• Black Watch 5 Yard 10oz KILT 44

    Men's Value kilts for everyday and formal wear

    • Color: Black Watch
    • Brand: Tartanista
    • ASIN: B008KL9VEW

  • UTKilts Men's Black Watch Tartan Utility Kilt (50, Black Watch)

    MEASURE BEFORE YOU BUY! DO NOT USE YOUR JEANS/PANTS SIZE TO ORDER! This is the standard utility kilt with side cargo pockets and brass studs. This is our entry level utility kilt. However, it is not just for those new to kilting will enjoy this simple, yet rugged design of a utility kilt. It has good sized cargo pockets that will fit the common items a guy wants to carry these days. Pleats are also sewn down to make sure you always get that perfect look, no matter the activity. It also has to sets of snaps to make sure you have a solid, comfortable fit. Don't let anyone tell you that GREAT quality can't come with a LOW price on a utility kilt. The UTKilts standard utility kilt gives you amazing quality, low price, and a fabulous look. You won't find anything like this anywhere else! MEASURE BEFORE YOU BUY! DO NOT USE YOUR JEANS/PANTS SIZE TO ORDER!

    • Color: Black Watch
    • Brand: UT Kilts
    • ASIN: B01I76VVOC

  • 100% 13 oz Black Watch Wool Scottish Kilt 38

    UT Kilts offers the best priced and highest quality wool kilts you can find. These kilts are made from 100% wool and feature between 6 and 8 yards of material, depending on waist size. That means you get a high number of pleats that give you that great kilt swing. These are traditionally made Scottish kilts with a double fringed front apron and 3 buckle straps. The standard drop on all sizes is 24 inches. These Scottish kilts are made to the highest quality while still keeping a reasonable price. You will not find any wool kilts with same quality and price any where. Be sure to use your measured waist size to order, not your jeans size!

    • Color: Black Watch
    • Brand: UT Kilts
    • ASIN: B00QCT942S

  • Best Kilts Men's Traditional Scottish 5 Yard Black Watch Tartan Kilt 42”-44”

    Our best value kilts are the ideal buy for those looking for a budget kilt with a great quality that fits on your budget, our kilts were design to be suitable for formal or casual events,

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Best Kilts
    • ASIN: B00QM5ZZ52
    • UPC: 741414856301

  • Men's Scottish Kilt Black Watch Tartan 16 oz - 8 yard (38, Black Watch)

    This is not like other kilts on Amazon. Take a close look at the number of pleats on this kilt. Even on the small sizes, you are looking at a minimum of around 23 pleats. The kilt pictured is a size 38 and has 29 pleats. The only way to get than many pleats is to use as much material as possible. We make sure EVERY size has the maximum number of pleats possible so your kilt will look AWESOME on any occasion. This kilt looks great and is perfect for any occasion. It can easily be dressed up for a formal occasion or dressed down for your local Scottish fair. This kilt will look PERFECT no matter where you wear it. It will definitely stand out in a crowd. Please be sure to measure! Measure your waist where you plan to wear your kilt. That will let you know the exact size to purchase. Remember, the size stated is the smallest it will go (Example: A size 40 adjusts up to right under a 42)

    • Color: Black Watch
    • Brand: UT Kilts
    • ASIN: B00JHPO6D6

  • New Solid Plain Black, Royal Stewart Tartan Many More Kilt Flashes Multi Colors (Black Watch)

    Brand New Kilt Flashes with Heavy Buckle. Multi Colors Socks Flash 3cm wide white Elastic with Buckle Adjusters & all sizes Fit. Available Colors: Air Force Blue, Bottle Green, Buchnan, Cameron of Errachet Tartan, Grey, Grey Watch, Lemont, Macdonald, Plain-White, Tara Murphy, Wallace Tartan, Black Stewart, Black Watch, Douglas, Hamilton-Grey,Green Irish Heritage, M D Tartan, Mackenzie, Royal Stewart, Pride of Scotland, Solid Plain Black Flash, Saffron Tartan, Dress Gordon, Brown Watch, Burgundy, Cameron of Erracht, Campbell of Argyll, Flower of Scotland, Gunn, Heritage of Scotland, Heritage of Ireland, Masonic, Orange, Purple, Red, Rob Roy, Scottish of National, Macleod Tartan. Money Back Guarantee. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

    • Color: Black Watch
    • Brand: AAR Products
    • ASIN: B01JGNP4XY
    • UPC: 799234333281

  • Traditional Black Watch Tartan Kilt (Belly Button 38)

    1- Men 8 yard Black Watch Tartan Scottish Traditional Kilt. Handmade Kilt With 13 oz Light weight material having 80% Acrylic and 20% Wool and is specially suitable for spring and Summer Season ENJOY the FREE Black Watch Tartan Flashes and KILT PIN ..2-A Truly Handmade Sports Kilt perfectly suitable for Fall and Summer season. 3-This style of Traditional Scottish Tartan Kilt is specially designed for formal Scottish , Irish and Highland formal wedding parties and also for playing Highland Games. 4-This unique design of working utility kilt is equally suitable for casual and daily wearings 5-Attractive Rust Free Hardware Material is used to manufacture this Tactical Modern Kilt Which provides long life to these kilts for Men . 6-All the highland items are Freshly and Newly Handmade items and we do not sell stocked item. 7-Standard Drop length of these kilts is 24 inches. 8-Length of kilt can be adjusted as per customer request. 9-Custom Made facility is also available at nominal extra charges. 10-Women/ Ladies kilts are normally with short lengths , if product is ordered by/ for females, desired drop length should be updated in order details. 11-Kilt is manufactured for ONE Size only , so please be accurate in providing your actual Belly Button Measurements. 12-Kilts are fastened...

    • Color: Black Watch Tartan
    • Brand: Scottish Designer
    • ASIN: B07B67QJBN

  • Black Watch 5 Yard & 13Oz Tartan Kilt - Tartan Kilts (34)

    Traditional Tartan Kilt Sizing: Traditional kilts are typically worn higher on the waist, usually at the navel. However, you can wear it wherever you like Take the EXACT measurement of where you plan towear the kilt using a fabric measuring tape. Make sure to have on only what you would wear underneath your kilt so you get an accurate measurment The measurement you get is the size you will order Round odd sizes up to the nearest even size

    • Color: Black Watch
    • Brand: All Kilts Sports
    • ASIN: B06XCGGTF3
    • UPC: 766742427634

  • Mens Tartanista Deluxe Black Watch 16 oz 8 Yard Kilt Size 46

    Mens Tartanista Deluxe Kilt

    • Color: Black Watch
    • Brand: Tartanista
    • ASIN: B006HH18YC