• Modern Art in the Arab World: Primary Documents (MoMA Primary Documents)

    Modern Art in the Arab World: Primary Documents offers an unprecedented resource for the study of modernism: a compendium of critical art writings by twentieth-century Arab intellectuals and artists. The selection of texts—many of which appear here for the first time in English—includes manifestos, essays, transcripts of roundtable discussions, diary entries, exhibition guest-book comments, letters, and more. Traversing empires and nation-states, diasporas and speculative cultural and political federations, these documents bring light to the formation of a global modernism, through debates on originality, public space, spiritualism and art, postcolonial exhibition politics, and Arab nationalism, among many other topics. The collection is framed chronologically, and includes contextualizing commentaries to assist readers in navigating its broad geographic and historical scope. Interspersed throughout the volume are sixteen contemporary essays: writings by scholars on key terms and events as well as personal reflections by modern artists who were themselves active in the histories under consideration. A newly commissioned essay by historian and Arab-studies scholar Ussama Makdisi provides a historical overview of the region’s intertwined political and cultural developments du...

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  • Prisse d'Avennes: Arab Art

    Adventures in Arabia A compendium of 19th century Islamic art and architecture Emile Prisse d’Avennes (1807–1879), a French Orientalist, author and artist, was one of the greatest pre-20th century Egyptologists. An ardent admirer of the superb skills of Egyptian and Oriental artisans, he was enamored of Arabic art. As a youth he dreamed of exploring the Orient, and at 19 began travelling to Greece and Palestine. Over the next 40 years he explored Syria, Arabia, Persia, and resided in Egypt and Algeria. Converting to Islam, he travelled Egypt disguised as an Arab, using the name Edris Effendi. A student of ancient Egyptian and Islamic cultures, he later wrote: “We shall discuss all the arts, all the industries cultivated by Orientals with so much taste, brilliance, and fantasy. We will present splendid reproductions of the monuments, objects of art and luxury, which provide evidence of an advanced civilization, the influence of which has been felt even in Europe.” In 1848/1851 Prisse d’Avennes published his Oriental Album in London (Oriental Album. Characters, Costumes, and Modes of Life, the Valley of the Nile). This brilliant collection of 32 chromolithographs illustrating the people and costumes of the Nile Valley was accompanied by a commentary by renowned Orientalis...

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  • Art of the Middle East: Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World and Iran

    Artistic expression in the Middle East is experiencing something of a renaissance. Domestic patronage is flourishing, and an impressive array of new museums and art fairs across the region is helping to stimulate international interest in an increasingly influential movement. Art of the Middle East is an accessible overview of modern and contemporary art of the Middle East and Arab world from 1945 to the present, with an emphasis on artists active today. This new revised and expanded edition features the work of 12 additional artists, as well as a consideration of the impact of the revolutions of the so-called Arab Spring, which erupted across the region in 2011. The featured works are divided into seven themed sections - including literature, portraiture and the body, and politics, conflict and war - while extended captions provide an engaging commentary on each artwork and the artist behind its creation. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this landmark publication is an authoritative guide to a challenging and exciting body of work.

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  • Florence and Baghdad: Renaissance Art and Arab Science

    The use of perspective in Renaissance painting caused a revolution in the history of seeing, allowing artists to depict the world from a spectator's point of view. But the theory of perspective that changed the course of Western art originated elsewhere-it was formulated in Baghdad by the eleventh-century mathematician Ibn al Haithan, known in the West as Alhazen. Using the metaphor of the mutual gaze, or exchanged glances, Hans Belting-preeminent historian and theorist of medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary art-narrates the historical encounter between science and art, between Arab Baghdad and Renaissance Florence, that has had a lasting effect on the culture of the West.In this lavishly illustrated study, Belting deals with the double history of perspective, as a visual theory based on geometrical abstraction (in the Middle East) and as pictorial theory (in Europe). How could geometrical abstraction be reconceived as a theory for making pictures? During the Middle Ages, Arab mathematics, free from religious discourse, gave rise to a theory of perspective that, later in the West, was transformed into art when European painters adopted the human gaze as their focal point. In the Islamic world, where theology and the visual arts remained closely intertwined, the science of per...

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  • Panther Print Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Dubai Canvas Art Print Poster 30"X 20" Inches 76.2 x 50.8 cm

    Panther Print Canvas prints are of high quality and come framed on a 18MM Pine wood lightweight frame with the canvas stretched over and around the frame, this is then stapled to the rear out of view when on display. We use the highest quality materials to ensure your product will last - Canvas prints make great gift ideas - have a look at our wide selection of designs, there is something for everyone.These are ready to hang artworks designed to impress!

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  • Arab Art Histories The Khalid Shoman Collection

    Begun in the early 1980s, the Khalid Shoman Collection in Amman is one of the first of its kind dedicated exclusively to contemporary art of the Arab world. This extensive and richly illustrated book gathers the voices of artists, architects, critics and scholars to reflect on the collection and its role in narrating a regional art history. Its presentation of diverse works by over 140 artists traces the shifts and transformations in Arabic artistic practices over the last 40 years, while contributions by Anneka Lenssen, Faisal Darraj, Hassan Khan, Sarah Rogers and Saleem Al-Bahloly, among others, offer essays and insights exploring a range of art historical concerns and personal reflections.

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  • Modern Arab Art: Formation of Arab Aesthetics

    “Groundbreaking. Shabout elucidates two critical issues that have thus far received inadequate scholarly attention—the distinction between Islamic Art and Arab Art and the relatedness of the political and artistic processes in the history of Arab modernity.”—Shiva Balaghi, coeditor of Picturing Iran: Art, Society and Revolution "One of the first publications to consider the various cultural and social conditions that have helped shape Modern Arab Art as a recent phenomenon linked to the rise of Arab identity, the impact of western art training, and a search for a contemporary language which links with Islamic art but is discontinuous with it."--Fran Lloyd, Kingston University "Art is one way to visualize the interconnectedness of people and this book shows us how related in influence and aspirations we all are."--Linnea S. Hedrick, Miami UniversityModern Arab Art provides a historical and theoretical overview of the subject from the 1940s through today. With particular emphasis on production, reception, and the intersection between art and politics in Iraq and Palestine, Nada Shabout reveals the fallacy in Western fascination with Arab art as a timeless and exotic “other.” 

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  • Imperfect Chronology: Arab Art from the Modern to the Contemporary Works from the Barjeel Art Foundation

    Celebrating the Barjeel Art Foundation’s expansive collection, this book maps a genealogy of modern and contemporary Arab art and offers one of the most extensive presentations of modern Arab art.Based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, the Barjeel Art Foundation was established to contribute to the development of the evolving art scene in the Arab region by building a prominent, publicly accessible art collection in the UAE. Over time it has grown to become one of the most holistic collections of Arab art, fostering critical dialogue around art practices both in the region and internationally. Coinciding with a year long series of exhibitions at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, this unique overview features many rarely seen works by artists across the region from North Africa to the Gulf states as well as Western Asia. Spanning a period from the turn of the twentieth century to the present day, this publication tells a striking visual story of artists who challenged notions of tradition, territory, and geography. Featuring more than 60 artists and over 100 works of art, along with essays by leading scholars, curators and artists such as, Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi , Kamal Boullata, Omar Kholeif, Rasha Salti, Nada Shabout, Gilane Tawadros and Ted McDonald-Toone.

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  • Arabs and the Art of Storytelling: A Strange Familiarity (Middle East Literature In Translation)

    In Arabs and the Art of Storytelling, the eminent Moroccan literary historian and critic Kilito revisits and reassesses, in a modern critical light, many traditional narratives of the Arab world. He brings to such celebrated texts as A Thousand and One Nights, Kalila and Dimna, and Kitab al-Bukhala’ refreshing and iconoclastic insight, giving new life to classic stories that are often treated as fossilized and untouchable cultural treasures.For Arab scholars and readers, poetry has for centuries taken precedence, overshadowing narrative as a significant literary genre. Here, Kilito demonstrates the key role narrative has played in the development of Arab belles lettres and moral philosophy. His urbane style has earned him a devoted following among specialists and general readers alike, making this translation an invaluable contribution to an English-speaking audience.

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  • Modern and Contemporary Arab Art from the Levant: The Majida Mouasher Collection

    Majida Mouasher was the owner of the 4 Walls Art gallery in Amman, Jordan between2000 and 2006. During that time, she worked with more than ninety artists, forty-fourof whom form the nucleus of her stunning and vital private collection comprised ofmodern and contemporary Arab art from the Middle East in general and the Levant inparticular, and spanning over sixty years of outstanding quality art.At the time, there were very few contemporary galleries to be found in Jordan andartists were largely dependent on their own personal efforts and contacts to promotetheir work. There was a vacuum that needed to be filled and a public demanding tosee contemporary art and get to know the artists. The aim of 4 Walls was to promotethe artists by exhibiting their works and helping to sell them. Throughout that period,Majida Mouasher consistently bought work from these artists.What makes this collection so unique is its astonishing diversity, despite the fact thatthe Levant is so heavily represented. The artists all have deep cultural roots in whateverthe source of their inspiration might be, whether that is China, Russia, the West, ortheir own country of origin. Though many of them are now living in the diaspora, theyall have in common an honest reaction to their environment, their cultural an...

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