• 120 PCS Wirefy Heat Shrink Connector Kit - Electrical Insulated Wire Terminals Crimp Ring Butt Spade Marine Waterproof Automotive

    SPECIFICATIONS: --Shrinkage ratio 3:1 --Dual-walled design tubing: polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt adhesive inside --Wire gauge imprint on connectors --Extensive selection: 8 connector types (forks, rings, hooks, quick disconnects, butt connectors) in 3 sizes (red, blue, yellow) --Wirefy heat shrink connectors are compliant with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards. --Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C --No wire damage due to lower shrink temperature --Full recovery temperature: 130°C --Operating temperature: from -55°C to 125°C --Reusable case included 120 HEAT SHRINK CONNECTOR KIT INCLUDES: Connector type Red 22-16 Blue 16-14 Yellow 12-10 Total QTY Butt Connectors 5 PCS 5 PCS 5 PCS 15 PCS Rings #10 5 PCS 5 PCS 5 PCS 15 PCS Rings 1/4" 5 PCS 5 PCS 5 PCS 15 PCS Rings 5/16" 5 PCS 5 PCS 5 PCS 15 PCS Rings 3/8" 10 PCS 10 PCS 10 PCS 30 PCS Male Quick Disc. 5 PCS 5 PCS 5 PCS 15 PCS Female Quick Disc. 5 PCS 5 PCS 5 PCS 15 PCS Fork Terminals #10 5 PCS 5 PCS 5 PCS 15 PCS Total Quantity 120 PCS

    • Brand: Wirefy
    • ASIN: B01N1WWR7E
    • UPC: 741498317118

  • 540 PCS Wirefy Heat Shrink Wire Connectors - Electrical Terminals Kit - Marine Automotive Crimp Connector Assortment - Ring Fork Hook Spade Butt Splices

    In our "540 PCS Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit" Wirefy is offering most versatile heat shrink connector kit on the market. In this kit we included extensive selection of 8 connector types: forks, rings, hooks, spade, quick disconnects, butt splices in 3 sizes: red, blue and yellow. Butt connectors are waterproof. Ring, fork, hook and spade connectors are water-resistant. This assortment will supply you with high quality crimp terminals that will last for numerous wiring projects. Whether you are working on your boat, vehicle, home or scientific project, our heat shrink wire connectors will ensure strong crimps, increased current flow and weatherproof connections every time!   Specifications: --Dual-walled heat shrink tubing design: polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt adhesive on the inside --Tubing shrinkage ratio 3:1 --Copper crimp barrels --Wire gauge imprint on the connectors --Cmpliant with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards --No wire damage due to lower shrink temperature --Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C --Full recovery temperature: 130°C --Operating temperature: from -55°C to 125°C --Reusable case included

    • Brand: Wirefy
    • ASIN: B07124B886
    • UPC: 857409007013

  • 15 Kw Rheem / Ruud Electric Strip Heater for Split Systems - RXBH1724A15J

    The Rheem Brand Electric Heat Kits are made for Rheem and Ruud air handlers. They have built-in over-current protection and nickel chromium heat elements.Standard Features:• Sequencers for better temperature control• Multiple branch circuit capability• Completely assembled and tested• Control circuit arranged to readily permit staging• Factory installed disconnect available on specific models (see electrical data)• Fuse link secondary high-temperature limit control• Plug-in wiring harness for ease on installation into air handler• Rust resistant nickel chromium heat elements• ETL listed• Picture is for illustration purpose only; Actual product may vary by Kilowatt• Check air handler or package unit specifications for heat kit compatibility This listing is for the product only. Installation is not included.

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Rheem / Ruud
    • ASIN: B00E7UJ816

  • 200pcs Heat Shrink Wire Connectors Waterproof Electrical Terminals Kit Insulated Butt Splices Marine Automotive Terminals Set, 10-22 AWG Wire Connector Kit (3 colors / 3 sizes)

    HSC-H Made by modified polyolefin, with superior for protecting splices from water and corrosion. Inner adhesive bonds to PVC, PE and metals. Providing strain relief and against vibration in rugged environments, witch excellently insulates and protects electronic connections. The insulated connectors terminals offer long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost, witch is more reliable than conventional crimp terminals. Characteristics: Shrinkage ratio 3:1 Hot-melt adhesive provides excellent waterproof property Excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance Ldeally translucent provides tensile strength High elasticity keeps steady performance Operating temperature range: Operating temperature: -45℃ ~ 105℃ Minimum shrink temperature: 60℃ Fully recovery temperature: 100℃ Specifications: 100 x Red Shrink Connectors: Suits cable/ wire sizes 0.5-1.5mm² 18-22 GA 60 x Blue Shrink Connectors: Suits cable/ wire sizes 1.5-2.5mm² 16-14 GA 40 x Yellow Shrink Connectors: Suits cable/ wire sizes 4.0-6.0mm² 12-10 GA Package includes: 1x 200pcs terminals set (100 Red + 60 Blue + 40 Yellow) Notice: For best results, please use a hot air gun until it reduces in size and the adhesive flows, filling gaps within the terminal

    • Color: Blue, Yellow, Red
    • Brand: Horloy
    • ASIN: B075TYSD26
    • UPC: 742271871469

  • 47 sq.ft. 120-Volt.  Ceramic & Stone Tile Electric Floor Heating Kit w/Honeywell Floor Thermostat and Installation Alarm, (31.3 ft. x 1.5 ft.) - Other Sizes Available

    Perfect for: • Floor Heating in kitchens and bathrooms to make tile floors warm and comfortable. • New construction or when remodeling. • Heating or supplemental heating mats of rooms, basements or room additions. • Heated floors of tile, marble, porcelain and stone floors. • Can be installed under carpet, vinyl, laminate and wood floors when embedded in self-leveling cement. Benefits: • Provides all the comfort and health advantages of electric radiant heating without noisy fans, drafts, blowing dust or allergens. • Energy Saving up to 40% compared to convective systems. • Fast and easy-to-install. Self-adheres to the subfloor - no need to staple or glue. Installation: • Combine multiple same-Voltage heating mats as needed to fit the heated area (up to 15 Amp load on one thermostat). • Simply roll out and cut mesh to turn the mat to fit the heated area. (DO NOT cut heating cable). • Lay tile as usual by troweling thin-set mortar over the heating mat. Openings in the mesh allow mortar to securely adhere the mat to the subfloor. • Alternatively, skim coat or self-level over the mat and lay tile in a second step. Features: • Factory-spaced heating cable on mesh reduces installation time. • Factory-attached, water-proof lead wires connect to the thermost...

    • Brand: ThermoSoft
    • ASIN: B072FHHZ93
    • UPC: 851703007571

  • 270PCS Heat Shrink Wire Connectors Electric Butt Terminal Connector Marine Automotive Terminals Kit

    The eco-friendly heat shrink tubing included variety kinds of products, which can be good idea used in marine, automobile and any other electric oriented project applications. This insulated electrical connector is designed as high-quality copper, an exterior polyolefin tube and internal hot melt adhesive, compliant with ROHS, SGS and CE standards. Can be easy operated with a heat gun or a mini blow torch. Specifications: Tubing shrinkage ratio 3:1 Copper crimp barrels Wire gauge imprint on the connectors Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C Full recovery temperature: 130°C Operating temperature: from -55°C to 125°C Tips: The real color of the wire connector may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness. Please take the actual product as the standard Package Included: 270 x Heat Shrink Wire Connectors 1 x Storage Box

    • Color: Red, Yellow, Blue
    • Brand: HONITURE
    • ASIN: B07BJ1FZSH
    • UPC: 886871205740

  • 8 Kw Goodman Electric Strip Heat Kit with Circuit Breaker HKSC08XC

    The Goodman HKSC Electric Heat Kits are made for Goodman and Amana air handlers. They have built-in over-current protection and nickel chromium heat elements. This listing is for the product only. Installation is not included.

    • Brand: Goodman
    • ASIN: B074PD9J1Y
    • UPC: 646341703141

  • Electop 270 PCS Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit Electrical Insulated Crimp Ring Butt Spade Waterproof Marine Automotive Terminals Set

    270 PCS Heat Shrink Connectors Insulated Waterproof 3 Colors Spade Ring Fork Butt Terminals Kit With Case Specification: The colour of the terminal insulation represents the size of wiring that fits the terminal. Red Connectors: 0.4mm to 1.5mm2 / 22-16AWG Wire Blue Connectors: 1.5mm to 2.5mm2 / 16-14AWG Wire Yellow Connectors: 4.0mm to 6.0mm2 / 12-10AWG Wire Size: (Model x A.W.G x Quantity) Red: RV1.25-5s x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 RV1.25-6 x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 RV1.25-8 x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 RV1.25-10 x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 FDFD1-250 x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 MDD1-250 x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 SV1.25-5s x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 HV1.25-5 x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 HSC-1 x A.W.G 22-16 x 10 Blue: RV2-5s x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 RV2-6 x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 RV2-8 x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 RV2-10 x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 FDFD2-250 x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 MDD2-250 x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 SV2-5s x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 HV2-5 x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 HSC-2 x A.W.G 16-14 x 10 Yellow: RV5.5-5 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 RV5.5-6 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 RV5.5-8 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 RV5.5-10 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 FDFD5-250 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 MDD5-250 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 SV5.5-5 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 HV5.5-5 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 HSC-3 x A.W.G 12-10 x 10 Package Include: 1 x 270Pcs Assorted Heat Shrink Connectors Set 1 x Storage Box

    • Color: 270pcs
    • Brand: Electop
    • ASIN: B0789F2G87
    • UPC: 785004242570

  • 30.0 sq. ft., 120V  Ceramic & Stone Tile Electric In-Floor Heating Mat - ThermoTile  TT20-120 - Other Sizes Available

    Today, more than 1.3 million households in the U.S. and Canada enjoy warming products made with patented ThermoSoft's FiberThermics® technology inside! Buy from the manufacturer-ThermoSoft- and get Lifetime Warranty and Live Support for your floor heating system. ThermoTile is a truly versatile electric in-floor heating system that can be used under most floor coverings Tiles, Floating floors (Pergo, engineering wood, etc.) even thin rugs because it's only 1/8-inch thick, unlike other, thicker radiant floor heating systems. All you need to do is to cover it with thinset mortar or regular cement. ThermoTile is UL Listed and carrying an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. ThermoTile is a solid-state system with no moving parts to break or wear out. There are no ducts to clean, no allergens to worry about, burners to service, or fuel tanks that have to be replaced regularly. Once ThermoTile floor heating pad is installed, you can forget about maintenance. NOTE: 1. Detailed and easy-to-use instructions are provided with your order. 2. The pictures are for the demonstration purposes only. The actual look of the product may be different from the one shown.

    • Brand: ThermoSoft
    • ASIN: B000GB1TU8
    • UPC: 793573803047

  • Tacklife HGP73AC Heat Gun 1600W 122℉~1112℉(50℃~600℃) Precision Control Temperature by Adjustment Dial with Three Temp-settings, Four Nozzle Attachments for Removing Paint, Bending Pipes, Shrinking PVC

    Tacklife - Professional team on Amazon, which deals only with development of the tools. We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to improve the quality of life. Features 1.Three-temperature settings [ I: 122℉(50℃) /II: 122℉-842℉(50-450℃) / III:194℉- 1122℉(90℃- 600℃)];and the Ⅱand Ⅲsetting can be changed according to your needs; 2.Three air flow modes: 122℉(50℃) -250L / min,122℉-842℉(50-450℃) -250L / min,194℉- 1122℉(90℃- 600℃) -500L / min; 3. Four Nozzles- Spoon reflector nozzle,Cone nozzle,Fish tail surface nozzle,and BBQ lighter; 4.Over-heating protection to avoid the high temperature cause damage to product. Specifications ●Voltage: 120V  ●Power: 1600 W ●Air temperature / flow: ★I 122℉(50℃) -250L / min ★II 122℉-842℉(50-450℃) -250L / min ★III 194℉- 1122℉(90℃- 600℃) -500L / min ●Materials: ABS ●Power Cord Length: 5.9Ft/1.8m Notes 1.Read all safety warnings and all instructions. 2.If you are not sure about the correct setting, start with a low temperature setting and gradually increase the temperature until you achieve optimum results. Package content: 1X Tacklife HGP73AC Adjustable Temperature Heat Gun 1X User manual 4 X Nozzles 1 X warranty card 1 X 24 Months Warranty

    • Brand: TACKLIFE
    • ASIN: B0744BHQ5L
    • UPC: 709202821047