• Wahl LifeProof Foil Shavers for Men, Electric Razors, Rechargeable WaterProof Wet/Dry Lithium ion with Precision Trimmers for Beard Shaving and Trimming, by the Brand used by Professionals...

    High impact, shock resistant, dual foil rechargeable lithium ion waterproof shaver with popup precision ground trimmer best for shaving, trimming and wet or dry shave. Long lasting lithium ion technology go months between charges with regular use. Kit includes shaver, charger, storage travel zipper pouch, and styling guide. Shaving Procedures for fast, close shaves: We suggest that you thoroughly cleanse and completely dry your skin prior to shaving. For maximum speed and efficiency, hold the shaver so that both screens are in contact with the skin. When shaving the upper lip or neck, hold shaver so that the uppermost screen is in contact with skin. Shave both with and against the grain of the beard, and stretch the skin taut in the path of the shaver. Guide the dual foil heads gently back and forth, primarily against the grain of the beard. Do not press screen heads hard against face. Heavy scrubbing action with the shaver could damage the foil and will not result in a closer shave. Always replace the foil guard to protect the delicate dual foil heads when shaver is off. QUICK TIPS & HANDY REMINDERS- If you are a first-time electric shaver user, or changing from another brand, there will be a 2 to 3 week (or less) adjustment. Period while your face and beard adapt to the new foi...

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: WAHL
    • ASIN: B01MRNR3VE
    • UPC: 043917101972

  • Andis Profoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver Dual Voltage (110 - 240 Volts) Works in USA and EU/UK

    Perfect for finishing fades and removing stubble for an ultra-close smooth shave The staggered hypo-allergenic foil heads provide the perfect cut while the lithium ion battery provides 80 minutes of nonstop run time on a single charge Cord/cordless operation also guarantees that you never have to stop shaving even if your charge gets low Ideal for dry shaving. Powerful and quiet rotary motor Oil blade before every use Item length:4.75 inch Lithium-ion battery provides maximum power. Delivers over 1 hour of run time on a single charge - 2x longer than other shavers Lightweight - less than 5 ounces. Powerful and quiet rotary motor. Gold titanium hypo-allergenic foil for irritation-free shaving. This feather-light shaver weighs less than 5 ounces and is perfect for finishing fades and removing stubble. Its powerful, lithium-ion battery delivers over 1 hour of run time on a single charge ¬ 2 times longer than other shavers. Twin, gold titanium hypo-allergenic foils deliver irritation-free shaving for men prone to razor bumps.

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Andis
    • UPC: 040102171703

  • Remington TF70CDN Battery-Operated Foil Travel Shaver, Men's Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black

    A shaver for wherever you go! The Remington Dual Foil Technology Battery-Operated Travel Shaver packs powerful shaving performance into a compact shaver. Surgical steel blades are housed beneath two foils to deliver a smooth shave in no time, while the integrated head guard and built-in cleaning brush keep performance consistent.

    • Brand: Remington
    • ASIN: B00U0X2T1U
    • UPC: 074590538809

  • Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor

    The Philips Norelco Electric Razor Travel Model provides a clean shave on the go. With self-sharpening blades, this Travel Electric Razor provides a close shave each time it is used. It also features independently floating heads that follow the curve of your face. In order to operate this Philips Electric Razor, two AA batteries are required (included).

    • Color: NO
    • Brand: Philips Norelco
    • ASIN: B00AEINQ9K
    • UPC: 075020029744

  • Remington Electric Shaver Dual Foil & Cutter Pack (SP69) for Men

    Suitable for Remington Products MS2-100 MS2-150 MS2-190 MS2291 MS2-200 MS2-280 MS2-290 RS4883 RS4843 RS4623 RS4400 RS4623 RS-4863 MS2-390 MS2391 MS2-392 MS2050 MS2300

    • Color: Hunter Jack Oil 329
    • Brand: Remington
    • ASIN: B00XWCJ24S

  • Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Dual Foil Rechargeable Wet/Dry Shaver with Pop-up Trimmer, Purple/White

    Say goodbye to stubble and unwanted hair and hello to soft, satiny smooth skin all over. The Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Dual Foil Rechargeable Wet/Dry Shaver gives you smooth results on your legs as well as those hard-to-reach bikini area spots. This ladies electric shaver features dual independent floating cutters that work on both wet or dry skin and safely remove stubble. And new dual hypoallergenic foils offer less irritation and provide silky smooth results. Use this ladies personal trimmer in or out of the shower for your shaving and trimming convenience and comfort. This hair trimmer for women includes two full-width trimmers. One is a pop-up to provide the ultimate in precise close shaving for your bikini area and most sensitive areas. And the other is a full-width integrated trimmer that quickly and safely shaves longer hair for a closer shave. This ladies personal trimmer features a new ergonomic shape making it comfortable to hold and use for those hard-to-reach spots and all your shaving and trimming needs. Conveniently rechargeable, this ladies shaver comes with a charging stand and LED indicator light so you always know when it’s charging. The purple and white color of this ladies trimmer means it’s pretty enough to keep on your bathroom counter. We’ve also i...

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: Conair
    • ASIN: B001DBBC84
    • UPC: 741080363226

  • Wahl Yellow Lifeproof Shaver Replacement Foils, Cutters and Head for 7061 Series, #7045-100

    Dual floating foil shaver heads with both symmetrical and asymmetrical foil patterns to lift and cut hairs no matter which direction they are growing to give you the best shave with the fewest passes.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Wahl Clipper
    • ASIN: B075GND9YY
    • UPC: 043917102474

  • Andis Cordless Profoil Lithium Plus Titanium Foil Shaver with BeauWis Blade Brush

    FOR SHAVING 1. Keep the unit clean and dry at all times.2. Remove the protective plastic headguard.3. Check to make sure the outer foils and inner cutters are not damaged. Replace damaged parts before using. For more information on replacement parts, contact Andis Company or the nearest Andis authorized service station.4. Ensure that the battery is charged.5. Wash and dry your skin thoroughly prior to shaving.6. Slide the ON/OFF switch up to the ON position.7. Gently stretch the skin of your face with your free hand while moving the shaver slowly and smoothly against the grain of your beard. Using short, circular strokes will make the hairs stand out from your face and make shaving easier. Hold the shaver at a 90 degree angle to your face while maintaining contact with the foil.8. In order to achieve the closest shave and avoid unnecessary wear on the foils, be sure that both foils contact the skin simultaneously at all times. Holding the shaver at an angle where only one foil contacts the skin will cause distortion of the foil and may result in skin irritation.9. To facilitate cutting and avoid foil wear, use minimal pressure to apply the shaver to your skin.10. To maximize shaving comfort, be sure to clean the shaver thoroughly after use.11. Maintenance Blade Brush by BeauWis i...

    • Color: BLACK/GRAY
    • Brand: Andis
    • UPC: 819162021224

  • Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

    Profoil Lithium shaver In order to achieve the closest shave and avoid unnecessary wear on the foils, be sure that both foils contact the skin simultaneously at all times. Holding the shaver at an angle where only one foil contacts the skin will cause distortion of the foil and may result in skin irritation.

    • Color: Gray without Cleaning Brush
    • Brand: Andis
    • ASIN: B00TOUU700
    • UPC: 040102171505

  • Wahl FlexShave Rechargeable dual foil shaver with 3 replacement foils for shaving, balding, shave, grooming, and razor with full width popup trimmer 7367-300

    Wahl Flex Shave - 3 Heads 3 Shaving Options. Includes rechargeable shaver, 3 foil heads (Sensitive, Comfort Close, Ultra Clean), cleaning brush, foil guard, protective foil container, charger, zipper travel pouch and English/Spanish instructions & styling guide.

    • Brand: WAHL
    • ASIN: B017IT9RV8
    • UPC: 043917100128