• Timing Function LED Grow Light with 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer,Auto on/Off Plant Grow lamp,3 Head 15W Growing Lamps,Flexible 360 Degree Gooseneck,3 Control Switches (Outlet Timer and Glow Light)

    Tips: 1. Would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant about 70cm. 2. Generally this grow light should be turned on for 5 hours one time, 2 times every day. BLUE LIGHT influences the formation of chlorophyll, enabling the plant to intake more energy. Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow with strong, healthy stems and leaves.RED LIGHT contributes to the optimal development. It's essential to a plant's early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development. It makes the plant yield better results when flowering. Set Up Your Timer in 3 Easy Steps1.Press Down for Desired On TimesThe unit comes with all of the pins in the up ("off") position. Press down the pins for the time range when you want the timer to turn on. Each pin is 15 minutes. A red light will be on when the timer is switched on. 2.Set the Current TimeSet the current time by turning the dial clock-wise until the arrow points at your current time.3.Flip Switch to TimerUse the switch on the right side of the timer to toggle between 'always on' mode or 'Timer' mode.Glow Light Specification: LED Lamp Beads Quantity: 15PCSLED Color: 9 Red; 6 BlueInput Voltage: AC85V-265V 50HZBody Material: AluminumRecommended Height: 1.5ft 5ftLifespan: 50,000 HoursPower: 15WWarranty: 24 MonthsOutle...

    • Color: Outlet Timer and Glow Light
    • Brand: HYSHIER
    • ASIN: B07BK7PV22
    • UPC: 666354687184

  • ShalBal's 15W Triple Head LED Grow Light Desk Clip Lamp with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Hydroponic Gardening, Greenhouse, Office

    ShalBal's LED Grow Light is part of a family run business and ShalBal is the mother figure who likes to take care of everyone and everything. Always having had green fingers, she believes families are the centerpiece of society and communities. We are committed to designing genuine quality household items to support busy parents. Happiness Is A Thriving Plant! RAPIDLY IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF PLANT:- ShalBal's Indoor Plant Light can be well absorbed by plants in photosynthesis and help accelerate the growth of indoor plants, bringing your plant back to life which were dying due to sunshine shortage. It can rapidly improve the health of plant and growing. This table top grow light is suitable for the whole plants growing stages from breeding to bearing fruit. ShalBal's Grow Lamps Light features: Provide better plant growth and gives off targeted wavelengths to accelerate the growth of indoor plants, foliage plants, flowering plants, succulent plants, potted plants, rapidly promoting leaves and flowers blooming. Flexible three heads allows for 360 degree rotating with goose-neck arms to target specific areas, while the individual switch allows convenient, independent use of each of the three LED grow lamps and is fully adjustable to the specific needs of your own home, off...

    • Brand: ShalBal`s Grow Lamp
    • ASIN: B07BP2BNJM
    • UPC: 663387999604

  • Lovebay Three Head Led Grow Light Bulbs 15W Clip on Plant Grow lamp with Flexible 360 Degree Gooseneck and Three Separate Control Switches for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic Office Home

    Lovebay Three Head Led Grow light - Like having a sun inside your home Provide better plant growth Gives off targeted wavelengths (460nm and 660nm). Accelerate the growth of indoor plants, foliage plants, flowering plants, succulent plants, potted plants, rapidly promoting leaves and flowers blooming. Flexible three head plant light for 360 coverage Achieve 360°coverage of plants with our three flexible gooseneck heads that covers a larger area than others. Energy saving ,Less heat, more growth The LED lights have average lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. It uses far less energy and emits much less heat than fluorescent lamps. From seedlings to harvest Our grow light is suitable for all stages of plant growth, flowering and fruiting. Its relative compact size makes it an excellent choice for cloning and seedling lights since they can be placed in tight spaces without worrying about heat increased. Outstanding Warranty At Lovebay, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. Tips: The appropriate length of the growing light and the top of the plant is about 20-45cm (7.8-17.7inch), 5-8 hours per day. You can shorten or extend the time in accordance with plants growing. Please do not touch or k...

    • Brand: Lovebay
    • ASIN: B076ZNGS35
    • UPC: 652508419909

  • 3 Head Led Grow Light, Balleen.E 15W Desk Plant Lamp with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck with Clip Base and Triple Separated on/Off Switch for Indoor Plants Greenhouse Hydroponic System Kit

    Are you tired of moving your plants here and there, always be worried about that they didn't get enough sunshine, couldn't overcome the cold weather, grow up to a ugly shape or won' give enough fruitage? If yes,that's why we come today, bring you this excellent Triple Head LED Desk Clip Grow Light. It offers blue and red light which meet needs for plant's all growing stage from seeding to bearing fruit. It has 3 separated controlled head with 360° flexible gooseneck, that means its a 360° coverage of plants light. Another good news is that the growing light is high energy saving, every 1000 hours, it only consumes 15 kWh electric. Besides, it is a convenient portable desk light. With strong clip base, it can be put in many different places,quite convenient. Some tips The red LED: 3pcs with wavelength 620-630nm, rich sources in red light are more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for flowering and seed production. The blue LED:2pcs with wavelength of 460nm, blue light is more necessary for chlorophyll and carotenoid, good for the photosynthesis, best for promoting the stem and leaf. Put the grow lights about 10'' to 16" far away from your plants, then it won't burn leaves. Turn on the grow lights 5-8 hours/day, DO NOT make your plants in photosynthetic all the ti...

    • Brand: Balleen.E
    • ASIN: B077L5GBJQ

  • EForces Plant Growing Light, 15W Dimmable LED Grow Lamp with 3 Heads, 360° Flexible Goosenecks, Separate Controls for Indoor Plants Greenhouse Gardening

    EForces Plant Growing Light acts as the second sun for your indoor plants.Better Light, Better Growth6 blue LEDs and 9 red LEDs emit ultra-bright light to optimize the growth of your flowers, vegetables, and bonsai.Flexible Design360° goosenecks allow for easy adjustment of your plant growing lamp to shed light on targeted parts. With a sturdy spring clamp at the bottom, you can fix the plant lamp on the edge of a table.Dimmable Light & Separate SwitchesThe rotatory dimmer and 3 separate switches ensure complete control of your plant light to meet different needs of your indoor plants.Energy-Efficient for More LightHigh-powered LEDs with high energy conversion efficiency dissipate less heat and maximize extended service life to 50000 hours. Specifications:1. Materials: aluminum alloy & PC2. Input voltage: AC 110V - 240V3. Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz4. LED: 15pcs x 1W high-powered LED5. Power: 15W6. Service Life: 50000 hoursWorking Voltage: DC 12V7. Working Current: 1A8. Wavelength of light: red (620-660nm, 9pcs) & blue (460nm, 6pcs)9. LED Light Angle: 120°10. Illumination Coverage: 360°11. Working temperature: -4°F - 131°F12. IP Rating: IP44Package includes:1 x Plant Growing Lamp1 x Power Adapter1 x User Manual Tips:1. Recommended distance between your plant grow light and plant: ...

    • Color: 15W Grow Light
    • Brand: EForces
    • ASIN: B07GDJC3Z7

  • Three Head Led Grow Light Bulbs 15W 15 Bulbs Clip on Plant Grow lamp with Flexible 360 Degree Gooseneck and Three Separate Control Switches for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic Office Home

    Product description: Are you tired of moving your plants here and there, all the time be worried about that they didn't get enough sunshine, couldn't overcome the cold weather, grow up to a ugly shape or won' give enough fruitage?  If yes,that's why we come today, bring you this excellent Triple Head LED Desk Clip Grow Light. Another good news is that the growing light is high energy saving , every 1000 hours, it only consumes 15 kWh electric.  It offers blue and red light which meet needs for plant's all growing stage from seeding to bearing fruit. It has 3 separated controlled head with 360°flexible gooseneck , that means its a 360°coverage of plants light.  Besides, this is a convenient portable desk light With strong clip base, it may be put in many different places,somewhat convenient. Some tips: ◇ The red LED: 3pcs with wavelength 620-630nm, rich sources in red light are more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for flowering and seed production.  ◇ The blue LED:2pcs with wavelength of 460nm, blue light is more necessary for chlorophyll and carotenoid, good for the photosynthesis, best for promoting the stem and leaf.  ◇ Put the grow lights about 10" to 16″ far away from your plants, then it won't burn leaves.  ◇ Turn on the grow...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Ustyle
    • ASIN: B07B8K9YKG
    • UPC: 019001195479

  • RedSun 15W LED Grow Lights, Plant Growing Clip Desk Lamp with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck for Office, Home, Indoor Garden Greenhouse (15W)

    Specifications: LED quantity: 78 pcs (42Red+18Blue+6White+61R+6UV) Power: 15W Full Spectrum: 380-740 nm Heat sink: AL6063 Input Voltage: AC100-240V Working Frequency: 50/60Hz Working Environment: -20~40℃ Lifespan: 35000hours Size: 3.7(D)*15.6(H)inch Package: 1 * Mocent plant growing lamp(with clips & flexible gooseneck & adapter)

    • Color: 15w
    • Brand: RedSun
    • UPC: 713262122884

  • Phive LED Task Lamp, 15 Watt Super Bright Desk Lamp with Clamp, Dimmable Gooseneck Monitor Lamp(4 Color Modes, 5-Level Dimmer, Memory Function, Highly Adjustable Office Light/Workbench Lamp) Silver

    Wide Illumination Area 31.5-inch super wide LED light bar, 15W bright LED light, strong clamp supports up to 2.5 inches tabletop, provide a larger and wider illumination range over your office desk, workbench. 4 Color Temperatures Study: Bright cool white light that helps you stay focused. Work: Cool white light helps you boost work efficiency. Reading: Cozy warm light helps you enjoy reading without eye strain. Relax: Comfortable warm light drives all your stress away. 5-level Dimmer Touch sensitive dimmer switch provides enhanced control over light intensity. Memory Function Remembers the last mode and brightness level you selected when turn off and on again. Longevity & Energy-saving LED bulb ensures 50000 lifespan, and only cost 25% energy as a incandescent lamp does in the same brightness. Product Parameters Power: 15W Lifespan: 50000H Voltage: AC100-240V Material: Aluminum Alloy + Fireproof ABS Package Includes 1 x Phive Desk Lamp 1 x Metal Clamp (up to 2.5 inches) 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Hex Key 1 x User Manual Worry-Free Warranty 12-month warranty, friendly and easy-to-reach support.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: PHIVE
    • ASIN: B078N2HS5D

  • ANPHSIN 3 Head Led Plant Grow Light with 15 W, 360°Flexible Gooseneck and Spring Clamp for Indoor Plants, Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Gardening and Office

    The LED grow light can add more hours of light to plants during long dull, cold winter period - major improvement in plant health and growth. Features: 1.This led grow light has low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life, Adhesive tape for secure and easy application, stable performance Led strip. 2. Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow with strong, healthy stems and leaves. Red light is essential to a plant's early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development. 3. APPLICATION- indoor garden, pot plants, garden, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant, greenhouse plants, pipeline cultivation, flowering, etc. 4. New Design- Triple head design, Led grow lights with three heads and flexible gooseneck arms, achieve 360-degree coverage of plants. Triple switches make it convenient and quick to serve your plants. Specification: 【Product Name】: Led plant grow light 【Product Power】: 15W (lamp beads: 3 red 2 blue plant lamp beads) 【Access Voltage】: 90-265 V. 【Product Material】: Aluminum 【Service Life】: 50,000 hours WARMING TIPS: When turning on the lamp, do not touch the surface of the lamp. Keep light away frm any obvious sources of heat or fire. Warranty Guarantee: 24 Hours Customer Support: Contact us fre...

    • Brand: ANPHSIN
    • ASIN: B077RQZQDG

  • Triple Head LED Grow Light, Desk Clip Lamp with 360 Flexible Gooseneck and triple independent switch

    Give your plants the spa treatment they deserve and see them get amazing strong leaves, yielding more fruit and flowers when mature. It's an affordable luxury they've been waiting for and they will absolutely love it! Let's face it, the plants we buy with so much hope often change rapidly and end up giving us a gloomy feeling rather than the natural buzz and excitement we once got from looking at them. Make Your Plants Consistently Healthy Get off the tired cycle of worrying and bringing back your plant from poor shape. A couple of weeks and she will be visually expressing its thanks to you with her new looks. Forget about having to throw plants and feeling as if they were a failed project - their love for the new light will be expressed in nice looking flowers and a healthy looking plant that you can look after for a long time. Thinking about how to arrange the three lightbulbs? Have a think about moving the 360 degree gooseneck arms around a single plant. Have several plants that need the extra help? You may want to use a couple of lamps to evenly split their light onto them. You can still purchase them individually so you get exactly as much additional light as you want. * 9*Red 620-630nm, efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for wearing and seed production. * 6*B...

    • Color: Reb, Blue, Silver
    • Brand: TinyJungle
    • ASIN: B06Y1YQLXZ

  • DEEPLITE LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck 3 Level Brightness, Battery Operated Table Lamp 5W Touch Control, Compact Portable lamp for Dorm Study Office Bedroom, Eye-Caring and Energy Saving

    Specifications: Color: Daylight White Power: 5W Material: ABS Plastic Input: DC 5V 500mAh Battery Capacity: 1200mAh Life Time: 10000 hrs Light Source: High Light 18 LED Lamp Beads Cable Length: 1m/3.3ft Color Temperature: 6000-6500K Dimension: 4.7*3.5*14.9 inches Weight: 142g Rotation: 360 Degrees Type: Touch Control, 3-Level Brightness Duration: High 3-4 hours, Mid 6-7 hours, Low 8-9 hours Package Included: 1x Lamp Body 1x USB Cable(without adaptor) 1x Operating Manual Product Features: --Classic Design: Classic minimalist style, white frosted finish, compact and delicate. --Energy Saving: 5W LED Desk Light are eco-friendly, reduces much energy consumption. --Eye Caring: LED white reading light effectively protects eyes from fatigue, providing a comfortable environment when reading, working or surfing the Internet. --Compact and Portable: This desk lamp is in small size. The arm can be adjusted to the base. It is easy to carry around. --USB Charging Port: You can connect it on your computer, mobile power bank or any USB adaptor.( Adaptor is not packaged with the lamp. ) --Please charge it in time when the lamp become dim. More Application: As a wireless built-in battery lamp, the lamp can be used when we are reading in bedroom and study, working in office, or watching videos on...

    • Color: Touch Desk Lamp
    • Brand: DEEPLITE
    • ASIN: B076HLYF6L
    • UPC: 611720469161

  • 2018 New Triple Head Led Grow Light, Anzonto Desk Clip Lamp with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck and Triple on/Off Switch for Indoor Plants Greenhouse Office (15W Triple Head)

    About Newforshop: Our mission is to offer our customers with the best product, pre and after service, for any reason you are not satisfied, please give us an opportunity to improve your experience by contacting us through "Your Orders" tab in your Amazon account. We will strive our 100% to delight you. New Generation Lamp Improved the head of the lamp, it has thicker and smoother cover than other's. Thicker cover provides better heat dissipation. Independent Control Switch The 15W ( 5W + 5W + 5W ) light source can cover a larger area, three switches achieve one switch independently controls one lamp. Good Heat Dissipation & Low Power Consumption Made of High Quality Aluminum Cooling Shell, you can always keep the temperature at the appropriate level, effective for plant growth and protection, energy saving, low heat and low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and great service life. How does the light work? 9 Red LEDs: 9pcs with wavelength 620-630nm, rich sources in red light are more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for flowering and seed production. 6 Blue LEDs:6pcs with wavelength of 460nm, blue light is more necessary for Chlorophyll and Carotenoid, good for the photosynthesis, best for promoting the stem and leaf. Features: *Input voltage: AC11...

    • Color: 15W Triple Head
    • Brand: anzonto
    • ASIN: B075TY6VQ9
    • UPC: 743447057250

  • Wapipey 15W Potted Plants LED Grow Light Adjustable 3-Head Desk Clamp Lamp Swivel 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck One Switch Comfortable Light Growing Lamp for Home Office Indoor Plants

    Brand: WapipeyName:LED Grow LightShell Material: AluminumDimension(L*W*H): 75mm*115mm*400mmSuggested Work Time: 12-18 hours per daySuggested Distance: 11.8-27.6inchWorking Area: 0.5㎡ MaxLuminous Flux: 900LMPower: AC85-265V, 50/60HzPower: 15W MaxWeight: 0.5kgApplication: indoor garden, potted garden, sowing, breeding, farm, spray planting, greenhouse culture, water-soluble culture, flower breeding, greenhouse farming, pipeline cultivation, etc.Attention Please:- Do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is on. - not water-proof, Indoor use only. - The IR (Infrared) and UV LEDs are look dim, not faulty LEDs. - Do not use it close to the hot or heat source, keep it far away from the corrosive gas. - Surrounding temperature: MUST less than 40℃. - Please contact us via Amazon message for any questions. Package Includes:1 * 15W LED Grow Light

    • Brand: Wapipey
    • ASIN: B07VCFB382

  • Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 60 LEDs with Blue&Red Spectrum Light, 3 Spectral Modes Auto On/Off Timing Grow Lamp,15 Levels of Lightness Adjustment, Adjustable 3 Head 360°Flexible Gooseneck

    Specifacations:Model: SP309Number of lamp holder: 3PCSLamp: 60PCS LEDRated Power: 30WLuminous flux: 954LMRed:Blue: 42:18Spectral Wavelength: Red 660nm, Blue 460nmBeam Angle: 120°Irradiation Angle: 360°Operating Voltage: 6.5VTimer Mode: 3H/6H/12HSpectral Patterns: Red, Blue, Red&BlueDimming Mode: 0%-100% Stepless AdjustedWork Temprature: -20℃-60℃Lifespan: >50.000HIP Grade: IP44Preparation Before Using1. Install the lamp body in a firm position.2. The distance between plants and lamp is better from 30 to 45cm3. Working hours of plant grow lamp are recommended for 4-8 hours per day, no more than 12 hours.4. Give enough water to plants.Cautions:1. Keep the grow light away from rain, snow, fire or any other danger.2. Don't immerse the grow lamp in water.3. Don't touch the surface of led bulbs after power on.4. Keep the plant grow light in a safe place after using and don't put heavy things on it.5. Don't open the grow lamp by yourself.6. Keep the plant grow lamp away from children.Package include:1x Plant grow light1x Adapter1x User manual

    • Brand: VAPELOPEK
    • ASIN: B07L9NKMZV
    • UPC: 753318348561

  • Led Plant Grow Light, 3-Head Desk Clip LED Plant Grow Lamp 15W Divide Control 360° Flexible Adjustable Gooseneck for Indoor Plants Office Home Garden Greenhouse LED Growth Lighting (15W)

    Specification: Model: CF-DGL03 LED quantity: 3 x 5pcs x 1W Bridgelux LED Chip LED color: Red (620-630nm 9pcs), Blue(460nm 6pcs) Power: 15w Input voltage: AC 100-240V Lifespan: 35,000 hours Body material: Aluminum (heat dissipation) Net weight: 24.9oz/684g Warranty: 1 years Please be noted New generation of light on sale from now on, this new one improved the head of lamp, it thicker and smoother, you won not cut your fingers any more. and thicker cover provides better dissipation too. Please water your plants more than used to be(No Grow Light), so that you won't burn your plants. Application: Blue light is good for photosynthesis; and help to induce Chlorophyll and Carotenoid, which are necessary for healthy leaves; Red light is best for blooming and fruits,White light can be used to ensure the plant has itself's color. Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with water solution culture and soil culture. Can be used in house garden, pot culture, garden, sowing, breeding, farm, flower exhibition, bonsai, garden, green house, sowing,breeding, farm, greenhouse cultivation, water soluble breeding, greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation and so on

    • Brand: CF GROW
    • ASIN: B07K7542K2
    • UPC: 795410976679

  • Plant Grow Light with Timing Function, CANAGROW 27W 54 LED Plant Grow Lamps for Indoor Plants, 3 Head Timing Grow Light, 3/9/12H Timer, 5 Dimmable Levels, 360 Degree Adjustable Gooseneck

    Parameter: Model No: CG-DH27 Input Voltage: 5VDC Working R/T: -20~50°C G.W: 0.65KG LED Ratio: RED: Blue = 2:1 Grow Bar Length: 195mm Product Size: 115*580mm Package Size: 290*100*100mm Power: 27W LED: 54pcs* SMD LED 36pcs 660Red, 18pcs Blue 3pcs grow bar/1set Life time: 50,000hrs Timer function: Twinkling one time: timing 3hrs Twinkling Twice: timing 9hrs Twinkling tree times: timing 12hrs Features: 1)Three working pattern: A) ALL Red B) ALL Blue C) Mixed Light, Full Lighting 2) Dimmable function &memory function Each working pattern has a Gear Select Switch to dim the lightness. The +/- button to adjust the brightness. 3) High quality material: Aluminum shell: good cooling results , ensure long life time. Mike white cover: soft lighting, good for eyes. Big clip: Stainless steel material, Can be fixed on mix. 35mm thickness board. 360 degree flexible neck clamp, make it easy to adjust and place anywhere (length: 15 inch). 4) 5VDC, USB Plug (60 inch long) It can be driver by bank charger, Mobile phone charger, computer etc.

    • Color: Three Head Red/Blue Spectrum
    • Brand: CANAGROW
    • ASIN: B07D1JMCBV
    • UPC: 795410976662

  • HiHydro Full-Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light, Triple Head Grow Lamps for Indoor Plants with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck  (15W)

    Parameters: Power:15W Input voltage: AC100-240V Working environment -20℃- 50℃ Working current: 300MA Service life: 50,000 hours Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz Light color: red / blue Gross weight: about 700g   Features: LED lights are used for hydroponic plant and other high-yield indoor gardening projects, such as fruits and vegetables. Polished aluminum shell: fin design keeps the unit cool and features high luminous efficiency; It is easy for light to run for a long time under this environment. It is easy to be installed in most places you like with a clip, and easy to repair. Adjustable arms and lampholders allows you to adjust to get the perfect angle. Power switch is easy to use. Energy saving: Compared with traditional lamps, our plant lamps save 70% - 80% electricity, and other key bits environmental protection and service life of more than 30,000 hours. Wide applications: indoor garden, potted plants, planting, farming, farmland, spray plants, greenhouse plants, pipe planting, flowering and so on. Energy efficient: 1 kWh/1,000 hours Long service life: up to 50,000 hours Healthy light: the light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared,no radiation Green: The light does not contain mercury and lead and other harmful elements, which is conducive to recycling and use E...

    • Brand: HiHydro
    • ASIN: B078JS3TR9

  • TaoTronics Dimmable LED Floor Lamp 5 brightness levels & 3 colors, 1800 Lumens, Flexible Gooseneck Reading Floor Lamp for Living Room Bedroom, Touch Control, 12W, Philips Enabled Licensing Program

    TaoTronics - Enhance Your Life Enjoy life to the fullest with TaoTronics. From industry-leading LED lighting solutions to home goods and audio devices, we put users at the center of our decisions and design products that address life's needs and help you make the most of your daily activities. Dimmable LED Floor Lamp Specifications: Operating Voltage: DC 10V/1.2A Power (for LED panel): 12W Lumens: 1800 lm Power Voltage: 100V-240V Full Range CCT: 2800K-5500K What's in the Box: 1 x TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp (Model: TT-DL046) 1 x Power Adapter 1 x User Guide 1 x 1-Year Warranty Card Notes: 1. Memory function restores latest color mode and brightness settings. 2. Press and hold on the power button for 2 sec to turn on 1-hour timer (Power button LED will blinks slowly to signal timer is activated).

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: TaoTronics
    • ASIN: B07F8TXY3J
    • UPC: 635414281310

  • Clip Grow Light Timer(3/9/12 hrs) 3 Light Mode and 5 Level Dimmable Flexible Gooseneck Clip On Grow Plant Lamp for Indoor Plant,Succulent,Herbs,Veg and Flower Hydroponics in Greenhouse,Garden (Black)

    Feature1)Cycle timer (3/9/12 hrs) and auto on/off2)3 lighting modes(red,blue,red+blue),5 level dimmable(20%-100%),memory function(remember your last setting)3)High-end quare aluminum bar to ensure better heat dissipation and longer life span4)Flexible mental gooseneck to adjust distance between grow light and plants freely5)USB powered plug to computer,tablet PC,power bank6)18 months warranty,24hrs service,30-DAY money back guarantee7)Applicable to almost all plants,tomato,pepper,basil,lettuce,violets,orchids,roses,succulents,cactus,herbs,aloe vera,echeveria, rosemary, parsley,spinach,bonsail,lime tree,fig tree and any other fruits and vegetables,this will be a good supplemental light for your plants.SpecificationProduct:Handy Clamp Grow LightRated Power:10WLight Source:24pcs of red+12pcs of blue( Each LED bar has 12pcs of red+6pcs of blue, 2 LED bars in total)Input Voltage:100-240VAC 50/60 HzWorking Voltage:5VDC /2 ALED Color:Red,blue,red+blueWavelength:Red 650-660nm; blue 440-450nmBeam Angle:180 degreeLED Bar Dimension:L28xW2xH1.5 cm / L11xW0.8XH0.6 inchFlexible Arm Dimension:Dia 0.8x38.5 cm / Diameter 0.3x15 inch for all spaceClamp Dimension:L10.8xW7.5xH7 cm / L4.3xW3xH2.8 inch Clip-on Height: 6 cm / 2.4 inchCable Length:2 m / 6.5 FTNet Weight:0.45 kg / 0.97 blApplication:Used...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: VagaryLight
    • ASIN: B07MZN6KR5
    • UPC: 604697252454

  • Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp - Daylight Bright Full Spectrum Magnifier Lighted Glass Lens - Height Adjustable Gooseneck Standing Light - For Reading Task Craft Lighting - Black

    Lend A Helping Hand The LightView PRO Magnifier LED Floor Lamp is a great, modern & minimalist bedroom lamp for bedtime reading macular degeneration or just general ageing eyes. Avid readers adore this product because the large magnifying glass brings an entire page into focus! It also works well for knitting, sewing, stitching, illustrating, needleworking, or for soldering circuit boards, microelectronics, guitar electronics, or other detail oriented tasks! One satisfied customer reported it helped her elderly parent with failing eyesight: "She could see! The look of amazement in her eyes was worth every cent paid for the lamp." (How far away a book or object should be to become "in focus" depends on the eyesight of the individual using the lamp.) Other reading lamps lack a sufficiently strong base. Brightech's design incorporates a heavy steel base so the free standing magnifying glass lamp won't tip over. LightView PRO weighs 20.7 pounds and will stand securely, even on thicker carpets, making this floor lamp magnifier an essential component of well-lit homes. Heavy Duty We make our magnifier lens from genuine diopter glass while cheaper units paste plastic magnifying sheets onto ordinary glass. Our high-quality 3" diameter lens magnifies tasks 1.75 times or 175% while elimina...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Brightech
    • ASIN: B016LTQL7E
    • UPC: 853799005714

  • High Brightness 36w Grow Light,Auto ON & Off Every Day with Cycle Timer Desktop Plant Light,8 Dimmable Levels,4/8/12H Cycle Timing for Indoor Greenhouse Growing Lamps

    1. High Power and Super Bright: 36W triple head desktop large lighting coverage. 18pcs high-brightness light, higher UV than normal light source! Efficient plant growth! 2. Red and Blue Light Promotes Plant Growth: RED light contributes to the optimal development. BLUE light influences the formation of chlorophyll,enabling the plant to intake more energy. 3.Cycle Timer: 4 / 8 / 12H, the grow light will turn off after finnishing the time setting,and turn on automatically next day at the same time. More convenient, 4. 8 steps dimming level: We can meet plant growth from germination to flowering. 5.360 Degree Desktop Grow Light : 5.9in Round base, long tube with flexible gooseneck, easily adjust light to any direction at anywhere.The Wide linear light design let it can cover a larger area and provide energy for more plants, ♣ NEW Desktop Grow Light Modern Creative design,personalized timer switch! ♣ Source efficiency: 36W ♣ LED quantity: 18Pcs(12R + 6B) ♣ Light wavelength: Red 620-630nm,Blue 460nm ♣ Lighting materials: Aluminum tube,Metal hose,UL Cable, ♣ Base: Round base,non-slip,scratch-resistant,Protect the Desktop, easy to Place! Product size: Base:5.9in,Tube height: 29.2n,Cable line length: 66.2in Tips: ♣ There should be a distance of 30-50cm between the plant and...

    • Color: Red/Blue Spectrum
    • Brand: Amazing Energy
    • ASIN: B07GYR9SSM
    • UPC: 710824660440

  • Cesun Grow Light for Indoor Plant Seedling with Mechanical Timer Independent Controlled Dual Heads Dimmable Grow Lamp Flexible Gooseneck Strong Clip, Good for Vegetable, Flowers, Fruits, Succulent

    Nice for Indoor Plant Grow Light---The complete and ultra-efficient spectral output ideal for indoor plants at all growth stages. Blue led beads, ensure plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in-germination. Red led beads, contributes to effective germination, flowering, and enhances photosynthesis for better result. Product Specifications: Dual Pipe LED Grow Light: - LED Chipset : SMD 5730; Color: Red ,Blue Leds - Input voltage:USB / DC5V; - Lighting Area:0.8 Square Meters/0.5m - Lifespan:50,000 Hours Timer Outlet: - Material:PC - Timing Range:ALL FREE SETTING from 15 minutes to 24 hours (Automatic Circling) Package: 1*Double head plant growing light 1*timer outlet 1*Adapter1*grow light manual1*timer outlet manual

    • Color: Red Blue 38LED
    • Brand: Cesun
    • ASIN: B07PP1HCQM
    • UPC: 749235857118