• AUTOWIT iMU Air Purifier with True HEPA Removes PM2.5, Activated Carbon Filter Captures Unpleasant Pet Odors & Smoke, Car Air Purifier Decomposes Toxic Gases, Ionizer, Ideal for Car, Office & Home

    AUTOWIT iMU Air PurifierAUTOWIT iMU is perfect for allergy suffers. With a HEPA Filter, it removes 99% of PM2.5, dust, and allergens as small as microns, while a Cellular-Activated Carbon Filter reduces unpleasant odors caused by pets and cigarette. The Cold Catalyst Filter can effectively decompose toxic gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, TOVC and more.Built-in powerful ionizer releases up to 8 million negative ions PCS/cm. Negative ions can improve pulmonary function, purify the blood, boost metabolism, and reduce the pressure of the brain, keeping you from getting dizzy, weak, and tired.Replaceable FilterIn order to ensure the product's maximum efficiency and avoid secondary pollution, you can purchase the extra replaceable filter to replace the filter when the air purifier barely cleans the air.Supports Multiple Charging MethodsAUTOWIT iMU supports multiple charging methods. When you are at home or office, plug the Micro USB cable into the air purifier and connect it to any USB port with rated voltage 5V, such as that of a computer, power bank, USB socket. For in-car use, connect it to the car USB charger.Caution1.The product has optimum performance at an ambient temperature of between -30℃ to +75℃ (-22℉ to +167℉).2.Do not expose to sunlight or place close to a sou...

    • Color: Autowit Imu Air Purifier
    • Brand: AUTOWIT
    • ASIN: B078VPVWMT
    • UPC: 614144953636

  • Honeywell HRF-B2 Filter B Household Odor & Gas Reducing Pre-filter, 2 Pack

    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Honeywell
    • ASIN: B003DKDD1M
    • UPC: 092926000950

  • Gas and Pollutant Reducing Nose/Nasal Filters Reduce Air Pollution, Gases, Second-hand Smoke, TVOC, Anti-Pollution Mask, Air Purifying(2 Filter Frames and 6 Pairs of Replacement Filters) (I-R)

    Please kindly notice that Gas and Pollutant Reducing Nasal Filters are expected to reduce the toxins from harmful gases, such as cigarette smoke and cars/trains exhaust. It can Not remove the cigarette smoke or other foul smells.Why Choose Gas and Pollutant Reducing Nasal Filters? - Cutting-edge 3-layer filters protect you from air pollution and toxins in low pollution environments- Natural shape and soft material for nasal comfort and seal- Drug-free protection- Discreet invisible design How does Gas and Polluted Reducing Nasal Filters work? - Powerful 3 layers filter reduces harmful gases and pollutants with good breathability- Activated charcoal filtering of harmful gases such as vehicle exhaust, second-hand smoke, perfume, and TVOC- Nontoxic Nano TiO2 Photocatalyst Coating eliminates bacteria and viruses- Electrostatic filtering of airborne particles like pollen, dust, mold, dander, germs and PM2.5/10 pollution Select the Right WoodyKnows Product Please review the product images above for guidance on how to differentiate Super Defense, Ultra Breathable and Gas and Pollutant Reducing Nasal Filters Select Your Size Please review the product images above for guidance on how to differentiate Round and Slotted NostrilsI-R: XSmall round nostrilII-R: Small round nostrilIII-R: Mediu...

    • Brand: WoodyKnows
    • ASIN: B017EXBW7A
    • UPC: 712324566826

  • Honeywell Odor-Reducing Air Purifier Replacement Pre-Filter, HRF-B1/Filter (B)

    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Honeywell
    • ASIN: B0063KBJ7O
    • UPC: 787732004994

  • EnviroKlenz Face Mask for VOCs, Odors, & Gases - Pack of 3

    EnviroKlenz face mask for VOCs uses the same high quality, proprietary formulation of the VOC cartridge in the air purifier. Convenient and comfortable, this face mask allows thousands of people to be more comfortable and healthier. Package of 3. The life of each mask varies by environment. The mask is 100% latex free and does not contain any VOCs. In fact, our earth minerals are impregnated in the mask to neutralize VOCs and chemical odors that the end user is exposed to in their environment. Features: 100% PP White Material Holding Elastics White Cotton with Lycra,100% Latex Free. Nose Barrette "M" shape molded Soft Aluminum. Nose Cushion 100% PU Soft Foam EnviroKlenz Face Mask Prototype Testing EnviroKlenz® is a proprietary formulation of non-toxic high-performance specialty materials effective at neutralizing a wide range of chemicals. The EnviroKlenz formulation is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and significantly reduces both toxic and noxious odors. Since the dry powder neutralizes threats quickly, it is an ideal material to be featured in a mask for a wide variety of odor application. The technology behind EnviroKlenz is capable of reducing hazards associated with common industrial chemicals including: acids, acidic/caustic gases, organic compounds, phosphorus and sulfur c...

    • Color: light blue
    • Brand: EnviroKlenz
    • ASIN: B01MT64TZ7
    • UPC: 638302712569

  • IQAir V5-Cell Gas and Odor Filter

    The two-stage V5-CellTM Gas and Odor Filter uses dual media to filter a wider spectrum of volatile organic compounds (the cause of odors) and other harmful chemical vapors. Granular activated carbon adsorption and pelletized chemisorption work together to go beyond conventional activated carbon filters found in ordinary air purifiers. Complements the PreMax® Pre-Filter and the HyperHEPA® Filter. Lasts up to 2 years (based on average daily usage of 10 hours on speed 3).

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: IQAir
    • ASIN: B0007U46T4
    • UPC: 745859002460

  • Updated Premium SereneLife Air Purifier, Hepa Air Purifier, Allergy Air Filter, Air Cleaner Purifier, Air Fresh Cleaner, Circulation Air Fan, UV Light, Odor Reductions, 430 Sq. Ft. Coverage (PSLAPU35)

    The SereneLife Air Purifier effectively improves indoor environment air quality. Breathe healthier, fresh air with hassle-free control ability. Simple operation allows you to just plug it in and the integrated HEPA filter works to capture airborne dust. The ventilation fan allows for extended air flow and the front panel touch button panel allows you to control air circulation fan speeds. The lightweight and compact size fit on any table or countertop -- making it perfect for the home or office. Enjoy reliable and convenient dual layer air-filtering technology with the SereneLife Air Purifier. Features: Improves Indoor Environment Air Quality Simple & Hassle-Free Operation: Just Plug it In Breathe Healthier with Fresh Air Built-in HEPA Filter Captures Airborne Dust Triple Layer Air-Purification: Integrated Additional Carbon Filter Ultra-Violet (UV-C) Light Assists in Dust Removal Captures Dust, Pollen, Gas & Smoke Particles Ventilation Fan for Extended Air Flow Safe for Use Around Children & Pets Speed Adjustable Circulation Air Fan Perfect for the Home or Office Front Panel Touch Button Control LED Indicator Lights Technical Specs: UV-C Light Wavelength: 254 Nanometers Coverage Area: Up to 430'+ Square Feet Suggested Filter Replacement Time: 180 Days Noise Level: 30dB(L), 40dB...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: SereneLife
    • UPC: 068888766906

  • Catit Magic Blue Air Purifier for Litter Boxes

    Cat it Magic Blue is a litter box filter that absorbs and retains up to 80% of ammonia and reduces fecal odors by an average of 40%, depending on your cat's diet. Cat it Magic Blue is safe, easy, non-toxic and unscented. Cat it Magic Blue successfully reduces hazardous ammonia gases, which is the most irritating gas found in cat urine. Using chemicals to camouflage foul odors is hazardous to your cat's health and will only increase the odor build-up. Cats may even ingest unhealthy chemicals from sprays or processed litters during grooming, so an encased filter such as Magic Blue is much safer and blends in more with your cat's direct environment. Use Magic Blue to reduce odors and improve the air quality for you and your cat.

    • Brand: Catit
    • ASIN: B016KITJSO
    • UPC: 022517443057