• Aftco GAFF46BRWN Fiberglass Gaff --Handle 6-foot /4-inch Hook

    AFTCO tapered Fiberglass Gaffs feature special thick-walled, super strong,yet lightweight E-glass handle construction, custom-designed for extreme strength and rigidity. All of our fiberglass handles are rolled on proprietary mandrels using specific tapers developed by AFTCO, and are fitted in our factory with the same stainless steel hooks used in our popular Taper-Tip Aluminum Gaffs. Our exclusive "wedge-lok" (see additional info) assembly process is used to secure all of the hooks into the E-glass handles. Featuring a rich-looking dark brown epoxy finish with hand-wrapped black and metallic gold-and-blue thread trim wraps, each gaff has a handsome and extremely functional black nylon seine cord-wrapped handle with hand-finished Turk's heads on each end of the wrapped grips. Seine cord and Turk's heads are finished with epoxy for durability and extra tackiness when gripped with wet or slimy hands. A large rubber "mushroom-style" butt cap finishes the butt-end of each handle. AFTCO Fiberglass Gaffs are available in 4, 6 and 8-foot lengths with 2, 3 or 4-inch hooks. All of the 2 and 3-inch hooks are 5/16" diameter 316L stainless steel, and the 4-inch hooks are all N50 stainless steel. The 6 and 8-foot models will float if dropped overboard.

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B000W365MC
    • UPC: 054683103619

  • Aftco GAFFF24BRWN Tapered Fiberglass Gaff with 2-Inch Hook, 4-Foot, Brown

    AFTCO tapered fiberglass gaffs feature special thick-walled, super strong, yet lightweight E-Glass handle construction, custom-designed for extreme strength and rigidity.  All of our fiberglass handles are rolled on proprietary mandrels using specific tapers developed by AFTCO, and are fitted in our factory with the same stainless steel hooks used in our popular taper-tip aluminum gaffs.  Our exclusive "wedge-lock" Assembly process is used to secure all of the hooks into the E-Glass handles.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B000VK6UNA
    • UPC: 054683101998

  • Aftco GFA466B 6-Feet by 4-Inch Gaff Hook, Black Finish

    The Aftco GFA466B Gaff Hook 6-feet x 4-inch has a slim, tapered shape makes them lightning fast in the water, making them easier to maneuver and deadly accurate. They’re stronger and lighter too, so they bring fish into the boat with less flailing and confusion. The shafts are made from corrosion-resistant marine aluminum, the same material used in our famous "Unibutts", and they are "swaged" for uniform strength from end to end, but with no unnecessary weight. Available lustrous Black finishes - anodized for lasting beauty and resistance to corrosion. All models are fitted with soft but rugged black grips molded from the same no-slip material found on the finest fishing rods. Black vinyl butt caps seal out corrosive moisture and prevent deck scarring. Gaff hooks are fashioned from stainless steel rods, with easy-to-sharpen triangular points.

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B001445S80
    • UPC: 054683274661

  • Aftco GAFFA586B Gaff Hook, 6 ft x 5 in, Black

    The AFTCO gaff hook will bring fish into the boat quickly, efficiently and accurately. The shaft is made of corrosion-resistant marine aluminum, while the rugged black grips of this gaff are made of non-slip material to increase Maneuverability. An anodized rich gold finish and black vinyl butt caps also seal out Corrosive moisture. The AFTCO gaff hook measures 5-feet long with a 4-inch stainless steel hook equipped with an easy-to-sharpen triangular tip. AFTCO has been producing quality big game fishing products for over 50 years. The AFTCO brand is trusted and respected by serious fisherman all around the world.

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B0007RN7HY
    • UPC: 054683275866

  • AFTCO Stick Gaffs - Model 354H - Hook 3" - Length 4' - Gold

    AFTCO Stick Gaffs - With a slim tapered shaft AFTCO gaffs are fast in the water and easy to manuver They are strong yet light for easy use and durability Shafts are constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum As a bonus all AFTCO gaffs float

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B004U6LRFW
    • UPC: 054683073547

  • Aftco FGHOOK6SS 6-inch Flying Gaff Hook

    The slim, tapered tips of AFTCO's Taper-Tip Flying Gaffs slice through water faster and with greater accuracy to minimize the problems of gaffing powerful fish. Like our Taper-Tip Aluminum Gaffs, the shafts of our Flying Gaffs are "swaged" for uniform strength from end to end, thereby eliminating unnecessary weight. The hook seats in a tough plastic insert fitted into the gaff tip, and is held in place by a length of 20-lb. test line tied to a steel post affixed to the shaft. When a fish is gaffed, this line snaps, providing a clean and immediate release. A machined aluminum gimbal at the butt of the shaft secures the attachment rope; and along with the plastic insert in the tip, prevents water from seeping into the shaft. If dropped overboard, the gaff handle (minus hook) will float! Shafts are 6' 7" long, with 1-3/8" butt diameters fitted with two black non-slip grips, and anodized with a rich Gold or lustrous Black finish for beauty and resistance to corrosion. The barbed hooks are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and will not straighten out in use. The triangular points give better penetration and are easy to sharpen. AFTCO Flying Gaff Hooks are available in 5, 6, 8 and 10-inch sizes. All four fit in the same shaft.

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B001445RX6
    • UPC: 054683600002

  • Aftco GAFFF24BRWN Tapered Fiberglass Gaff with 2-Inch Hook, 4-Foot, Brown by AFTCO

    Dependable, flawless performance;Rigid quality Control;Made using the most durable materials

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B0153Y307W

  • Aftco FGHOOK8SS Fly Gaff Hook

    After stands for the American fishing tackle company and was established in 1958 in Newport beach, California by J.C. Axelson, a pioneer in Big game tackle development. In 1973, milt shedd (a legendary innovator, himself) and wife Peggie purchased aftco, and a new company evolved with a concern for both the fishing customer and marine resources. In 1974, son bill shedd joined the company, and in 1989 he started the after clothing Division, with the introduction of what became the world's finest fishing shorts. In 1999, after began a relationship with guy Harvey by manufacturing and distributing "all over print" shirts incorporating guy's art. Then, in 2004, guy officially Partnered with aftco for the manufacture and distribution of all guy Harvey sportswear, including the immensely popular guy Harvey t-shirts. In 2007, after Partnered with world famous wildlife artist, Al agnew, to produce and distribute a line of clothing for the fresh water angler and those who appreciate inland game and wildlife.

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B004U6M90O
    • UPC: 054683800006

  • Aftco TSA6LB Tag Stick 6' Black

    The AFTCO Tag Stick is perfectly designed to quickly and accurately tag gamefish with N.O.A.A. or Billfish Foundation tags. This AFTCO Tag Stick features the same light, strong "swaged"aluminum shaft as our gaffs, as well as the same tapered-tip design for quick, accurate handling in the water. Fitted with two black non-slip grips and available with a Gold or Black anodized finish, the overall length is 6 feet, with a 3/4-inch O.D. at the butt. Each tag stick comes equipped with a TSHEAD1SS head, but either of our heads (shown below) can be threaded into the end of the shaft, and are easily replaceable.

    • Brand: AFTCO
    • ASIN: B004U6O0VA
    • UPC: 054683200967