• Yeeco Waterproof DC to DC Buck Converter Voltage Regulator 8-22V to 5V 3A/15W Power Adapter 12V to 5V Car Power Supply Volt Regulated Converters Transformer with Micro USB Cable Connector

    Input voltage: DC 8-22V Output voltage: DC 5V Output Current: 3A max Output Power: 15W max Output Interface: MICRO USB Cable Connector(female) Features: Synchronous rectification Waterproof Working temperature: -25-60 ° C Protection: reverse polarity protection, output short circuit protection, over current protection, Over temperature protection Wiring instructions: red positive, black negative Packing including: 1xpower supply

    • Color: red
    • Brand: Yeeco
    • UPC: 706551406529

  • UpBright 22V AC Adapter Replacement For Samsung SyncMaster SE790 S34E790C S34E790CN S34E790CS S34E790CNS LS34E790 LS34E790CN/CI LS34E790CS/XV LS34E790CNS/XY LS34E790CNS/GO Curved Ultrawide LED Monitor

    UpBright NEW Global 22V - 24V AC / DC Adapter Replacement For Samsung SyncMaster SE790 S34E790 S34E790C S34E790CN S34E790CS S34E790CNS LS34E790 LS34E790CN/CI LS34E790CN/XF LS34E790CN/XK LS34E790CS/XV LS34E790CS/XL LS34E790CNS/EN LS34E790CNS/XM LS34E790CNS/XY LS34E790CNS/GO LS34E790CNS/ZN LS34E790CNS/ZA 34" Curved Ultrawide LED Lit Monitor 22VDC - 24VDC DC22V - DC24V 22.0V - 24.0V Switching Power Supply Cord Cable Charger Mains PSU CECCCROHS 100-240

    • Brand: UPBRIGHT
    • ASIN: B01MT3P8EF
    • UPC: 661230410306

  • T POWER 22v Ac Dc Adapter Charger Compatible with IRobot Roomba 400 500 600 660 670 700 760 770 780 790 880, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 Series Vacuum Cleaner Full Range of Sweeping Machines Power Supply

    T-Power Made with the Highest Quality , Brand-new Input Volt Range: 100-240V , Output Max: 22.5V 1.25A Compatible PN: iRobot 17063 10556 22V DC 1.75A Battery Charger AC Power Supply Adapter for Roomba 17063 10556 10558 400 500 535 Vacuum Compatible Model: Irobot Roomba 400 405 410 415 416 418 4000 4100 4105 4110 4130 4150 4170 4188 4210 4220 4225 4230 4232 4260 4296 4400 4418 ; 500 510 530 532 535 540 550 560 562 570 580 700 760 770 780 880 870 800 R3 80501 ; APS #80701 ; 610 611 625 Pro 627 630 650 653 Pet 654 660 670; 0701 20914 17062 72-560ch , Dirt Dog , Discover ; APS 4902 , Series full range of sweeping machines Series Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 770 650 Pet 560 780 630 530 760 550 700 500 660 4210 540 415 4000 4150 4230 570 4100 510 405 535 532 , IRobot Roomba 17063 10556 10558 400 500 535

    • Brand: T-Power
    • ASIN: B00B658ECY
    • UPC: 700220508224

  • SMAKN AC 100-240V Power Adapter DC 22V 1A Power Supply Charger DC 5.5 2.5mm

    *Product Name: Switching DC Power Supply Adapter. *Input voltage: AC (AC) 100-240V. *Output voltage: DC (direct current) 22V 1A. *Output Current: 1000mA. *Voltage frequency: 50 / 60Hz. *Output ripple: 100MVP-P *Efficiency: 85%. *Output line length: 1M. *Output interface: 5.5mm (inner diameter) * 2.5mm (outside diameter) can be customized to other interfaces. *Size:75mm * 50mm * 31mm.(L*W*H). *Plug polarity: the positive (+) outside negative (-). Features: *Anti-jamming performance, high reliability. *DC ripple, high efficiency. *Low temperature, long service life. *Good insulation properties, high dielectric strength. *Full load high temperature burn-in, 100% burn-in test. *Suitable for security equipment, liquid crystal displays, LED lighting, communications equipment, audition products, digital products, instruments and other products. Feedback: We greatly appreciate your POSITIVE feedback. Please do NOT leave negative feedback without asking for help. Our aim is to provide Top Level Customer Service, so we will try our best to solve any problem.Thank you very much!

    • Brand: SMAKN
    • ASIN: B015E2KU6W
    • UPC: 710185278537

  • DROK 3A/15W Dual Power Adapter 8-22V to 5V Double USB Cable Connector For IPhone/iPad/Nokia/HTC

    Features: Build-in identification resistor for apple. Synchronous rectification, low heat Connector : Dual USB standard-A (female) Input and output lines length :10-13cm Output interface cable length :about 30cm Dimensions: 46x27x14mm Input voltage: DC 8-22V Output voltage: DC 5V Output Current: 3A max Output Power: 15W MAX No-load power consumption 10-12MA, Maximum conversion rate: 96% Industrial Operating Temperature: -40 °C - 80 °C Protection: Reverse polarity protection, Overcurrent protection, Over Temperature protection, Short circuit protection Glue craft: Adapt to harsh environments,Waterproof, Moistureproof, Earthquake Proof. Application: use for charging cell phone, power for electronic device etc. Note: This converter build-in identification resistor for apple, it can charge apple product, iPhone/iPad/iPod etc. There are two USB, But it can charge one apple product at one time. it CAN NOT charge two apple product at the same time by using two USB. when one USB use for charging apple product, the other USB can charge standard USB device only. Package Include: 1x Dual USB Converter

    • Brand: DROK
    • ASIN: B00F0CS1EK
    • UPC: 519397033169

  • 12v to 5v DC Converter, DROK Voltage Regulator Board Power Supply Module, DC 6.3-22V 12V to 5V 3A 15W Waterproof Car Volt Step Down Buck Converter

    DROK DC/DC Step Down Power Regulator Parameter: Input voltage: DC 12V/9V (6.3V-22V) Output voltage: DC 5V Output current: 3A Output power: 15W Conversion efficiency: over 95% max. Working temperature: -20℃~80℃ Dimension: 35*26*21mm/1.37*1.02*0.98 inch Mounting hole distance: 41mm/1.61 inch Mounting hole diameter: 4mm/0.15 inch Installation cable length: 13-14cm/5.11-5.51 inch Cooling: natural cooling Protection: Over-current protection; Over-temp protection; Input reverse connection protection; Short-circuit protection Wiring: Input: Red wire: input + Black wire: input - Output: Yellow wire: output + Black wire: output - Note: Input voltage cannot exceed 22V, otherwise the module will burn. Package Included: 1x Step Down Module

    • Brand: DROK
    • ASIN: B07P663XJV

  • Yeeco Waterproof 8-22V to 5V 3A/15W Dual Power Adapter DC to DC Buck Converter Step Down Power Supply Module Car Power Converter Double USB Cable Connector Car Charger

    Input voltage: DC8-22V Output voltage: DC 5V Output: 3A MAX Output power: 15W MAX Output Interface: Double USB cable connectors Working temperature: -25-65 ° C Features: Synchronous rectification Over-current, over-temperature, short circuit protection Waterproof Note: 1. There are two female USB, but it can charge one apple product at one time. Please DO NOT charge two apple products at the same time by using the two USB! 2. This converter build-in identification resistor. 3. When using one USB for charging apple product, the other USB can only charge standard USB device. 4. This power converter can not be used for truck becasue truck's voltage is usually 24V, when starting up the truck the voltage can get to about 40V at that moment. Abusing the power converter in truck may burn! Packing included: 1x Double USB cable connector

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Yeeco
    • UPC: 706551406703

  • 22V AC Printer Adapter Power Supply for HP Deskjet 1010 1012 1510 1518 0957-2385, Also for 0957-2403 HP Deskjet 1512 2515 2548 2540 2542 2544 OJ 2620, Officejet 2620 Ink All-in-One US Cord

    Replace Part Number: 0957-2403, 0957-2385 Compatible Printer Models: HP Deskjet 1518, 1010, 1510 (not PSC 1510), 1512, 2540, 2542 HP Officejet 2620 etc. Deskjet 1010 Deskjet 1012 Deskjet 1510 Deskjet 1512 Deskjet 1513 Deskjet 2540 Deskjet 2542 Deskjet 1010 Deskjet 1510 All-in-One Deskjet 1510 All-in-One upgrade Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Deskjet 1514 All-in-One Deskjet 2540 All-in-One Deskjet 2540 All-in-One refurb Deskjet 2543 (Deal) Deskjet 2544 All-in-One Deskjet 2549 All-in-One Deskjet Ink Advantage 1010 Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 All-in-One Deskjet Ink Advantage 1516 All-in-One Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 All-in-One Deskjet Ink Advantage 2546 All-in-One Officejet 2620 All-in-One Officejet 2621 All-in-One Officejet 2622 All-in-One Officejet 2624 All-in-One Officejet Ink Advantage 2645 All-in-One Officejet Ink Advantage 2646 All-in-One Package includes: 1 x Power Charger Adapter for HP 1 x Power Cord

    • Brand: Nicer-S
    • ASIN: B07L9R9HQC
    • UPC: 798863412695

  • TFDirect 22V 455mA Replacement HP 0957-2403,0957-2385 Printer AC Adapter for HP Deskjet 1518,1010,1510,1512,2540,2542,1513,2544,2548,HP Officejet 2620,HP Deskjet Printer DC Power Suplly Cord Charger

    AC Adapter Description*Overheating Protection with Smart Chip*Overload Protection with High Quality Wires*Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials*High quality,rubberized texture extra long AC/DC CordSpecifications:INPUT:100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwide use)Output:22V 455mA 10WConnector size:2 metal pieceReplace Part Numbers:0957-2403,0957-2385Compatibility:22V 455mA for Hp Deskjet 1010,1012,1510(not PSC 1510), 1512,1513,1514,1518,2540,2541,2542,2543,2544, 2546,2548,2549,2546R Printer and others(0957-2385)HP Officejet 2620Deskjet 1510 All-in-One Deskjet 1510 All-in-One upgradeDeskjet 1512 All-in-OneDeskjet 1514 All-in-OneDeskjet 2540 All-in-OneDeskjet 2540 All-in-One refurb Deskjet 2543 (Deal)Deskjet 2544 All-in-One Deskjet 2549 All-in-OneDeskjet Ink Advantage 1010Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 All-in-One Deskjet Ink Advantage 1516 All-in-OneDeskjet Ink Advantage 2545 All-in-OneDeskjet Ink Advantage 2546 All-in-OneOfficejet 2620 All-in-OneOfficejet 2621 All-in-OneOfficejet 2622 All-in-OneOfficejet 2624 All-in-OneOfficejet Ink Advantage 2645 All-in-OneOfficejet Ink Advantage 2646 All-in-One Package content1*AC ChargerPowering Millions of Laptops, Tablets and Electronic Gadgets and a go-to brand for premium replacement chargers and accessories from TFDirect since 2009.T...

    • Brand: TFDirect
    • ASIN: B01L6IJ18G
    • UPC: 744947454877

  • LiCB A23 23A 12V Alkaline Battery (5-Pack)

    23A 12V batteries

    • Brand: LiCB
    • ASIN: B06ZYRCP2B