• Leisure Cords Trailer dogbone adapter 15 amp male to 30 amp female locking connector with LED Power Indicator

    RV dogbone adapter 15 amp male 5-15P to 30 amp female locking connector L5-30R, 12 Inch, 125V, 10/3 AWG, STW, made by Leisure. with LED Power Indicator

    • Brand: LeisureCords
    • ASIN: B074ZP2CCC
    • UPC: 045079006744

  • AC WORKS [S515L520-012] 1FT STW 12/3 Locking Adapter Cord 15Amp Household Plug to L5-20R 20Amp Locking Female Connector

    Generator Contractor Industrial Adapter Cord. NEMA 5-15P to NEMA L5-20R. 15Amp Household straight blade male plug to 20A Locking connector. 1FT STW 12/3 Anti-Cold Weather Cord. It Stays flexible in Cold Weather.

    • Color: BK/ Orange
    • Brand: AC WORKS
    • ASIN: B071J945R5
    • UPC: 819145020299

  • Leviton 25W47-B 15-Amp, 125-Volt, Locking Connector, Industrial Grade, Grounding, Wetguard, Black

    15 Amp, 125 Volt, NEMA L5-15R, 2P, 3W, Locking Connector,Industrial Grade, Grounding, Wetguard - Black, UPC: 07847705415

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Leviton
    • ASIN: B003AUJU3A
    • UPC: 078477054154

  • LeisureCords Trailer dogbone power cord plug adapter 15 amp male to 50 amp female locking connector with LED Indicator (15 Male - 50 Female Twist)

    For use when RV is equipped with 50 AMP twist lock power inlet and needs to plug into 15 AMP power source 15M/50T, 50A/125V,Max. Load 3750W,NEMA 5-15 to SS2-50R,STW 10/3

    • Brand: Leisure Cords
    • ASIN: B077GFTQ67
    • UPC: 630991279828

  • Leviton ML2-C 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Locking Connector, Industrial Grade, Grounding, MiniLock, Black-White

    The Leviton ML2C model comes in blackwhite color. It is rated HB or better UL94. The Leviton locking plug features Mini Lock. For the installation learn the instruction. This item is made of impact modified nylon. The Leviton ML2C features ergonomic, flutedbody design with radial gripping edge is ideal for gripping and pulling.

    • Color: Black-White
    • Brand: Leviton
    • ASIN: B00208YNNA
    • UPC: 078477987292

  • Leviton ML1-C 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Locking Connector, Non-Grounding, Industrial Grade, MiniLock, Black-White

    The Leviton ML1-C is from the black & white line of industrial grade plugs and connectors. This item features long-lasting reliability and a lifetime warranty. This model comes in black-white color.

    • Color: Black-White
    • Brand: Leviton
    • ASIN: B002MPQ4ZG
    • UPC: 078477987254

  • Legrand - Pass & Seymour PSL515CCCV3 Turn Lock Locking Device Connector 15-Amp 125-volt L5-15R, Black Back, White Front

    Turn lock locking device connector 15 amp 125 volt L5-15R black back white front.

    • Color: Gray|Black & White
    • Brand: Pass & Seymour
    • ASIN: B000BQM4BG
    • UPC: 785007286328

  • 15A Male to 30A Female RV Power Adapter Cords Electrical Twist Lock Adaptors 12-inch(15M30T)

    Other models are available 15M50T (http://a.co/6w5Rp8K) 30M50T (http://a.co/3rqmQTV) 50M30F ( http://a.co/3fGc32d) 30M50F (http://a.co/g6U61Tt) 30M30F genenrator cords (http://a.co/2d6odPs) DANGER!!! ELECTRICAL CORDS CAN BE HAZARDOUS. Misuse can result in FIRE or DEATH by ELECTRICAL SHOCK.Please Read Both Sides Carefully and FOLLOW ALL DIRECTION. Before USE 1.A cord set not marked for outdoor use is to be used indoor only. See UL label for outdoor marking 2.Inspect thoroughly before each use, do not use if damaged 3.Look for the number of watts on appliance to be plugged into cord 4. See label on cord for specific wattage 5. Do not plug more than the specified number of watts into this cord 6.Do not run through doorways, holes in ceiling, walls or floor 7.Make sure appliance is off before connecting cord to outlet 8.Fully insert plug into outlet 9.Do not remove, bend or modify any metal prongs or pins of cord 10.Do not use excessive force to make connections 11.Do not connect a three-prong plug to a two-hole cord. 12.Uncoil fully before using. this is a polarized cord During Use 1 Keep away from water 2 do not use when wet 3 keep children and pets away from cord 4 do not plug one extension cord into another 5 avoid overheating . Uncoil cord and not cover it with any mat...

    • Brand: Malxs
    • ASIN: B01MTQ4B4A
    • UPC: 754568967106

  • Hubbell HBL4729C Locking Connector, 15 amp, 125V, L5-15R, Black/White(Pack of 10)

    Locking Devices, Twist Lock, Industrial, Female Connector Body, 15A 125V, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding, L5-15R, Screw Terminal, Black and White. Dimensions:Height - 1.53 inch, Length - 2.78 inch, Weight - 0.15 pounds, Width - 1.41 inch. Operating Temperature - Maximum continuous 75°C and minimum -40°C without Impact. Electrical - Current Interrupting - Certified for current interrupting at full rated current. Electrical - Dielectric Voltage - Withstands 2,000V minimum. Environmental - Flammability - HB or better per UL94/CSA 22.2 No.0.17. Environmental - Moisture Resistance - IP20 Suitability. Environmental - Operating Temperatures - Maximum Continuous 75°C, Minimum -40°C (w/o impact). Ribbed nylon housing provides secure, impact and chemical resistant grip.

    • Brand: Hubbell
    • ASIN: B00N8Z5LTE

  • LeisureCords Trailer dogbone power cord plug adapter 30 amp male to 30 amp female locking connector with LED Power Indicator

    30 AMP female locking/30 AMP male standard dogbone adapter allows you to connect your marine-style 30 AMP RV power inlet to a standard power source. It features a 30 AMP standard male end and a 30 AMP locking female end.

    • Brand: LeisureCords
    • ASIN: B077VVZHK6
    • UPC: 630991279859

  • Hubbell HBL7506C Locking Connector, 15 amp, 125V, L1-15R

    Locking Devices, Twist Lock, Industrial, Female Connector Body, 15A 125V, 2-Pole 2-Wire Non-Grounding, L1-15R, Screw Terminal, Black and White.

    • Brand: Hubbell
    • ASIN: B00B0628JY
    • UPC: 783585177908

  • AC WORKS [AD515L520] Locking Adapter Household 15Amp 5-15P Plug to Locking 20Amp L5-20R Female Connector

    This is a Locking Adapter. It has NEMA 5-15P 15Amp Household Plug to NEMA L5-20R 20Amp 125Volt Locking Female Connector. This adapter is Super Durable Molded Adapter. Max Power Rating is 1875W and AC Connectors offers Limited 5 year Warranty.

    • Brand: AC WORKS
    • ASIN: B0776DRD7K
    • UPC: 819145021456

  • Conntek 14405 RV/Marine Pigtail Adapter Standard US 15 Amp w/Locking Screw to 30 Amp Locking w/LED Indicator

    This pigtail adapter allows the transference of power from a standard household US outlet (NEMA 5-15R) to a 30-Amp locking style inlet (NEMA L5-30P). Features a compact length of 1.5-feet and sturdy construction, making it a must-have for any prolific RV/boat owner.Intended for use with RVs/boats. Do not attempt to run an excessive number of electronics or appliances while drawing power through this adapter, results may trip a breaker. Limited 1-year warranty.

    • Brand: Conntek
    • ASIN: B002699JGE
    • UPC: 883943000432

  • AC WORKS Generator to Transfer Switch L14-30 Inlet Box Adapter (L5-30 30Amp 3-Prong to L14-30 Compact)

    AC Connectors Locking Adapter NEMA L5-30P 30Amp 125Volt Plug NEMA L14-30R 30Amp 125/250Volt(Hots Bridged) female connector. Terminals are Nickel Plated to prevent Copper Rusting Situation. Overall Max Power Rating: 3750W

    • Brand: AC WORKS
    • ASIN: B01MYCFX91
    • UPC: 851825007497

  • Parkworld 691975B RV Pigtail Shore Power 30A Male L5-30P to 5-15R Female 15A Dogbone Adapter Power Cord Twist Lock L5-30P Male to 5-15R Female (16.4FT)

    L5-30P to 5-15R 125 Volt 3750 Watt. For use when your American standard household regular extension cord or equipment with 5-15P plug need to plug into 30 AMP L5-30 outlet. You can get the cord or adapter in your need. We focus on producing power cord and molding NEMA plug or connector. Most of generally use NEMA plugs and receptacles we can manufacture with PVC cable. We have UL approved for all PVC wire in UL 62 standard, and also have UL or ETL approved for most of connectors in UL 817 standard. Please let us know your demand by send message to us. You can explain what plug with what receptacle and what length you want. Don't worry about the amount in your need, even you only need special one that you can not find it in retail. Waiting is the only thing we hope you can understanding. Because It will take several weeks for producing in factory, and the other 1~2 weeks for shipping from China to USA. Send your need to us by message now.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Parkworld
    • ASIN: B07RGT3P7T
    • UPC: 613072886405

  • Champion Power Equipment 48034 25 ft. 30A 125V Generator Power 3750 Watts (L5-30P to Three 5-15R) Extension Cord, yellow

    The Champion Power Equipment 48034 25-Foot 30-Amp 125-Volt Generator Extension Cord changes your L5-30R locking outlet to three 5-15R household outlets. Whether you’re powering your essential items during an emergency or powering up your tools in remote locations, Champion’s 25-foot extension cord can be depended upon in any situation. Designed in a fan-style configuration, this cord provides convenient access to your generator's power. Ideal for quick and dependable use of power, this 25-foot, high-capacity 10-gauge wire is surrounded by durable, outdoor-rated insulation (SJTW). Featuring a heat and cold resistant thermoplastic jacket, you can be sure your power cord will remain flexible and function perfectly whether the temperature outside is extremely hot or extremely cold. Champion’s convenient extension cord is rated for use with 125-volts and extends 30 amps of generator power where you need it. The 25-foot long cord allows you to run your generator from a safe distance, protecting you and others from noise and hazardous exhaust. Champion Support and our nationwide network of service centers will back up your purchase with a 1-year limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support.

    • Color: yellow
    • Brand: Champion Power Equipment
    • ASIN: B008DIZYJS
    • UPC: 896682480342

  • Hubbell HBL7593 Locking Connector, Midget, 15 amp, 125V, Ml-2R

    Locking Devices, Midget Twist Lock, Industrial, Female Connector, 15A125V, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding, ML-2R, Screw Terminal, Black.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hubbell
    • ASIN: B00DJUHG3C
    • UPC: 783585237749

  • Leviton 2547 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Connector, Locking, Industrial Grade, Grounding, Dustguard, Yellow

    15 Amp, 125 Volt, NEMA L5-15R, 2P, 3W, Locking Connector,Industrial Grade, Grounding, Dustguard - Yellow, UPC: 07847785296

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Leviton
    • ASIN: B003AUJTWM
    • UPC: 078477852965

  • Leviton 5278-CWP Straight Blade Flanged Male Power Inlet Receptacle, 15 A, 125 V, Nylon Face, Body And Strap

    Leviton Straight Blade Receptacle, 2 Poles, 3 Wires, 15 A, 125 V, 3 W, Nema 5-15R, Flush Mounting, Grounding , Thermoplastic, Brown, Aluminum, CSA Certified, UL Listed, Weatherproof Inlet, For Outdoor Security, Landscape, Accent and Holiday Lighting. .

    • Color: -
    • Brand: Leviton
    • ASIN: B003ATXIBG
    • UPC: 078477018712

  • Southwire 90218802 12/3 STW, 9-inches Twist To Lock Generator Power Cord Adaptor (L5-20P To 5-15R) 15-20 Amps, 2500/1875 Watts, 125 Volts

    Get the Woods Ind. 09021-88-02 Twist Lock Adapter for your power equipment. It is contractor grade for a circular saw, heater, drill and more. This generator adapter cord has heavy-duty molding on the plug ends with strain relief for durability. It also comes with a highly visible vinyl jacket that resists oil, moisture and scuffs. If you have immediate questions about application, installation, troubleshooting, or a damaged component, please call CCI Consumer product hotline at 1-800-561-4321 or email questions to: [email protected]

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Coleman Cable
    • ASIN: B00004SQGJ
    • UPC: 636123561823

  • Marinco 105SPP Marine Electrical Shore Power Pigtail Adapter Plus with LED Power Indicator Light (30-Amp 125-Volt Locking Male to 15-Amp 125-Volt Straignt Blade FemaleYellow)

    Pigtail Adapter Plus105SPPFeaturesPlus version of 105A with LED Power Indicator LightFemale Connector: 15A 125V Straight Blade attaches to 30A 125V cordset or boat inletBoat Side: Female Connector15A 125VLocking w/Sealing Collar SystemAttaches to boat inlet or cordsetDock Side: Male Plug30A 125VLockingAttaches to dockside receptacle or cordset WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (dehp) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Marinco
    • ASIN: B000NI38JE
    • UPC: 093344304682

  • Leviton 5266-CA 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Angle Plug, Straight Blade, Industrial Grade, Grounding, Black-White

    Leviton 268-05266-CA Industrial Grade Straight Blade Angle Plug, Black and WhiteLeviton 268-05266-CA Industrial Grade Straight Blade Angle Plug, Black and White Features: Grounding 15 Amp 125 Volt 2 pole 3 wire .245 - .700 18-10 AWG Black and White Industrial grade Straight blade Angle plug 5-15P NEMA Locking connector (1063-0051) Solid brass blades and contacts Zinc plated steel assembly screws Super tough nylon body material

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Leviton
    • ASIN: B001V9LBSY
    • UPC: 078477795309

  • Miady 15A Male to 30A Female Locking Connector RV Adapter Cord 12" Camper Dogbone Adapter with LED Power Indicator (STW 10/3 Cord)

    Importance of Selecting the Right RV Adapter Cord The Miady 15 Amp Male Plug To 30 Amp Locking Female Connector 12-inch RV Electrical Twist Lock Adaptor is a great pigtail if you just want to run some fans and interior or keep your coach's battery charged while 30 amp service is not available. You could connect your screw-cover 30amp Airstream service to regular 15amp 120v house power. What's more, it allows the use of a standard 3-prong household extension cord with a portable Honda / Yamaha generator. Really work fine when leaving on a trip - just unscrew from the trailer and put it in the garage, and no need to pack/unpack the shore power cable back in the trailer before you go. Kindly NOTE 1. Electrical cords can be dangerous. Misuse can result in FIRE or DEATH by ELECTRICAL SHOCK. Please carefully read the parameters of the product, and determine whether to meet your needs before purchasing. 2. NOTES TIPS: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  Specifications: Cord Length: 12 Inch Material: Copper, PVC Pattern: STW Wire: 10 Gauge Voltage: 125 / Volts Amp Rating: 30 AMP Wattage: Up to 3,750 Watt Capacity

    • Brand: Miady
    • ASIN: B076WXBZW9
    • UPC: 709112298250

  • Hubbell HBL7464V Locking Connector, Midget, 15 amp, 125V, Ml-1R

    Locking Devices, Midget Twist Lock, Valise, Female Connector Body 15A125V, 2-Pole 2-Wire Non Grounding, ML-1R, Screw Terminal, Black.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Hubbell
    • ASIN: B007H1BONC
    • UPC: 783585237251