• Blind Eye: The Terrifying Story Of A Doctor Who Got Away With Murder

    A medical thriller from Pulitzer Prize–winning author James B. Stewart about serial killer doctor Michael Swango and the medical community that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities.No one could believe that the handsome young doctor might be a serial killer. Wherever he was hired—in Ohio, Illinois, New York, South Dakota—Michael Swango at first seemed the model physician. Then his patients began dying under suspicious circumstances. At once a gripping read and a hard-hitting look at the inner workings of the American medical system, Blind Eye describes a professional hierarchy where doctors repeatedly accept the word of fellow physicians over that of nurses, hospital employees, and patients—even as horrible truths begin to emerge. With the prodigious investigative reporting that has defined his Pulitzer Prize–winning career, James B. Stewart has tracked down survivors, relatives of victims, and shaken coworkers to unearth the evidence that may finally lead to Swango’s conviction.Combining meticulous research with spellbinding prose, Stewart has written a shocking chronicle of a psychopathic doctor and of the medical establishment that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities.

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  • Blind Eye

    "...gives readers the excitement of the chase while taking them deep into the psyches of its diverse characters." --KIRKUS REVIEWSThe ultimate betrayal. What would you do?Hard-nosed Detective Jack Bailey is back in Chicago with a serial killer on his hands. At first Jack figures the murder of Sister Anne is a robbery gone bad. But when a Bible verse turns up with the body, he and his partner realize this is no random murder. The Bridgeport community is shocked; the popular nun taught generations of students. Within two weeks a young man's body is found with a similar Bible verse. What is the connection between the two victims? And who is the so-called Bible Thumper perp?Jack's investigation is complicated by a demanding sergeant whose attractiveness is overshadowed by her abrasiveness. Moving back to Chicago after escaping to Texas for six years has forced Jack to face the family trauma that plagued him for twelve years, as well as his PTSD that compromised his job. Jack finds his large Irish family both a pleasure and a pain; when he discovers a buried family secret, his future could be affected.After a third victim is discovered, Jack must make tough decisions while facing issues of abuse, betrayal from high places, flawed parents, unlucky love, and the tragic fallout from turn...

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  • Blind Eye (Logan McRae, Book 5)

    The Number One bestselling detective series. Nothing keeps a crime hidden like fear, and DS Logan McRae hits a dead-end in this 5th crime thriller from the award-winning Stuart MacBride.‘You can’t be an eyewitness if I cut out your eyes…’Someone’s preying on Aberdeen’s growing Polish population. The pattern is always the same: men abandoned on building sites, barely alive, their eyes gouged out and the sockets burned.With the victims too scared to talk, and the only witness a paedophile who’s on the run, Grampian Police is getting nowhere fast. The attacks are brutal, they keep on happening, and soon DS Logan McRae will have to decide how far he’s prepared to bend the rules to get a result.The Granite City is on the brink of gang warfare; the investigating team are dogged by allegations of corruption; and Logan’s about to come to the attention of Aberdeen’s most notorious crime lord…

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  • Blind Eye

    After enduring years of infidelity and a painful divorce, Rachel Davis has finally reclaimed her life. Gorgeous, intelligent and now with a tenacity to survive whatever life throws at her, Rachel feels better than she has in a long time. With two wonderful children, a successful career and a newfound strength, life is good. At least until she gets involved with Eric Sinclair, a handsome but mysterious colleague in the throes of a nasty divorce. What starts off as a harmless friendship catapults into a sensuous affair filled with sex, lies and murder. When a life-shattering event suddenly threatens their relationship, Rachel finds her life spiraling out of control until she is eventually forced to ask herself the question she fears the most. Just how well do we really know those around us?

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  • Blind the Eyes (Threads of Dreams Book 1)

    When the cost of failure is death, disobedience isn't an option.In a drowned city where hope kills and dreams are deadly, all haunted outcast Cole wants is to be the perfect Tower drone, until a charismatic rebel derails her plans and exposes the dark secret at the heart of her decaying homeland.But nothing and no one is as they seem, and Cole's ghost isn't the only one hiding things. To survive, she'll have to untangle the lies, take back her choices, and find the power to stop the dying before the nightmares eat her alive.A not-quite-alive girl and her not-quite-dead ghost discover trusted authorities lie, allies have their own agendas and even the monsters wear masks in a post-apocalyptic YA dark fantasy suitable for ages 14 and up. Perfect for those who love: ghosts & creatures of mythprickly lonersdevious & dazzling revolutionariesrepressive regimes & glittering gothic excessgirls finding their voices & taking back their choicesBook One in the Threads of Dreams trilogy. This title uses Canadian English spellings. Includes horror action and mild/non-explicit romantic elements. May be triggering for situations of bullying and gaslighting. Crossover appeal for fans of contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal thriller/PNR, horror, science fantasy/dystopian fantasy, and...


  • Blind Eye: The Terrifying Story Of A Doctor Who Got Away With Murder by James B. Stewart (2000-06-15)

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  • Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible

    Bookwi.se's Favorite Books of the Year, Non-FictionWhat was clear to the original readers of Scripture is not always clear to us. Because of the cultural distance between the biblical world and our contemporary setting, we often bring modern Western biases to the text. For example:When Western readers hear Paul exhorting women to "dress modestly," we automatically think in terms of sexual modesty. But most women in that culture would never wear racy clothing. The context suggests that Paul is likely more concerned about economic modesty--that Christian women not flaunt their wealth through expensive clothes, braided hair and gold jewelry.Some readers might assume that Moses married "below himself" because his wife was a dark-skinned Cushite. Actually, Hebrews were the slave race, not the Cushites, who were highly respected. Aaron and Miriam probably thought Moses was being presumptuous by marrying "above himself."Western individualism leads us to assume that Mary and Joseph traveled alone to Bethlehem. What went without saying was that they were likely accompanied by a large entourage of extended family.Biblical scholars Brandon O'Brien and Randy Richards shed light on the ways that Western readers often misunderstand the cultural dynamics of the Bible. They identify nine key are...

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  • The Blind Eye

    Book by Fine, Marcia

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  • A Blind Eye Crying

    Steeped in traditions that date back to the Confederacy, the town of Marlborough has turned a blind eye toward many injustices. When Michael Taggart returns to defend Frank Marello for murder, he's met with a tangle of racial tension, homophobia, and domestic abuse. Armed with the logic of science, propelled by the illogic of love, Taggart must confront the accumulated intolerance of more than two centuries in the hope of rescuing Marello from Marlborough and Marlborough from itself.

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  • A Blind Eye (Blood Money) (Volume 2)

    Former Philadelphia trial lawyer Nick Ceratto thought that he left both the law and the city behind him. After the violent events in Blood Money, he started a new life on Nantucket with his cancer stricken wife, Grace. However, a violent kidnapping lures Nick back to the City of Brotherly Love. Shortly after Grace's death, their daughter, Starr, disappears at the Philadelphia Mummer's parade. All signs point to her becoming the latest victim of an insidious sex-trafficking ring selling girls to the highest bidder. Nick finds himself in a race against time. He has to get to Starr before she is sold, and Nick doesn't care what rules he has to break or favors he has to call in to do it. He will have to be cautious. The sex traffickers aren't the only ones waiting for him in Philadelphia, and the past may finally catch up with this desperate father.

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