• Yakima Rooster Tail Trophy Bait Pack - Six Assorted Colors (1/4-Ounce)

    Yakima Baits famous Rooster Tail is now offered in six pack versions. This six pack will add variety to any tackle box arsenal and are proven fish catchers. Rooster Tails have caught millions of fish with it pulsating hackle tail and vibrant blade. These nickel blade versions will help bring home limits of any gamefish.

    • Color: CGCHR copper glitter chartreuse, CGRBO copper glitter rainbow, CTBRTR copper tinsel brown trout, CGFRT copper glitter fire tiger, CTBL copper
    • Brand: Yakima Bait
    • ASIN: B004P8HO70
    • UPC: 042965509242

  • 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait,Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Spinner Baits Kit with 2 Tackle Boxes by Tbuymax

    Tbuymax 10pcs high quality Holographic Spinner Lure kit comes with assorted bright colors and sizes.Life-like swimming actions are Irresistable to big Fish. Its classic blades shaped so as to spin like a propeller when the lure is in motion, creating varying degrees of flash and vibration that mimics small fish or other prey. The two most popular types of spinnerbaits are the 'in-line spinner' and 'tail-spinner' . Machined-brass main body. Brass-stamped blades are silver-plated or painted. Specification: * Material:  metal * Quantity: 10pcs * Length: 6.5cm   * Weight: 7g * 5 , 8g * 5   * Material: Metal   * Packing: 2 Plastic boxes Features: * Completely new perfect design * Life-like swimming action in water * Bright colors to attract big fish * Each comes with 1 sharp treble hook    

    • Color: silver red blue yellow gold
    • Brand: TB Tbuymax
    • ASIN: B01I6NWC3K
    • UPC: 614134404421

  • Blue Fox Classic Vibrax 03 Painted 1/4 (Rainbow Trout, Size- 3)

    The flash and action of these lures is truly legendary. The free-turning brass gear housed within the lure reduces twist and adds vibration as it rattles against the outer body. Machined brass main body. Brass stamped blades are silver plated or copper plated and painted

    • Color: Rainbow Trout
    • Brand: Blue Fox
    • ASIN: B001NXCDOE
    • UPC: 027752044298

  • Blue Fox Classic Vibrax 03 Foxtail Tackle, Rainbow Trout, 1/4

    These effective Blue fox products offer a proven combination of flash and low-frequency vibration that triggers savage strikes while virtually eliminating line twists. These productive Spinners are designed with a 30 angled blade that let you run the vibrant Spinners from the surface on down to 4'-5'.

    • Color: Rainbow Trout
    • Brand: Blue Fox
    • ASIN: B0000AUYJ2
    • UPC: 027752044335

  • Luhr Jensen 1/4 Krocodile Treble Hook, Nickel/Rainbow Trout

    It only took a short period of time for the Coyote spoon to rise to the top of ocean Salmon fisheries off of Oregon, Washington and Western Canada. The spoons thin material creates a very active swimming action that Salmon can't resist. Sized from 3-1/2- to inches in length, sizes should be chosen to match the baitfish on which Salmon are feeding. Smaller sizes when candlefish and anchovies are most prevalent, larger in late season when herring become the food of choice. The Coyote spoon performs Exceptionally well behind Dodgers and flashers alike.

    • Color: Nickel/Rainbow Trout
    • Brand: Luhr Jensen
    • ASIN: B003FQ3UN0
    • UPC: 049762497895

  • Mepps Siwash Size 3 Rainbow Trout

    The Mepps Aglia spinner is the original French spinner. It is the World's #1 Lure; more trophy fish have been caught on the Mepps Aglia than any other lure. Its classic French blade provides continuous flash and vibration. Either will attract fish, but together they become a deadly combination game fish can't resist. The plain treble hook Aglia features extra sharp hooks with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves. The Aglia's "backbone" is its heavy duty stainless steel shaft. Attached to this shaft is a concave oval blade, spinner body and, of course, the hook. The blade can be silver or gold plated, polished brass, copper, or painted with computer age Epoxy.

    • Color: RAINBOW TROUT
    • Brand: Mepp's
    • ASIN: B00E3XM0UI
    • UPC: 022141007991

  • Super Vibrax 1/4oz Rainbow Trout

    The original rattlin' spinner features a torque-free design that virtually eliminates line twist, plus the unique "double sound" source really gets the fish's attention.

    • Color: Rainbow
    • Brand: Blue Fox
    • ASIN: B0014437QK
    • UPC: 027752044298

  • Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait 08 Fishing lure (Rainbow Trout, Size- 3.125)

    The adrenaline-pumping X-Rap slashbait has Xtreme attitude with its hard-cutting, aggressive darting action. The integrated long-casting system partners with an irresistible rattle and classic Rapala action. It suspends and comes to a roll at rest to trigger the bite. The X-Rap is ''all about the action'' and it ''triggers'' strikes

    • Color: Rainbow Trout
    • Brand: Rapala
    • ASIN: B001NXCYHK
    • UPC: 022677135700

  • Mepp's Aglia Long Plain Treble Fishing Lure, 1/4-Ounce, Rainbow Scale

    Mepps Aglia Long is a deep running willow leaf spinner. Its blade "hugs" the body during the retrieve, allowing it to stay in deep pockets where the big fish hang out. The Aglia Long is perfect for fishing pools below lake outlets or man-made dams. All Aglia Longs feature Mepps Color Technology for maximum visibility, solid brass bodies and blades. Beads are lathe-turned to resist chipping.

    • Color: Rainbow
    • Brand: Mepp's
    • ASIN: B003OB9MTC
    • UPC: 022141101682

  • AFISHLURE Fishing Lures for Bass Trout (Variety Style of Plastic Soft Bait)

    Lures Rage Swimmer Soft Lure Ideal for fishing all your favorite lakes, rivers and streams Target Fish:bass, panfish, pike, walleye, perch, musky, redfish, trout, striper, mackerel and more, especially for predators

    • Color: Jerk Shad(4.6"Rainbow)
    • Brand: AFISHLURE
    • ASIN: B07P7HNP42
    • UPC: 656516841677

  • Yakima Vibric Rooster Tail Trophy Bait Pack - Six Assorted Colors (1/4-Ounce)

    The Vibric Rooster Tail combines the famous Rooster Tail hackle tail with a unique teardrop body and shaft-through blade design. The offset body and direct blade-to-shaft rotation creates an ultra-noisy underwater vibration that is excellent for trout, bass, stealhead, salmon, walleye, and other gamefish.

    • Color: Assorted
    • Brand: Yakima Bait
    • ASIN: B004P8FRTC
    • UPC: 042965508948

  • QualyQualy 1/4oz 9/32oz Fishing Jigs Lure Saltwater Freshwater Lead Heads Jigs with Curly Tail Maggot Worms Soft Baits Fishing Lures Kit for Bass Trout 17Pcs/Pack

    Features: LIFELIKE SWIMMING STYLE: The maggot is made by imported environmental protection silicone,very soft,the unique curly tail design looks like the real tail, makes it swims more realistic ,and have more attractive to fish. 3D MODEL:Flat triangle style sharp hooks,thorn fish fastly. 3D modeling, when the target fish attack failed,it won't find strange,will continue to attack,increase the catch rate. TARGET FISH: Suitable for Asian Carp, Channa Argus, Rainbow Trout, Sea Bass, Siniperca Chuatsi etc. Specification: Material: Lead & Silicone. Length x Weight:55mm/2.1inch x 8g/(9/32oz Fish Head Shape),60mm/2.4inch x 7g/(1/4oz Round Head Shape). Package included: 17Pcs Fishing Jigs Lures (8 pcs x 9/32oz +9 pcs x 1/4oz). Note Because different batches, bait colors will be different from the pictures we have showed, but the quality is trustworthy. Warranty: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee; Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we will reply you within 24 hours.

    • Color: mixed colors
    • Brand: QualyQualy
    • ASIN: B072XGWZN5
    • UPC: 650434011204

  • Northland Tackle FMS4-25 Forage Minnow Spoon Bait, Super-Glow Rainbow, 1/4 oz

    The holographic forage minnow spoon's erratic, crippled-minnow action catches everything from walleyes to perch, bass, trout and pan fish. jig it aggressively for maximum flash and flutter, or slow things down and twitch the treble when gamefish move in to investigate. tip with a minnow head, waxworms or impulse minnow head and perch eye.

    • Color: Super-Glow Rainbow
    • Brand: Northland Tackle
    • ASIN: B000CBUYYY
    • UPC: 084948577299

  • Mepp's Dressed Aglia 1/4oz Gold/Red/White

    Dressed with natural squirrel tail or bucktail these dressed spinners are made to bring in all sizes of fish. From the small #0 that is great for panfish all the way to the #5 that that can haul in rainbow trout and giant musky. All sizes are available on GanderMtn.com.

    • Color: Red White Grey
    • Brand: Mepp's
    • ASIN: B001441CQW
    • UPC: 022141043593

  • Dr.Fish Fishing Lure Fat Worm Soft Bait Plastic Double Color Bass Pike Dropshot

    Effective lures will never out of date,  the classic fat wacky worm design plus the deadly twin colors, this Dr.Fish Phantom fat worm will make you going ahead of time, and always followed by fish.All color patterns have been proved as effective and productive; drive all bass, trout, walleye, crappie, chub crazy.We always listen to the anglers words, and launch this non-scented models, so that all anglers can soak them into the best meal-flavor attractant of bass.Whether you fish it wacky rig, texas rig, weightless, on a Carolina rig, or on a shakey head or flipping jig, drop shot, split shot. This soft plastic fat Phantom will contribute to your next record.Color: Green fluorescent yellow/Pink and green/ Orange and black / White and green/ White and black/ White fluorescent yellow/ White and brown.

    • Color: White and green
    • Brand: Dr.Fish
    • ASIN: B07D72Z8R9

  • AGadget Fishing Lure Kit Sales Package 17PCS Weighted Jigheads & 17PCS Soft Worms 7g/0.25oz 8g/0.28oz 17pcs DIY Group Fishing Baits for Trout Bass Salmon Pike

    AGadget Fishing Lure Kit Sales Package 17PCS Weighted Jigheads & 17PCS Soft Worms 7g/0.25oz 8g/0.28oz 17pcs DIY Group Fishing Baits for Trout Bass Salmon Pike. Skill Level: Beginner & Advanced Beginner. Shipment: 1.If you choose Amazon FBA Prime, Amazon warehouse will ship it from America, as usual it will take 1 or 3 days for delivery. It may issue some ship cost if you are not Prime Member. 2.If you choose Seller Ship, we will use USPS First-Class Package International Service, ship from China, 7-14 days for delivery, and Free Shipping. Manufacture's Limited Warranty This AGadget product is offered with limited manufacture's warranty.The limited warranty period for the product extends for 30 days from the date of purchase.The product must be purchased from AGadget to be eligible for the warranty. Do not purchase from unauthorized sellers.During the limited warranty period, AGadget will replace without charge, a Materially Defective Product. AGadget will return replacement Products to you in working condition. Note: 1.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 2.Some of the lures will be Random sent and the color will not be the same as the pic shows (random color,random shape),but the item is actually the same...

    • Color: MIX
    • Brand: AGadget
    • ASIN: B07T7DBGYM
    • UPC: 715668525719

  • Mepps B3S Aglia Plain Treble 1/4-Ounce (Silver)

    Mepps plain treble or single hook Aglias in size No.00 or No.0 are perfect for panfish (bluegills or sunfish) and small stream trout. They are very light, however, and require a nimble rod, equipped with a light action reel spooled with light line; nothing heavier than six-pound-test. Two-pound-test to four-pound-test is better. Aglias in size No.1 and No.2 are perfect for larger stream trout and large bluegills, sunfish and crappies. Size No.2 Aglias are also excellent for smallmouth bass and walleye. These sizes are ideal for teaching youngsters the basics of spinner fishing, as they are heavy enough to cast well with light tackle, yet they are small enough to catch a wide variety of fish. Size No.4 and No. 5 Aglias are ideal for large rainbow trout and steelhead, as well as coho (silver) and Chinook (king) salmon. Mepps single hook Aglias can be used virtually anywhere single hook lures are required. They are perfect for Alaska.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Sheldons Inc
    • ASIN: B00144ASKS
    • UPC: 022141004488