• Beaute Galleria 15 Pieces Nail Art Brush Set for Detailing, Striping, Blending, One-Stroke Nail Art with Gel Brushes, Painting Brushes, 3D Brush, Dotting Tool, Fan Brush and Liner

    Beaute Galleria 15pcs Nail Art Brushes With Wooden Handles - 5x Gel Brushes ( 3x Oblique Gel Brushes, 2x Flat Gel Brushes ) - 3x Oval Gel Brushes - 3x Painting Brushes - 1x 3D Brush - 1x Dotting Tool - 1x Fan Brush - 1x Liner Brush Beaute Galleria is a registered trademark of Beaute Galleria LLC and is exclusively distributed by Beaute Galleria. Beaute Galleria trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

    • Color: Brown
    • ASIN: B00JQM5J3Q
    • UPC: 853506008663

  • MASH Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Kit Set

    MASH is proud to introduce its first set of Nail Art brushes! The same great MASH quality you have come to expect, with a price that cannot be beat. These premium brushes are so beautiful, and so affordable, you will never chose another brand again!Three drawing tools, seven painting tools (also can be used as gel nail curing brushes), two liners, one dotting tool, two fan brushes for nail art effect. This brush set is perfect for creating that custom nail art to drive your man and friends wild, or make any man yours forever! PLEASE NOTE: This set comes with a white tip angled brush for specific nail art applications. It is not damaged

    • Color: Beige
    • Brand: MASH
    • ASIN: B005BG02BU
    • UPC: 885358599747

  • Beaute Galleria Bundle 50 Pieces Nail Art Tool Kit with Pouch - 5 Pieces Dotting Tool Marbleizing Pen (10 Sizes), 15 Pieces Acrylic Gel Detailing Painting Brushes Liners, 30 Pieces Striping Tapes

    Beuate Galleria Bundle Nail Art Design Set is a perfect DIY solution for creating your own favorite nail designs. This starter kit makes nail design never been so easy! 1.) 5 pieces Double Ended Dotting Pen Tool Set: This is 5 nail art dotting marbleizing pen with 2 different ends for different marbleizing desires. One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one (10 sizes). Ideal for fine nail art work. Suitable for professional use or home use. Length: approx. 13cm. 2.) 15 pieces Acrylic Nail Art Design Detailing Brush Set: Ideal for fine nail art work to draw lines, detailing the flowers or special patterns. This tool set helps to make the nail art attractive and has sturdy design for added durability. - 5x Gel Brushes ( 3x Oblique Gel Brushes , 2x Flat Gel Brushes ) - 3x Oval Gel Brushes - 3x Painting Brushes - 1x 3D Brush - 1x Dotting Tool - 1x Fan Brush - 1x Liner Brush With wooden handles. Easy to use, perfect for professional and home use. 3.) 30 pieces Mixed Colors Nail Striping Tape: Measurement: Diameter: approx. 4.4cm , Thickness: approx. 0.1cm. Self-adhesive. Can be used with UV gel / acrylic nails / nail polish etc. Suitable for professional use or home use. Beaute Galleria is a registered trademark of Beaute Gal...

    • ASIN: B00JQM5J6I
    • UPC: 853506008649

  • Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates set 15 plate 1Stamper 2Scraper 1storage bag Nails Art Stamping Plate Scraper Stamper Set Leaves Flowers Animal Nail plate Template Image Plate

    About BiuteeNail plate: Item Type:Template Template Type:Stamping Size:12cm*6cm Material:304 Stainless Steel Weight:23g Designs:Classical Stripes Leaves Flowers Animals Star Musical Instruments About Biutee storage bag: Material: PU Leather Size: 9*13.5cm Color: blue、pink、black、rose (Random Color.) Usetage:24 pcs nail stamping plates storage About Biutee Stamper + Scraper set: Quantity: 1Pcs Biutee stamper + 2pcs Biutee scraper Stamper height:6.2cm Stamper head diameter : 2.8cm Material: Silicone & plastic Color: Random Color. Package: 15 x Biutee nail plates 1 x Biutee storage bag 1 x Biutee Stamper 2xBiutee Scraper

    • Color: Nail Stamping Plates
    • Brand: Biutee
    • ASIN: B072BYX2HS
    • UPC: 698545373989

  • SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp for Fingernail & Toenail Gels Based Polishes with Sensor, 30s 60s Timer SUN9C (Pink)

    Did you ever felt your eyes uncomfortable when using the purple light source nail dryer? --Never mind! SUNUV SUN9C white light source nail dryer brings you safe and comfortable experience! Did you ever tired of replacing the lamp tube again and again when using the traditional nail dryer? --Here comes a good news! SUNUV SUN9C nail dryer with 15 pieces 24W double light source UV/LED(365nm+405nm) lamp is a professional nail dryer that has no need to change any lamp bulb! Did you ever found your skin become burned after curing your nails? --It's doesn't matter! SUNUV SUN9C nail dryer's 24W low wattage design prevent dryer from overheat and protects your tender skin from being burned. ...... THEN LOOK NO FURHTER, BECAUSE SUNUV SUN9C NAIL DRYER BRINGS YOU THE NAIL CURING SOLUTION! SPECIFICATIONS Brand:SUNUV Type: Nail Nursing Tool Model: SUN9C Material: PC & ABS Color: White, Pink, Blue, Green(Optional) Plug Type: US plug Power: 24W Wave Length: 365nm + 405nm Fit Gel Type: UV Gel / LED Gel / Hard Gels Adapter: Rated input 100-240V 50/60Hz 1A,Rated output DC12V 1A Service Life:Approx. 50000 hours Delay time: 30s /60s or 0~99s DIMENSION & WEIGHT Item Size: Approx. 21.3 * 12.0 * 7.5cm / 8.4 * 4.7 * 3.0in (L * W * H) Item Weight: Approx. 211.0g / 7.4oz Total Size: Approx. 21.5 * 13.0 * 9....

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: SUNUV
    • ASIN: B01JGG5CH4

  • PUEEN Latex Tape Peel Off Cuticle Guard Skin Barrier Protector Nail Art Liquid Tape 15ml Pink BH000584

    ALLERGY ALERT: Contains Latex 0.5 oz/15ml PUEEN Latex Tape WHAT IS IT PUEEN Latex Tape protects your skin from stamping, gradient and marbling messes, making cleanup a breeze. Or use it as a stretchy, flexible peel-off base coat, for those chunky glitter bombs. It's also fantastic for swatchers who need to remove polish quickly without the use of acetone between photo shots. PUEEN Latex Tape has a mild ammonia odor which will go away once it's dry, dries quickly, peels up in ONE PIECE, and it will turn clear pink when it's dry! Our Latex Tape is just fun to use. HOW TO USE 1. Apply to areas where you want free of polish. 2. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes until it turns clear pink. 3. Now be creative and do your nail arts (stamping, gradient, marbling or etc.). 4. Rub edge of Latex Tape with your finger or tweezers and peel it off.

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: PUEEN
    • ASIN: B016LIABMQ
    • UPC: 852664494141

  • Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Peel Off Cuticle Guard for Nail Art | 15 ml | Made in the USA

    ***WARNING: Extreme temperatures can cause latex to dry. If your order arrives dried or discolored, please message us for an immediate replacement!*** ALLERGY ALERT: Contains Latex 0.5 oz Bliss Kiss Simply Peel (PATENT PENDING) WHAT IS IT? Simply Peel is a unique Bliss Kiss liquid latex recipe used for cuticle care and nail art that took Ana over 2 months to develop. She formulated it to dry quickly and peel easily. It's unlike anything out on the market today WHAT IT DOES Simply Peel liquid latex creates a protective skin barrier for proper cuticle removal. Protects your skin from gradient and marbling messes, making cleanup a breeze. Or use it as a stretchy, flexible peel-off base coat, for those chunky glitter bombs, that lasts about 12 hours. It's also fantastic for swatchers who need to remove polish quickly without the use of acetone between photo shoots. Simply Peel has a mild ammonia odor, dries quickly, peels up in one piece, and to top it all off, it has GLITTER! You know it's dry when you sparkle! Simply Peel is just fun to use. DIRECTIONS WITH CUTICLE REMOVER 1. Apply a thin layer around your nail plate starting with pinkie finger. 2. Continue to remaining 4 fingers. If you get some on your nail plate, use an orange wood stick to remove before it dries. 3...

    • Color: Clear when dry
    • Brand: Bliss Kiss
    • ASIN: B00UB7WX3O
    • UPC: 858566006000

  • XICHEN 36 Starry plus 36 five flower flower three-dimensional applique 3d nail stickers nail supplies dried flowers 2 12 color (Starry and five flower)

    Please note: dry flowers are stained, so not every time they are dyed exactly the same color, color and pictures will have some differences. Dried flowers are natural flowers, artificial picking, dyeing. Dehydration. Vacuum packaging. Therefore, please do not put in a damp place, be sure to store in a dry place.If it is improper storage lead to moldy, at your own risk, are irresponsible. Of course, if it is just received the product, found the quality problem, please contact us for the first time. We will handle it for you.

    • Brand: XICHEN
    • ASIN: B0181RW5G0
    • UPC: 736950004804