• Delosperma sp. RUBY STARS ICE PLANT Hardy Exotic SEEDS!

    up for sales are seeds of Delosperma sp Ruby Stars. This great perennial forms unique succulent foliage and pretty ruby colored daisy like flowers over a long period in summer, and they can spread fairly rapidly to form a ground cover, especially in dry areas or in poor soils. They are hardy to at least USDA zone 5, and possibly colder. These plants would make excellent additions to your rare plant collection, or just make a unique statement in your yard.

    • Brand: greg17086
    • ASIN: B01GOA6IIC

  • Season of Death

    • ASIN: B07PN1TH2B

  • 1 gallon - Delosperma cooperi (HARDY ICE PLANT), Vibrant purplish pink 2-inch flowers on green foliage, BLOOMS for a very long period, dwarf perennial plant

    How is the plant shipped THE PLANT IS SHIPPED IN ITS POT, FIRMLY SECURED WITH TAPE, THEREBY AVOIDING ANY SHUFFLING AND MOVING DURING TRANSIT. THE PLANT REACHES YOU WITH MINIMAL DAMAGE-VERY SAFE AND SECURE-WE HAVE BEEN SHIPPING PLANTS LIKE THIS FOR SEVERAL YEARS (Plants maybe shipped in smaller pots for ease of shipping) CANNOT SHIP TO CA Please contact us within 7 - 10 days in case of any problems with your plant shipping for orders received from California might be delayed, and cant ship any 3 gallon plants to California. The plants maybe shipped in smaller pots/plastic bags for the safety of the plantsMost plants go dormant in Fall and winter and will loose most of their leaves- looking dead and dry- VERY NORMAL. They will flush out in spring

    • Brand: Pixies Gardens
    • ASIN: B0143EZDMS

  • Outsidepride Ice Plant Ground Cover Seed Mix - 10000 Seeds

    This is a lovely low-growing ground cover plant that is easy-to-care-for and thrives in hot, dry soil. Dorotheanthus bellidiformis, commonly called Livingstone Daisy, is free-flowering, and once it is established, it is drought tolerant. The bright colored daisies are 1 inches across and have many long petals around a center black eye. They blooms face straight up and are so cheery! Livingstone Daisy is a perennial only in frost-free zones, but they grow quickly and bloom quickly and can be an annual in all other zones. They love a position in full sun, and they work well edging a border or edging a walkway or driveway. They can handle the heat just fine. Start the seed indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the last frost, or sow directly outdoors after frost season has passed. Press the seed into the soil and cover it. The seed needs darkness for germination, so cover the seeded area with a box or plastic, and keep it dark and moist. Uncover as soon as germination occurs. With a 70F temperature, germination usually occurs within 21 days.

    • Color: Mix
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • ASIN: B005HQMXXO
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  • Outsidepride Ice Plant Stardust Flowering Ground Cover Seed - 1000 Seeds

    Delosperma floribunda, or commonly known as Ice Plant, is a rewarding perennial to grow in the flower border because it has a long bloom season, from spring until fall. This variety, Stardust, is fast-growing with succulent foliage and 2 inch purple blooms that will attract lots of attention. It is gorgeous growing along the edge of a flower border, in containers, in rock gardens, and because it spreads, it works well as a general ground cover. It likes full sun and tolerates drought and heat well. Ice Plant is a great option to plant up against a rock wall or along a cement walkway. It does prefer fast-draining soils and does not like to have "wet feet." It also is usually resistant to deer. Ice Plant ground cover seed can be started either indoors or directly outside. If starting inside, start the seed 6 - 8 weeks before the end of frost season. If starting outdoors, wait until frost danger has passed and soil temperatures have warmed to 70F. Press the seed into the soil but do not cover it. Keep the seed consistently moist until germination occurs which is usually within 21 days. For transplanting into the garden, wait until frost season has passed and space the plants about 10 inches apart.

    • Color: purple
    • Brand: Outsidepride
    • ASIN: B003L2MDJK
    • UPC: 678482955967

  • Ed Hardy "True Love" Can Cooler (Assorted Colors)

    NEW, Authentic, Officially Licensed Great collectible Ed Hardy authentic brand coolers 1 unique design styles Can koozie. Cooler size: 3" x 3" x 4" Keep your drinks cold

    • Color: Multi color
    • Brand: ED HARDY
    • ASIN: B00278MIKS
    • UPC: 630187075494

  • Danger on Ice (Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: Be a Detective Mystery #2)

    In Austria to watch a mutual friend participate in an ice skating competition, the Hardy brothers and Nancy Drew find themselves involved in a dangerous international adventure when their friend is kidnapped after winning a gold medal. The reader's choices determine the outcome of the plot.A world-champion ice skater is kidnapped in Austria and Nancy, Frank, and Joe, along with the reader, must solve the mystery

    • ASIN: 0671499203

  • Ice

    The epic of Island Life that has gripped Finland Winner of the Finlandia Prize Nominated for the Nordic Criti Prize It is the summer of 1946. A novice Lutheran priest, his wife and baby daughter arrive at a windswept island off the coast of Finland, where they are welcomed by its frugal, self-sufficient community of fisher folk turned reluctant farmers. In this deeply atmospheric and quietly epic tale, Lundberg uses a wealth of everyday detail to draw us irresistibly into a life and mindset far removed from our own - stoic and devout yet touched with humour and a propensity for song. With each season, the young family’s love of the island and its disparate and scattered inhabitants deepens, and when the winter brings ice new and precarious links appear. Told in spare, simple prose that mirrors the islanders’ unadorned style, this is a story as immersive as it is heartrending.

    • ASIN: B017HMXK96

  • 30+ delosperma Table Mountain Flower Seeds/ice Plant/Heat & Cold Hardy / 2"

    30+ delosperma table mountain flower seeds/ice plant/heat & cold hardy / 2"

    • Brand: SVI
    • ASIN: B07KX6S6JF