• Lyman 7833020 Single Caliber Ammo Checker.223 Remington

    Lyman multi-caliber ammo checkers have proven to be extremely popular with reloaders since their introduction last year. Ammo checkers are gauges that verify the quality and consistency of both reloaded and factory ammo. They are machined from solid aluminum and cut with custom tooling to SAAMI minimum chamber tolerances. Just drop your cartridge into the gauge and if it fits, it will chamber in your gun. This year, Lyman is expanding their line of ammo checkers into other calibers that are not included in the multi-caliber blocks. Each gauge is clearly marked for caliber and is anodized in a bright orange color so that they will be easy to spot on your reloading bench. Features: - accuracy and safety- verify the quality and consistent of both reloaded and factory ammo - easy to use- just drop your cartridge into the gauge and if it fits, it will chamber in your firearm - high quality materials- machined from solid 6061 T6 Aircraft grade aluminum, and cut with custom tooling to SAAMI minimum chamber dimensions specifications: - caliber: .223 Rem - weight: .5 lb.

    • Brand: Lyman
    • ASIN: B079H3QQMQ
    • UPC: 011516730206

  • 223 Remington Case & Ammunition Gauge - For Checking Your Reloads & Ammo

    Made from T6 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, beautifully anodized in red color and built to last a lifetime. Each gauge is manufactured to S.A.A.M.I (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) minimum chamber / headspace specifications. The gauge will measure the maximum cartridge length (full overall length), the minimum and maximum case length, the maximum case diameter and the minimum and maximum headspace. A loaded cartridge should fit freely and easily into the gauge. A cartridge that does fit properly may not correspond to the proper chamber dimensions. Place a clean cartridge into the gauge and make sure that it is completely seats by itself with no assistance to seat it. The head of the brass should sit flush within the lower or upper step of the gauge. If the cartridge sits higher than the upper step then your brass might be too long. With the cartridge in the gauge check the backside to make sure the tip (bullet end) is not protruding outside the back face of the gauge. If the tip of the bullet protrudes from the end of the gauge it is longer than the maximum allowed cartridge length. If the cartridge does not easily drop into the gauge without assistance there is most likely something wrong with the dimensions of your cartridge. In some instances your cartridg...

    • Color: Stainless
    • Brand: The Shooters Box
    • ASIN: B01IPNMBX2
    • UPC: 722512476912

  • St Action Pro Pack of 10 Inert .223 REM Remington 5.56 NATO M16 AR-15 Rifle Orange Safety Trainer Cartridge Dummy Ammunition Ammo Shell Rounds with Brass Case

    Pack of 10. Developed for Military and Law Enforcement Use - Brass case with ABS Plastic Insert Makes the Round Highly Visible. Popular with Many Departments and Agencies for Use In Immediate Action Training for Just That Reason. Completely Inert Dummy Training Round. Excellent for Classroom Training, Loading/Reloading Drills, Gun Handling Drills, Malfunction Drills and Diagnosing Shooting Problems. Each Round Uses A Solid Brass Case So There Is No Chance of Rim Breakage. Made by ST Action Pro.

    • Brand: ST Action Pro
    • ASIN: B00RG6SB4I
    • UPC: 701327656467

  • Hornady 380707 Cartridge Gauge, 223 Rem (.224)

    Hornady lock-n-load cartridge gauges allow the user to check their cases and ammo to ensure a correct fit in SAAMI chambers. Specifications: - material: steel - caliber: 223 Remington - quantity: 1 - caliber group: 22 caliber

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Hornady
    • ASIN: B06VXQGD1L
    • UPC: 090255807073

  • Lee Precision Load Master 223 Remington Reloading Rifle Kit

    The Lee Precision Load Master Reloading Kit features a large 1 3/4 inch diameter ram with a stroke clearance big enough for even the largest magnum rifle cases. It can be used as an automatic indexing progressive press or as a single stage press, and its five stations accept most popular reloading dies. Dies are held by a detachable turret that allows them to be removed and reinserted without adjusting.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Lee Precision
    • ASIN: B003DO5L3G
    • UPC: 734307909222

  • Hunter's Specialties Butt Stock Rifle Shell Holder

    The Hunter's Specialties Butt Stock Rifle Cartridge Holder is an elastic sleeve that securely fits around the butt of the rifle to provide easy access to ammo. Holds 9 rifle cartridges for when more than one shot is required.

    • Brand: Hunters Specialties
    • ASIN: B001F0GF58
    • UPC: 021291006878

  • Tipton Snap Caps 223 Remington, Per 2

    Snap Caps have a variety of uses around the bench. It is generally accepted that one shouldn't drop the firing pin on an empty chamber - which is the primary reason to have Snap Caps for your favorite guns. You should always use Snap Caps when checking or adjusting the trigger pull. If you prefer to release the tension on the hammer springs, when storing your guns, Snap Caps are ideal. Whatever your needs, Snap Caps are handy and inexpensive. - Caliber/Gauge: 223 Remington - Sold per 2 snap caps

    • Brand: Tipton
    • ASIN: B0048KGWKU
    • UPC: 796793333158

  • MTM Plastic Ammo Box, Green 50 Round 223/5.56 / More (3)

    Boxes fit the .17 Mach 4, .17 Remington, .20 Tactical, .204 Ruger, .22 Bench Rest [D], .22 Savage Hi-Power [D], .22 PPC [D], .221 Fireball, .221 Remington, .222 Remington Mag, .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, .224 Weatherby Mag [D], .25-20 Winchester, .30 Remington [D], .300 Sherwood, .300 Whisper, .32 Ideal [D], .32 Winchester SL, .351 WSL [D], 6 x 47mm Lapua, 6.5 TCU, 6mm BR [D], 6mm Norma BR [D], 6mm PPC [D], 6mm TCU, 6mm Remington. They have an actual hinge that easily stays open without closing on its own. Free adhesive reloading label with each ammo box. LIFETIME WARRANTY & MADE IN THE USA Note: Calibers ending in [D] indicate that those calibers only fit with the bullet tip facing down. These are for ammo boxes only - no ammunition is being sold.

    • Color: GREEN
    • Brand: MTM Case-Gard
    • ASIN: B07NZC9Z6G
    • UPC: 026057217109

  • Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

    • Color: RED
    • Brand: Hornady
    • ASIN: B000PD01NS
    • UPC: 090255951004

  • SightMark Laser Bore Sights Cartridge Sizes: SightMark Laser Bore Sight - 223 Model SM39001

    • Color: Limited Edition
    • Brand: Sightmark
    • ASIN: B001BVI982
    • UPC: 604945320713

  • Magpul 223 Dummy Rounds (Pack of 5)

    A five pack of our .223 Remington dummy rounds made from our proprietary hard polymer. Made in USA and constructed of Magpul polymer.

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Magpul
    • ASIN: B006QP76CI
    • UPC: 757183637355

  • CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return with Adapter

    Specification: Color: Black Material: Hardened steel and aluminum Leg Height:6 inches/ 152mm (retracted) ; 9 inches / 225 mm (fully extended) Light weight : 10ozs Feature: Leg length can be adjusted from 6 to 9 inches. The legs can be folded forward or backward. Heavy duty and made of hardened steel and aluminum. Package Included: 1 x 6-9 inches Bipod 1 x Mount Adapter

    • Color: 6-9inches
    • Brand: CVLIFE
    • ASIN: B01E4YVCOA

  • LEE PRECISION Breech Lock Challenger Kit (Red)

    The Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Kit includes the Breech Lock Challenger Press and one Breech lock quick change bushing. It provides a complete powder handling system, with the most convenient and repeatable perfect powder measure. Plus the Lee safety scale, the most sensitive and safest of all powder scales and fill your case with the included powder funnel. Case preparation tools include a cutter and lock stud to trim your cases. Lee chamfer tool chamfers the inside and outside of the case mouth and a tube of premium sizing lube is included. A small and large primer pocket cleaning tool completes the case preparation package.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • ASIN: B003ISVWC6
    • UPC: 799916955442

  • Lee Precision 90694 223 Remington Ultimate Rifle Die Set, Silver

    The LEE PRECISION ENG ultimate rifle 4 die set would be a great addition to your reloading collection as a beginner or an experienced reloader.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Lee Precision Reloading
    • ASIN: B00HDL9P0K
    • UPC: 734307906948

  • Pinty Rifle Scope 3-9x32 Rangefinder Illuminated Reflex Sight 4 Reticle Green Dot Laser Sight with 14 Slots 1 inch High Riser Mount

    Laser class:Class IIIAFits 20mm standard picatinny rail 3-9x32EG Illuminated Rangefinder Rifle Scope Magnification: 3x-9x Obj. diameter: 32mm Reticle type: Rangefinder Brightness control: Red 5 levels / Green 5 levels Lens color: Blue Field of view: 13.41' ~ 40.38' @ 100yards Eye relief: 3" ~ 3.4" Windage & elevation click value: 1/4' @ 100 yards Exit pupil: 3.3mm ~10mm Weaver rail: 20mm Battery required: 1x CR2032 battery (included) Scope length: 12"/305mm 4 Reticle Red&Green Reflex Sight with on/off Button Obj. aperture: 22 mm Reticle : 4 types (as shown in the picture) Brightness control: Red / Green (On/off button) Field of view: 15.8m @100yds Eye relief: Unlimited Weaver rail: 20mm Battery required: 3x AG13 batteries (included) Green Dot Laser Sight Color: Green Output power: ≤ 5 mw Wavelength: 532nm Windage and elevation adjustable Weaver rail: 20mm Battery required: 1x 3V CR2 battery (included) 1" High Riser 14 Slots Material: Aluminum Height: 1" Rail Type: 20mm Picatinny/ 20mm Weaver Package includes: 1x 3-9x32EG Illuminated Rangefinder Rifle Scope 1x 4 Reticle Red&Green Reflex Sight 1x Green Dot Laser Sight 1x 1" high riser 3x Allen Wrenchs 1x Lens Cover 1x Cleaning Cloth 1x CR2032 Battery for Scope 3x AG13 Batteries for Reflex Sight 1x 3V CR2 Lithium Batteries ...

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Pinty
    • ASIN: B01N1Z56E5
    • UPC: 610731105617

  • L.E. Wilson CG-223R Remington Case Gage

    The Cartridge Case Gage was designed with safety in mind and was invented by our founder Sam (L.E.) Wilson in 1935 after a fellow shooter approached him for help in solving a case-separation issue. The gage allows you to see just how much you are sizing back your shoulder on your cases. This is best done by measuring a case in AS-FIRED condition. Take a measurement. Then place back in the gage to see just how much you are sizing the shoulder back. Finally, adjust sizing die accordingly. After sizing your cases, there is a good chance the brass will lengthen. The gage will also check min/max case length and will point out the need for case trimming. This is an essential tool for every reloaded. Compatible calibers: 223 Remington/5.56 Nato.

    • Color: Polished Steel
    • Brand: L.E. Wilson
    • ASIN: B00M7D03PA
    • UPC: 857949005005

  • EGW 7-Hole Chamber Checker Max Cartridge Gage 223 Remington

    The EGW chamber checker is ideal for reloaders or shooters who want to ensure that ammunition is not too tight or loose to fit in their chamber. These blocks are machined from solid blocks of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and anodized in a long lasting black finish. EGW uses the same chamber reamers that are used by gunsmiths and barrel makers when machining these blocks so you know if your ammo fits in the block it will fit in your chamber. Just drop loaded rounds in the chamber checker, if the round is flush with the top of the block it will fit in the guns chamber.

    • Brand: EGW
    • ASIN: B007ZGIP3G
    • UPC: 841370107711

  • MidTen Bore Sight Cal Red Dot Boresighter 223 5.56mm Rem Gauge with Two Sets of Batteries

    Specification -- Length: 44.5mm; Tail width: 9.5mm; Head width: 6.3mm -- Laser Wave length (nm:) 640 to 660 -- LED Type: visible red laser -- Power:

    • Brand: MidTen
    • ASIN: B0794YFRYP
    • UPC: 602815280709

  • Lyman 7690100 MSR Precision 3-Die System.223 Remington

    Lyman MSR die sets are engineered specifically for MSR ammo and are a must for anyone reloading for a modern sporting rifle. These sets include a small base sizing die designed for semi-auto use which will size cases to a slightly smaller diameter to ensure smooth chambering. Each die set comes with a separate seating die and taper crimp die. The taper crimp die is designed to give you added bullet grip for functioning through Semi-Auto actions. Msr die sets also come with one Lyman ammo Checker gauge. These are "go" Gauges machined to minimum chamber specs. Simply drop your loaded round into the gauge, and if it fits, it will chamber. Naturally dies for "black rifles" Should also be black, so MSR dies come with a black oxide finish and are packed in a foam lined storage case. Features: - small Base size die for smooth chambering - separate taper crimp die for tight bullet grip - ammo Checker cartridge "go" Gauge included with each set - packed in a sturdy, clear cover storage case - black finish matches your favorite "black" Rifle Specifications: - cartridge: 223 Remington - number of dies: 3 - die type: sizer die, seater die, crimp die - threads: 7/8"-14 - shellholder included: yes - storage box included: yes

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Lyman
    • ASIN: B07CV1G44R
    • UPC: 011516701008

  • Lee Precision Pacesetter Dies .223

    The Lee Precision Pacesetter Dies includes the exclusive Lee factory crimp die. A conventional bullet seater and roll crimper. You can choose the type of crimp you desire. Includes shell holder, powder dipper, load data and are packed in the nicest storage box ever designed.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • ASIN: B002SEZ5PG
    • UPC: 734307905026