• Cold Heat Soldering Tool

    Cold Heat. Comes with one extra tip.

    • ASIN: B0006A3EN4

  • Bapdas 150W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Converter with 3.1A Dual USB Car Adapter-Black

    This convenient 150-watt, DC 12V to AC 110V Inverter provides safe electrical current for operating laptop, digital cameras, TVs, fans, refrigerators, game consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players, GPS, Lamps and more while you drive any time. It features advanced, microprocessor technology, under/over-heating protection & cooling fan to prevent damage to your device and car battery. It features 2 USB ports for smart phones, plus a 110 Volt outlet for other devices. It's compact, lightweight and plugs easily into any cigarette lighter. Perfect for long time, Family auto rides. You will always get the power when you need it.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Bapdas
    • ASIN: B01M9C5C4L
    • UPC: 753510275764

  • Master Appliance Ultratorch UT-100SiK Butane Powered Soldering Iron, 3 in 1 Tool with Metal Case

    Cordless and completely portable, the Ultratorch Series Self-Igniting Heat Tool is ready to use in 30 seconds. Adjustable temperature lever provides temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit and the convenient slide switch ignition system allows for quick ignition. This heat tool features self-ignition and operates as a soldering iron, hot air tool and brazing torch and can provide blue pinpoint flame function, remove surface mount components, shrink heat-shrinkable tubing and specialty connectors, solder and desolder, repair vinyl, spot dry, cut materials and more. Sturdy metal fuel tank with viewing window allows you to monitor fuel level to ensure a charge when you need it and built-in fuel filter provides consistent fuel ignition. Its new compact size and lightweight design with a two hour runtime makes this unit completely portable and features a rugged, easy-to-hold plastic body for all-day use without hand fatigue. Comes standard with heat tool, oxygen-free copper soldering tip, hot air tip, shrink attachment, ejector, sponge and steel storage case. High temperature and power ratings: Soldering Tip up to 932-Degree Fahrenheit/500-Degree Celsius; Hot Air Tip up to 1202-Degree Fahrenheit/650-Degree Celsius; Torch Tip up to 2500-Degree Fahrenheit/1371-Degree Celsius. UL & GS...

    • Brand: Master Appliance
    • ASIN: B000FN6SOO
    • UPC: 094717876980

  • Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron

    The HAKKO FX-901 is a lightweight, portable, battery-operated soldering iron. Powered by four AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, the FX-901 will operate above 600°F for up to 120 continuous minutes. No other battery-operated soldering iron can deliver so much power for so many continuous minutes. Other cordless soldering tools on the market spark, which can damage sensitive electronic components, and butane can ignite flammable vapors, causing serious injury. But the FX-901 is safe. No spark and no flame. The FX-901 is the perfect tool for electricians, field service technicians, maintenance personnel, hobbyists, artists and home owners. Use it to solder electrical wiring, repair appliances, alarm systems, RC cars and jewelry, nearly anything that needs soldering where electricity is out of easy reach or unavailable.

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Hakko
    • ASIN: B00FZPUA28
    • UPC: 641328045924

  • Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch

    The New Dremel Versa Tip is the ideal butane soldering torch for people engaged in creative and detailed projects that require precision and versatility combined with portability. The Versa Tip is a butane soldering iron that solders, heats, melts, cuts, welds, shrinks and makes decorative burns in a wide variety of materials. The Versa Tip is the perfect tool for passionate users who require a highly accurate torch for doing detailed project work. The Versa Tip also features a self ignition button with safety lock and a flame lock-on for continuous hands-free operation. The large tank capacity with standard butane gas allows for up to 75 minute run time. Kit contents include Versa Tip butane tool, storage case, soldering tip, deflector, cutting knife, hot air tip, wide blower tip, shaping knife, solder, sponge, tins, wrenches and protective cap.

    • Brand: Dremel
    • ASIN: B00MJW08JK
    • UPC: 080596038694

  • Tek Motion 898D 2 in 1 SMD Hot Air Rework Station and Soldering Iron with 11 Tips 3 Nozzles & LED Screen

    Description: Are you eager for an amazing assistant for cell phone, laptop repair, or circuit boards soldering? Then we have exactly what you are seeking for! Our hot air rework station & soldering iron are extremely noise-reducing and have innovative space saving design, which ensures its convenience and compactness. Besides, its dual LED digital displays allow it to show precise temperature. With high-performance microcomputer control and quick warming-up features as well as PID technology, the temperature stability of it is greatly enhanced and improved. You can get a versatile assistant with an incredible fair price, what are you waiting for? Click and get it!!! Specifications: Input: 110V 50/60Hz Power Consumption: 700W Hot Air Part Airflow Type: Brushless Fan Soft Wind Airflow: ≤ 120L/min Temp Range:212℉~ 842℉ Display Type: LED Display Cable Length: ≥39.3" Noise: ≤ 45db Soldering Iron Part Temp Range:392℉~ 896℉ Display Type: LED Display Cable Length: ≥39.3" Output Voltage: 24V AC Notes: Soldering iron has plastic at top for protection, please remove it before use. Package includes: 1 x Hot Air Gun & Soldering Iron 8 x Tip 3 x Nozzle 1 x Hot Air Gun Holder 1 x Soldering Iron 1 x Manual

    • Brand: Tek Motion
    • ASIN: B01LX87DLH
    • UPC: 610731102272

  • Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station

    Digital Soldering Station

    • Brand: Weller
    • ASIN: B000ARU9PO
    • UPC: 037103191922

  • Renogy One Pair of 10ft. 10AWG Adaptor Kit Solar Cable PV with MC4 Female and Male Connectors — Connect Solar Panel and Charge Controller

    The Renogy adaptor kit is a set of two wires designed specifically for connecting a Renogy Solar panel to a charge controller. The adaptor kit includes MC4 connectors on one end for effortless connection to the solar panel, & exposed wire on the other end to lead directly into the charge controller. This wiring kit is essential for off-grid solar installations, roof or ground level, & is offered in a wide range of sizes. The wiring is weatherproof & designed to withstand extreme heat & cold. This wiring kit is ideal for Renogy off-grid kits ranging from 100W to 400W.

    • Brand: Renogy
    • ASIN: B00JH1PABW
    • UPC: 789911834859

  • Hakko FX601-02 Adjustable Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 67 Watts

    The Hakko FX601-02 is the next generation of variable temperature-controlled soldering irons. It is ideal for soldering applications that require mobility or a long reach, such as soldering solar panels, etc. The extremely lightweight, ergonomic handpiece allows you to solder for long periods of time without hand fatigue. The soldering iron also features a convenient temperature adjustment dial in the handpiece that allows the user to select their optimal soldering temperature, and the advanced electronic controls and efficient ceramic heater provide accuracy and stability that rival older Hakko stick irons.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Hakko
    • ASIN: B00FZPSX3G
    • UPC: 641328060743

  • Marson 39000 HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter

    This Professional Hand Rivet Tool Set includes steel and aluminum rivets from 3/32 inch to 3/16 inch, and stainless steel up to 5/32 inch. It also features a square shoulder fulcrum pin of cold-formed heat-treated steel, which prevents pin rotation that can cause hole elongation and premature tool failure.

    • Brand: Sherman
    • ASIN: B00063Y1F6
    • UPC: 777064338645