• Mityvac MITMV8500 Silverline Elite Automotive Vacuum Pump Kit

    The Mityvac Silverline vacuum pump kit is designed to test vacuum related systems in the engine including the ignition system, carburetors, automatic transmissions, computer systems, fuel system, air conditioning units, cruise control units, and emissions control system. One person can quickly and easily bleed the hydraulic lines without the mess.

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    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B0002SQYUA
    • UPC: 786362271738

  • MV8000 Automotive Tune-up and Brake Bleeding Kit

    This is the original Mityvac hand vacuum pump kit used by service professionals worldwide for performing hundreds of automotive diagnostic and mechanical tests and for one-person brake bleeding. The MV8000 kit contains our most popular Selectline hand vacuum pump with vacuum gauge and accessories.

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B00265M9SS
    • UPC: 646541004147

  • Mityvac MV6835 Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit

    Lincoln Lubrication Industrial Vacuum Brake Bleed Kit is designed to operate with compressed air to bleed up to 2 quarts per minute. It features 1.8 liter capacity fluid collection reservoir and includes automatic master cylinder refill kit with 40 oz. reservoir. This kit has variable control thumb throttle that maintains desired flow rate and contains include 6 feet bleed hose, master cylinder evacuation hose, hanging hook and bleed adapters.

    • Color: White, Black
    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B0015POUXM
    • UPC: 646541001771

  • Mityvac MV8510 Silverline Elite Hand Pump

    Provides either vacuum or pressure with equal precision and convenience Modern, ergonomic design for comfortable, long-term use One-finger lever vacuum/pressure release Field serviceable - standard maintenance kits and replacement parts available Includes durable, accurate gearless diaphragm style pressure/vacuum gauge Durable die cast construction Includes: Silverline Elite hand vacuum/pressure pump w/ 2" (50 mm) compound gauge w/ rubber boot, Service Sheet (English, French, Spanish) Pump Displacement: 1 in (16cc) per stroke Applications: Vacuum & pressure related engine performance diagnostics and tune-ups, Brake bleeding, Fluid transfer, evacuation, and sampling Max. Vacuum/Pressure: 25 in Hg (85kPa)/30+ psi (207+ kPa) Service Parts Available: Yes CE Certified: Yes Master Carton Qty: 10 Master Carton Size: 21.3" (540 mm) x 11.6" (295 mm) x 18.8" (480 mm) Country of Origin: China, Designed and quality controlled in the USA Languages: English, Spanish, French

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B004IQM460
    • UPC: 646541004123

  • Mityvac MV8255 Selectline Dual Vacuum/Pressure Pump

    Mityvac offers a selection of five basic hand-held vacuum/pressure pump models, one Silverline and four Selectline. Each is featured in the chart below, and differentiated by a combination of features and options described on the previous pages. By offering such a wide selection, you can maximize the value and performance of your hand pump by choosing the exact features that best meet the requirements of your application.

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B002YKGZBW
    • UPC: 999993040554

  • Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

    Mityvac fluid evacuator requires no power to create a vacuum and pressure to evacuate and disperse most automotive liquids and chemicals. Features an external pump design for easy access. The large capacity, 8.8 liter fluid reservoir has automatic flow control, preventing overfilling. It also has a pressure relief valve for safety.

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B0002SR7TC
    • UPC: 646541003829

  • Mityvac MVA660 Power Steering Adapter

    The MVA660 Power Steering Evac Adapter is used for removing trapped air from automobile power steering systems. An ideal upgrade for any Mityvac hand pump kit, the adapter was developed to reduce bleed time following power steering repairs. Featuring a universal cone-shaped rubber body, the MVA660 adapts to the varying diameters of many automotive power steering reservoirs to form an airtight seal when vacuum is applied. Once the adapter is installed and a Mityvac hand vacuum pump is connected, the air bubbles can be loosened by simply working the steering.

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B007QV5L0K
    • UPC: 700867516026

  • Mityvac 6830 Brake Bleeder

    Mityvac brake bleeder features a swivel air inlet with a quick disconnect to keep the air hose from twisting, reducing the risk of overturning the unit during use. The automatic shutoff valve prevents overfilling of the fluid reservoir.

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B000JFN9WC
    • UPC: 646541001368

  • Mityvac 7400 7.3 Liter Fluid Evacuator

    Mityvac 7.3 liter fluid evacuator features stiffening ribs for added durability. The redesigned pump handle is stronger for heavy use and longer tool life. A larger base prevents the chance of tipping and spills in shop.

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B000JFJM14
    • UPC: 094704601137

  • Mityvac 7300 PneumatiVac Air-Operated Fluid Evacuator

    Mityvac air operated evacuator provides a clean, fast and simple way to evacuate fluids. It features a base mounted Venturi adding stability during operation and the air and fluid-line shift off valves prevent the unit from overfilling during use.

    • Brand: Mityvac
    • ASIN: B000JFN9WW
    • UPC: 031113090220