• Racer's Speed Shop 3/16" Small Head Aluminum Mandrel Tri-Fold Exploding Pop Rivets 3/16" Exploder 50 pk (Black)

    Their easy-to-use smooth, sealed finish won't collect dirt, snag rags, or cut fingers or tires. Easy to drill out, these rivets are perfect for oval track cars, sign construction, auto body repair, and many other uses. These blind rivets are made from high-quality materials and are available in a choice of colors. Rivet Size:3/16 in. Rivet Head Diameter: .386 in. Rivet Grip Range:0.040-0.354 in. Rivet Body Material:Aluminum Rivet Length: .906 in. Rivet Nail Material:Aluminum Mandrel Diameter: .114 in. Hole Size: .196 - .209 in.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Racer's Speed Shop
    • ASIN: B06W2JH29M

  • Energy Wise Attic Stairway Cover - 25" x 54" x 11" - R-Value of 14.5 - Attic Stairs Insulation Tent

    Save on your heating & cooling bills all year round with the Energy Wise attic cover! Our attic cover is made from premium material that reflects 97% of radiant heat & has a r-value of 14.5. Instantly stop unwanted heat transfer in those hot summers & cold winters & prevent air leaks, dust, pollutants & bugs from coming into your home, whilst still allowing for easy access to your attic with our high quality 'dipped front' zipper design.In a few simple steps you will have an insulated, air tight attic opening that saves you money.Note: Comes with Instructions, heavy duty staple gun required (not included).

    • Brand: Energy Wise
    • ASIN: B077NFG7DH
    • UPC: 649558205309

  • Magicfly Attic Stairway Insulator, 25" x 54" x 11" Pull Down Attic Stairway Iinsulation Cover R-Value of 14.5, XPE, Silver

    Magic fly attic Stairway Insulator is a product that weatherizing your home. It stops the unwanted heat transfer from affecting the household by entering & escaping through the roof! HOW TO USE: 1. Open your attic access then friction fit the attic access cover into place. 2. Once in place, staple cover to the wood framing every 4-6 inches 3. Continue former steps all tape is down and attic is sealed. Best results when air leaks are sealed. 4. Air does not leak through the cover. Specifications: Material: 3mm XPE Insulation + two layer 100% aluminum foil Size: 25" x 54" x 11"

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Magicfly
    • ASIN: B07HCN329G
    • UPC: 768430877868

  • Owens-Corning 541799 Attic Stairway Insulator, Silver

    "OWENS CORNING" ATTIC STAIR INSULATOR * Insulates attic stairway (and other access openings) up to 24. 5" x 54" * Lightweight * No assembly required * Simply unfold and place over attic opening * Meets Energy Star requirements

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Owens Corning
    • ASIN: B002SYP8SA
    • UPC: 047563701265

  • Leisure CW RV Compartment Access Storage Baggage Door 24'' x 18'' with Thumb Lock for RVs Motorhomes Fifth Wheels Trailers Etc. (24'' X 18'')

    Brand New 24" x 18" RV Camper Trailer Fifth Wheel Baggage Storage Compartment Cargo Hatch Door 2" Thick door It has one key lock and one thumb turn. Does include Key White aluminum frame & smooth white fiberglass door. Cutout size- 24" Wide x 18" Tall Overall size- 26" Wide x 20"" Tall Frame thickness is 2" Color- White

    • Brand: Leisure CW
    • ASIN: B07CYDSYC2
    • UPC: 630991281845

  • Premium Energy Saving Attic Door Insulation Stairway Cover Stair Ladder Opening Attic Tent with Easy Access Zipper 25" x 54" x 11" R-21

    Benefits of an Attic Ladder Insulation Cover:-Works year round in hot summers and cold winters.-Reflects 97% of Radiant heat.-Insulates; Constructed of 2 layers of Aluminum with bubble insulation inside, this acts similar in function to a double pane window with the bubble insulation creating an air space between aluminum which creates a thermal barrier.-Seals and Prevents unwanted drafts.-Prevents Moisture issues from temperature differences in the attic.-Acts as a barrier to prevent dust or pollutants from entering your home.What is radiant heat and how does it impact the temperature of my home?All of the heat from the sun is transferred to the earth in the form of radiant heat, radiant heat travels at the speed of light until it is either absorbed or reflected.  Radiant heat is the invisible energy that is transferred without direct contact from a hot object to a cooler object.  In your home, radiant heat from the sun will transfer through your roof into the attic, your attic insulation acts as a barrier to help prevent the heat from transferring into your home, but without insulation or radiant barrier over the attic entrance, the heat travels directly into your home. This heat transfer will make your heating/cooling system work harder and can cause hot/cold spots in your h...

    • Brand: Bevel Energy
    • UPC: 762578419751

  • Ideal-Air 736458 Duct Collar Air Tight, 6"

    Quick solution for easily connecting your ducting to your wall, floor or ceiling opening. 1.5 in mounting flange with adhesive neoprene gasket for trouble-free, air-tight installation. Made from galvanized steel.

    • Color: 9.3000000000000007
    • Brand: Ideal-Air
    • ASIN: B0058IUUDG
    • UPC: 847127000656

  • FAKRO LST 860432 Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder for 27-Inch x 31-Inch Rough Openings

    FAKRO LST 860432 Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder for 27-Inch x 31-Inch Rough Openings

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: FAKRO
    • ASIN: B004XWNYOU

  • FAKRO LWP 66802 Insulated Attic Ladder for 25 x 47-Inch Rough Openings, 47 Inches

    Enjoy safe access to your attic space with this FAKRO LWP wooden insulated attic ladder (model 66802), which fits into rough openings measuring 25 x 47 inches and is designed for ceiling heights between 7 feet, 5 inches and 8 feet, 11 inches. Satisfying all technical and safety requirements, FAKRO folding attic ladders maximize ease of use and comfort without the need for installing costly and space consuming staircases. The quick fixing system allows the ladder to be easily installed by two people, and also permits easy ladders height adjustment. This insulated ladder features thick rubber gasket insulation between the boards that provides an R-Value of 5.9 to protect against heat loss. The ladder and box frame are constructed of high-quality pine, and the hatch's unique opening mechanism ensures the ladder opens slowly. Once fully open, the mechanism will hold the hatch in position to prevent it from slamming shut. The ladder comes in three sections, and the ladder steps feature grooves cut into the step surface to prevent accidental slippage. This ladder has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, and an optional red metal handrail can be installed on either side of the ladder to increase safety and comfort. An opening rod is included. It's backed by a two-year warranty.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: FAKRO
    • ASIN: B00513HXXS

  • FAKRO LMS 66867 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder for 22-Inch x 54-Inch Rough Openings

    FAKRO LMS 66867 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder for 22-Inch x 54-Inch Rough

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: FAKRO
    • ASIN: B004SJ7XMM

  • NASATECH Residential House Radiant Barrier 48x250 1000 square feet roll Reflective Aluminum Breathable Perforated Waterproof Attic Roof Foil Insulation BLOCKs 99% Heat & RF Signals SCIF RFID

    NASATECH Residential House Radiant Barrier 48x250 1000 square feet roll Reflective Metalized Aluminum Breathable Perforated Waterproof Attic Roof Foil Insulation BLOCKs 99% Heat & RF Signals SCIF RFID

    • Brand: US Energy Products
    • ASIN: B079KWPFZZ

  • Maker2 Attic Door Insulation Stair Cover for Openings Up to 25 by 54-Inch

    Product Description The Attic Stairway Insulator closes the insulation gap created by attic stair access points in residential housing, leading to reduced energy costs year round. The product is designed to cover access points up to 25 by 54-Inches. This Attic Door Insulation contains 99 percent aluminum foil which has high reflective properties, making it very effective and maintains energy savings even exceeding fiberglass insulation . Reflective heat is overlooked and misunderstood because R-Value does not account for radiant heat so reflective insulation has a greater day to day saving then fiberglass insulation. Easy to handle and install, and it does not require special tools besides staples to tightly seal the adhesive tape to floor.

    • Brand: Maker2
    • ASIN: B078WRYQBC
    • UPC: 725704608443

  • SmartATTIC Tent - Attic Stairs Insulation Cover/attic Door Insulation - 25" x 54" x 9"

    Heavy-Duty product you was looking for. Made of polyethylene Foam with 99% Aluminum on both sides. All other products on Amazon made of bubble wrap with polyester (plastic) on both sides which reflects about 80% of radiant heat, our product reflects 97% of radiant heat. SmartATTIC Tent improves the HVAC efficiency of your home. SmartATTIC tent helps to seal the entry access of the home and it is environment friendly. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, attic access door is the weakest link in most homes. Our SmartATTIC insulation kit seals the entry access, improve the HVAC efficiency and stop energy loss thru your attic door. Lower your energy bill and pay back your investment in a few months, not years.

    • Color: Aluminum
    • Brand: SmartATTIC
    • ASIN: B018BA7AY4

  • Telesteps 60324101 Telescopic Mini Loft Ladder

    The Telesteps loft ladder is compact, with telescopic retraction. While conventional loft ladders have to be folded and stored in the attic, the Telesteps collapsible loft ladder is hidden away in the ceiling. It is elegant and incredibly compact, which saves attic space and fits into a small hatch opening. The ladders feature AUTOSTEPSTM, enabling the ladders to be collapsed and closed down automatically. They are automatically locking, with clearly visible markers on each thread. For comfort, they have wide treads - ideal for long work sessions. Highly safe to use, the ladders comply with European standard EN131-SP. Made from a unique aluminium alloy, they are strong and durable. The TEL60324101 Mini Loft Ladder has the following specifications: Ceiling height: 2.35m - 2.45m. Minimum hatch opening: 52cm x 60cm. Tread width: 90mm. Weight: 12.5kg.

    • Brand: TELESTEP
    • ASIN: B000NDETVK
    • UPC: 798256216190

  • Roof Hatch, Aluminum, 24x36

    Aluminum Roof Hatch Designed to Provide Convenient, Economical Access to the Roof of a Building.

    • Brand: Acudor
    • ASIN: B01ANZB744

  • Heng's (48621-C2 17" x 24" Complete Exit/Escape Vent

    Heng's Industries Escape Hatch/Exit Vent. Features: Fresh air ventilation: A turn of the crank provides a large vent area. Let's air through, keeps insects out. Includes opaque white plastic lid. Sturdy frame installs easily and is made of heavy aluminum extrusion to assure secure mounting. Dependable operation featuring leak-resistant lid and weather-tight frame. White garnish included. Advantages: Instant exit. Screen opens quickly to assure fast exit through opening. A strong fine mesh screen. 17 inch x 24 Inch Escape Hatch, with 4 piece 2 Inch White metal garnish (RVIA); cutout: 19-1/4 Inch x 26-1/4 Inch.

    • Brand: Heng's
    • ASIN: B00CBZBR6S
    • UPC: 811878010172

  • FAKRO LWT 66895 Wooden Thermo Attic Ladder with 12.5 R-Value for 30-Inch x 54-Inch Rough Openings

    FAKRO LWT 66895 Wooden Thermo Attic Ladder with 12.5 R-Value for 30-Inch x 54-Inch Rough Openings

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: FAKRO
    • ASIN: B00JAFVMA8

  • Best - 24" x 36" Flush Aluminum Floor Hatch

    24" x 36" Flush Aluminum Floor Hatch. BA-PPA aluminum floor door is built for interior use to provide a reliable and secure access between building floors. Its sturdy 1/4" thick diamond or smooth finish aluminum door and 1/4" thick aluminum frame construction make it the ideal solution for either existing cement floors or poured-in-place concrete.BA-PPA Floor Access Hatch specifications Submittal Sheet - Material DOOR: aluminum diamond plate 1/4". FRAME: 2" x 2" x 1/4" aluminum angle Hinge: Heavy duty aluminum continuous piano hinge (0,080) Lock: Recessed handle operated cam latchLeed Qualifications

    • Brand: Best Access Doors
    • ASIN: B007S2X7JY
    • UPC: 608729544548

  • FAKRO LWN 22 1/2inx47in Wooden Basic Non-Insulated Attic Ladder 250lbs 8ft 11in

    The FAKRO LWN Basic is a wooden, builder series, three-section folding attic ladder. It is ANSI certified at 250 lb weight load capacity. The particleboard hatch door has a paintable surface to match any ceiling colour. The hatch is supported by springs that run parallel to the door, keeping the entrance to the attic clear of hardware. Suitable for occasional use in an area where an insulated attic ladder is not needed. Fully assembled and ready to install.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: FAKRO
    • ASIN: B00HFYBU58

  • Roof Hatch Access English + Spanish Sign, 14x10 in. Aluminum for Enter/Exit by ComplianceSigns

    This easy-to-read vertical exit roof access sign with symbol is manufactured with rounded corners and four 0.20-inch mounting holes for easy installation. Its red background clearly displays English + Spanish text, printed in color. The .04-inch thick aluminum sign has a clear protective laminate, and makes your enter / exit message clear. This sign is UV, chemical, abrasion and moisture resistant and is suitable for use at temperatures from -40 to +176 F. ComplianceSigns signs and labels are made in the USA and commonly used in industrial, commercial, public and private settings. Full sign text: ROOF HATCH ACCESS ACCESO A LA ESCOTILLA DE TECHO

    • Brand: ComplianceSigns
    • ASIN: B01FLRI4RM

  • FAKRO OWM 30inx54in Basic Metal Non-Insulated Attic Ladder 300lbs 10ft 1in

    The FAKRO OWM attic ladder is a metal, three-section folding attic ladder with a paintable, non-insulated particleboard hatch door. The OWM is ANSI certified at 300 pounds weight load capacity. The hatch is supported by springs that run parallel to the door, keeping the entrance to the attic clear of hardware. The OWM includes plastic ladder ends, a lock and an opening rod. Handrails (LXH), finishing trim (LXL), and installation brackets (LXK) are available accessories, sold separately. The OWM is suitable for occasional use in an area where an insulated attic ladder is not needed. Fully assembled and ready to install.

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: FAKRO
    • ASIN: B00HG4K0LM

  • US Energy Products 500 sqft (2ft x 125ft) Super Shield Solar Attic Blanket Reflective NASA Insulation Barrier (Perforated Breathable)

    500 sqft (2ft x 125ft) breathable. Ideal for attics, sheds, warehouses, and as house wrap Double-sided 99.9% PURE reinforced ALUMINUM that blocks 97% of the radiant heat in summer and winter Industrialized strength with woven polyethylene scrim for tear resistance. Cannot be torn or ripped Passes required ASTM fire test (E84 using E2599 mounting method) for building materials Exceeds required ASTM Water Vapor Permeability (Breathability): 8.5 perms (ASTM 96-00) Super Shield Reflective Insulation is a 5-layer, perforated, reflective energy-shield. It's two outer layers of 99% aluminum foil reflect 97% of radiant heat. Each layer of foil is bonded to a tough layer of Mylar and has an interwoven nylon scrim for extra added strength. It's so strong it's virtually impossible to tear! It also has a Class 1, Class A fire rating! You'll find that hot and cold spots in your home are eliminated summer and winter. You'll find yourself enjoying greater comfort in your home. And, since it doesn't use energy to increase your level of comfort, you'll have lower utility bills. How It Works!!! As much as 83% of the heat gain in the summer takes place through the ceiling and roof. SuperShield Reflective Insulation reflects the sun's heat before it can penetrate your home. You will use less air con...

    • Brand: AES
    • ASIN: B01J6KT3DE

  • FAKRO 869557 DRL Roof Hatch 36" x 36" Gray with White Interior

    Roof access door

    • Color: Gray with white interior
    • Brand: FAKRO
    • ASIN: B07CXCP9FH

  • CBM Scaffold Aluminum Rolling Tower Standing at 12' Height with Hatch Deck Guard Rail U Lock

    CBM Scaffold All Aluminum Scaffolding Rolling Tower you can Standing at 12 Feet Height. With Two piece of Safety Guard Rail (required installation),Hatch Decks,Double U Locks,Outriggers for your Safe easy working place. It's Include: Two set of 6 feet X 29 Inch All Aluminum Scaffolding Rolling Tower with the Hatch Door Two men 650 LB Loading Rating. One set of Aluminum Guard Rail One set of four Aluminum Outrigger. 5 inch 360 degree swivel caster wheels makes moving scaffold easy and quick. Every 2 inch Adjustable platform with secure quick release locks. It is come with Four boxes easy to carry. 1 Box of Guard Rail 2 Boxes of 6 foot tower with the easy access hatch decks 1 Box of 4 Outriggers General Purpose Scaffolding for Cleaning, Repairing, Painting and Electronica................................... This is an insured over-sized FREIGHT shipment delivered to the nearest curb-side of your shipping address. Make sure the ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER provided is CORRECT. We will need to confirm your shipping address and contact phone number so we can provide it to the Freight Company. They will schedule a delivery appointment with you to make sure someone will be there to sign for the delivery. Inspect the delivery boxes for damage, crushing, dents, creasing etc. before s...

    • Color: Anodized Aluminum Grey
    • Brand: CBM Scaffold
    • ASIN: B01M3YRJ9R