Brand New High Quality Gold SealĀ® All Metal "Ball Bearing" Thread Nipper. These Gold SealĀ® "Ball Bearing" thread clippers are the standard of industry. They are fast, efficient and convenient for any light cutting operation. The metal parts are kept apart by a ball supported by a coil spring, thus preventing the rubbing together of two bare pieces of metal as in other type nippers. This makes the ball bearing nippers much easier to operate and materially increases their life and endurance. Automatically keeps cutting edges in adjustment as nipper wears. Overall Length : 4-1/2" (114mm) Cut Length : 1-1/4" (32mm) Nickel-Plated Made in USA. Thank you for looking!!

    • Brand: GoldSeal
    • ASIN: B075WX7TP7
    • UPC: 747465159279

  • Seal Gold Crane Scissors-style two

    • Color: style 4
    • Brand: FORSUN
    • ASIN: B018X012H8

  • Moorea Seal Gold Crane Scissors

    Let your creativity take flight with these antique style scissors in the shape of a crane! These are just the right size for creating beautiful small crafts, embellishing gifts, or just to add some style to your desk.

    • Brand: Moorea Seal
    • ASIN: B012U6A77M

  • Moorea Seal Rose Gold Shadow Scissors

    Do you like your crafts and projects to have a bit of a mysterious side? If so, get to work with these shadowy, mystical beauties that feature a golden Moorea Seal logo along the blade.

    • Brand: Moorea Seal
    • ASIN: B01N9XLLJL

  • Lubegard 20902 Universal Power Steering Fluid, 32 oz.

    Lubegard Universal Power Steering Fluid is a premium formulation, compatible with all power and power-assisted steering units, including Honda applications. The power steering fluids are hydraulic fluids that are intermittently pressurized by a high shear, high friction pump and used in a high shear turbine motor to aid in turning a car's steering wheel. Since the fluid is subjected to hard, long-term use without regular changing intervals, it is critically important to provide extra anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-corrosion components as well as oxidation stability and a high flash point for fire protection. The power steering fluid is not interchangeable with automatic transmission fluids (ATF) because ATF does not have the anti-wear protection or shear stability needed to protect the power steering pump. Lubegard's universal power steering fluid is specifically formulated for power steering systems and is useful in hot and cold weather environments. The top quality base oils plus a full complement of performance additives provide excellent viscosity characteristics, shear stability, rust and corrosion protection, seal integrity and detergency. The patented LXE (liquid wax ester) derivatives provide the extra friction and wear protection, oxidation stability, and heat rejecti...

    • Brand: Lubegard
    • ASIN: B006HI8GJ6
    • UPC: 083137209027

  • Moorea Seal Rose Gold Heritage Scissors

    Let the beauty of these scissors inspire you! They feature gold plated handles adorned with antique style floral designs and silver blades engraved with the Moorea Seal Logo. Use them for craft projects, embellishing gifts, or just to add some style to your desk.

    • Brand: Moorea Seal
    • ASIN: B01N39V8ME

  • Moorea Seal Gold Antique Scissors

    If you love the Antique Scissors and the Crane Scissors but you need a little power, the Heritage Scissors are here for you. These sturdy beauties feature golden handles engraved with the Moorea Seal logo and big, silver blades. These are perfect for crafting, embellishing gifts, or just to add some style to your desk.

    • Brand: Moorea Seal
    • ASIN: B012U6ABDM

  • Gold Seal 107KE Scissor

    The 107KE product by Gold Seal is a GOLD SEAL UTILITY CLIPPER from the Merrow Global Catalog of Sewing Machine Accessories. Merrow Global Stores is a world-leading supplier of Gold Seal Scissors to the textile finishing and sewing industry. This Scissor is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee and is ready for shipment to you. Thank you for choosing Merrow Global

    • Brand: GOLD SEAL
    • ASIN: B002IOOW3W