• E-Projects 100EP512220R 220 Ohm Resistors, 1/2 W, 5% (Pack of 100)

    100 each 220 ohm resistors. 1/2 watt. 5% tolerance. Flame retardant coating. Lead free & RoHS Compliant. Cut tape packaging.

    • Brand: E-Projects
    • ASIN: B0185FID0K
    • UPC: 753677617971

  • E-Projects 25EP514220R 220 Ohm Resistors, 1/4 W, 5% (Pack of 25)

    25 each 220 ohm resistors. 1/4 watt. 5% tolerance. Flame retardant coating. Lead free & RoHS Compliant. Cut tape packaging.

    • Brand: E-Projects
    • ASIN: B0185FC0OK
    • UPC: 045635753204

  • 220 Ohm, 1/4W, 5%, Carbon Film Resistors (Pack of 100)

    Package of 100 pieces of a single value. Includes qty 100 1/4W, 5% tolerance through-hole resistors . Used for building electronics or prototype circuits.

    • Brand: Stackpole
    • ASIN: B00EV2Q30E
    • UPC: 702646255324

  • E-Projects 25EP512220R 220 Ohm Resistors, 1/2 W, 5% (Pack of 25)

    25 each 220 ohm resistors. 1/2 watt. 5% tolerance. Flame retardant coating. Lead free & RoHS Compliant. Cut tape packaging.

    • Brand: E-Projects
    • ASIN: B0185FJ6RY
    • UPC: 602003760693

  • Elegoo 17 Values 1% Resistor Kit Assortment, 0 Ohm-1M Ohm (Pack of 525)

    This resistor kit works well for a wide variety of applications including Arduino projects; It is great for electronic and electrical experiments. Feature: 1/4 W Metal film 1% tolerance #24 lead SWG Pin (0.022 inches, 0.55mm) Color Code Guide (Resistance reading) RoHS certification Plastic case Components List: 25pcs 0 Ω ±1% 25pcs 10 Ω ±1% 25pcs 20 Ω ±1% 25pcs 47 Ω ±1% 25pcs 470 Ω ±1% 25pcs 2.2k Ω ±1% 25pcs 4.7k Ω ±1% 25pcs 22k Ω ±1% 25pcs 47k Ω ±1% 25pcs 100k Ω ±1% 25pcs 220k Ω ±1% 25pcs 470k Ω ±1% 25pcs 1M Ω ±1% 50pcs 100 Ω ±1% 50pcs 220 Ω ±1% 50pcs 1k Ω ±1% 50pcs 10k Ω ±1% WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

    • Brand: Elegoo
    • ASIN: B072BL2VX1

  • Uxcell a14040700ux0370 1000 Piece Axial Lead Carbon Film Resistor, 220 Ohm 5% Tolerance 1/4W

    Stable performance, extensive resistance, small size, high operating temperature and high ultimate voltage.

    • Brand: uxcell
    • ASIN: B01738IR9C
    • UPC: 702105297865

  • Gikfun 30pcs Leds and 220ohm Resistor Experiment Kit for Raspberry Pi Arduino MCU Starter EK1774

    LED:5MM Color: Yellow,Red,Green (Each 10pcs) Resistance:220ohm

    • Brand: Gikfun
    • ASIN: B01G3FCMVA
    • UPC: 634894435503

  • E-Projects EPC-103 16 Value Resistor Kit, 10 Ohm - 1M Ohm (Pack of 400)

    Each resistor kit contains 400 total resistors. 25 each of the following 16 standard values: 10, 22, 47, 100, 220, 470, 1k, 2.2k, 4.7k, 10k, 22k, 47k, 100k, 220k, 470k, and 1M ohm. Resistors are 1/4 watt, 5% tolerance, carbon film resistors. Each value is individually bagged, labeled and packaged in a reusable box. This is the perfect starter kit for any electronics hobbyist.

    • Brand: E-Projects
    • ASIN: B00E9YQQSS
    • UPC: 753677617872

  • 22 Values 1/4W 1% Resistor Kit Assortment,10 Ohm - 1M Ohm (Pack of 550)

    RexQualis Inc. is a professional manufacturer of electronic components products, involved in development, design, production and saleing of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other products. Our aim is to provide clients with the highest cost performance products, to provide the best service, make science fun ,make science popular. Although our products are few reviews till now, we actually sold few hundreds of a month.We sincerely hope that you can provide valuable opinions for our products and services, this is the power of prompted us to do better. -------------------------------------------------------- Description: This Resistor kit contains 550pcs professional and practical 1/4W 1% accuracy metal film resistors, Consist of 22 values from 10ohm to 1Mohm, and each value has 25pcs identical resistors. It is really a best and useful metal film resistors for choice. Package included: 25pcs 10 ohm Resistor 25pcs 22 ohm Resistor 25pcs 33 ohm Resistor 25pcs 47 ohm Resistor 25pcs 100 ohm Resistor 25pcs 220 ohm Resistor 25pcs 330 ohm Resistor 25pcs 470 ohm Resistor 25pcs 1k ohm Resistor 25pcs 2k ohm Resistor 25pcs 2.2k ohm Resistor 25pcs 4.7k ohm Resistor 25pcs 5.1k ohm Resistor 25pcs 10k ohm Resistor 25pcs 22k ohm Resistor 25pcs 33k ohm Resistor 25pcs 47k ohm Resistor 25pcs 100k ohm...

    • Brand: REXQualis
    • ASIN: B071V65VZH
    • UPC: 747100058103

  • Uxcell a11101900ux0335 10 x 5W 700V 220 Ohm 220R Metal Oxide Film Resistors

    Features: 220 ohm resistance, 5W rating power, 700V withstand voltage, +/-5 percent resistance tolerance, 4-band color Code, metal oxide film resistors. Axial lead through hole mounting for easy installation. Low noise, stable performance, high frequency and high accuracy. Metal oxide film resistors result in a higher operating temperature and greater stability/reliability than metal film resistors, and are used in applications with high endurance demands.

    • Brand: uxcell
    • ASIN: B019F8C1NG
    • UPC: 608641812060