• Johnson Level & Tool 555 3-Inch Contractor Aluminum Line Level

    Lightweight 3" Aluminum Line Level great for all leveling on string or twine wont weight down the line for a accurate reading everytime

    • Brand: Johnson Level & Tool
    • ASIN: B00002N5NZ
    • UPC: 049448555000

  • Swanson SVT011 11-Inch Savage Aluminum Torpedo Level with Neodymium Magnets

    All in one pocket-sized, lightweight tool; perfect for contractors, electrical and plumbing professionals; made of precision-machined and anodized for maximum durability; the 4-vial ports capture and reflect light for increased readability and accurate measurement of 0-degree, 30-degree, 45-degree and 90-degree angles; top-read viewing windows offer an easy, straightforward view of the 0-degree and 30-degree vials; laser-engraved SAE and metric rules are prominent features; 4 super-strong neodymium magnets; .029 degree vial accuracy; shocking absorbing end caps and solid billet.

    • Brand: Swanson
    • ASIN: B0083SGQWC
    • UPC: 038987930119

  • 24 Inch I Beam Level, Aluminum With Magnetic Rubber End Caps For Durable, Accurate Measuring and Alignment By Stalwart (For DIY Carpentry Home Repair)

    Pinpoint accuracy and level measurements are now a breeze with the Stalwart 24 inch I beam level. Featuring a durable magnetic aluminum frame, rubber end caps, and easy to read vials and ruler measurements, this level is an essential tool to add to any home or work tool box or tool kit! important: avoid buying counterfeit products and Transactions with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. Stalwart is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process.

    • Brand: Stalwart
    • ASIN: B0733HCM4H
    • UPC: 191344123033

  • Soilster | 2pcs Most Accurate 3 in 1 Garden Soil Analysis Tester/Hygrometer (pH Alkalinity/Acidity, Moisture, Sunlight Level) with Dual 8in Probe (Aluminum and Copper) | 540.2

    Soilster (TM) What You Need to Know What's the secret to raising healthy vegetables, fruits and flowers? Great soil. How can you tell if your soil has what the plants need? A soil test. Why You Must Get Soilster (TM)? - 3 in 1 Garden Soil Analysis Tester (pH Alkalinity/Acidity, Moisture, Sunlight Level) - Super easy to use and read - Long dual probe to reach the soil next to the roots - The fastest way to find out if your soil is healthy! Keep Your Plants Happy - Guaranteed! By having Soilster (TM), you are guaranteed to take out the guessing from gardening. It is the most accurate meter to measure moisture, pH (acidity/alkalinity) and sunlight level of your soil. No battery required! Simply insert the probe into soil next to the roots, wait for some minutes and the meter will provide an instant reading. It has white text with black background, and color coded system from red (dry to slightly humid), green (slightly humid to humid), and blue (very humid). No more overwater or underwater your plants anymore! So what are you waiting for? Soilster (TM) is the fastest way to find out whether or not your plant is doing well. Order yours now and keep your plants happy! Specification: Materials: Aluminum, Copper, ABS Product Dimension: 1.9" x 1.5" x 11.2" Probe length: 8" Weight:...

    • Color: Type A
    • Brand: Soilster

  • Equus 8361 2" Fuel Level Gauge, White with Aluminum Bezel

    Equus 2 " Fuel Level Gauge is designed to provide accurate measure of the fuel level. It features a Bright Back-Lit display for enhanced night viewing and is equipped with 90 degree sweep. This gauge comes with a light weight aluminum bezel and includes hardware as well as adapters facilitating hassle-free installation.

    • Brand: Equus
    • ASIN: B000EW0LP8
    • UPC: 047923083611

  • Perixx 11121 DX-3000MBK, Gaming Aluminium Black Mouse Pad - 9.84"x8.27"x0.08" Dimension - Non-slip Rubber base - Micro Sand Blasting Aluminium Surface with Fast and Accurate Control

    DX-3000 is the masterwork of gaming pad craftsmanship which truly brings professional gamers to another level! DX-3000 successfully melds the full-scale speed, acceleration and responsiveness of mats with the comfort offered by special made cloth surface. Boasting an improved iteration of woven fiber technology, every inch of Perixx DX-1100's surface is a glide-versus-resistance sweet spot, making it suitable for all mouse sensitivity and playstyles. Adhesive bottom, ant-slip base makes DX-1100 now lighter yet more reliable with heavy grip and security from the bottom. The textile-weave surface blends precise control with gentle feeling to wrist harmoniously, bring user the best swiping experience ever! Two sizes variations, M and L. Choose the best size, depends on your working environment. Specification Dimension: 250x210x0.5 mm Weight: 21 gram Mouse Application: Both Laser and Optical sensor work excellent on DX-2100 How to use the mouse pad? 1. Choose the location for the mouse pad and clean the desk, so that the adhesive back can stick perfectly to it. 2. Remove the foil carefully with the instructions from the package. 3. Please note that it is not recommended to change the location more than 2 times because the adhesion will lose its stickiness. 4. Start increasing your ga...

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Perixx
    • ASIN: B00GFUAXY2

  • Empire Level EM81.24 Professional Magnetic Heavy Duty Aluminum I Beam Level, 24-Inch

    Get the level best: True Blue vials provide spot-on construction-grade accuracy, superior readability as well as never-fade, -fog or -leak durability. Tri-axis design enables easy level, plumb and 45 angle readings. Convenient top-mounted window allows you to check the level vials bubble from a second vantage point. Heavy-duty aluminum frame ensures absolute structural integrity. Level Type: Carpenter/Mason Leveling Axis: 45 Horizontal Vertical Body Material: Aluminum Body Color/Finish: Gray/Black.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Empire Level
    • ASIN: B0007A2A10
    • UPC: 015812081246

  • Rhinox Copper Needle Valve - Necessary for Accurate CO2 Regulation in Solenoid Fish Tanks - Easy to Install - C02 Adjustment Valve - Used with CO2 Diffuser Set

    How reliable is the Rhinox Needle Valve? The practical Rhinox CO2 Regulator Valve is made using durable stainless steel and aluminum alloy and has a special metal grinded surface and flawless interior threading for secure attachment. When used properly, the needle valve should last the lifetime of the Rhinox CO2 Diffuser Set. How do I install the adjustment valve? Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the CO2 needle valve easily installs into your Rhinox CO2 Diffuser Kit without the use of a tool. The nut lock design effectively locks to the CO2 tube preventing any leakage, misreading or an accident caused by a loose valve. Is it important to regulate the CO2 in my tank? Specific aquatic plants and pets thrive in specific habitats with unique CO2 and pH levels. Fish inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide while plants absorb CO2 and create oxygen. An excessive or a deficient amount of CO2 in your aquarium water may cause unnecessary stress on your fish and plants. Maintaining an appropriate CO2 level is crucial for a healthy underwater environment and an efficient CO2 diffuser set with a reliable CO2 adjustment valve is the best way to monitor and regulate the CO2 in your water.

    • Brand: Rhinox
    • ASIN: B005GB8FLY
    • UPC: 791043308108