• A&R Sports The Re-Edger Multi Function Tool

    A&R's The Re-Edger is a handheld multi-function tool which utilizes the sharpening power of ceramic steel and a replaceable honing stone for de-burring. The Re-Edger is perfect for on-the-fly repairs.

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: A&R Sports
    • ASIN: B0043WTBJW
    • UPC: 610814226307

  • Edge Again Manual Player Blade Ice Skate Sharpener

    Using EDGE AGAINTM is simple and easy and with a little practice you can fix a player's blade just like a NASCAR pit crew on a Sunday afternoon pit stop!!! EDGE AGAINTM self aligns onto the blade allowing it to fix both inside and outside edges at the same time in seconds. Massage over the damaged edge until EDGE AGAINTM micro files all 4 sided to restore 2 sharp edges. Tusks last up to 20 pair of skates depending on severity of blade's trauma. Easy snap in and out technology makes it a breeze to change with your fingertips. EDGE AGAIN Manual is a non-motorized version of the powered EDGE AGAIN unit. It uses the exact same diamond coated "Tusk" as it's big brother. EDGE AGAIN's technology does not affect the blade's hollow or radius. It self aligns on the skate blade and automatically sharpens all four sides at once to repair both inner and outer edges. Edge Again is being used by NHL players, many professional and amateur organizations, helping maintain and keep edges sharp.

    • Brand: Edge Again
    • ASIN: B004PZR7VQ
    • UPC: 627843047100

  • kucoolou 1PC Ice Skating Blade Sharpener Skate Sharpener Diamond Hand Held Skate Sharpening Tool Skating Tool

    Weight:150g Grit:80/400# Adjustable design perfect for most ice hockey skate blades, figure skate blades and goalie skate blades. Only 3-10 seconds needed to restore a damaged skate blade and make it perfect again. Flexible 2-stage coarse and fine rolling wheels for better and consistent sharpening results. The built-in dual diamond coated wheels maintain and keep edges sharp. Small and portable size blade enhancer tool to fit most skate blade widths and won't affect blade's hollow or radius. Note: 1.Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. 2.The color may be different with the true item due to the screen display, pls understand. Package included: ice skate knife sharpener *1pc

    • Brand: kucoolou

  • American Heritage Industries Ice Skate Sharpener- Reedger (Re-Edger) for Increasing Speed of Skates

    Top professional and collegiate hockey players have used a reedger to maximize their performance. This meticulously measured and created sharpening tool removes imperfections at the microscopic level. While expensive, professionally run blade sharpeners need to be used occasionally, this small manual sharpener is perfect for the time between these trips. The distinctive ceramic 'v' can be run from toe to heel of the skate. When doing so, small burrs and impurities that remain from professional sharpening, or even from manufacture, are removed. Essentially, it is like using sandpaper to truly smooth out the blade itself. Once these burrs and knicks are removed, the blade is able to fully utilize its sharpness, and the skater is able to maximize their speed. The smoother blade that results from this handheld sharpening tool leads to less friction between the blade and the ice. Less friction means faster speeds, and less fatigue and resistance against the body. This means properly using this manual re-edger not only increases top speeds, but is healthy for the body, and reduces wear and tear. Become the hero your team needs by purchasing a manual sharpener and taking it with you to practice and games. Your team will skate faster, muscles will be less sore, and opponents will wonder ...

    • Brand: American Heritage Industries
    • ASIN: B07J3Q1979

  • A&R Sports Blade Cover, Orange, Medium

    A&R Terry Cloth Blade Covers are made of super-absorbent terry cloth and feature a unique wick-away liner that reduce your skate blades exposure to moisture. When stored, they protect your equipment from sharp blades. They are available in over 20 colors, including prints and come in 3 sizes to fit both hockey and figure skates. Sold by the pair.

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: A&R Sports
    • UPC: 610814224068

  • Edge Again Ice Skate Player Tusk Blade Sharpener Replacement

    Edge Again Player Skate Replacement Tusk

    • ASIN: B004PZTC5K
    • UPC: 627843047117

  • Silfrae Manual Player Ice Skate Edge Blade Sharpener, 2 Sides Adjustable Coated Rolling Wheels (Fine and Rough) Sharpening System, Portable Repair Tool for Hockey or Skates (Black2.0)

    About Us Sports Linque was started by a group guys who love the outdoor sports, water sports, winter sports and wanted to create innovation products that would inspirit people's passions on sports. We offer you the highest quality Sports Outdoor gear possible, AT THE BEST VALUE OF MONEY. Our Mission is provide the market quality, professional and low price products to all sportsmen all over the world. You can enjoy the benefit ad funny from sports with Sports Linque's Branding.

    • Color: Black2.0
    • Brand: Silfrae
    • ASIN: B078VLQTBW
    • UPC: 699935087677

  • Skate Sharpener for Ice Hockey Skate - Hand Held Sweet Stick Blade Edge Enhancer - Repair Your Edges Before Ice Skating - Works for Figure Skates Player Skate and Goalie Skates

    It's always good to touch up your skate blades before every use. While getting your skates professionally sharpened is extremely important, blade edges can lose there sharpness after only one skate. That's why its important to have a good blade enhancer available at all times. This blade enhancer will bring your edges back to life and you'll feel it on the ice. Be careful of over sharpening though. Only a few swipes across your skate blades and your ready to go. Your blades will go from dull to extremely sharp with only a few swipes. This skate sharpener is designed to work with any type of skate blade. Our customers use them for all types of hockey skates including players skates and goalie skates. They also work terrific with figure skates. Important Advantages • Bring your edges back to life. When you can feel the initial sharpness of your edges dulling, just a few swipes across them with this skate sharpener will have them as sharp as new. • Prevent rust from forming with the included blade stone. When you notice there are blemishes on the outside of your steel, run it across the steel and it will clean them up. • Keep this all in one skate tool inside your skate or gear bag for easy access every time before you step on the ice. Instead of taking your skates to ...

    • Brand: The Skate Shop
    • ASIN: B01JV7ZAF2
    • UPC: 655431434698

  • SkateMate patented handheld Ice Skate Sharpener / Conditioner for ALL ice skates, Ice Hockey, Speed skates or Dance! by Skatemate

    Self aligning, hand held Patented Ice Skate Sharpener that adjusts to fit any blade. The Space Age (flexible) abrasive cylinder will reshape itself to fit any hollow ground or flat blade as it Automatically shapes itself to the ROH of the blade being sharpened. Includes unique deburring strips to give the perfect honed edge to your blades. even half an hours skating can destroy your blade's edge so use frequently and keep your edge's sharp. You will feel the difference. Pro Skaters use them --- so should you! Especially if skating outdoors as outdoor ice has a lot of sand and particulates in it which are abrasive and they wear away the sharp edges quite quickly as you skate, using your SkateMate frequently when outdoors will really make a difference to your control and speed.

    • Brand: Skate Mate
    • UPC: 610098442257

  • Edge Again Manual Figure Skate Sharpener

    The patented Tusk Technology sharpens all 4 sides to restore 2 perfect edges. Package includes 1 EA-4MF device and 1 Diamond coated tusk for Figure Skating.

    • Color: White
    • ASIN: B010VS0TJM
    • UPC: 627843047131