• Weber MicroMass Attenuator - 15 Watt

    MASS with 15 watt rating. 8 ohms. May be used on 4, 8, and 16 ohm amplifiers. Includes MASS bypass, and line out. This is one of our most unique MASS units in that it has two power level controls, one for the bass-mid frequencies and one for the upper mids-treble frequencies. They may be adjusted independently for the best tone at all levels of attenuation. These controls affect the actual signal going to the speaker, not just a line out signal like in our other units. So, it is like having high level tone controls. The controls are very effective and the tonal combinations are virtually infinite. Because a MASS motor is employed, a more realistic interaction between the attenuator and the output circuit of the amp occurs. The attenuation is continuously adjustable from zero to over -50db using the attenuation controls. Like all Weber attenuators, setting the attenuation controls to minimum (maximum attenuation), allows the MicroMASS to be used as a dummy load for testing or for DI use.

    • Brand: Weber
    • ASIN: B010VOH4LM

  • Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator

    The RockCrusher is invaluable and unbeatably versatile because you can place it between your amp and speaker cab as a power attenuator, or use it in place of your speaker cabinet as a load box while sending its balanced XLR or unbalanced line out to another amp as a slave, or even send its output to a mixer for recording or live performance.In addition to providing superior tone, impedance matching is critical for your tube amps health and longevity. The RockCrusher has an 8/16-ohm selector switch so you can use either value to accurately match your cabinets and amplifiers. For bypass on the fly, which lets you use the amp with a speaker cabinet when full output level is desired, Rivera included a front-panel full bypass switch that removes the load entirely. When low speaker volume is desired, there is a Studio position of the Attenuator Level Selector that enables the Studio Level control to adjust from low to quiet outputperfect for home, project, and studio recording. Balanced XLR and unbalanced phone jacks with a convenient front-panel level control allow interfacing with practically any audio equipment. Two Speaker jacks allow easy connection with up to two speaker enclosures. Bullet-proof construction, a standard feature of Rivera equipment, is also engineered into the Roc...

    • Brand: Rivera
    • ASIN: B005HYLCNI
    • UPC: 889406646612


    NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME.... FREE QUALITY SPEAKER CABLE INCLUDED! Attenuation: This is a rotary switch that selects the amount of attenuation. Min position is true bypass. Positions 4-1 adds 1.8 dB of attenuation per click. Studio Level: A rheostat that will adjust the amp's output from -7.2 dB down to -30 dB. The PB1 attenuator was designed to let you maintain your amp's tube tone at higher volumes where the tubes really start to sing and great dynamic responses are created, while keeping the overall volume under control.On stage, at home jamming or especially in home studios to really attenuate the overall volume down to 1 watt or less (amp less 100w) The PB1 gives you unlimited flexibility for different volume levels. The PB-1 is designed for up to 100 watt max tube amplifiers only. This is a resistor-based model like Dr. Z and other quality attenuators that hooks in line from the speaker to the head not in the effects loop etc. Note*** always use a good quality gauge speaker cable for this connection. This model will also work with any standard ohm speaker rating 4-16 ohms. (Plug and Play) All alloy case lets the PB attenuator dissipate heat very easily. Top Controls: Attenuation: This is a rotary switch that selects the amount of attenuation. Mini position is true by¬pass. Po...

    • Color: Red Burst
    • Brand: KLD/Pan Amps
    • ASIN: B0778ZF4K9
    • UPC: 645465963509

  • 8 Ohm Speaker Soak Guitar Amp Power Tube Mass/brake Attenuator for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

    Guitar amps sound best when turned up LOUD! That is when we really start to hear all the richest harmonic overtones and feel the most dynamic response from the power tubes but thats alwayys TOO loud so we must compromise and turn down, losing that sweet tone...well, compromise no more, Carl's Custom Guitar's Speaker Soak allows you to dial in your favorite full volume tones and then attenuate the volume (without losing that great tone!) before it hits the speakers, all the way down to safe "bedroom" volumes if need be, simply insert this device between your amplifier's speaker output and the speaker itself (out from amp's speaker output into IN on the Speaker Soak, OUT from Speaker Soak to the speaker, using speaker cables) turn the Speaker Soak up all the way, dial in your favorite full volume sound and then rolllllllll back the volume on the Speaker Soak, preserving all that rich tone at lower volumes! Some technical notes here: it is quite normal for this device to get warm, basically the more volume you are attenuating the warmer it will be so just give it a little breathing room on top of your amp or whatnot. It should never get HOT. Do not use this device on amps over 50 watts and be SURE you match ohm rating of your Speaker Soak with that of your amp's output (in other wor...

    • Brand: Carl's Custom Guitars
    • ASIN: B00A6VON2Y
    • UPC: 091037479389

  • Premium Direct Injection Audio Box - Passive DI Unit Hum Eliminator w/Input Attenuator to Connect Guitar & Bass - 1/4 Inch Impedance Transformer Connector to Balanced & Unbalanced XLR - Pyle PDC21

    PylePro Model : PDC211/4'' Instrument To Balanced & Unbalance1/4'' Instrument To Balanced & Unbalanced (1/4''/XLR) Direct Box Construction: All Steel Chassis Ground Lift: Switch-Able Ground Lift Balanced Output: 600 Balanced XLR Jack Instrument Input: 50K Unbalanced TS Jack Parallel (Link) Out: 50K Unbalanced TS JackInput Attenuation: Switch-Able (0db, -20db,-40db) Dimension: 4.72'' X 3.01'' X 1.77''The DC-21 Is One of The Most Useful and Versatile Tools Available Indispensable in Enabling Easy Interfacing and Connection Between Various Audio Gear in Numerous Applications.Pyle PDC21 is a necessity if you are looking for the higest quality of sound, with low distortion, noise, and eliminate ground loops. A DI unit, DI box, Direct Box, Direct Input, Direct Injection or simply DI is an electronic device that connects a high impedance, line level, unbalanced output signal to a low impedance mic level balanced input, usually via XLR connector. DIs are frequently used to connect an electric guitar or electric bass to a mixing console's microphone input. The DI performs level matching, balancing, and either active buffering or passive impedance bridging to minimise noise, distortion, and ground loops. DIs do not perform impedance matching. Pyle has been in business for over 35 years, an...

    • Color: BLACK
    • Brand: Pyle
    • ASIN: B0027V760M
    • UPC: 809187123799

  • Attenuator - Recycled Sound, Power Plug LITE

    Turn your tube amp UP to drive your power tubes. This is where tube amps blossom and where players get in trouble. Use the attenuator to drop your overall volume to more tolerable levels. You can dial in your breakup, which may be too loud, then attenuate to lower the overall volume. So you can adjust your amp as usual and use the attenuator as an overall Master volume.

    • Brand: Recycled Sound
    • ASIN: B00C7W81P0
    • UPC: 609722143776

  • Palmer PAL-PDI06L08 Power Attenuator 8 Ohms

    The PDI06 is a power attenuator for live applications. The device is connected between the amplifier output and the speaker cabinet. It makes it possible to use the popular power stage distortion of tube amplifiers while reducing the associated high volume level. This permits practical volume reduction in six increments from 100% to 18% for stage and practice room situations. An additional setting mutes the speaker completely; the PDI06 then functions as a LOAD BOX and absorbs the entire output power of the amplifier. This mode of operation is useful, for example, when connecting an amplifier equipped with a speaker cabinet emulation directly to the mixing desk using an existing line-out and loud volume levels in the recording booth are undesirable. The unit has an input for the speaker signal from the amplifier and two outputs for connecting speaker cabinets. The total impedance of the speakers must equal the value shown on the PDI06. For example: the outputs of a PDI06 that is specified for 8 ohms can be connected to one 8 ohm cabinet or two 16 ohm cabinets (the 16 ohm version has only one output). The output of the (tube) amplifier is also set to 8 ohms.

    • Brand: Palmer
    • ASIN: B007H83XDO


    BUGERA V5 INFINIUM 5-Watt Class-A Tube Amplifier Combo with INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier, Original TURBOSOUND Speaker, Reverb and Power Attenuator

    • Brand: Bugera
    • UPC: 696859305627

  • Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator & Load Box 8/16 w/ Cabinet Emulator & 11-Band EQ

    One of the greatest tools for a guitarist to adjust stage or studio levels while opening up the throttle on their tube amp is a great power attenuator. For home or silent recording, having a high-wattage capacity load box gives artistic freedom to record at all hours and in all environs. Whether you~re in an apartment in New York, a club in Hamburg, or even a church in Salt Lake City, the ability to record or perform at controlled, low, or even silent levels is what the RockCrusher is all about. The RockCrusher is invaluable and unbeatably versatile because you can place it between your amp and speaker cab as a power attenuator, or use it in place of your speaker cabinet as a load box while sending its balanced XLR or unbalanced _; line out to another amp as a slave, or even send its output to a mixer for recording or live performance. This new version has an 11 band EQ for the direct out. The 11 bands are uniquely designed to help replicate the EQ curve of any guitar speaker. This way you can provide a load for your favorite amp and have the ultimate speaker emulator. Bullet-proof construction, a standard feature of Rivera equipment, is also engineered into the Rock Crusher: Within the 16-gauge welded steel chassis of the RockCrusher, heavy-duty and rugged industrial-grade compo...

    • Brand: Rivera
    • ASIN: B00CP7FEKW

  • Weber Speakers Amp Attenuator Mass III

    This MASS is unique in that it has an actual tone stack for the speaker signal -- BASS - MIDS - TREBLE. It also has the internal speaker motor for the load, and has a variable line out signal with volume and tone. The unit has two speaker output jacks to support multiple cabinets. The three tone controls can take the signal from whisper quiet to full on with slight humps in the bass, mids, and treble. Additionally, the MASS III has an active bypass circuit with a footswitch so you can run attenuated or bypassed. The footswitch has a 12' cable, and the power pack for the switching relays is a 6VDC wall wart. With no power applied, the attenuator is engaged. Like all Weber attenuators, you can turn all attenuator controls to zero, pull the speaker, and just use the line out, making the MASS III an (expensive) dummy load.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Weber
    • ASIN: B00JJU0CJ6
    • UPC: 634385951604