• Authentic Original Replacement Charging Travel-Ready Power Adapter for Hitachi Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270

    Misplaced your Magic Wand Rechargeable Power Adapter? Or simply want to have a back-up handy. The Original Charging Power Adapter ensures your massager stay under the manufacturer's warranty. BONUS includes Sensual Prelude Nibblers Lip and Body Balm. Travel-Ready. Input: Full-range 100V ~ 240V ~ 50/60Hz @ 0.5A (Max.) Output: 10V @ 1.0A Manufacturer Model No: GQ12-100100-AU. Length of cable is approximately 6 feet.

    • Brand: Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable
    • ASIN: B075RRHNTW
    • UPC: 687847056959

  • Hitachi - Hitachi 10a 250v iEC320-C14 Power Cable 043-100210-01 1038808 AC Power Cord - 043-100210-01

    043-100210-01 HITACHI Hitachi 10a 250v iEC320-C14 Power Cabl

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B0045JNI3I

  • HITACHI LE24K308 HKL-240101-B 6003050436 REV 1.4 POWER SUPPLY


    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B00U4BNBLU
    • UPC: 628104116023

  • Hitachi C7SB3 15 Amp 7-1/4" Circular Saw 0-55° Bevel Capacity, Blower Function, & Aluminum Die Cast Base

    The C7SB3 7-1/4" circular saw cuts quickly and smoothly through OSB, 2x4's, LVL, plywood and other typical framing materials.This circular saw is lightweight at only 9.5 lbs, but has a powerful 15 Amp motor that produces 6,000 no-load RPM. The heavy-duty one-piece aluminum die-cast base features large easy-to-read scales on the front and side for accurate cuts. An integrated dust blower ensures a clear line of site and a clean work surface while cutting. The non-slip, soft comfort handle, combined with all other features, delivers a saw that is designed for comfortable use even over extended periods.

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B078TYTPV4
    • UPC: 717709020573

  • Hitachi G12VE 4-1/2-Inch 12-Amp AC Brushless Variable Speed Angle Grinder

    The G12VE 4-1/2" 12-Amp angle grinder with AC Brushless features over 1,300 Watts of input power.The Brushless Motor allows the tool to operate over an extra long extension cord without power loss, and also eliminates maintenance of armatures or carbon brushes. This AC Brushless grinder delivers superior performance when powered by a generator due to an internal inverter circuit that regulates uneven power supply for ultimate jobsite performance. It utilizes zero voltage restart protection that prevents it from restarting if power is temporarily lost while the tool is in operation. Electronic overload protection shuts the motor off in case of a bind or overload. The G12VE also features a variable speed switch to set the RPMs to suit the application, as well as kick-back reduction and a low-profile, compact design including an ultra-slim grip diameter (thanks to the Brushless motor) for better control and less fatigue during continuous. Recommended uses include stone polishing, surface finishing, rust and paint removal, light grinding, concrete finishing, wire cup and wire wheel applications.

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B01MYC6O3P
    • UPC: 717709020238

  • HITACHI Futon Drying Machine HFK-VH880-N (Champagne Gold)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

    Product features ★ Quickly, comfortable and comfortable. ◆ Quickly dry to the corners and warm up. ● The "futon drying attachment" which does not need a mat spreads to the left and right, extends in the forward direction, and uniformly dries the futon quickly and uniformly. ● Just set it on the hose and you are ready. ● It corresponds to various futons from baby size to double size. ◆ Speed drying with "3D blow system". ● [Futon drying attachment] is a "3D blow system" which blows hot air up and down, right and left, front and rear from 13 outlets. ● Simultaneously spread bedding and hanging futon, and uniformly speed drying. ◆ I'm happy with all-in-one storage. ● Even after use in all-in-one storage, it is neat. ● All-in-one storage that can put all attachments and hoses in the main body. ● We protect hose and attachment used for bedding from dust adhesion. ◆ Futon duplex drying on new [futon drying attachment] ● When setting the futon drying attachment so as to sandwich the bedding, it will deliver warm air to the back side of the bedding futon. ● You can keep a comfortable futon all year round, even in the summer and dry winter season where you sweat a lot by drying the back side of the bedding that is most likely to stay wet. ◆ It corresponds...

    • Color: Champagne Gold
    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B075ZQWX5W

  • Hitachi WR25SE 1" Square Drive AC Brushless Motor Impact Wrench,

    The WR25SE 1" square drive, corded AC Brushless impact wrench is the perfect tool for when you need strong impact strength for tightening and loosening big, Stubborn bolts. With its powerful 900W Brushless motor, it provides the impact strength of up to 1,500 IPM and the speed of 1,100 RPM along with an impressive tightening torque of 740 ft-lbs. This tool combines low maintenance and long life with its Brushless motor and the AHB construction (aluminum housing body) for internal and external durability to make this impact tough to beat.

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B01M2CX24J
    • UPC: 717709019355

  • Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander with Trigger Lock and Soft Grip Handles (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

    Hitachi SB8V2 9-Amp Variable Speed Belt Sander, 3-Inch by 21-Inch

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B000Z45UMY
    • UPC: 717709011557

  • Hitachi SP18VA(H) 11-Amp 7-Inch Variable Speed Disc Sander/Polisher (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

    The SP18VAH 11.0 AMP Variable Speed Disc Sander/Polisher is capable of sanding metallic surfaces, preparatory sanding of metallic and wooden surfaces prior to painting, removal of paint and rust, finishing woodwork, making flush joints of wooden plates, finishing and polishing metallic surfaces such as motor vehicles, refrigerators, elevators, etc., polishing lacquered surfaces on wooden products, and polishing synthetic resin and ebonite products.

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B000CPMF92
    • UPC: 717709007680

  • Hitachi S18SB 6.2-Amp 7-Inch Vertical Disc Sander

    Hitachi S18SB 7-Inch 6.2-Amp Vertical Sander

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B0013Y2J2E
    • UPC: 717709010680

  • Hitachi C7SB2 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with 0-55 Degree Bevel Capacity

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B000090PJS
    • UPC: 713976431784

  • HITACHI Pressure IH Rice Cooker for Overseas (1.0L Type) RZ-KG10Y-N (GOLD) Overseas Model (AC220V~AC230V)【Ships from Japan】

    Product Features ◆ "Steam Recycling Mechanism" that Also Uses the Heat of Steam ◆ It is early because it cooks with high temperature rice cook & high temperature steam up to 1.3 atmosphere / 107°C. ◆ It is Steamed and Cooked with Pressure and High Temperature Steam, so the Freshly Cooked Rice is Sweet and Delicious. ◆ When Keeping Warm, Send Steam Regularly to Keep the Rice Well. ◆ Steam Storage 24 hours

    • Color: GOLD
    • Brand: HITACHI
    • ASIN: B07S29D9S7

  • Hitachi W8VB2 6.6 Amp Screwdriver (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

    Equipped with a powerful, yet quiet 6.6 Amp motor

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • ASIN: B000EPSM5Q
    • UPC: 717709010970

  • 6.6FT Cable AC/DC Adapter For Hitachi Hada Crie CM-N4000 CM-N4000-W CMN4000 Hot & Cool Facial Moisturizer Massager Cleansing HadaCrie KH-55 Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU

    EPtech® Platinum Quality Features: * Overload Protection with High Quality Wires * Over-charge/discharge protection * Overheating Protection with Smart Chip * Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials * Short-circuit protection * Fully compatible with the original adapter * Tested with strict quality control standards Buy with confidence! * 24 Month Warranty * Ship the same or next business day Guaranteed * 24 x 7 Email Support * 100% New Components - never refurbished, recycles, or used * 100% OEM Compatible - Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original device Copyright EPtech© All Rights Reserved.

    • Brand: EPtech
    • ASIN: B07DK8ZNTC

  • Hitachi H60MEY SDS Max AC Brushless Demo Hammer with AHB and UVP

    Hitachi’s H60MEY SDS Max AC Brushless Demo Hammer is exactly what construction professionals have been looking for to complete the most demanding demo jobs with ease. The H60MEY is another AC Brushless model in the Hitachi lineup that delivers impressive demolition performance. The User Vibration Protection (UVP) technology lets the user work more efficiently, and reduces down-time from vibration related injury. The AC Brushless motor allows the user to work off long extension cords and also makes the H60MEY maintenance-free from carbon brush changes and commutator bar wear. An internal inverter circuit allows the tool to be used with a generator. The Aluminum Housing Body (AHB) adds significant durability and the push button Impact Selector also serves as a diagnostic tool to trouble shoot overload or over heating issues. The H60MEY is loaded with features and benefits to make demolition jobs easier and less taxing on the user.

    • Brand: Hitachi
    • UPC: 717709019911

  • HITACHI Pressure IH Rice Cooker for Overseas (1.8L Type) RZ-KG18Y-N (GOLD) Overseas Model (AC220V~AC230V)【Ships from Japan】

    Product Features ◆ "Steam Recycling Mechanism" that Also Uses the Heat of Steam ◆ It is early because it cooks with high temperature rice cook & high temperature steam up to 1.3 atmosphere / 107°C. ◆ It is Steamed and Cooked with Pressure and High Temperature Steam, so the Freshly Cooked Rice is Sweet and Delicious. ◆ When Keeping Warm, Send Steam Regularly to Keep the Rice Well. ◆ Steam Storage 24 hours

    • Color: GOLD
    • Brand: HITACHI
    • ASIN: B07S15QM5N

  • Hitachi EV01663 POWER CORD


    • ASIN: B002CRSRUY

  • PS4 Hard Disk Drive 2TB 3.5 Inch For PlayStation 4 (1-6TB Supported) Brand HDD

    The Good Choice For Your PS4 - 100% positive feedback rating of game drive brand. - Refuse any chances for selling fake capacity. - 100% Tests for products and accessories. - Best service within 24 hours sincere reply. - One Years Warranty. 1.Infinite storage space: support 1TB-6TB 3.5 inch hard drive. 2.Exclusive design for PS4 console: easily install and replace new drive. 3.Independent power supply: suitable for 3.5 inch hard drive, also have a very good heat dissipation function. 4.Strong stability under 7*24 hours running: say "goodbye" to the problems, like system reboot/crash/lost data etc. 5.Do NOT affect Dualshock 4 range. 6.Save power and freely use "rest mode". Package Includes: 1* Hard Drive Enclosure 1* 2TB 3.5-Inch Brand Hard Drive

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Generic
    • ASIN: B07714K94S
    • UPC: 603983500231