• Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit (Silver)

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Rabbit
    • ASIN: B000063K7G
    • UPC: 885291770715

  • Metrokane 6-Piece Deluxe Rabbit Wine Tool Kit

    • Color: Black/Silver
    • Brand: Metrokane
    • ASIN: B00022IG3Y
    • UPC: 022578060170

  • Metrokane VIP 6-Piece Bar Tool Set with Caddy, Black

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Metrokane
    • ASIN: B000I7VKAO
    • UPC: 022578074023

  • 6 Pieces Best Wine Opener Corkscrew Set with Gift Box Lever Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Extra Waiters Corkscrew,Wine Bottle Opener Rabbit Gift Sets for Sommeliers Waiters and Bartenders

    Why Choose BaiYi Wine Opener Corkscrew? We are a big family-owned business and proudly offer only top quality products with lifetime manufacturer warranties. If you ever have problems with the unit or any of the accessories, please contact our customer service team will replace it right away at any time to receive support. Material:Zinc alloy material with plating, durable and attractive. Durable :hardened zinc alloy construction and replaceable Teflon coated screw. Easy :4 steps lever action that fits any age, gender, personal strength and ability.Easily removes stubborn or fragile corks. Universal:works with any bottle size (half, standard and magnum) and any cork-based material Deluxe Baiyi Wine Accessories Gift Box includes: 1* Rabbit opener,1* Stand1* Spare screw,1* Vacuum pump,1* Foil cutter,1* Waiter's corkscrew,1* User manual,1* White fashionable box⚠NOTE:If some customer will not use successfully please refer to customer reviews video when customers using wine opener maybe happen these problems as following:1. The 1st case:  When you put the opener on the bottle neck, you can see 2 Small Silver Metal Piece on both sides of  the column. Then grip the handle tightly and you will find there's some changes . If this 2 metal piece are indented into the plastic board then ...

    • Color: Bronze
    • Brand: BAIYI Kitchenware
    • ASIN: B077RRW74J
    • UPC: 792855517658

  • Rabbit Corkscrew 6 Piece Wine Kit - Black

    Reproduce flawless openings with multiple tools. The ultimate all-in-one wine corkscrew set for all your wine service needs. You get everything you need for wine bottle opening and service in this convenient and affordable Rabbit Corkscrew set from Metrokane. The 6-piece corkscrew kit includes the world-famous Rabbit Corkscrew foil cutter drip-stop drip ring worm wine/champagne sealer and wax remover. The Rabbit Corkscrew was redesigned with an all new precision metal gear mechanism for even smoother and more reliable wine bottle opening. This corkscrew is synthetic cork friendly.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Metrokane
    • ASIN: B005GA13PA
    • UPC: 786173576787

  • Metrokane Rabbit 6 Piece Wine Opener Tool Set - Glossy Red

    Metrokane Rabbit 6 Piece Wine Opener Tool Set - Glossy Red - Limited Edition for 2015 Valentines Day, Set Includes 6 Quality Gadgets, Rabbit Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Wine & Champagne Sealer, Wine Pourer with Stopper, Wax remover & Extra Spiral. Best valentine gift for her or him! Happy Valentines! The Rabbit Corkscrew can pull a cork in 3 seconds flat! A Wine Accessory Set that has it all, The Rabbit Corkscrew can pull a cork in 3 seconds flat, and automatically releases the cork. The user-friendly ergonomic design opens any size wine bottle. All the gear teeth are made of hardened metal. With the Houdini Aerating Pourer, you won't need a decanter or a separate aerator, simply insert the Aerator into the wine bottle as you would a conventional pourer. When you pour the wine, you see and hear aeration happening. When you taste it, you enjoy the enhanced flavor and bouquet of perfectly aerated red wine. The Houdini Aerating Pourer is the first easy, uncomplicated way to aerate wine. It also includes the Worm just in case you'll need to replace it, Even though a corkscrew spiral, or worm, is good for up to 1,000 cork removals, it will wear out eventually. This replacement worm fits all Metrokane Rabbit and Houdini corkscrews. Made of high-tensile steel, the worm features mini-bearing...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Metrokane
    • UPC: 786173579085

  • Rabbit Corkscrew and Wine Preserver 6-Piece Set by Metrokane

    Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew and Wine Preserver 6-Piece Set

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Metrokane
    • ASIN: B0019R4SY2
    • UPC: 022578067254

  • Best 6 Pack Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm for Rabbit and BestUtensils Wine Opener

    Kaycrown 6 Pack Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm Replace worn spirals on MOST / Rabbit / Brookstone / The Pampered Chef / HYQ / Metrokane / Houdini / BestUtensils / wine opener and most other Lever & Vertical Corkscrew with our Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm. Extend the life of the corkscrew for years of drinking pleasure. Constructed of high tensile steel, this spiral is made with mini-bearings in the head for a smooth fit. Glide through corks effortlessly with a triple-layer non-stick coating. Easily change out spirals by unscrewing the old piece, discarding, and slipping the new one in place. Built to last approximately 800 to 1,000 cork pulls, open hundreds of bottles with a single spiral.Specification: ❤️ Package: 6*Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm❤️ Dimensions: 3 3/4″ ❤️ Materila: High-tensile steel ❤️ Product Weight: 0.3 ounces / 1 Piece ❤️Shipping Weight: 2 ouncesDescription: ★ Made of high-tensile steel, the worm features mini-bearings in the head and is coated with a triple layer of non-stick finish, which enables it to glide in and out of the cork with ease. The lever-style mechanism of the KAYCROWN corkscrew pulls the cork from the bottle with equal ease. To install, unscrew the protective cap on the corkscrew, remove the old worm, insert...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: KAYCROWN
    • ASIN: B0751WMW8W
    • UPC: 712492490596

  • The original Rabbit Wine tool Kit 6 piece NEW

    The Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Tool Kit - Six Piece Set is a complete selection of wine tools for opening, serving and storing wine. The Rabbit Wine Tool Kit includes the best-selling Rabbit Wine Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine/Champagne Sealer, Wine Pourer/Stopper, Wax Whacker and Extra Replacement Worm for the Rabbit Corkscrew. This Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit comes in a clear presentation case with handy spots for storing and displaying each of the 6 pieces.   A great gift for a wine lover, the powerful, award-winning Metrokane Rabbit corkscrew pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat, and then automatically releases the cork. The user-friendly ergonomic design opens any size wine bottle. All gears are made of hardened metal, and the Rabbit corkscrews have been tested for 20,000 pulls by an independent laboratory. All Rabbit corkscrews include a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Toolkit Key Features and Benefits Original Rabbit Corkscrew Foil Cutter removes foil cap before opening Wine/Champagne Sealer seals wine air-tight and expands to seal all bottle sizes Wine Pourer/Stopper pours smoothly, drip free while stopper seals wine air-tight Wax Whacker whacks away wax seals Extra Spiral for the Rabbit corkscrew

    • Brand: Metrokane
    • ASIN: B00W0K6D5Y
    • UPC: 022578060156

  • Rabbit 6-Piece Wine Tool Kit,Rabbit Wine Opener Corkscrew Includes Original Rabbit Corkscrew,With An Extra Spiral,Foil Cutter,Wine Champagne Sealer,Wax Whacker,+Free Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers 2-Pack

    MILLIONS IN ADVERTISING SUPPORT: The most popular bunny since “Bugs,” the Rabbit Corkscrew was the firstever wine accessory to get national advertising support in the country's top magazines. And presentations on such top-rated Tv shows as The Today Show, Good Morning, America, The View and Ellen Degeneres. WINNER OF TOP DESIGN AWARDS: “The Rabbit” has been honored by the two most prestigious design authorities in the worldâ€"The Industrial Designers Society Of America (award sponsored by Business Week. And the Chicago Athenaeum Museum (Good Design Award). HIGH-TECH TOOL WITH TEN-YEAR WARRANTY: With 51 metal and plastic parts assembled into a powerful high-tech tool, the Rabbit Corkscrew has been tested for 20,000 cork pulls*. That's why Metrokane can offer an amazing 10-year Warranty. * Independent test assumed replacement of spiral after 1,000 cork pulls.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Rabbit
    • ASIN: B01N59G5QH
    • UPC: 642896283411