• Ceptics USA to Europe Asia Plug Adapter - CE Certified - RoHS Compliant - 6 Pack

    Ceptics high quality usa to europe asia plug adapter - ce certified - rohs compliant - 6 pack.

    • Brand: Ceptics
    • ASIN: B0084OPT8C
    • UPC: 837654925416

  • Powerfit PF923055 240-volt 4-Prong Male Plug Adapter Twist for 30-Amp Female Connector

    This adapter will connect any generator with a 30 Amp 240 volt twist outlet to an RV. This adapter will supply power from a 30 Amp RV male plug to 30 Amp female connector.

    • Brand: Powerfit
    • UPC: 046396000330

  • Unidapt European Plug Adapter high quality Power Converter Usa Us to EU Europe (4 piece)

    FINALLY A HIGH QUALITY PLUG ADAPTER!!Unidapts TOP QUALITY travel adapters plugs are your perfect travel companion for traveling to Europe. These plug adapters allows: * U.S (and Canadian), Australian appliances which are 110/120V-250V to be used in the continental Europe (including Switzerland) or anywhere else where two round prongs are being used. * It works in the normal outlets and also in the new modern European Hexagon shaped ones. Multi-purpose usage: the adapter plug can be used to charge smart phones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, tablets and so on.Note: The outlet voltage must range between 100 up to max 250 volts AC and this adapter does NOT convert voltage.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Unidapt
    • ASIN: B077WJYNQ5
    • UPC: 619850427846

  • OREI American USA To European Schuko Germany Plug Adapters CE Certified Heavy Duty - 6 Pack

    Free up-grade shipping to expedited mail. Shipped in random colors: Black, beige or in white. American to European schuko Germany plug adapters CE certified heavy duty - 6 pack.

    • Brand: Orei
    • ASIN: B0058EG0KC
    • UPC: 013964201956

  • Power Plug Adapter - International Travel - w/4 USB Ports work for 150+ Countries - 220 Volt Adapter - Travel Adapter Type C Type A Type G Type I for UK Japan China EU Europe European By SublimeWare

    Looking for a high quality functional All in one travel adaptor than look no further than the SublimeWare 4 USB Port Travel AdaptorHigh Functional Design✔Charge 4 USB Devices together! Because you know you need your gadgets when you travel. Now you can charge 4 separate devices TOGETHER such as iPhone, Laptop, MacBook, Ipad, GoPro, DSLR Camera, Power Bank. ✔Strong "Lock in" mechanism to keep the plugin pins. Most cheap travel adapters have flimsy pins that won't stay in place. ✔Dimmed LED indicator that won't affect sleepSafe to Use✔A high quality step down converter the safely converts 220V to 110V and vice versa without over heating ✔High Quality PC Fire Prove Materials. Resistant to High Temperatures This International Power Adapter and Converter (UK/US/AU/EU Plug) that fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries, over 150 countries. Type C - Most of EuropeThis socket also works with plug E, F and NOther Countries include: Albania / Austria / Belgium / Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / the Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / France / Finland / / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / India / the Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Serbia / Spain / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden / Turkey / Ukraine, etc. Type G - UK, Hong KongOther...

    • Color: 4 USB Port - Silver White
    • Brand: SublimeWare
    • ASIN: B01N59M473
    • UPC: 768202356126

  • [PINEeTREE] Travel power plug Adapter and converter 220v to 110v Travel Power Plug Adapter 2 pack / 220 to 110 Travel Adapter (EU Europe & Korea to US USA America) 2 pack

    This adapter is not voltage transformer . // Use only free voltage supported device or power adapter

    • Brand: Winners
    • ASIN: B078LRPYTY
    • UPC: 734130600518

  • BloomGrow 110V / 120V to 220V / 240V Plug Adapter for US (4 PCS)

    Features: The 120 to 240V adapter adapts a 120V 5-15P IEC male plug to have a 6-15P male plug pattern. This adaptor should ONLY be used on electrical equipment which is rated for 220/240V use. This is a plug adaptor and NOT a voltage converter. Packing material: yellow envelop with air bubble film inside Package: 1/2/4-pack 120 to 240V adapter

    • Brand: BloomGrow
    • ASIN: B075FSPBP8
    • UPC: 612675139185

  • ALL IN ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter 2000 Watts Voltage Converter Step Down 220V to 110V for Hair Dryer Steam Iron Laptop MacBook Cell Phone - US to UK AU Europe Over 150 Countries

    The Smallest & Lightest Universal Travel Adapter and Converter You Will Ever Need.BONAZZA travel adapter converter combo is the smallest and lightest to date for use with U.S. and Canada Electric Products abroad like hair dryers, laptop, steam irons, electric kettle, iPhone, MacBook etc. This voltage converter converts foreign electricity from 220-240V to 110-120V. Your benefits with BONAZZA Travel Adapter and Converter COMBO:Compactness, smaller size, more powerful compatibility & security. Plug Lock System.Use of high-quality PC fireproof material, resistant to high temperatures up to 300°.Comfortable faint blue light doesn't affect sleep.*Patent Protected* WARNING: PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT.Converter Mode: should be used only with ''electric'' products, MAX 2000 Watts. Electric products are simple heating devices or have mechanical motors. Examples are hair dryers, steam irons, electric kettle etc.It CAN NOT be used with the Non-Electric appliances/devices or low-wattage appliances (0-25W).Adapter mode: Only use Adapter Mode for DUAL VOLTAGE (110-220V, 120-240V) devices, such as iPhone charger, iPad charger, Laptop, MAC, Dual Voltage Hair straightener and other Dual Voltage Appliances.Dual voltage appliances must be used adapter mode.Before using t...

    • Brand: Bonazza
    • ASIN: B07C1LPMRQ
    • UPC: 689749938432

  • Travel Adapter and 2000 Watts Step Down Converter 220v to 110v for Electric Products Like Hair Dryer Steam Iron - Plug Adapter US to UK Europe AU for Laptop MacBook Cell Phone

    Travel around the world and keep your devices charged with this Platinum all-in-one travel adapter and converter. Compatible with North American, UK, Australian and EU, this portable converter features an all-in-one prong setup that doesn’t take up space.  PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT: 1. CONVERTER MODE: step down the voltage from 220V / 240V to 110V / 120V to use your Electric Products. Electric Products are simple heating devices or have mechanical motors. Examples are hair dryers, steam irons, electric kettle etc. It CAN NOT be used with the Non-Electric hair straightener, curling iron or low-wattage appliances (0-25W). 2. ADAPTER MODE: Dual voltage appliances (110-220V, 120-240V) must be used adapter mode. such as iPhone charger, iPad charger, Laptop, MAC. 3. Before using the converter/adapter, check the product you intend to use has the proper voltage and wattage rating to run your devices. 4. The CONVERTER MODE step down the voltage from 220V/240V to 110V/120V, CAN NOT be used with the converter mode in countries which adopt 110V AC Voltage.  5. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHETHER AN APPLIANCE CAN BE USED.  Weight: 0.29lbSize    : 2.4 x 2.2 x 2 inches

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: HYTED
    • ASIN: B079CH4XNV
    • UPC: 689749938333

  • Universal Plug Adapter - NEMA 6-15P - 208/220/230/240 Volt - 15 Amps Max - Black

    Universal America, Canada NEMA 6-15P plug adapter. Connects European, British, UK, Australia, NEMA, and other international plugs with NEMA 6-15R (15 amps, 208-240 volts) outlets.

    • Brand: Battery Backup Power
    • ASIN: B077MTBD5H
    • UPC: 851367007375