• Swordsaxe 14th Century Medieval Sugarloaf Helmet - Knight Sir Henry Percy High Carbon Steel

    During the 14th century, warriors fought hard battles and needed heavy armor such as this armor plating carbon steel helmet. It provides 4.5 inch long eye slits and plenty of holes for breathing through. We recommend wearing a cotton padded coif underneath to help pad the armor and also it will be cozy and comfortable. Oil is applied to the surface of the metal to preserve it during storage and shipment, and we recommend to keep it oiled if being stored for a long period of time. History aside for a moment, this medieval Sugar Loaf helmet is a perfect replica made to match what was actually worn in the days of European warfare. It is functional, and can take a hard blow since it is hand forged by a blacksmith and made to be nearly indestructible. The brass reinforcing is riveted onto the steel plating of the helmet too. You may notice the conical shape at the top of the head. This unique shape helps divert blows from even a mace or hammer spike, protecting the knight as he fought. Overlapping steel riveted together always made for a sturdy head protection. Each helmet is hand forged and made one at a time by a blacksmith. You may notice slight variation in the work but each unit is the same in design and craft. Specifications Overall Height: 13.25 Inches Circumference: 27.5 Inc...

    • Brand: Swordsaxe
    • UPC: 635346085147

  • LM Handicrafts, Armor 14th Century Conical Kettle Helmet 16 Gauge Steel

    The 14th Century Conical Kettle Helm is constructed from 16 gauge steel. The blackened interior has an adjustable leather suspension liner. The helm is finished with an adjustable leather chin strap with brass buckle. Front to Back: 9 1/2'' Side to Side: 8 1/2'' Interior Circumference: 26'' 6 lb 1.9 oz. Manufactured & sold by lmhandicrafts

    • Brand: LM Handicrafts
    • ASIN: B07TJ95L8K

  • LM Handicrafts, Medieval 14th Century Great Helmet Reenactment

    Complete your medieval ensemble with the 14th Century Great Helm. Traditionally designed as a flat-topped cylinder, this type of helm emerged during the Crusades in the 12th century and was commonly worn by knights through the 14th century. Keeping in line with classic style, this piece features riveted 18 gauge steel construction and is highlighted by a riveted brass cross on the front. A secure and comfortable fit is ensured with a blackened interior which has an adjustable leather suspension liner and an adjustable chin strap. With authenticity and period flair, this head gear is perfect for costumes and re-enactments.

    • Brand: LM Handicrafts
    • ASIN: B07THL6FCP

  • SI Miniature 14th Century Gilded Sugar Loaf Visored Display Helmet with Stand

    A variant of the medieval great helm, the sugar loaf helm possesses a more conical top than the original helmet design. The 14th Century Gilded Sugar Loaf Visored Helmet displays a golden cross shape over the front of the face. This miniature helmet has the characteristic all around and would make an ideal decoration for your desk, mantel or cabinet.

    • Brand: SI
    • ASIN: B07576MQG8
    • UPC: 700985484986

  • Medieval Gears Brand Functional Medieval German Sallet Fighting Combat Helmet Articulate Tail 16G SCA

    This is a Functional Battle Ready German Sallet Combat Helmet. It's made of 16 gauge steel with leather liner and chin straps.

    • Brand: Medieval Gears
    • ASIN: B00X4V5RKU

  • LM Handicrafts, Armor 14th 15th Century Pauldrons 16 Gauge Reenactment

    This pair of 16 gauge steel pauldrons are articulated with slotted, sliding rivets coupled with riveted and thick internal leather banding. To wear them they are hung from a gorget or cuirass by lacing its leather tabs with cords (included) onto a gorget or cuirass. A bottom antiqued steel buckle and leather strap fit them onto the upper arm. Overall Length: 11'' Width across shoulder plate: 7 5/8'' Width across upper arm plates: 6 1/2'' Weight of Individual Pauldron: 2 lb 0.8 oz Please Note: For display on the mannequin this armor has been tied into position so as not to confuse it with other pieces of armor which are not included. To properly wear this armor you will need to attach it to a cuirass or gorget. Manufactured & sold by lmhandicrafts

    • Brand: LM Handicrafts
    • ASIN: B07TZNYNW1

  • NAUTICALMART 14th / 15th Century Bascinet Helmet with Visor

    The helmet comes with a stitch in high quality adjustable padded liner to give great protection the wearer. The front can be raised to access the face, and is held securely shut with a leather strap. Around the bottom of the helmet runs a line of brass anchoring points for the option to attach a chainmail aventail This helmet with its padding comes in size medium/large to fit an average size head This version of the bascinet has the typical curved crown and top designed to deflect much of the force of a strike. The visor has been designed by an armourer who well understood how a curved surface helps to dissipate the force of the blow better than a flatter surface or one with hard edges.


  • AH6109 14Th Century Over Bearer Great Helmet-14 Gauge Steel

    This Royal Over Bearer Great Helm might have been worn with a secondary helm underneath,although it can be worn singly also. The sides of the helm are reinforced with rivets and strips of metal, while the face features narrow rectangular eyelets, as well as two small star cut-outs near the elongated front rim. Also adorning the helmets front is a crown pattern, made up of small punched-out holes.

    • Color: Steel
    • Brand: Deepeeka
    • ASIN: B00KZF3MAU
    • UPC: 680596429593

  • MIR Medieval Fencing Helmet Steel LARP Knight 18 Gauge 14Th Century Helmet (Steel)

    Description Helmet with mobile visor is a stylization of medieval helm, designed by our artisans specially for SCA fights. The advantages of this model include reliable Norman type dome, solid back plate for neck protection, mpvable lifting visor. Two eye slits and holes on the visor provide a fighter with perfect ventilation and vision. Also, visor is reinforced with a central plate. This functional battle helmet is customized and completely handcrafted. Product Features: The Metal : High quality 18 Gauge Inner Diameter : Front to back 9 inches (approx.) Ear to Ear : 8 Inches (approx.) Circumference : 26.69 inches (approximately) Can it be used for reenactment ? : Yes Size : The Size of this Helmet is a Standard Adult Size that fits almost all adults. You can use this battle knight helmet for:

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: MIR