• Stant 10227 Radiator Cap - 13 PSI

    The radiator cap is often overlooked in common engine overheating problems. It is designed to add pressure to the cooling system and increase the boiling point like grandma's pressure cooker. A faulty radiator cap can cause your car to boil-over at a lower temperature, but is an easy and inexpensive D-I-Y repair. The Stant SWIV-EL radiator cap design allows the cap to be installed and removed much easier than conventional radiator caps, because the shell of the cap rotates independently from the upper sealing gasket, stem and bottom plate. The octagonal shape is easier to grip than the round OEM design, and is designed to function on open cooling systems and overflow reservoir type systems. Stant offers a wide variety of radiator cap styles and applications for U.S. and import cars, light trucks, HD trucks, racing, off-road and ag equipment

    • Brand: Stant
    • ASIN: B000C8224M
    • UPC: 033342001275

  • PT Auto Warehouse R124 - Radiator Cap, 13 PSI

    Radiator Cap

    • Brand: PT Auto Warehouse
    • ASIN: B00NWT5VNC
    • UPC: 617395368150

  • TYC 620980 Infiniti/Nissan Replacement Radiator/Condenser Cooling Fan Assembly

    TYC cooling fan assemblies are designed to be equivalent to OE in performance, validated through air-volume testing that simulates cooling ability. Each unit is a complete assembly with motor, fan, and shroud to simplify replacement. To ensure durability, each cooling fan design is run through a series of tests, including endurance, torsion, and resistance to vibration, moisture, and corrosion. In addition, each unit is subjected to a power-on test before leaving the factory to ensure functionality.

    • Brand: TYC
    • ASIN: B000IYPS78
    • UPC: 762405232317

  • Stant 10327 Lev-R-Vent Radiator Cap - 13 PSI

    Stant LEV-R-VENT radiator caps fit in the smaller spaces of today's engines, while providing a pressure release lever and may fit on applications where older, larger-shell caps may not. A tab on the bottom of the lever interlocks with the filler neck to prevent removal of the cap until the lever is lifted. When the lever is lifted, the entire pressure valve is lifted off the lower sealing seat in the filler neck, harmlessly venting pressure through the overflow tube

    • Brand: Stant
    • ASIN: B000C808UW
    • UPC: 033342074637

  • Gates 22968 Lower Radiator Hose

    Lower Radiator Hose

    • Brand: Gates
    • ASIN: B000IY99QE
    • UPC: 072053583304

  • Dorman 620-429 Radiator Dual Fan Assembly

    Save time, money and labor with Dorman’s Engine Cooling Fan Assembly. It comes ready to install with the motor, shroud, and blade. Plus, our high quality engineering ensures optimal air flow and strength to prevent your vehicle from overheating.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Dorman
    • ASIN: B002Y06Q2K
    • UPC: 019495228769

  • Gates 31333 Radiator Cap

    Radiator Cap

    • Brand: Gates
    • ASIN: B000C2SCGK
    • UPC: 072053020083

  • PT Auto Warehouse T124 - Safe Thermo Radiator Cap - 13 PSI

    PT Auto Warehouse T124 - Safe Thermo Radiator Cap - 13 PSI

    • Brand: PT Auto Warehouse
    • ASIN: B0160IHNB4
    • UPC: 642419614661

  • Gates 22967 Upper Radiator Hose

    Upper Radiator Hose

    • Color: Regular
    • Brand: Gates
    • ASIN: B000IY5YAE
    • UPC: 072053583281

  • Motorad ST-13R Safety Lever Radiator Cap

    Safely remove your radiator cap by venting the pressure from the cooling system before removing the cap. Manufactured to meet all OEM specifications. Designed to be easy to install and remove. Manufactured from high quality components with proper relief and vacuum valves. Quality tested to stand up to even the most demanding automotive cooling systems.

    • Brand: Motorad
    • ASIN: B000C5GB1U
    • UPC: 055644911373