• Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit For Moisture, Light & pH, A Must Have For Home And Garden, Lawn, Farm, Plants, Herbs & Gardening Tools, Indoor/Outdoors Plant Care Soil Tester (No Battery Needed)

    Is your green thumb being put to the test? Tired of your brown lawn and dying house plants? Mystified how others grow big juicy tomatoes while yours look more like red goofballs? Do your plants want to run away from home? Growing healthy plants and having a green lawn may seem like a mystery but really it relies on some very simple elements including: light, moisture and soil levels. And there's an easy way you can test each one. A 3-in-1 soil test meter that takes the guesswork out of gardening The HealthyWiser 3-in-1 Soil Meter is three meters in one device. With our soil pH meter you can check moisture, light and pH levels in your soil. This easy to use meter is compact and works for both indoor and outdoor plants, veggies, flowers and lawns. Which saves you time, money, and effort because healthy soil produces healthy plants that resist insect damage and disease. For example, without knowing the pH level of your soil you can easily waste money on amendments that you don't need. You may also be over watering or under watering your plants and unknowingly damage the root system of your plants. Without the proper amount of light your plants will also suffer. The Healthy Wiser 3-in-1Soil Meter can prevent all that by helping you: ✔ Determine when to water ✔ Monitor and control...

    • Color: Soil Meter 3 in 1
    • Brand: HealthyWiser
    • ASIN: B01J1HO6XY
    • UPC: 787639321736

  • The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner: What to Do & When to Do It in the Garden, Orchard, Barn, Pasture & Equipment Shed

    This hardworking addition to the best-selling Backyard Homestead series offers expert advice on what tasks to do around your farm and when to do them — no matter where on the planet you call home. Author Ann Larkin Hansen sets the priorities for each area of the farm, including the barn, garden, orchard, field, pasture, and woodlot. For every critical turn of the year (12 in all), Hansen provides an at-a-glance to-do list along with tips and a more in-depth discussion of key topics for the season. Easy-reference charts, checklists, and record-keeping sections help you keep track of it all.

    • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
    • ASIN: 1612126979

  • TideWe Bootfoot Chest Wader, 2-Ply Nylon/PVC Waterproof Fishing & Hunting Waders for Men and Women Green Size 14

    Safe Wading Tips: Always keep two rules in mind when wading in any body of water: wade with caution, and wade with care. There are obvious and not-so-obvious dangers inherent with wading. Following these tips will help you experience a safe and enjoyable trip: *Use a wading staff to feel the bottom before stepping. *Never wade alone. *Always wear waders that fit properly. *Wear a wading belt to create a seal between your body and the wader. *In rivers and streams, identify potential dangers down current such as waterfalls, log jams, or undertows before entering the water. *Walk slowly, smoothly, and carefully. *Wear a personal floatation device. *Be aware of tides, currents, and water level changes. *If you fall, don't panic. Don't fight the current, work with it. Allow the current to drift you downstream as you work your body towards the bank. *Never continue wading if your waders are full of water.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: TideWe
    • ASIN: B0779NTMYD
    • UPC: 609015852316

  • Lifegard Aquatics 6600 PG Water Pump

    PG Pumps are high performance energy-efficient pumps. It is designed for Pond, Water Gardens, Fountains, Waterfalls, Hydroponic Systems, Irrigation Systems and Water Features. For use in either wet or dry installations and features Wet Rotor/Wet Bearing Technology for cooler running. Pre-filter screen handles large particles for less maintenance.

    • Brand: Lifegard Aquatics
    • ASIN: B00IEJJHN0
    • UPC: 788379314910

  • Big Farm Harvesting Set

    The TOMY 1:32 Harvesting set features a Peterbilt Model 367 Straight Truck with Grain Box, Grain Bin and Grain Auger. The Peterbilt features working grain box which lifts up, opening rear gate, opening rear grain door, removable tarp and adjustable mirrors. The Grain Bin is consumer assembled and compliments the grain truck and the grain auger. This set works very well with the TOMY 1:32 John Deere S680 Combine sold separately. Exceptional detail for a collector and great play value for the carpet farmer. Age grade 3+ years.

    • Color: custitem_color_map
    • Brand: TOMY
    • ASIN: B01C7PKQCW
    • UPC: 087571440848

  • Korean hommy Sickle Farm Equipment /2Peace / Weed Removal/Sickle/Pick/Shovel/Hummi/Mowers/Shell Rake/Herb Picking/Seedling Shovel/Gardening/Farming Equipment/Tidal Flat/Gardening

    - Sensational Korea's multi-purpose gardening / earth bending tool that is loved by amateurs and professionals - Hand-trained Koreans who have followed traditional tools have been used in rough Korean land for thousands of years. Do you work with one garden tool? It can be used for weeding, soil release, planting after cultivation, garden area / area arrangement, water dam construction. - Specially designed and durable steel blades are bent for planting, cultivation and ditch bending. It can also be used for everyday digging and weeding and bulb wiping, bulb planting and finite border making. The curvature of the blade throws the soil to the side like a plow, which makes it easy to move around plants and shrubs - Excellent grip, soft handle and strong metal bond between handle and blade help to make garden with durable and easy to use tools. We will send you two products.

    • Brand: Korean hommy
    • ASIN: B07D5DD66M
    • UPC: 676436873664

  • Arcan ALJ3T, Aluminum Floor Jack, 3 Ton Capacity, Lightweight, Dual Pump Pistons, Reinforced Lift Arms, Side Mount, 2 Piece Handle, Vehicle Protection, Bypass and Overload Valves, Meets ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard

    The Arcan ALJ3TW Aluminum Floor Jack has a 3 ton lift capacity and a lifting range from 3-¾” to 18-⅛”. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight maneuvering. And it is designed with dual pump pistons, a reinforced lift arm, a side-mount handle, and bypass and overload valves. Also, your vehicle is kept protected with the rubber saddle and foam handle bumper. We put all of our lifting equipment through a voluntary and rigorous safety certification process, as outlined by the ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment.

    • Brand: Arcan
    • ASIN: B0047D2FWM
    • UPC: 732425000258

  • Turn-of-the-Century Farm Tools and Implements (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

    In 1898, Peter Henderson & Company published an abundantly illustrated trade catalog advertising tools, fertilizers, insecticides, and other essentials for the turn-of-the-century garden, farm, greenhouse, lawn, orchard, poultry yard, stable, and household. The comprehensive tools and implements catalog, with its nearly 700 line illustrations and descriptive captions, advertised such commonly used equipment as a one-horse disc harrow for $21; a string-tooth cultivator, $6.75; a corn sheller with feed table, $11.25; and a “Eureka Steam Cooker,” capable of cooking a variety of food for 12 to 20 people, for $6.50.This excellent reprint of an extremely rare volume also features a lice-killing machine, cast-iron field rollers, manure spreaders, broadcast seeders, corn harvesters and huskers, root cutters, grinding and cider mills, “Siamese” lawn sprinkler attachments, veterinary remedies, an “improved winged shovel plow,” and hundreds of other items. Informative captions provide a detailed description of each product and its price.Of interest to social historians, this intriguing book will also be indispensable to collectors and antique dealers, of immense value to artists and designers in search of permission-free images, and a delight to lovers of Americana.

    • ASIN: B00DQF9W7S

  • The Backyard Beekeeper, 4th Edition: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden

    The Backyard Beekeeper, now in its 4th edition, makes the time-honored and complex tradition of beekeeping an enjoyable and accessible backyard pastime that will appeal to urban and rural beekeepers of all skill levels.   More than a guide to beekeeping, this handbook features expert advice for:Setting up and caring for your own coloniesSelecting the best location to place your new bee colonies for their safety and yoursThe most practical and nontoxic ways to care for your beesSwarm controlUsing top bar hivesHarvesting the products of a beehive and collecting and using honeyBee problems and treatmentsWhat's New? Information for urban bees and beekeepersUsing your smoker the right way Better pest managementProviding consistent and abundant good food Keeping your hives healthyWith this complete resource and the expert advice of Bee Culture editor Kim Flottum, your bees will be healthy, happy, and more productive. 

    • Brand: Quarry Books
    • ASIN: 1631593323

  • HYLH Fruit Tree Grafting Tool,Garden Shears,Vaccination Secateurs Pruning Cutting Shears Farming Equipment Garden Tools Gardening

    Description:Ergonomic design , The handle is non-slip and super comfortable! Easy to use and saves time and energy than the traditional method of grafting. By means of this grafting tool, the cuts of two stems will be perfectly adjusted for maximum contact with the cambium, significantly improving the survival rate.HOW TO USE:Step 1: Hold the handle and press the orange buttonStep 2: Press the orange button with your finger, then the mower is unlockedStep 3: cut the useless branches of the plant with pruning shearsStep 4: Place the graft area where the graft is needed and be sure to cut the groove in the mother plant. The grafting tool with the blade "V & U & Ω" and the end of the blade can cut, one-piece blade can be used as two pieces of bladeStep 5: Slide the donor stem into the groove of the mother plant, matching the cut surfaces as close as possible.Step 6: place sterilizing material around the joint, and smear it with tape, the sterilizing material will protect against bacteria and weather conditions.Specification:Material: stainless steel + nylonBlade: stainless steelHandle: NylonProduct size: Approx. 21cmProduct weight: approx. 538gPackage included:1 x pruning shears graft cutting tool2 x blades1 x screwdriver1 x key1 x box beautifully package

    • Brand: HYLH
    • ASIN: B07PTQP5ZV