• Deal4GO Replacement LCD LVDS Video Screen Cable Adapter for HP Pavilion G6-2000 G6-2238DX G6-2001TX Display LED Screen Flex Cable DD0R36LC000

    Please, be sure that this cable is right for your laptop before buying. Alternate Part Numbers: 681808-001, DD0R36LC000/DD0R36LC050/DD0R36LC020 Condition: New and Original (Removed from working HP Pavilion G6 series). Warrany: One (1) Year Limited Warranty A list of Compatible Model: for HP Pavilion G6-2000, G6T-2000, G6T-2000, G6T-2200, G6T-2300, G6Z-2200, G6-2238DX, G6-2111TU, G6-2001TX, G6-2146T, G6-2002XX, G6-2010NR, G6-2031NR, G6-2033NR, G6-2035NR, G6-2037NR, G6-2040CA, G6-2040NR, G6-2048CA, G6-2052XX, G6-2067CA, G6-2073CA, G6-2090CA, G6-2106NR, G6-2111US, G6-2112HE, G6-2116NR, G6-2120NR, G6-2122HE, G6-2123US, G6-2129NR, G6-2132NR, G6-2164CA, G6-2188SA, G6-2208CA, G6-2210US, G6-2211NR, G6-2213NR, G6-2216NR, G6-2217CL, G6-2218NR, G6-2219NR, G6-2224NR, G6-2225NR, G6-2226NR, G6-2228CA, G6-2228DX, G6-2228NR, G6-2230US, G6-2231DX, G6-2233CA, G6-2233NR, G6-2235CA, G6-2235US, G6-2237CL, G6-2237NR, G6-2237US, G6-2238DX, G6-2239DX, G6-2240CA, G6-2240NR, G6-2241NR, G6-2243CL, G6-2244CA, G6-2244NR, G6-2248CA, G6-2249WM, G6-2253CA, G6-2253NR, G6-2254CA, G6-2260HE, G6-2260US, G6-2264CA, G6-2268CA, G6-2269WM, G6-2270DX, G6-2278DX, G6-2279WM, G6-2284CA, G6-2288CA, G6-2290CA, G6-2291NR, G6-2292NR, G6-2293CA, G6-2293NR, G6-2294NR, G6-2295NR, G6-2296NR, G6-2297NR, G6-2298NR, G6-2311NR, G6-231...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Deal4Go
    • ASIN: B07KPG1L73
    • UPC: 714035273963