightweight design, long lasting geared belt system and low cost, this Deluxe EX central vacuum powerhead is a great addition to any central vacuum system. Great for cleaning and grooming just about any pile carpeting, the powerful electric motor provides a deep and effective clean. Other features include an on/ foot pedal button, extra wide headlight, motor overload protection, protective bumper and lots more. This powerhead comes with a standard (not quick-disconnect) neck and fits any standard 1 1/4 inch button-lock wand. The powercord is industry standard 2-prong plug.

    • Color: Black/Blue
    • Brand: ZVac
    • ASIN: B00WBVZAR4
    • UPC: 685450654722

  • Nutone Sanitaire Vacuums; Lightweight Commercial Upright Vacuum with EZKLN Cup

    Lightweight commercial dirt cup vacuum cleaner. Maintenance-free 5-amp/600-watt motor with 3-wire cord can stand up to tough workloads. UL-listed for commercial use and ideal for use in the hospitality industry, such as in hotels and motels. Upright vacuum is quite easy to maneuver, thanks to its handy construction and its lightweight body, which weighs just around 14lbs.. Clear EZ Kleen dust cup allows you to see when the dust cup is full and needs to be emptied. EZ Kleen dust cup configuration also makes the vacuum cleaner easier to empty, a feature that cleaning personnel will surely appreciate. 1.9-quart capacity. 12" cleaning path. With a 30' power cord, this vacuum cleaner can clean large commercial spaces conveniently and continuously without the downtime involved in changing plugs. Protected on all sides with a wide clear bumper so you don't have to worry about scratching the machine or your walls and furniture as you move the appliance around. Meets stringent OSHA standards for use in commercial applications.

    • Brand: Nutone
    • ASIN: B00Q9H3M3A
    • UPC: 713789995909

  • NuTone CH515 Current-Carrying Lightweight Crush-Proof 30-Foot Central Vacuum Hose with Comfort Grip Handle and Fingertip On/Off Control

    Nutone CH515 Current-Carrying Crushproof Hose 30 Ft. Frost White 1 1/4" Inner Hose Diameter Three Position On-off Switch Controls Both the Power Unit and Motorized Power Brush Ergonomic Swivel Handle Hose Hanger and Mounting Hardware Included UL and CUL Recognized

    • Color: Na
    • Brand: Nutone
    • ASIN: B000PJ5BNW
    • UPC: 784891779268

  • Cen-Tec Systems 94093 35 Ft. Low Voltage Central Vacuum Installed Hose Sock, Light Gray

    The 94093 is a 1.375” X 35 foot soft gray crush proof vacuum hose designed for on off control of the central vacuum at the hose handle. The 94093 comes with an installed soft cotton blend hose sock that smooths the exterior of the hose helping it move over hard wood floors, around corners, doorways, and furnishing without the risk of marring or damage to your homes furnishings. The 360 degree gas pump grip is lightweight and perfectly balanced to reduce the effort of vacuuming. The universal wall end is designed for compatibility with industry standard wall inlets that use two low voltage contacts to permit on-off control of the vacuum. The 94093 is often paired with air turbine nozzles which use the air stream from your vacuum to turn an agitator on carpeted surfaces, with floor brushes, combination nozzles, and above the floor accessories like dusting tools, crevice tools, and upholstery tools. The 94093 is not for use with electric drive power nozzles The 94093 is compatible with all major brands of central vacuum including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Nutone, Vacu-Flo, Vacumaid, MD, Cyclovac, Wal Vac, Honeywell, M&S, Canavac, Imperium, and Husky.

    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • ASIN: B07MTTP164
    • UPC: 810178031177

  • Nutone CS500 Combination Carpet & Bare Floor Electric Pigtail Attachment Set

    What started with the world’s first door chime eight decades ago is now the NuTone you know and trust for products that contribute to more comfortable Lifestyles. You’ll find America’s leading brand of convenience products in homes across the country, including ventilation fans, door chimes, central vacuum systems and home automation systems. We clear the air in any room, greet your guests when they arrive at your door, make floors and carpets spotless, and enable you to confirm your garage door is closed, and close it, from anywhere in the world. We’re continually refining our comprehensive product line that homeowners interact with every day. And when a product is installed, our award-winning technical support team is ready to answer any question. At NuTone, we bring peace of mind to contractors and homeowners. Consider this; 86 percent of contractors would recommend NuTone products. That can only happen when customers are satisfied. And that’s why we proudly say, NuTone is the preferred choice of electrical pros since 1936.

    • Color: gray
    • Brand: Nutone
    • ASIN: B0141LG2MI
    • UPC: 026715236176

  • (2) Central Vacuum Wall Hose Inlet Almond Beige for BEAM - NEW

    ~ Central Vacuum Inlet Valve ~ Low Voltage ~ Beige

    • Color: Almond
    • Brand: TacPower
    • ASIN: B01I3TZ7CU
    • UPC: 742741077438

  • Cen-Tec Systems 93642 Central Vacuum Low Voltage Kit, 35 Ft. Hose, Light Gray

    Cen-Tec’s 93642 is designed to provide the cleaning accessories most often requested in a low voltage central vacuum hard floor and general-purpose attachment set. The 1.375” x 35 foot hose is longer than the industry standard 30 feet to insure you reach everywhere in your home. A hose with an inner diameter of 1.375” insures superior airflow and improved cleaning performance that also assists the performance of air turbine tools often used with low voltage hoses. Further, the hose allows for switch control to turn the central vacuum on and off at the handle. A 12” natural fill floor brush and fully automatic combination nozzle address hard surfaces, area rugs, and even carpeted surfaces. A premium chrome ratchet telescopic wand with the easy release button down feature and a full set of premium above the floor accessories address upholstery, stairs, table tops, crevices, and baseboards. The tool caddy clip lets them travel with you while you clean. The 93642 is compatible with all major brands of central vacuum including Eureka, Beam, Electrolux, Hoover, Cyclovac, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, MD, M&S, Husky, Canavac, Honeywell, and well as most regional brands.

    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • ASIN: B07D3MGX9Y
    • UPC: 810178030545

  • Plastiflex Comet Central Vacuum Kit with Hose, Power Head & Tools - Works with All Brands of Central Vacuum Units (Light Gray, 35')

    Electric Hose - Compatible with any 1.5" wall inlet valve - 1 3/8" inside diameter crush-proof lightweight hose with button lock handle with a 3-way control switch - 360 degree swivel handle - New design handle with a soft grip - Strain relief helps maintain consistent suction by preventing kinks in the hose at the handle Electric Power Head - Durable drive/geared belt - Electronic reset button to protect motor; motor will instantly stop if the brush roller is jammed - Headlight for improved viewing angle - Sealed ball bearings for no hair build-up Brush roller viewing window - On/Off foot pedal switch button - Non-marking wheels - Great edge cleaning - Protective bumper to protect baseboards and furniture - 13 inch cleaning path Tools/Accessories - Mesh attachment caddy bag - Steel ratchet wand - Set of cord management button lock wands with cord clips - 4 piece tool kit (12" Floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery tools and duster) - Wand tool caddy attachment - Hose hanger - Wand holder

    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Plastiflex
    • ASIN: B076VW5GHP
    • UPC: 651950858854

  • Broan 423023 ADA Capable Under-Cabinet Range Hood, 190 CFM 30-Inch, Black

    The 42000 series offers an effective and durable under-the-cabinet hood solution for vertical discharge installations. The range hood is designed for 7 in. round vertical duct attachment. The hood comes in a variety of appliance matching colors and widths, and features a fan designed for years of trouble free service, an easy to clean grease filter, an easy to clean grease filter, a protective lamp lens that distributes light evenly over the cook-top and control switches for fan speed and light activation. Includes built-in 7 in. duct adapter.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Broan
    • ASIN: B001E6HVFG
    • UPC: 026715031160

  • Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit with Most Powerful 2 Speed Motor and 25 Year Warranty!

    The New Prolux Central Vacuum is one of the best central vacuum systems made! The Prolux Central Vac system cleaner not only improves the value of your home but they also improve the health of your family by removing dirt and allergens from the air in your home. This is done by using a Micron and HEPA filtration system. Using the industries best motor (with an amazing 150 CFM of power), this could be the most powerful vacuum in the US! With the extremely powerful Amtek 2 Stage motor and the steel design of the Prolux Central Vacuum System, this high end kit was made to last for many years to come. Amtek 2 Stage Motor - The Amtek 2 Stage motor produces over an amazing 150 Cubic Feet per Minute of airflow. The Amtek motors are designed to last for decades and are UL certified to be safe. Rated for a home up to 12,000 square feet. Bagless and Washable HEPA Filtration - The Prolux Central Vacuum System does not use bags but has 3 levels of filtration. It has the bagless dirt chamber (clear view window to know when its full), the washable Micron Pre Filter and then the Washable HEPA filter. Accessories- Not only does it include the quiet muffler system but it also includes the end pipe (you won't need this pipe if your pumping your air outside but it is included in case you are not). ...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Prolux
    • ASIN: B01709Y9D2

  • 35ft Low Voltage On/Off Hose with Button Lock

    Crushproof, lightweight, 360-degree swivel, 35-foot central vacuum hose with on/off switch for the suction. A great central vacuum cleaner replacement hose for everyone who uses an air driven non-electric power brush such as all models of TurboCat and other small air-driven brushes. Compatible with vacuum wall valves with two small low voltage metal contacts inside the 1.5 inch (or so) diameter hole. Use with Chrome Extension Tube Wands. ATTN VACUFLO: The hose end doesn't have two metal valve pins

    • Color: chrome
    • Brand: Plastiflex
    • ASIN: B000GJER5O
    • UPC: 777563636419

  • Alder Products Ltd. Galaxy Deluxe Central Vacuum Kit with Hose, Power Head & Wands - Works with All Brands of Central Vacuum Units (35', Light Gray)

    Electric Hose - Compatible with any 1.5" wall inlet valve - Crush-proof lightweight hose with button lock handle with a 3-way control switch - 360 degree swivel handle Deluxe model Power Head - Carpet height adjustment with 6 settings. - Dirt Sensor - Electronic reset button to protect motor; motor will instantly stop if the brush roller is jammed - Headlight for improved viewing angle - - Durable chevron style brush roller helps direct dirt into power head - On/Off foot pedal switch button - Non-marking wheels - Great edge cleaning - Protective bumper to protect baseboards and furniture - 14 inch cleaning path Tools/Accessories - 12" Floor tool - Upholstery tool - Dusting Brush - 13" Long slotted crevice tool - Hose Hanger - Tool caddy bag - Steel ratchet wand for use with floor tool - Wand holder

    • Color: Light Gray
    • Brand: Alder Products Ltd.
    • ASIN: B077GBTCVQ
    • UPC: 651950858885

  • Cen-Tec Systems 34839 Premium Dusting Brush Vacuum Tool with Soft Fill, Black

    The 34839 premium dusting brush is the best model we offer. It comes equipped with a full, natural fill and is designed to use on delicate finishes and uneven surfaces. The gentle cleaning traits of the dust brush will fit on wands for tough to reach places, and are a must for any accessory kit. The 34839 is black in color.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • UPC: 753677142282

  • NuTone 35ft Pigtail Electric Hose with 3 way switch, Button-lock & Crushproof + Free Hose Hanger Free 2-day Shipping from Dream-Vac

    This is a top quality 35ft Pigtail Electric Central Vacuum Hose. This is a Crush-proof Hose with button lock. Our Electric Hose is Maximum Quality & Performance The most abused part of any central vacuum is the hose. It gets pulled, stretched, dropped, squashed, slammed, and hung in a closet. Facing this roughness, why settle for a generic central vacuum hose? We pride ourselves in offering the high quality, North American manufactured, electric hose for your home. We guarantee you will fall in love with the way the electric hose feels and functions. Key Hose Features; 1). Ergonomic Gas-pump Style Handle 2.) 360-Swivel for Less Kinks 3.) Crush-proof, Pliable Hose Protects Home 4.) Lightweight, Easy to Use & Store 5.) 110-volts to Power Beater Brush 6.) 3-way Switch Controls Suction & Vacuum 7.) 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses* 8.) Air Flow Adjust ability 9.) Durable Metal Hose End 10.) Fits 1-7/16 inch to 1-1/2 inch Diameter Inlets Our central vacuum electric hose replaces light colored and gray hoses. Don't forget to pick up a hose cover to protect your baseboards and all central vacuum accessories fit the electric central vacuum hose. Accessories, wands, and brushes sold separately and available on our website.

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Nutone
    • ASIN: B00TA8CLF0
    • UPC: 617762611704

  • Cen-Tec Systems 92718 Attachment Kit

    The 92718 kit has a two position on off switch hose which creates a circuit through the two low voltage electrical contacts in your inlet valve. You will see the wall end has a two metal contact plates separated by a thin plastic landing. These plates create the circuit through the switch in the hose handle that permits control of your central vacuum. There is a small tab projecting from the top of the hose end that helps you orient the hose in your inlet. This tab should be located at the top of the inlet valve opening as you insert the hose end. The wave combination nozzle is designed to move from carpets to hard floor without the need to make an adjustment. There is a simple friction connection between the floor nozzles and the end of the telescopic wand to make changing tools easier. The wand ratchets at one inch intervals from 25 to 42 inches so you can adjust to a height comfortable for your use. Many find the 92718 an ideal second package to complement their electric brush kit for the portion of the home dominated by hard floor surfaces like the kitchen, family room, den, or basement.

    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • ASIN: B01MA2WIFP
    • UPC: 859161006617

  • Broan BPS1FA30 Replacement Filters for QS1 and WS1 30” Range Hoods, Aluminum, 2-Pack

    2 pack, 11-7/8 inch H x 14-11/32 inch W x 3/8 inch thick, aluminum replacement range hood filter, for use with 30 inch Qs1 & Ws1 series allure hoods.

    • Color: Aluminum
    • Brand: Broan
    • ASIN: B000HMBPWS
    • UPC: 696719866862

  • Cen-Tec Systems 34498 Telescopic Wand Vacuum Wand, Nylon Ring Collar, Chromed Steel, No Button

    The 34498 chromed steel telescopic wand features a nylon ring collar, home to a female friction and male friction fits. The 34498's compressed length is 23.5" (597mm) and extends to 39" (990mm). NO LOCKING BUTTON The versatility of a telescopic wand should be obvious – it allows the user to do above the floor cleaning and adjust the height to the operator and the job.

    • Color: Chromed Steel
    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • ASIN: B004Y76LJ4
    • UPC: 773822242285

  • Cen-Tec Systems CT20DXQD Quiet Drive Vacuum Electric Brush

    The CT20DXQD mirrors the features of the CT20DXQS, but without the dirt sensor.  This Quiet Drive power head has a low slender profile and features a full 14" cleaning path.  It has a double action release neck, letting the brush be easily separated from the wand without the requirement of bending over and struggling with disconnecting the two.  It features the same over-molded wheels and full wrap around bumper as the rest of the Quiet Drive line, helping preserve furniture and baseboards.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • ASIN: B00KDE33CA
    • UPC: 753677141834

  • 35ft Electric Hose, 8ft Pigtail Cord

    Central Vacuum Light-weight Electric Hose 35 foot length with three way on/off switched hose

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Plastiflex
    • ASIN: B000F4IR3I
    • UPC: 777563636372

  • Cen-Tec Systems 99484 30' Central Vacuum Low Voltage Hose, 30 Ft.

    The 99484 is an individually packed 30 Ft. (9M) low voltage hose and chrome Button Lock stub tube. The hose also features soft grip handle with N style (XS6) wall end. Our low voltage hoses are high quality, resulting in no kinks and great suction to go along with the excellent flexibility. This low voltage hose works with all standard central vacuum accessories, but since it is low voltage, it will not run electric power nozzles. It will work fine with straight air tools, like the turbocat or any non-electric accessories.

    • Color: Multicolored
    • Brand: Centec Systems
    • ASIN: B00FGL8014
    • UPC: 753677141698

  • Ultra Clean Central Vacuum 30ft 2 Way Hose Blackhawk Electric powerhead kit Nutone Beam Eureka

    Electric Power Brush automatically adjusts to carpet height. Color of power head may vary according to availability: Black or Grey Metal beater bar. At 5,500 r.p.m. the beater bar provides optimal cleaning performance. State of the art headlight system. It is an automatic one height adjust NOT MANUAL with four wheels for exceptional maneuverability. Easy to reach under the beds, or furniture with a low profile and swivel neck configuration. The power cord that comes outside the back of the powerhead is 44 inch with polarity two prong plug. * ~110v Power head. Lightweight 30-foot crush-proof electric hose with 8 foot Pigtail (supply cord) or Direct Connect configuration and button-lock handle with Two-Way switch to turn the power head ON/OFF (The main vacuum unit suction/airflow will turn on instantly when the hose is plugged in and turn off when the hose is removed or unplugged). Ergonomic comfort grip with full 360 degree swivel handle with cord management. Set of button-lock chromed steel wands with cord management.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Ultra Clean
    • UPC: 609207104254

  • Beam Electrolux Central Vacuum Cleaner 35 Feet Long Direct Connect Hose

    Ultra Clean Central Vacuum 35 FT Crush-proof electric hose - Direct Connect Light-weight, Current carrying (~110 -120v ) Electric hose Hose length: 35 foot Crush-proof Direct Connect configuration to be used with Electrified wall valves ONLY The handle is the latest design in ergonomic "Gas Pump" with full 360 degree swivel for tangle-free operation. The handle offer three-way switch to turn on / off the Vacuum and the Power-head Position one: All off, Position Two: Suction control only, Position Three: Power-head and suction control This hose body is an oversized 1 3/8" ID with a smooth bore interior for better airflow properties. The new 1 3/8" hose offers superior air-flow / performance than the older 1.25" hoses. The hose wall-end cuff is "Direct Connect" configuration will only work with Electrified 1.5 inch Wall Inlet Valves Hose handle receives 2-prong hexagonal shape cord coming from power head *35 Feet Long Electric Hose, Direct Connect, Pistol Grip Handle With On/Off Switch *Direct Connect hose configuration to be used with electrified valves ONLY *Hose handle receives 2-prong hexagonal shape cord coming from powerhead * Silver color *Upper wand made me required for older design handles. IMPORTANT: THIS HOSE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ELECTROLUX EPIC & QUIET CLEAN SERIES NE...

    • Brand: Ultra Clean
    • ASIN: B008MM7RNG
    • UPC: 616469475657