• F4U Corsair vs Ki-84 "Frank": Pacific Theater 1945 (Duel)

    The Vought Corsair was the first American single-engine fighter to exceed four hundred mph, establishing dominance over the Mitsubishi Type Zero-sen with a kill ratio greater than ten to one. The Ki-84 Hayate was introduced by the Japanese specifically to counter this growing American dominance of the skies over the Pacific. Built in greater numbers than any other late-war Japanese fighter, nearly three thousand were completed between 1944 and 1945. This volume examines the clashes between the Corsair and Ki-84 in the closing stages of the war, revealing how Corsair pilots had to adapt their techniques and combat strategies to account for these newer types, which proved harder to shoot down. It also reveals how the eventual six-to-one kill rate was largely driven by the reduced quality of Japanese fighter pilots due to the high casualty rates inflicted on the Japanese Air Force during the air battles over the Solomon Islands.

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  • Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the Corsair (1944): F4U-1, F4U1C, F4U-1D, F3A-1, F3A-1D, FG-1, FG-D and British models 1-4 (AN 01-45HA-1)

    Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions for the Corsair (1944)F4U-1, F4U1C, F4U-1D, F3A-1, F3A-1D, FG-1, FG-D and British models 1-4 AN 01-45HA-1. This is the authentic 1944 edition that will teach operation of the famous and fast World War Two fighter.

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  • Trumpeter 1/32 02221 Vought F4U-1D Corsair

    Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair was a fighter-bomber version of the F4U-1 series. In early 1944, bomb racks for the F4U-1 were developed by personnel of VMF-222 and VF-17. The modification was rapidly applied by other squadrons. The F4U-1D was powered by a R- 2800-8W engine with water injection. The more powerful engine of this model made it possible to carry the extra weight of bombs/tanks and rockets. The F4U-1D had three pylons, one on the centerline and two on the wings. Later small stubs on the outer wing panels, to carry rockets, were added. Also in early 1944, longer oleos were installed in the main landing gear legs. They cured much of the tendency of the Corsair to "bounce". A longer tail wheel leg raised the fin, and reduced the directional stability problem. These improvements were essential in making the Corsair suitable for carrier operations, and in April 1944 the Corsair was finally qualified for carrier operations. Interestingly, all F4U-1D aircraft were painted overall Gloss Sea blue. None saw any action prior to early 1945 when they were part of the task group that made the first carrier borne attacks on Japan since Colette's raid of 1942. As with most late war aircraft, the F4U-1D soldiered on postwar until replaced the F4U-4 or some other aircraft. Some ...

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  • The Marines' Lost Squadron: The Odyssey of VMF-422

    Finally, there is a book that reveals the truth about the worst air disaster to strike a Marine Corps fighter squadron during the Second World War. Marine Fighter Squadron 422 was a group of twenty-four typical young Americans trained to fly the famous F4U Corsair into combat with the legendary Japanese Zero. When they arrived in the Pacific, they suddenly found that not all their enemies carried guns in savage Banzai charges. Their two most dangerous and merciless adversaries were the fury of a tropical typhoon and the cold heartless whims of a Marine Corps general. Together, these two foes seal the fate of VMF-422 and cause the greatest disaster ever to strike a Marine squadron. Aviation historian Mark Carlson has written the first full account of a group of ordinary young men who were suddenly challenged beyond their experience and which forever changed the lives of the survivors. The Marines’ Lost Squadron is the dramatic true story of a desperate and courageous fight for survival against the forces of nature and a conspiracy of silence. The Marines’ Lost Squadron is a saga of courage and conspiracy, patriotism and pride, fate and futility in a struggle to survive the ferocity of a huge typhoon in the midst of the Second World War.

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