• Easton Camo Hunter XX75 Shafts 2314 Doz, Multi

    7075-T9 alloy. Hard-anodized camo. Weight tolerance of +/-1%. Super Uni or "X" Uni-bushing and Super nock or "X" nock installed and RPS inserts included. +/-.002" Straightness tolerance.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Easton
    • ASIN: B001GXDYOY
    • UPC: 723560925773

  • ARC 80-2314 Drive Shaft (Remanufactured)

    Remanufactured to meet the strictest tests to assure performance equal to or better than OEM specifications.

    • Brand: ARC
    • ASIN: B002V03NC4
    • UPC: 762605823148

  • SKF H 2314 Adapter Sleeve, 60mm Shaft Size, Used With 2300K Series Ball Bearings, 22300K and 23200K Series Roller Bearings

    This SKF H2300 series adapter sleeve is used to locate a rolling element bearing with a tapered bore on a smooth or stepped cylindrical shaft, and is used with ball and roller bearings. It is made of carbon steel for strength and resistance to wear and coated with zinc phosphate for corrosion resistance. Sleeves having a bore diameter of 200 mm and above are supplied with two oil-supply ducts at the threaded side and have distribution grooves around the circumference and in the axial direction on the outside surface as well as in the bore. A KM or HM series locking nut and MB series lock washer allow the bearing to be positioned at any location on a smooth shaft. This adapter sleeve is an accessory for use with rolling bearings and is used in various applications, such as automotive and truck transmissions, agricultural and construction equipment, pumps and compressors, and two-cycle engines, among others.Plain bearings provide low-friction sliding contact for relative motion between parts of a machine. They are the simplest type of bearing, with no rolling elements, and there are three basic types of plain bearings: radial plain bearings (also called sleeve bearings or bushings) to support rotating or reciprocating shafts, thrust bearings (also called washers) to support axial l...

    • Brand: SKF
    • ASIN: B007VHFZ7I

  • Easton Camo XX75 2314 Shafts DZ

    Black, Dark Green, Light Green and Grey are the colors in camo shaft that has a Super Uni bushing installed along with a green Super nock. The 1816, 1913, and 1916 come with the Easton X uni bushing and X Nock. RPS aluminum inserts included. 7075-T9 Alloy and +-.002 Straightness.

    • Brand: Easton
    • ASIN: B003DQZY5E
    • UPC: 723560925988

  • 18x26 Inches Art Ptint Wall Scroll Poster - Dubai UAE Buildings Skyscrapers Coast Sea Bridge - Wall Art Hanging Shaft Painting for Wall Decoration Black and White

    18x26 Inches Art Ptint Wall Scroll Poster Wall Art Hanging Shaft Painting For Wall Decoration Black and White

    • Color: 16x28
    • Brand: SHOBRILF
    • ASIN: B07H1CN2DN

  • Easton X23 Silver Shaft Raw Shafts Doz, 2314

    Easton X2 series shafts are made from 7178-T9 Aerospace Alloy with a diamond polished anodized silver fi . Guaranteed straightness tolerance of +-.001" and weight tolerance of +-.75 percent. Available in sizes 2312 (9.5 GPI), 2314 (10.8 GPI), 2315 (11.8 GPI) and 2712 (11.3 GPI). Includes Super Uni-Bushings, all other components sold separately.

    • Brand: Easton
    • ASIN: B00HANV91Y
    • UPC: 723560230860

  • Lovejoy 1900 Series Shaft Locking Device, Inch, 2-1/2" shaft diameter, 3.307" Outer Diameter of Shaft Locking Device, 2314 ft-lb Maximum Transmissible Torque

    This Lovejoy SLD 1900 Series internal shaft locking device connects a hub to a shaft in power transmission applications. Screw tension is converted into radial pressure to create an interference fit for zero backlash and high contact pressure for transmitting greater torque. It is self-centering for even, concentric tightening. It expands to fill the gap between shaft and hub for easy installation and removal, and the friction fit eliminates damage to the shaft caused by hub movement. This medium-torque shaft locking device fits smaller diameter hubs and is suitable for use with braiding machines, conveyor pulleys, packaging machines, and wind generators, among others.Shaft collars are ring-shaped devices primarily used to secure components onto shafts. They also serve as locators, mechanical stops, and spacers between other components. The two basic types of shaft collars are clamping (or split) collars, which come in one- or two-piece designs, and setscrew collars. In both types, one or more screws hold the collars in place on the shaft. In setscrew collars, screws are tightened through the collar until they press directly against the shaft, and in clamping collars, screws are tightened to uniformly compress the collar around the shaft without impinging or marring it. Whereas s...

    • Brand: Lovejoy
    • ASIN: B004QWZMBK
    • UPC: 697904984941

  • EASTON TECHNICAL PRODUCTS Camo 2314 Raw Shafts w/RPS Inserts

    Exceptionally stable with virtually no creep.Pre-stretched to minimize stretch on the bow.Manufactured from incredibly strong materials.The ultimate high-performance bow string and cable.Tan and Black twist.22 strand.

    • Color: Multi-Color
    • Brand: Easton
    • ASIN: B0028MQ886
    • UPC: 723560925988

  • Beck Arnley 103-2314 CV Joint Boot Kit

    Beck/Arnley's strategy of sourcing using the basis of Application Specific Sourcing is the focus of our 103 Series- CV Boot category. We search the globe looking for those suppliers who can supply us the highest quality, good coverage and competitive pricing. We go to great lengths to ensure we put the best product available, a perfect vehicle fit, into the Beck/Arnley box. 103-2314 CV Joint Boot Kit for North American market with complete inner & outer designations

    • Brand: Beck Arnley
    • ASIN: B000CB2V0Y
    • UPC: 049797164533

  • Easton Aluminum Shaft Bullet Points (Dzn) 2314 174241|SL

    Easton's one piece points feature a bullet point taper for precision arrow flight.

    • Brand: Easton
    • ASIN: B016V8WEW6
    • UPC: 723560742417