• Keenan Farms In-Shell Pistachios with Sea Salt Jug, 28 Ounce

    A naturally heart-healthy quick and easy snack.

    • Brand: Keenan Farms
    • ASIN: B00GFM2QBI
    • UPC: 042558112781

  • Kent Marine AKMKSS150 Sea Reef Salt Mix Jug, 50-Gallon

    Kent Reef Grade Marine Salt replicates seawater chemistry in all its complexity with more Calcium, Magnesium and Strontium. Micro-processing ensures that every bag or bucket contains a uniform blend of the major, minor and trace elements required for a successful marine aquarium. A premium fast dissolving formulation contains specially selected ingredients that provide the proper pH and optimal levels of calcium and magnesium for reef aquariums. Only the purest ingredients are chosen for their exceptional solubility and consistency. Nitrate and Phosphate free! Enjoy the natural beauty and spectacular hues of a marine aquarium with crystal-clear water that Kent Marine Salt produces. Offered in a several sizes for a variety of uses.

    • Brand: Kent Marine
    • ASIN: B0002ARF9M
    • UPC: 751906000433

  • Le Creuset Poterie Stoneware Jug Salt and Pepper Set, Chili Red

    Dishwasher safe.

    • Color: red
    • Brand: Le Creuset
    • UPC: 780873116625

  • Hayward SAS-CELL Salt & Swim Salt Chlorination Cell for In-Ground Swimming Pools

    You'll get unimaginable Comfort of silky soft water, that won't turn eyes red, dry out skin or bleach clothing and toys. It's more natural approach to chlorination also eliminates the harsh chlorine odor associated with factory-produced chlorine. Convenience means no more mixing, measuring, dispensing and lugging heavy buckets and jugs of harsh Chlorine. With Salt Chlorination, sanitizing pools happens automatically by converting ordinary salt into Chlorine. Automatically - now that's Convenient.

    • Brand: Hayward
    • ASIN: B00C76UUI2
    • UPC: 610377217514


    This milk jug, sugar bowl and cruet set has been hand painted in Thailand with a rainbow striped design.They are dishwasher and microwave safe and is ideal for adding a splash of colour to any table setting.

    • Brand: Kitchen Unique
    • ASIN: B06XWC9N6R

  • The Spice Lab 100% Himalayan Mountain Pink Sea Salt & Lavender Bath Soak - Detox Naturally Infused with 84 Minerals (2lb. 6oz. Plastic Jug)

    Himalayan Pink Bath Salt Bath Soak - Mined from abundant salt beds formed more than 250 million years ago, this salt is naturally infused with 84 minerals to enhance the therapeutic value of a cleansing bath soak. The Spice Lab's new line of Bath Soaks are 100% pure sea salt, some blended with herbs, to create a relaxing and rejuvenating at-home spa experience. Use a cupful for a soothing bath or increase the quantity of salt used for a detoxification bath with maximum healing benefits. From ancient times, Salt Soaks have been considered a natural remedy to soften skin, absorb nutrients, relieve stress and purify the body. The calming properties of lavender and lavender oil added to mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt make this bath soak a natural aromatherapy favorite.

    • Brand: The Spice Lab
    • ASIN: B0728NXWBX
    • UPC: 846836024199

  • LZJZ Water Carrier 5 Gallon/20L Portable Water Dag, Collapsible Water Tank PVC Outdoor Water Camping Mountaineering Backpack

    Fully leak-proof design with high quality PVC material for superior durability, ideal packability and adequate water resistance This water container is suitable for outdoor use. It is foldable, durable and reusable water storage bag designed to go anywhere. Two molded handles, one on top and one on the front, make portability easy. Desert camping water capacity of 5 gallons / 20 liters of water container. Ideal for hiking, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities Please wash with warm water before use to remove the plastic smell.

    • Color: white
    • Brand: LZJZ
    • ASIN: B0799CBWRP
    • UPC: 667322579005

  • Loving Blue in Red States: Salt Lake City Utah

    The banker and the barista…Amanda Allred’s getting tired of being in the closet for her dull, boring banking job. She’s frustrated with the whole boys’ club atmosphere there and the ‘good ol’ boy’ mentality that goes along with it. Salt Lake is thriving culturally and she wants to be a part of it all; openly and freely in the Utah she’s always loved. But, banking pays the bills and then some. She fears there are just not a lot of opportunities out there professionally for a woman in such a male centric, Mormon culture.Rebecca Musser is finally living the life she once only dared to dream she could when she was stuck in Provo under her father’s thumb and the watchful eyes of her mother. The manager of the gay coffee shop who took a chance on her and gave her a job has taken her under his wing. She doesn’t have a lot but she has enough, she has friends and she’s finally happy. There will be no marriage arranged for her by her father; no thank you! When Amanda, a total stranger, steps in and defends Rebecca to her mother one day, the two women feel the instant spark of attraction. Rebecca’s interested. So is Amanda. Can Amanda step out of her bubble, go against the church and the old boy network, and take a chance on finally finding love? Salt Lake City is th...

    • ASIN: B073PFNM39

  • Wood-fired Salt Glaze Stoneware Jug

    Hand-thrown with hand pulled handle. Has subtle flashing from the wood fire with pleasing variations in the salt glaze, ranging from golden ocher to deep purple . There is a moderately heavy deposit of wood ash on the shoulder of the jug that has fused into the salt glaze. Green slip glaze on the neck and handle also coats the interior. The number "3" stamped on the front of the jug indicates approximate capacity. Suggested use is decorative. One of a kind.

    • Brand: Judson Pottery
    • ASIN: B01A3N8HNA

  • Salt-glaze (Ceramic skillbooks)

    Saltglazing ceramics.

    • ASIN: 0273010816