• Human Resource Management in Health Care: Principles and Practices

    This practical, hands-on book introduces human resources to those who are preparing to work in any area of health care or health service. Written for practitioners and students in all disciplines related to health, it covers important topics such as recruitment, training, termination, legal issues, labor unions, and more.Each chapter is introduced by a case study related to the material that follows. The case study is resolved at the conclusion of each chapter along with expert commentary and practical suggestions that can be used in the real world. Chapters also feature learning objectives, discussion points, and questions to ponder. Many examples and a number of sample forms and documents are included.The Second Edition has been completely re-organized to reflect a better chapter flow and organization. It also offers:• All data updated throughout• New section on health care legislation• New section in each chapter, "Customer Service Box", that emphasizes the importance of customer service in the context of the material presented in the chapter. • Completely revised instructor ancillary material.

    • Brand: Brand: Jones Bartlett Learning
    • ASIN: 1449688837

  • The Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care: A Critical Approach

    Completely up to date and featuring a friendly style, THE SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH, ILLNESS, AND HEALTH CARE: A CRITICAL APPROACH, 7th Edition delivers a comprehensive, cutting-edge overview that will challenge you to think creatively and analytically about health and health care. You'll gain an understanding of how social forces affect who gets ill, how we think about illness, how we get our health care, and what it is like to work in the health care field. You will also have the chance to explore the ethical dilemmas that underlie modern health care as well as the politics behind those dilemmas. Although the text focuses on health within the United States, it also examines how health, illness, and health care differ around the world.

    • ASIN: 1305583701

  • Apex Pediatric Health Kit - Infant Care Kit - Includes Digital Thermometer, Baby Nasal Aspirator, Medicine Dropper, Medicine Syringe, Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

    The Apex Pediatric Kit provides everything a mom needs to keep her baby healthy and makes a wonderful baby gift. A wonderful baby gift, The Apex Pediatric Kit has everything a mom needs to keep her baby healthy. Kit Includes: 1 Super Dropper, 1 Oral Syringe, 1 Nasal Aspirator, 1 Medicine Nurser, 1 Digital Thermometer with probe covers. Makes a great baby gift.

    • Brand: Apex
    • ASIN: B000EGPM62
    • UPC: 076855700310

  • Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care: Principles and Methods

    This book explores the many recent advances in the application of quality improvement approaches in the healthcare industry. It includes a discussion of the underlying forces for change in healthcare organizations, issues relating to statistical analysis and management of healthcare information, as well as comprehensive sections on lean and six sigma applications in health care. This text is excellent as a stand alone text or as a supplement to the first text by Lighter and Fair, Quality Management in Health Care, which offers an introduction to the basics of quality improvement for healthcare professionals.

    • Brand: Brand: Jones Bartlett Learning
    • ASIN: 0763764493

  • Umiker's Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor

    Today's healthcare supervisors are continually faced with smaller budgets, fewer workers, and greater responsibilities. The seventh edition of Umiker's Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor continues to provide valuable information for future healthcare managers and supervisors who must address these challenges daily.Written primarily for those who have little to no management training, Umiker's offers practical suggestions for improving effectiveness, both as a supervisor and as an organization. Ideal for students in undergraduate, community, and career college programs, author Charles R. McConnell maintains Dr. William Umiker's clear, jargon-free writing style.The Seventh Edition includes a new chapter on "Supervising in a Union Environment" that explores why employees turn to unions, how supervisors must act during union organizing, and how a supervisor's role is affected when it becomes necessary to interact with a union on a day-to-day basis. This revision also offers new examples, case scenarios, or expanded information on many topics including: basic management functions, the origins of performance standards, the interview process, workplace safety, motivational theory, chronic absenteeism, stress and decision making, the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, and the...

    • Brand: McConnell Charles R
    • ASIN: 1284121321

  • Quality Health Care: A Guide to Developing and Using Indicators

    Written by an internationally-recognized expert in the field of quality management, this text is an essential guide for understanding how to plan and implement a successful quality measurement program in your healthcare facility. It begins by presenting an overview of the context for quality measurement, the forces influencing the demand for quality reform, how to listen to the voice of the customer, and the characteristics of quality that customers value most. Students will also learn how to select and define indicators to collect data and how to organize data into a dashboard that can provide feedback on progress toward quality measurement. Finally, this book explores how to analyze the data by detailing how variation lives in your data, and whether this variation is acceptable. Case studies are provided to demonstrate how quality measurement can be applied to clinical as well as operational aspects of healthcare delivery.

    • ASIN: 1284023079

  • Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community

    Prepare for a successful career as a community/public health nurse! Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community, 9th Edition provides up-to-date information on issues that impact public health nursing, such as infectious diseases, natural and man-made disasters, and health care policies affecting individuals, families, and communities. Real-life scenarios show examples of health promotion and public health interventions. New to this edition is an emphasis on QSEN skills and an explanation of the influence of the Affordable Care Act on public health. Written by well-known nursing educators Marcia Stanhope and Jeanette Lancaster, this comprehensive, bestselling text is ideal for students in both BSN and Advanced Practice Nursing programs. Evidence-Based Practice and Cutting Edge boxes illustrate the use and application of the latest research findings in public/community health nursing.Healthy People 2020 boxes highlight goals and objectives for promoting the nation’s health and wellness over the next decade.Levels of Prevention boxes identify specific nursing interventions at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels.Practice Application scenarios help you apply chapter content to the practice setting by analyzing case situations and answering criti...

    • ASIN: 0323321534

  • Ultra Pill Splitter By Apex Healthcare (Bulk Quantity of 6) by Apex Healthcare Products

    If you have swallowing problems or need to cut your pills and vitamins for dosage purposes then look no further - The Apex Ultra Pill Splitter is a new revolutionary pill splitter. It was designed with your safety in mind. With the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter you won't have to worry about cutting yourself. It features a self-retracting blade guard that protects against possible finger cuts. When the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter is open the blade guard completely covers the blade, protecting your fingers from possible injury. The blade guard will retracts when it closes. Another great feature of the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter is the pill grip. The pill grip is a non-slip rubber surface that keeps your pills in place when cutting. This provides greater accuracy when cutting. (Bulk Quantity of 6)

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  • Statistics for Health Care Management and Administration: Working with Excel (Public Health/Epidemiology and Biostatistics)

    The must-have statistics guide for students of health services Statistics for Health Care Management and Administration is a unique and invaluable resource for students of health care administration and public health. The book introduces students to statistics within the context of health care, focusing on the major data and analysis techniques used in the field. All hands-on instruction makes use of Excel, the most common spreadsheet software that is ubiquitous in the workplace. This new third edition has been completely retooled, with new content on proportions, ANOVA, linear regression, chi-squares, and more, Step-by-step instructions in the latest version of Excel and numerous annotated screen shots make examples easy to follow and understand. Familiarity with statistical methods is essential for health services professionals and researchers, who must understand how to acquire, handle, and analyze data. This book not only helps students develop the necessary data analysis skills, but it also boosts familiarity with important software that employers will be looking for. Learn the basics of statistics in the context of Excel Understand how to acquire data and display it for analysis Master various tests including probability, regression, and more Turn test results into usable ...

    • ASIN: 111871265X

  • Transforming Health Care Leadership: A Systems Guide to Improve Patient Care, Decrease Costs, and Improve Population Health

    Health care organizations are challenged to improve care at the bedside for patients, learn from individual patients to improve population health, and reduce per capita costs. To achieve these aims, leaders are needed in all parts of the organization need positive solutions. Transforming Health Care Leadership provides healthcare leaders with the knowledge and tools to master the unprecedented level of change that health care organizations and their leaders now face. It also challenges management myths that served in bureaucracies but mislead in learning organizations.

    • Brand: Brand: Jossey-Bass
    • ASIN: 1118505638

  • Decision Making in Health Care: Theory, Psychology, And Applications (Cambridge Series on Judgment and Decision Making)

    Decisions made by physicians, patients, health policy makers and health insurers determine the quality of health care that is needed and provided for. This up-to-date, comprehensive overview of medical decision making reveals a rapidly expanding field. The book covers quantitative theoretical tools for modeling decisions, psychological research on how decisions are actually made, and applied research on how physician and patient decision making can be improved. Hb ISBN (2000): 0-521-64159-4

    • Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press
    • ASIN: 0521541247

  • The Economics of Health and Health Care

    Folland, Goodman, and Stano’s bestselling The Economics of Health and Health Care text offers the market-leading overview of all aspects of Health Economics, teaching through core economic themes, rather than concepts unique to the health care economy. The Eighth Edition of this key textbook has been revised and updated throughout, and reflects changes since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In addition to its revised treatment of health insurance, the text also introduces the key literature on social capital as it applies to individual and public health, as well as looking at public health initiatives relating to population health and economic equity, and comparing numerous policies across Western countries, China, and the developing world. It provides up-to-date discussions on current issues, as well as a comprehensive bibliography with over 1,100 references. Extra material and teaching resources are now also available through the brand new companion website, which provides full sets of discussion questions, exercises, presentation slides, and a test bank. This book demonstrates the multiplicity of ways in which economists analyze the health care system, and is suitable for courses in Health Economics, Health Policy/Systems, or Public Health, taken by hea...

    • ASIN: 1138208043

  • Health Care Regulation in America: Complexity, Confrontation, and Compromise

    Regulation shapes all aspects of America's fragmented health care industry, from the flow of dollars to the communication between physicians and patients. It is the engine that translates public policy into action. While the health and lives of patients, as well as almost one-sixth of the national economy depend on its effectiveness, health care regulation in America is bewilderingly complex. Government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels direct portions of the industry, but hundreds of private organizations do so as well. Some of these overseers compete with one another, some conflict, and others collaborate. Their interaction is as important to the provision of health care as are the laws and rules they implement.Health Care Regulation in America is a guide to this regulatory maze. It succinctly recaps the past and present conflicts that have guided the oversight of each industry segment over the past hundred years and explains the structure of regulation today. To make the system comprehensible, this book also presents the sweep of regulatory policy in the context of the interests, values, goals, and issues that guide it. Chapters cover the process of regulation and each key area of regulatory focus - professionals, institutions, financing arrangements, drugs and ...

    • ASIN: 0195159683

  • Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management: A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities, 4th Edition (Jossey-Bass Public Health)

    Learn the essentials of finance theory and practice with the tools needed in day-to-day practice In this thoroughly revised and updated fourth edition of Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management, consultant and educator Steven Berger offers a practical step-by-step approach to understanding the fundamental theories and relationships guiding financial decisions in health care organization. Using cases set in a fictional mid-sized hospital, the book takes the reader into the inner workings of the finance executive's office. As in the previous editions, this book introduces students to key practical concepts in fundamental areas of financial management. This innovative introduction to the most-used tools and techniques includes health care accounting and financial statements; managing cash, billings and collections; making major capital investments; determining cost and using cost information in decision-making; budgeting and performance measurement; and pricing. Also covered in depth are the financial implications of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which will increase patient volume, reduce bad debt, factor quality and patient satisfaction into the financial picture, and significantly affect how hospitals and physicians are paid for services. Students focusing o...

    • ASIN: 1118801687

  • Principles of Evaluation and Research for Health Care Programs

    A Classroom-Tested Resource Loaded with Practical Examples from Across the Health Disciplines • A reader-friendly exploration of the key approaches used to conduct health program research and evaluation• Includes an easy-to-understand chapter on Inferential Statistics• Covers ethical and cultural competency issues unique to conducting evaluations• Provides an introduction to systems thinking and its implications• Offers activities and case studies at lay the foundation for understanding all aspects of evaluation• Develops critical thinking skills needed to dissect peer-reviewed publications as well as popular media health claimsInstructor Resources:• Instructor's Manual• PowerPoints• Test BankStudent Companion WebsiteEach new copy of the text comes packaged with an access code card that will give your students entry to a comprehensive site with:• Crossword Puzzles • Interactive Flashcards • Glossary• Matching Questions• Web Links

    • Brand: imusti
    • ASIN: 1284038963
    • UPC: 001284038963

  • Dickies Men's Apex Health Care and Food Service Shoe, Black, 10 M US

    Dickies apex has proprietary michelin® rubber outsoles with slip resistant tread design. Wcx (work compound extreme) is chemical, mineral and oil resistant. Apex has spill resistant, polish able leather uppers in a wide with removable memory foam insoles.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dickies
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  • Handbook of Home Health Care Administration

    Handbook of Home Health Care Administration, Sixth Edition is a comprehensive text that reflects the current state of home health care administration. With contributions from leading experts in the field, it addresses key aspects of home health care, including finance, human resource development, legal and ethical issues, management information systems, marketing, quality management, research, and current technology for patient care.The Sixth Edition includes seven new chapters:* Status of Home Health Care: 2015 and Beyond* The Roles of and Competency Requirements for Paraprofessionals* Disaster Preparedness* Pediatric Home Care* Beyond Medicare-Certified Home Health Services: An Overview of Other Types of Home Care Services * Expanding Your Performance Improvement Program: Using Process and Other Measures to Improve Care* ADRs, CERTs, RACs, SMRCs, ZPICs, and Other External Audits

    • ASIN: 1284068021

  • Multi Pack, Pill Box Organizer Planner Case by Apex Healthcare Products

    The measure of excellence in self care.

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    • Brand: Apex Healthcare Products
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  • Law and Health Care Quality, Patient Safety, and Medical Liability (American Casebook Series)

    This book offers a current overview of patient safety and the federal and state policy decisions and legislation that has redefined the field of medical error and turned it into a broader and more complex field of legal study. The text combines a detailed presentation of current federal and state legislation aimed at patient safety, with particular attention to the Affordable Care Act provisions, along with up-to-date analysis of tort liability. All aspects of health care liability are considered – from physicians to hospitals, managed care organizations, and outpatient settings. Informed consent, HIPAA, EMTALA and other sources of liability are considered, covering all the liability/quality issues that an in-house counsel or a plaintiff or defense attorney can expect to confront in today's health care environment. New developments in state and federal regulation of "Never Events"and hospital-acquired conditions is considered, along with the rapidly changing research on medical adver

    • ASIN: 0314279903

  • McCarthy's Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists

    Each new print copy includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting tools.McCarthy's Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists, Sixth Edition provides students with a current and comprehensive overview of the U.S. health care delivery system, including social, organizational, and economic aspects, from the perspective of the pharmacy profession. Each thoroughly updated chapter of this best-selling text includes real-world case studies, learning objectives, chapter review questions, questions for further discussion, and updated key topics and terms. NEW TO THE SIXTH EDITIONUpdated an Enhanced content relating to:Expanded section regarding pharmacist rolesPost-graduate education/resourcesCredentialing/resourcesAffordable Care ActMedicare and MedicaidContrasting views of health policyGovernment's perspective on role of pharmacists (provider status)Examples of state health insurance programsChallenges of the VA systemE-commerce, internet pharmacy, and other technologiesInterdisciplinary models of careScope of practice and related legislationSources of patient informationHealth and illness behaviorCulture, hea...

    • Brand: Plake Kimberly S
    • ASIN: 1284094103

  • Health Economics: Core Concepts and Essential Tools (Gateway to Healthcare Management)

    The healthcare landscape is shifting rapidly. A solid grounding in economics enables healthcare managers to make informed and thoughtful decisions in the face of changing market and regulatory demands. Health Economics: Core Concepts and Essential Tools takes a unique, streamlined approach to explaining the building blocks of health economics. Rather than interweaving technical information with introductory content, each chapter is divided into two main sections: Core Concepts and Technical Material. This treatment allows students to gain an intuitive understanding of each chapter topic before delving into advanced graphs, equations, and other technical details. Health Economics: Core Concepts and Essential Tools focuses on nine topics that are essential to understanding health economics and its connection to health policy: The purpose of health economics The relationship between health and wealth The production of health The production of health-related goods and services The demand for healthcare Perfect competition and other market structures Physician behavior The insurance market Cost-effectiveness analysis,/li> The Core Concepts section in each chapter provides learning objectives and a straightforward but comprehensive overview of the chapter topic. The Technical Material ...

    • ASIN: 1567937551

  • Apex Healthcare Products 71002 Temple Pads

    E-Z DOSE PRODUCTS (Pack of 1 Only)

    • Brand: Apex Healthcare Products
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  • Health Care Law and Ethics, Eighth Edition (Aspen Casebooks)

    Health Care Law and Ethics is the definitive casebook for covering all aspects of the dynamic field of health care law, including thought-provoking discussions of topical and controversial subject such as gene patenting and DNA banks. Its relationship-oriented approach is accessible and builds logically from ethics of the patient/provider relationship through to state and institutional involvement in health care. Drawing on current and classic case law, this text is appropriate for survey and specialized law school classes on health care law. The three soft-bound "splits", covering medical malpractice and treatment relationships; bioethics and public health and regulation; and insurance law and corporate law, make the material readily adaptable for more specialized course focus. The Eighth Edition has been thoroughly updated and includes new material on all aspects of the controversial Affordable Care Act, new case law and discussion of legislative responses to developments in biotech, and updates for HIPPA and the international aspects of public health. Features: Comprehensive coverage of key areas of health care law, including: Health care reform. Federalism and constitutional issues. Consumer-driven health care and health savings accounts. Prescription drug cove...

    • Brand: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
    • ASIN: 0735507112