• Handmade Beer Mug Natural Wood Stainless Steel Cup Gift Eco-Friendly 0.6L 20oz Classic Brown

    Improved mugs for all true beer lovers !!! There is no better gift, than a wooden mug with stainless steel cup, for a man or women who loves beer, coffee, tea or other cold and hot drinks. Handmade of natural wood and accomplished in a dark brown color, this solid mug gives beer its own particular taste. If you are looking for gift ideas for men - our unique handmade wood tankard is a right choice, he will enjoy drinking beer from it. The stainless steel insert inside the wooden casing of the mug will keep the temperature of the beer colder, for a longer period during the summer. All enthusiasts of beer along with fans of football or soccer; medieval fantasy novels and role-playing games; or just lovers of renaissance stylish and carefully handcrafted wooden mugs will adore such gifts! Handmade mugs are a perfect gift for grooms and groomsmen. Key Features: Unisex: It's not only a man mug, even kids can use it for hot or cold drinks. Multi-purpose: for beer, coffee, tea or other cold and hot drinks. Quality: made of natural wood & polished, metal (stainless steel) flask inside. Wooden beer mugs are artificially polished by our artisans, so the wood grain, color, weight, specifications may have a tiny difference, also, for this reason, every wooden product is a unique artwor...

    • Color: One Mug
    • Brand: MyFancyCraft
    • ASIN: B01K25BCM2
    • UPC: 781307918167

  • Norse Tradesman Genuine Viking Drinking Horn Mug - 100% Authentic Beer Horn Tankard w/ Rosewood Bottom and Ring Engravings | 24 Ounces | "The Eternal"

    Put down your plastic flower tumbler and drink like a Viking. When you are seeking the most authentic Norse drinking vessel this side of Valhalla, there is no substitute. Norse Tradesman®, the leader in authentic Viking crafts, brings you the highest quality horn stein available to mere mortals. Each Norse Tradesman drinking horn is, of course, fashioned from real ox and cow horn, ethically sourced from slaughterhouses in which the animals are harvested for their meat. Hand cut, hand carved with elegant infinity rings and hand polished, each mug is truly a unique piece of Viking lore. The horn is super-heated in order to create the seamless curved handle, which is simply an extension of the horn itself, carefully bent back after heating. The Norse Tradesman® horn stein is 100% food safe, as its interior is coated with food safe lacquer. Drink beer, mead, ale, liquor or any other cold beverage with confidence. However, do not drink hot beverages out of your tankard, as this could cause a breach to occur. This also means you should NOT place the horn in your dishwasher. Besides, the Norsemen didn't have fancy dishwashing machines! Care for your tankard like the Norse treasure that they are. Now raise your horn in honor of the old Norsemen! Raise your horn in remembrance of...

    • Color: The Eternal
    • Brand: Norse Tradesman
    • UPC: 725185239495

  • #1 Viking Horn Tankard Mug (20 oz.) – Authentic, Medieval Celtic Beer and Ale Cup – Solid, Stable and Handcrafted

    Drink, swig and rejoice like a Viking with your very own handmade horn tankard that's sure to quench your thirst. Are you looking to get in touch with your warrior or Viking roots? Do you love beer, ale or mead? Then you need the SnillingurViking Horn Tankard Mug handcrafted for the toughest Norseman in the land; it's perfect for enjoying a good drink after hard day's battle (work) or rejoicing in the merriment of a good afternoon barbecue! Authentic, Handcrafted Viking Style Crafted with premium ox horn and lacquered with a non-toxic, food-grade safe lining, these horn mugs are perfect for holding ale, mead, beer, lager or even soda. What's more, they hold 20 oz. so you can drink even more icy cold beer than your average Red Solo Cup! Product Details: Handcrafted, Authentic Horn Viking Style Design Food-Grade Safe Lacquer Safe and Nontoxic Hand Wash Recommended Capacity: 20 oz. Satisfaction Guaranteed Drink like a Viking and prepare for a lifetime of beer and ale in Valhalla by clicking 'Add to Cart' above and getting an authentic horn tankard.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Snillingur
    • ASIN: B06VVDZ7PW
    • UPC: 714343979809

  • Ale Horn 16oz Handcrafted Large Viking Cup Drinking Horn Tankard

    Made to mimic the tankards featured on Game of Thrones and Vikings, this is one of our most popular products. Every drinking horn tankard is formed from one piece of horn, including the smooth handle that's designed to provide a confident, comfortable grip. The floor of the tankard is formed from acrylic, which provides a watertight seal so you don't lose any of your well-earned ale. The tankard is also covered in a food-safe sealant to protect your horn from any further battle scars. Available in polished and natural finishes as well as custom engraved.

    • Color: Natural Horn
    • Brand: Ale Horn
    • ASIN: B013TDLBIY
    • UPC: 802991996726

  • Beer Mug, 16 OZ Handmade Eco-friendly Wooden Mugs With Handle For Wine/Coffee/Tea, Best Gift Cups For Men/Women

    Best Mugs For You Beauty and quality workmanship, the wood mug is eco-friendly and reusable with jujube material, lead a healthy drink everyday. The cup boasts great capacity, best choice for your beer, wine, coffee, drinkings, etc. Wooden Mugs as birthday gift, holiday gift or visit gift for your friends, parents, and couples. Specification: Eco-friendly Material: jujube wood. 3.2 inch (wide) * 4.4 inch (height),Volume:16OZ. Decent Box Package with one piece of wood cup NOTE: maintenance 1.No high temperature,you can't put it in microwave. 2.Avoid directly sunlight. 3.PLEASE DON'T soak it too long. 4.After using it,you need to dry and wipe it cleanly. Seller quality Warranty Description: The warranty would not apply to the following situation: 1.The Damage results from undue ware&tear, misuse, improper installation or operation. 2.The damage results from the intent of doing mischief or harm. Best Service:Please contact with us freely if you need us, we will help you anytime.

    • Color: light brown
    • Brand: Worldwood
    • ASIN: B071NGQQJ2
    • UPC: 757490021007

  • Jomsborg 20 oz Viking Drinking Horn Ale Tankard With Free Horn Shot Glass

    The Jomsborg, Viking mug style Drinking Mug is perfect for anybody's personal Beer Horn collection! This horn Mug is a Mead Horn that is hand made from all natural authentic ox horns, that are hand polished to provide you with a beautiful beer mug that will last for many years and many tough nights. Each horn mug, ale tankard comes with an all natural, hand polished, ox horn shot glass! This Horn Tankard set makes the perfect gift whether you're treating yourself to a mead horn drinking vessel, or treating someone else. Go ahead and order your Viking horn mug set now while supplies of this fine ale tankard last..you deserve it! If you have any problems with your horn mug whatsoever, just let us know, and we will either replace your beer mug for free, or give you a full refund. At Jomsborg, we strive to make every single customer happy, so please do not worry. We treat everyone like family.

    • Color: Natural Ox Horn
    • Brand: Jomsborg
    • ASIN: B01I945POY

  • Genuine Viking Drinking Horn Mug Tankard handcrafted and polished finished | 16 Ounces

    Big Enough To Quench A Norseman's Thirst! Our unique handcrafted horn cups have a 16 Oz or more capacity. Simply put, you won't be thirsty, ever again for ale or beer! Enjoy your favorite shows like Game of Thrones or Vikings while enjoying an icy cold ale or beer from your drinking horn! Feast With Us Like You Are In The Halls Of Valhalla! Horn offers you now the 100% authentic feeling of drinking ale like a true Viking from our unique Viking drink horn mug! Each Horn Mug Unique, Each Horn Mug Your OWN That's right! Each of our Viking horn drinkware is 100% UNIQUE. Made from a solid piece of ox horn, you will find no two alike! This means that every horn mug is also unique in shape and color, which makes it one of a kind! Now, you can enjoy something truly authentic and crafted with the highest care & craftsmanship, and that there's nothing similar, anywhere else in the world! 100% Food Safe Coating Our horn mugs steins are carefully coated on the interior with 100% food safe lacquer coating for your safety and good health. Our product is 100% authentic, unique, and awesome. It serves as a perfect gift for any lover of the medieval or viking ages! Love it, or your money back! We guarantee satisfaction. If you're not 100% satisfied, just ship the product back for a full refund!

    • Color: black brown
    • Brand: Viking Craft's
    • ASIN: B0764FJRWM

  • XL Thor's Acrylic Filled after Hand Engraving Tankard Horn Mug 6 inch polished 18 oz. for Cold Ale Viking Tankard

    Material Size 15 x 9 Natural Cattle Horn Water Capacity 18 - 20 oz - 15 cm Weight 340 - 440 grams. Key words Viking Mug, Horn Mug, Beer Mug, Beer Tankard, and Drinking Tankard • 100% Water Buffalo Horn with Acrylic base • Sealed and safe for liquids on the inside, semi-polished on the outside Holds approximately 18 - 20 oz • Cut to measure 6" inches in height. Width can vary depending on the horn • 100% natural and ethically sourced. • Sealed for Leaks and Suitable for Beer, Mead, Ale, Wine or any Beverage • Each tankard is uniquely designed, no one horn is identical. • All Valhalla Drink ware is handcrafted from 100% natural horn that has been shaped as a perfect replica of a medieval style drinking horn. • Each tankard is uniquely designed, no one horn is identical. • All Drink ware is handcrafted from 100% natural horn that has been shaped as a perfect replica of a medieval style drinking horn.

    • Color: Black, Black and White
    • Brand: Sixth Sense
    • ASIN: B01N5PEZ3F

  • PURE COPPER BEER MUG – Unique Tankard Look - Handmade 100% Pure Copper Beer Stein - Solid Copper,No Lining - Polished Copper Inside & Out - 18 oz – Ice Cold Beer, Moscow Mules, Recipes E-book

    Enjoy the authentic taste and handcrafted quality of Artisan's Anvil Pure Copper Beer Mug. The perfect copper beer stein for your next get together! ►ARTISAN'S ANVIL PREMIUM QUALITY - Artisan's Anvil is a small business whose simple mission is to ensure that you enjoy your beverages with authenticity, handcrafted quality, and style. We take our beverages seriously. You will see that reflected in our handcrafted copper beer stein. Our Copper Beer Mug offers you maximum enjoyment and superior taste. Our 18oz mugs are handmade by skilled artisans which means that no two pieces are identical. ►PURE SOLID COPPER UNLINED- Our copper mugs includes a food safe coating on the outside to help prevent tarnishing. The inside is untouched to allow for the famous taste that only pure quality copper can offer. Each polished copper beer mug is crafted from 100% solid copper, both inside and out. There is no tin, aluminum, nickel, or steel. ►GREAT VALUE - Get more for your money with a comprehensive copper barware E-book included which offers care instructions, history, recipes & more! ►WE STAND BEHIND OUR COPPER - 90 Day 100% money back guarantee. We sincerely want you to enjoy your Artisan's Anvil Copper Beer Mug. If you have any problems, simply contact us for a replacement or for a fu...

    • Color: Stein
    • Brand: Artisan's Anvil
    • ASIN: B01FEL7MNW

  • WellPackBox Viking Drinking Horn For With Beer Ale Mead Wine Medieval Norse 12" Size Mug Holds 9-12 ounces Plus Table Holder

    Unique 12" Viking Drinking Horn With Stand Plus a Burlap Gift Bag

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Well Pack Box
    • ASIN: B074TT5GDM
    • UPC: 615867202100