• Komshine Optical Fiber FX35 FTTH Fusion Splicer Kit + Optical Time Domain Reflectometer QX45 SM 1310/1550nm 30/28 dB Singlemode OTDR with VFL +OPM+KLS+KFL-10 Red Light Source

    Buying the OTDR and we will send cable box 500m for free. KomShine FX35 Fusion Splicer Kit w/ KF-52 Fiber Cleaver+QX45 SM 1310/1550nm 30/28 dB OTDR + Optical Power Meter + Optical Light Source + Visual Fault Locator*All the items come with 1-Year-Warranty**All the items come fully Calibrated* 1: KOMSHINE FX35 FUSION SPLICER KIT INCLUDES:FX35 Fusion SplicerKF-52 High Precision Fiber CleaverTri-hole Fiber Coat Stripper Kimwipes Lint-Wipers 280 wipers/boxInstruction CDFusion Splice Protection Sleeves 200ea Internal BatteryCharger, AC Power Cord Spare Electrodes (one pair)Cooling Tray, Alcohol Pump Bottle, Blower BrushUser ManualCarrying CaseSpecification of Komshine FX35 Fusion Splicer:Applicable fibers=SM MM DS NZDS Fiber diameter=Cladding diameter:80-150μm; Coating diameter:100-1000μmActual average splice loss=0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS)Typical splicing time=Typical 9 sec (standard SM fiber) Return loss=>60dBTube typical heating time=Typical 25 secStorage of splice result = 4000 results, 20 parameter per resultFiber image magnification=300X (X or Y view),150X (X and Y view)Battery capacity=Typical 160 cycles (splice/tube heat with inner Li-battery)Monitor=5.7 inch color LCD monitor Electrode life=4000 2.KOMSHINE QX45 SM 1310/1550nm 32/30 dB OTDR With FC/UPC...

    • Color: Green, Black
    • Brand: KOMSHINE
    • ASIN: B07219TXHS

  • Zoostliss FTTH Fiber Optic Tool Kit with Medidor Fibra Optica and Visual Fault Locator and Cable Cutter Stripper FC-6S Fiber Cleaver, English Manual

    Portable optical power meter is an accurate and durable handheld meter designed for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber network. It is a compact device with backlight switch and auto power on-off ability. Besides, it provides ultra-wide measurement range, high accuracy, user self-calibration function and universal port. In addition, it displays linear indicators (mW) and non-linear indicators (dBm) in one screen at the same time. Specification:  Wavelength(nm): 800~1700nm  Detector: InGaAs  Measurement Range (dBm): -70~+10  Uncertainty: ±0.2(5%)  Calibrated Wavelength(nm): 850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550  Resolution(dB): Linear indication: 0.1% Loharithmic indication: 0.01dBm  Optical Connector: FC/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor  Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +60C  Storage Temperature: -25 ~ +70C  Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)  Dimension(mm): 190×100×48  Weight: 600g  Fiber Cleaver FC-6S Features and  Functions : high quality fiber cutting knife (recommended for FTTH cold welding, hot melt connection is not recommended for the use of this paragraph). Simple operation; single core fiber for single mode or multimode cutting; 12 cutting end face; blade long life; adjust the peeling length is: 5~20mm; technical specifications: fiber ...

    • Color: FTTH box
    • Brand: Zoostliss
    • ASIN: B01B2TALAQ
    • UPC: 736950406714

  • OrangeA Fusion Splicer Automatic Focus JW4108S FTTH Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer 5 Inch Digital LCD Screen Fusion Splicer Machine Fiber Cleaver Kit (JW4108S)

    JW4108S FTTH High-Precision Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Fusion Splicer Fiber Cleaver Kit Introduction: The fusion splicer is easy to operate, fuses fast, with low fusion loss, especially suitable for the construction and maintenance of the optical-fiber works built in a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, broadcast & TV, railway, petrochem, electricity, army, police, as well as teaching and research of scientific institutes Technical Parameters: Splicing Type: SM, MM, DS, NZDS Splicing Loss: 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS) Return Loss: >60dB Applicable Fiber Cable: Indoor And 0.25mm,0.9mm Fiber, SC Connector (Option) Splicing Time: ≤9s Heat Time: ≤30s Cleaved Length: 8~16mm Fiber Image/ Magnification: 300/200 Times Tension Test: Standard 2N (Option) Heat Shrinkable Sleeve: 60mm, 40mm And Serials Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Battery Capacity: 200 Cycles Splicing And Heating, 3 Hours Charging Time(Splicing And Charging At Same Time) Battery Life: Cycling Charge 300-500 Times, Easy To Replace Battery Electrodes Life: 3000, Easy To Replace Electrodes Power Source: ≤20W Interface: USB Convenient Data Download And Software Update Power Supply: Built In Lithium Battery 5200mAh 11.1V; External Adapter, Input: AC100-240V,Output: DC13.5V/4.5A Operating Condition: 0-50...

    • Color: JW4108S
    • Brand: OrangeA
    • ASIN: B071J65SCT
    • UPC: 601285867755

  • FASO Fusion Splicer High-performance 4.3 inch LCD Touch Screen Military Quality Fiber Optic Splicing Machine FS-17S FTTH High Precision Fusion Splicer Kit with Optical Fiber Cleaver

    Description: Small and Light: Small in size and light in weight, the splicer is easy to carry and can be lift by one hand. Water-resistant, dust-resistant and shock-resistant in design: Water-resistant and dust-resistant can meet IP52 requirements; The all-in-one fixture meet fusion splicing demands of multiple fibers, jumpers and rubber-insulted wires with a cladding diameter of 80-150um. Graphical interfaces and touch screen: FS-17S uses entirely new GUI graphical interfaces and touch screen in design. Operators can set up the splicer and get to know relevant information of it simply and directly by graphical interfaces. Intelligent heat shrinkage: A detection unit is embedded in the heater. The heating function will only be enabled when the thermal shrinkage tube is put in the heater, to avoid misoperation. Large-capacity pluggable lithium battery: The built-in pluggable lithium battery with large capacity, can answer working demand lasting all day long. (typical 220 times of fusion splicing and heating cycles). Ceramic V-block and ceramic presser foot: Ceramic V-block with high precision brings you, convenient and accurate placement of optical fibers and makes cleanup easy. Multi-functional carrying case: The multi-functional carrying case is novel in design and light in w...

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: FASO
    • ASIN: B07779VRNF
    • UPC: 650434881128

  • Fujikura 80S Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Kit for SM MM DSF NZDSF Fibers PON/FTTx Networks

    Fujikura 80S+ Fusion Splicer is core-to-core alignment single fiber splicer, which is designed for splicing single-count optical fibers: SM (G.652/657), MM (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655) for telecommunication use, PON/FTTx networks, etc. Features • Reduced splicing time - 6 seconds only. • Reduced heating time - 9 seconds only. • Wireless connection via Bluetooth. • Splices all known types of fibers. • Fiber core alignment. • Typical average splice loss for single mode cable with G.652D fiber is only 0.02 dB. • Battery life increased up to 200 full splicing/heating cycles. • Rotary color anti-glare LCD 4.73", high contrast and vividness. • Simultaneous display of X and Y axes. • May splice SC, LC, MPO connectors. • Automatic: wind-protective lid, heater, fiber holders. • Automatic arc calibration. • The case may be used as a working table. • Operation manual is installed into the splicer. • 2 years of full warranty with the device replacement. Package Contents 1. Fusion Splicer Fujikura 80S+ - 1 pc. 2. Detachable Battery BTR-09 - 1 pc. 3. Battery charge cord DCC-18 - 1 pc. 4. Power adapter/Charger adapter ADC-18 - 1 pc. 5. Power cord ACC-15 - 1 pc. 6. Spare electrodes ELCT2-20A - 1 pair 7. USB cable USB-01 - 1 pc. 8. Sleeve loader SL-01 - 1...

    • Brand: Fujikura
    • UPC: 712096152548

  • ARC Fusion Splicer Kit KOMSHINE GX36 w/ 9 Languages + QX50-MS2 850/1300+1310/1550nm 21/19/30/28dB OTDR Tester +Fiber Optic Power Meter + Optic Fiber Light Source + Visual Fault Locator/ VFL

    KOMSHINE BRAND NEW GX36 Fusion Splicer Kit w/ Cleaver + QX50-MS2 Multimode 850/1300/1310/1550nm OTDR+ Optical Power Meter + Optical Light Source+Visual Fault LocatorThe Fusion Splicer & OTDR Combos include1.KOMSHINE GX36 FUSION SPLICER KIT:• GX36 Fusion Splicer• High Precision KF-52 Cleaver integrated Scrap Catcher• High Precision Fiber Stripper• Battery Built-in• AC Adapter/battery charger• Power Cable• Spare Electrodes• Carrying Case Cooling Tray• Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves 200pcs• 1 Year Warranty2.KOMSHINE QX50-MS2 Multimode 850/1300/1310/1550nm 21/19/30/28 dB OTDR with FC/UPC+SC/UPC+LC/UPC Connectors: Features:Applicable fiber: Networks with PLC Splitters800 tracesBuilt-in lithium battery with high capacity for over 8 hours of operating lifeDisplay: Color LCDOne year Warranty 3.Mini Optical Power Meter + Mini Light Source + Visual Fault Locator INCLUDES: - 1. Six wavelenghts Optical Power Meter for SM & MM- 2. Dual Wavelengths 1310/1550nm Optical Light Source for SM- 3. Pocket size Visual Fault Locator- 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: KOMSHINE
    • ASIN: B072FS76Q3

  • Mophorn Fusion Splicer 5Inch LED Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Optical Fiber JW4108S FTTH High Precision Fusion Splicer Kit with Optical Fiber Cleaver

    FTTH Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Optical Fiber Welding Machine Introduction: JW4108 FTTH Fusion Splicer with smart appearance, reliable quality,JW4108 is a special design for the installation,operation and maintenance of optical fiber specially designe a precision,durable,convenient optical fiber construction instrument.Widely used in the construction, inspection, maintenance of fiber cable. Specifications Splicing Type:SM, MM, DS, NZDS Return Loss:>60dB Splicing Mode:Manual, Half Auto, Auto Fiber Alignment:Core to Core Alignment by PAS technology Applicable Fiber:Cable indoor and 0.25mm,0.9mm fiber,SC connector(option) Splicing Time:≤9s Heat Time:≤30s Cleaved Length:8~16mm Fiber Image/ Magnification:300/200 View Display:5 inch digital high-quality LCD screen Tension Test:Standard 2N (option) Heat Shrinkable Sleeve:60mm, 40mm and serials heat Shrinkable Sleeve Battery Capacity:200 cycles splicing and heating,3 hours charging time( splicing and charging at same time) Battery Life:Cycling charge 300-500 times, easy to replace battery Electrodes Life:3000, easy to replace electrodes Power Source:≤20W Interface:USB Convenient data download and software update Construction Lighting:Built in high brightness, wide range of lights, easy to operate at night Power supply:Built in li...

    • Brand: Mophorn
    • ASIN: B01LZYZ6U5
    • UPC: 712166593288

  • FASO Core to Core Fusion Splicer 5 Inch LCD Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Fiber Optic FS-4108S Single Heater High Precision Fusion Splicer Kit with Drop Cable Stripper,Fiber Optic Cleaver

    Description: 4108S type FTTH Single heater Fusion Splicer, with high performance price ratio, is the main product for under promotion with smart appearance, reliable quality, Single heater splicer is a special design for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber specially design a precision, durable, convenient optical fiber construction instrument. Widely used in the construction, inspection, maintenance of fiber cable. Specification: Model:FTTH Single Heater Fusion Splicer Splicing Type:SM,MM,DS,NZDS Splicing Loss:0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(NZDS) Return Loss:>60dB Splicing Mode:Manual,Half Auto,Auto Fiber Alignment:Core to Core Alignment by PAS technology Applicable Fiber:Cable indoor and 0.25mm,0.9mm fiber,SC connector(option) Splicing Time:≤9s Heat Time:≤30s Cleaved Length:8~16mm Fiber Image/Magnification:300/200 View Display:5 Inch Digital high-quality LCD screen Tension Test:Standard 2N (option) Heat Shrinkable Sleeve:60mm,40mm and serial heat shrinkable sleeve Battery Capacity:240 cycles splicing and heating,3 hours charging time(splicing and charging at same time) Battery Life:cycling charge 300-500 times,easy to replace battery Electrodes Life:3000,easy to replace electrodes Power Source:≤20W Interface:USB convenient data download and softwar...

    • Brand: FASO
    • ASIN: B0776MWP8V
    • UPC: 650434881043

  • Handheld Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer KOMSHINE GX36 Core to Core Aliginment with 9 Languages

    Komshine GX36 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Kit With Fiber Optic Cleaver Core-Core Alignement Fiber SplicerLanguages: English,Italian,Spanish,Franch,Português,Русский ,Bahasa Indonesia,Traditional Chinese & Simple Chinese * Real Core to Core Alignment; Fiber Core Visible on the Screen ** Average Splicing Loss: 0.02dB ** 7800mAh Huge Capacity Battery up to 300 Splicing & Heating ** Can Splice 250um, 900um, Flat Cable and Fiber Jumper *Tech1: 7800mAH high capacity replaceable battery to extend your productivityTech2: 6 Motors 3 Axle alignment make lower lossProduct Descriptionb>Features:Shake Proof, Dust Proof and Water Proof Splice30 Seconds for HeatingAverage Splicing Loss: 0.02dBUp to 200 times of continuous splices and heatHD CMOS sensor and HD aligner for duble seperate optical fibers0.25mm/0.9mm/3.0mm/ Flat cableAttached Night LighSpecifications:Applicable Fibers:SM / MM / DS / NZDS / BIF & UBIF (G.657)Return Loss:>60dBOperation Methods:Auto, ManualCutting Length:8~16mm(Fiber diameter:

    • Color: Blue, Green
    • Brand: KOMSHINE
    • ASIN: B072L826KR