• 12'' Traditional Chinese Art Silk Figurine Doll Statue-Wang Zhao Jun

    Note: 1. Dolls clothes, hair, accessories etc can not be demolished; 2. Keeping dolls away from direct sunlight, avoid Clothes fade; 3. No cleaning; if dolls have ash, dust them off or wiping by a soft cloth;do not rub dirty face. Package included:1xdoll(with the box)

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Sunkey
    • ASIN: B073X2HN17

  • 2Pcs 32cm Handmade Vintage Chinese Asian Doll Queen and Emperor of Qing Dynasty Brocade Clothing firgurine Imperial Palace Gift

    This is the Emperor and Queen of Qing Dynasty,the cloth and headware are unique and beautiful,which take from the appearance of traditional Chinese Qing Court emperor and Consort Lady.You could acquaint with the Chinese Culture from this.It is the combination of the Chinese culture and exquisite handiwork.Perfect gift for your boys or girls It is also as the car house interior decor.

    • Color: as the picture show
    • Brand: Heartrace
    • ASIN: B0722MK2XF
    • UPC: 602430568817

  • Chinese Doll Creative fuwa Doll Boy and Girl 2 set for good luck

    for good luck

    • Brand: Feng Shui Collection New York
    • ASIN: B07BZB571X
    • UPC: 667744721419

  • 33cm/12.99'' Japanese Traditional Vintage Kimono Cloth Geisha Doll Figurine

    The eyes,nose,headware,hairstyle are 100% handmade.More important,the cloth is made of imported Japanese fabric,the traditional Japanese kimono are made by this kind of Japanese fabric.This make the geisha doll more traditionally.By the way,there are red ribbon in the hair on some geisha doll.These are taken from the apprearance of Japanese traditional geisha.Every Hinamatsuri dolls are different and high quality.this can be a perfect item for decoration at home and business, also a perfect item as gift for collector,parents,friends,colleague. The combination of the Chinese exquisite artistic workmanship and the creative design,the geisha doll is the symbol of the Japanese culture.It is the presentation on Japanese's doll festival or Girl's day. Perfect gift for your friends or parents.It could be also as the wedding room/car/desktop decor. Geisha, sometimes called geiko or geigi in Japanese, are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music, dance and games and conversation, mainly to entertain male customers. This can be a perfect item for decoration at home and business, also a perfect item as gift.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Heartrace
    • ASIN: B071DWJB15
    • UPC: 729792897239

  • 13" Chinese Oriental Doll Wang ZhaoJun - One Of The Four Great Beauties DOL4001

    13" Chinese Doll Wang ZhaoJun - One Of The Four Great Beauties, dressed in THEATRICAL COSTUME. Get authentic oriental charm to your home decor or collection with this exquisite piece. Hand made Chinese beauty doll in very detail silk brocade costume, making this exotic creation a stunning piece of oriental art. Size Aprox: H13.4" x W5.9" x D5.9"

    • Color: Red
    • ASIN: B01FTX80EU
    • UPC: 689913716736

  • Ancient Chinese Bride Peking Opera Performers Mini Doll Beauty Artistic Home/desktop Decor Business/Birthday Gift-Legend of White snake lady

    This creative cute Q version doll is originally from the performers in the peking opera.It features the perfect combination of the Chinese Traditional culture and the Chinese superb handiwork.Necessary tourist souvenir when travelling in Beijing.It is very popular with the foreighner.The Chinese leader give it to the foreighner as the diplomatic gift.It has high value for appreciation,collection.Small but exquisite. Perfect gift for friend,parents,business partener and the Chinese lover.It's amazing!!! Size:12cm-15cm(maybe there is 1-3cm error due to the manual measurement) Please Note: 1. Please compare the size with one of your current Figurines. 2. Actual color may vary from picture due to computer settings. Package included: 10PCS(it will be sent out randomly)

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Heartrace
    • ASIN: B01K3M4G9U
    • UPC: 707870353402

  • NW Chinese Traditional Handicraft Silk Figurine Collectible Chinese Doll Silk Doll

    Face: Gypsum material;Hand Material: ResinHair and Headdress: Artificial silk wig;Manual hair styling;Use silver and gold thread to weave it manually;Size:4.72*4.72*12.99 inch.Wooden square base and the packaging material is carton.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: NW
    • ASIN: B06XRSWCT2
    • UPC: 606829253216

  • China Furniture Online Porcelain China Doll, Chinese Shi Wan Design

    This porcelain figurine depicts a young Chinese lady sitting in a graceful pose. Her typical maiden hairdo adds to the cheerfulness of her character. Completely hand crafted from Shi-Wan, Canton China.

    • Color: Red/Green
    • Brand: ChinaFurnitureOnline
    • ASIN: B0749CRGP6

  • 12" Ancient Chinese Beauty Doll Qing Dynasty Princess Dollhouse HANDMADE -TQ1205

    It is the princess of Qin Dynasty,whose the dress and hairware is special,it can display the different Chinese culture.Silk furnishings,beautiful face and exquisite handicraft.Perfect gift for home decor and gift for the special occasion.

    • Color: as the picture show
    • Brand: Heartrace
    • ASIN: B01LBW6748
    • UPC: 708478749437

  • Ancient Chinese Doll Decoration Doll Famous Novelty "A Dream of Red Chamber" Character-Jia Yuanchun

    Jia Yuanchun (simplified Chinese: 贾元春; traditional Chinese: 賈元春; pinyin: Jiǎ Yuánchūn; Wade-Giles: Chia Yuan-chun; Meaning: First Spring) Baoyu's elder sister by about a decade. Originally one of the ladies-in-waiting in the imperial palace, Yuanchun later becomes an Imperial Consort, having impressed the Emperor with her virtue and learning. Her illustrious position as a favorite of the Emperor marks the height of the Jia family's powers. Despite her prestigious position, Yuanchun feels imprisoned within the four walls of the imperial palace. She died at the age of forty.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Heartrace
    • ASIN: B071NFMM2D
    • UPC: 602430836121