• E-Projects 10EP51447R0 47 Ohm Resistors, 1/4 W, 5% (Pack of 10)

    10 each 47 ohm resistors. 1/4 watt. 5% tolerance. Flame retardant coating. Lead free & RoHS Compliant. Cut tape packaging.

    • Brand: E-Projects
    • ASIN: B00CVZ3TNM
    • UPC: 753677617049

  • Stanley Bostitch Premium Standard Staples, 1/4" (6mm), High Carbon Steel, Chisel Point, 5,000 Per Box (SBS191/4CPR)

    Standard staples manufactured from superior quality high carbon steel wire, easy stapling performance. Sharp chisel point ensures less jamming. These staples also have 15% fewer misforms than the competition. 1/4" leg length, 210 staples per strip, 5000 staples per box.

    • Brand: Bostitch Office
    • ASIN: B0742NKY6Y
    • UPC: 077914059998

  • LDEXIN 10pcs M6 6mm/0.25" Carbon Steel European Style Screw Pin Chain D-Ring Shackle Hardware Rigging for Boat

    Specifications: Type:European style Color:Silver Shackle Dia.:6mm/0.25" Pin Male Thread Dia :6mm/0.25 Eye Pin Outer Diameter: 12mm/0.48" D Inner Length: 23mm/0.9' Overall Size: 38 x 25 x 5mm/1.5' x 1' x 0.2'(L*W*T); Shank Size: 33 x 9mm/1.3' x 0.35'(L*Max.D) Weight:224g Package Content 10x Shackle

    • Brand: LDEXIN
    • UPC: 704795137551

  • DEWALT DW4902 1-Inch by 1/4-Inch High Performance Carbon Knot Wire End Brush, 0.020-Inch Wire

    DEWALT 1" X 1/4" Hp .020 carbon knot wire end brush - DW4902

    • Brand: DEWALT
    • ASIN: B00004YMDG
    • UPC: 028877321028

  • 1060 Graphics 1/4" Pinstripes/Carbon Fiber Black/Premium 3M Vinyl/Custom car Truck auto Vehicle Boat Bike Motorcycle Van Sticker Solid Stripe Decal .25" inch Wide (1/4" W x 12 Foot Long)

    1060 Graphics offers a huge selection of Custom Pinstripe Sizes & Vinyl Colors. On this page we are selling our 1/4" inch wide Custom Pinstripes. Pinstripes may be ordered in 6 and 12 foot custom lengths. Stripes may then be cut to fit exact lengths when applying. You may order as many pinstripes as needed. Stripe Color: Carbon Fiber Black. When applied it will be the stripe in the vinyl color shown, there will be no background. Vinyl Used: Premium 3M Professional Wrap Series Outdoor Rated Vehicle Vinyl. All orders will come with step by step application instructions. ALL STRIPES ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER & DESIGNED BY 1060 GRAPHICS. 1060 GRAPHICS IS A TRADEMARKED BRAND. WE ARE THE SOLE OWNERS OF THE NAME & SOLE DISTRIBUTOR OF OUR CUSTOM PRODUCTS. ANY USE OF OUR NAME OR RESALE OF OUR CUSTOM PRODUCTS IS PROHIBITED. If you have any questions about our products or custom work, please ask. We are always here to help. If you are interested in viewing our other pinstripe or racing stripe pages, please type "1060 Graphics" into the Amazon Search Box or go to our Amazon Storefront- amazon.com/shops/1060graphics

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: 1060 Graphics
    • ASIN: B01NBQQ3HR
    • UPC: 709257857558

  • Ltvystore 1500pcs 75 Values 1 ohm - 10M ohm 1/4W Carbon Film Resistors Assortment Kit Assorted Set

    Ltvystore Carbon Film Resistors Kit 1/4 Watt, Resistors Assortment 5%, Metal Resistor Set 75 Values, Pack of 1500, Range 1 ohm - 10M ohm Resistance range: 1R-10M Resistor tolerance: + -5% TYPE:RESISTANCE,QTY 1Ω------- 20PCS2.2Ω----- 20PCS 4.7Ω----- 20PCS 5.6Ω------ 20PCS 7.5Ω------- 20PCS 8.2Ω----- 20PCS10Ω---- 20PCS 15Ω----- 20PCS 22Ω---- 20PCS 27Ω----- 20PCS 33Ω------ 20PCS 39Ω---- 20PCS 47Ω----- 20PCS56Ω----- 20PCS 68Ω----- 20PCS 75Ω------ 20PCS 82Ω---- 20PCS 100Ω--- 20PCS120Ω----- 20PCS 150Ω----- 20PCS 180Ω--- 20PCS200Ω----- 20PCS220Ω----- 20PCS270Ω---- 20PCS330Ω----- 20PCS390Ω----- 20PCS470Ω---- 20PCS 510Ω----- 20PCS 680Ω------ 20PCS820Ω--- 20PCS1KΩ----- 20PCS1.5KΩ----- 20PCS 2KΩ---- 20PCS2.2KΩ----- 20PCS 3KΩ------- 20PCS 3.3KΩ---- 20PCS3.9KΩ----- 20PCS 4.7KΩ----- 20PCS 5.1KΩ----- 20PCS 5.6KΩ----- 20PCS 6.8KΩ---- 20PCS 7.5KΩ----- 20PCS8.2KΩ----- 20PCS 10KΩ---- 20PCS15KΩ---- 20 PCS20KΩ---- 20 PCS22KΩ---- 20PCS33KΩ---- 20PCS 39KΩ---- 20PCS47KΩ-----20PCS 51KΩ---- 20PCS 56KΩ---- 20PCS68KΩ----- 20PCS 75KΩ---- 20PCS82KΩ---- 20PCS100KΩ---- 20PCS 120KΩ----- 20PCS 150KΩ---- 20PCS 180KΩ----- 20PCS 200KΩ----- 20PCS220KΩ---- 20PCS 300KΩ----- 20PCS330KΩ--- 20PCS470KΩ---- 20PCS 510KΩ--- 20PCS560KΩ---- 20PCS690KΩ----- 20PCS...

    • Brand: Ltvystore
    • ASIN: B01N0H84HS
    • UPC: 614134045907

  • adidas Golf Men's Lightweight UPF 1/4 Zip Pullover, Carbon Heather, Small

    Adidas Golf designs award-winning products across apparel, footwear and accessories for every golfer. Innovation is at the heart of everything do. No detail is spared, no scenario overlooked. We're always working to create the best in golf. It's our passion. We make sure all golfers are geared for more.

    • Color: Carbon Heather
    • Brand: adidas
    • ASIN: B074H8H4PZ
    • UPC: 191027508065

  • 2 Pcs Replacement Electric Carbon Brushs 3/4" x 1/4" x 1/4"

    Designed with wire leads and ring terminal.Used widely for various of power tools and electric motors, such as rotary hammer drill, circular saw, cut-off saw and angle grinder.

    • Brand: uxcell
    • ASIN: B00KHUY69O
    • UPC: 696738683419

  • Thomson QS 1/4 L 18, Quick Shaft, 0.2490 / 0.2495 in Diameter, Class L, Carbon Steel, 60 Rockwell C Min., 18 in long

    While Shafts may appear the same, there are significant performance differences due to the manufacturer’s selected standards, and the manufacturing processes used to achieve them. The linear inner race demands the highest levels of material cleanliness, surface topography, surface hardening, diameter, taper and roundness, surface finish and straightness to provide optimum performance, minimal maintenance and long life. Unlike common shafting, Thomson 60 Case LinearRace shafting is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our techniques are continuously upgraded with proprietary know-how gained from over 53 years of linear bearing design and manufacture. Using 60 Case LinearRace shafting with Thomson Ball Bushing Bearings ensures optimal bearing performance and travel life.

    • Brand: Thomson
    • ASIN: B002E7LKLA
    • UPC: 662486244356

  • Value Pack of 6 Boxes Stanley Bostitch B8 Powercrown Premium 1/4" Staples (Stcrp21151/4)

    From the Manufacturer B8 PowerCrown staples are crafted for ultimate drive performance and designed for use in Bostitch B8E, B8E-Value, B8HC, B8HDP, B8R, B8P (02245), B8RC-FC, B8RC-2G, B8RC, and B8RCB. As this crowned (peaked) staple top is flattened during the staple drive, it forces the staple legs outward so they are more fully supported by the stapler magazine throughout the drive. This delivers more stapling force and reduced buckling for maximum penetration. Staples are constructed from superior quality, high carbon wire to reduce buckling and jamming. The finely honed chisel points deliver maximum penetration for maximum sheet capacity with a 1/4" leg length. Product Description Legendary Bostitch B8 PowerCrown staples are crafted for ultimate drive performance. Taking the physical dynamics of staple driving into consideration led our engineers to develop the unique PowerCrown feature. As this crowned (peaked) staple top is flattened during the staple drive, it forces the staple legs outward so they are more fully supported by the stapler magazine throughout the drive. This delivers more stapling force and reduced buckling for maximum penetration. Each full strip contains 210 staples and is constructed from superior quality high carbon wire to reduce buckling and jamming. ...

    • Brand: Bostitch Office
    • ASIN: B00V6Y253O
    • UPC: 651124005398

  • Accumulair FMRCBP48X80X.25 x 6 0.5Ft x 0.25 in. Carbon Media,

    Carbon media naturally fluctuates during the manufacturing process. Typically this fluctuation will be anywhere between 15 to 20 of the product base. Therefore carbon medias have to be measured at a minimum over a large area with a micrometer using a 1 foot. As a result carbon rolls come in a nominal thickness and an actual thickness. The actual thickness will vary from the nominal thickness due to factors such as the manufacturing process how tightly the media is compressed the tension on the rewinder that roll up the actual carbon media and of course the shipping. All of this contributes to the differences between actual thickness and nominal thickness of the rolls.Features. A simple solution for controlling both odors and dust particles.. Odorous gases and vapors are attracted to and held by the unique properties of the activated carbon material.. Cut-to-fit carbon pad can be installed in virtually any application and helps eliminate odors from cooking paint carpet bathroom smells cigarette smoke odor and pet odors.. Pack 4.. Dimension 4 ft. x 6-12 ft. x 14 in.

    • Brand: Accumulair
    • ASIN: B00VTQ9TD8
    • UPC: 886566074330

  • WKS TOOL Wokesi 1/4"(6mm) High Hardness Carbon Steel Uppercase Number and Letter Ball Pein Hammer Hand Punch Metal Stamp Set for Mold Jewel Making Die (6mm Number&Letter)

    1.Suitable for mold factory,stainless steel, steel, automobiles, motorcycles,bicycles and other metal,leather,wood and other tanning printing 2.The hammer comparing with the product must be in the appropriate range of pounds 3.Keep a vertical angle between the product and working platform. recommend to use tools to fix the product.avoid injuring hands. 4.These stamp sets are lightly coated with oil. Simply wipe down with a dry paper towel or rag before using. (Avoid wiping with anything wet - water will cause stamps to rust.)

    • Brand: WKS TOOL

  • Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 1/4

    We have tested hundreds of affordable violin bows and chosen this as our favorite. The Fiddlerman bow is the best deal on any violin bow in this price, satisfaction guaranteed. In our opinion, much better than any inexpensive Pernambuco violin bow! Weight is approximately 60 grams. This Black Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow is manufactured to replicate the perfect weight and curve of an expensive Pernambuco wood bow. If you're spending less than four times this amount on a bow, we recommend you go with a Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow. Anything short of a quality wood bow will most likely not give you the right weight distribution or curve. We prefer this bow over the Presto Violin Bows. Many times better than the lasalle violin bows, of course. Perfect violin bow upgrade if you have purchased a Kremona, Stentor, Mendini, or Cecilio outfit. High quality hand made Fiddlerman carbon fiber composite violin bow. Nicely decorated copper mounted ebony frog. Quality Mongolian horse hair. Great balance. Very nice arch with good bounce and action. Rosin has never touched this bow. Use your own favorite violin rosin. Full size violin bow 4/4 Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow Black Violin Bow.

    • Brand: Fiddlerman
    • ASIN: B00XNVG1ZQ
    • UPC: 684191892790

  • 1K Ohm, 1/4 Watt, 5%, Carbon Film Resistors (pack of 100)

    These are top quality resistors manufactured by Stackpole Electronics, Inc.(SEI). Resistors come packaged in a clear zip lock bag with a label indicating resistor value, wattage and composition. SEI began manufacturing resistors in 1928 and is now recognized as a leading, global supplier.

    • Brand: Stackpole Electronics Inc.
    • ASIN: B00EV2QC96
    • UPC: 702646255348

  • Manufacturers Direct 61715 1 Pack Motor Brush (Jandorf 417X, 3/4 in L X 3/8 in W X 1/4 in Thick, Carbon)

    Jandorf motor brush, series: 417X, carbon, 1/4 in Thickness, 3/8 in width, 3/4 in length, for mixers, vacuum cleaners and power tools.

    • Brand: Manufacturers Direct
    • ASIN: B01707YXZI
    • UPC: 740265617154

  • Under Armour Men's Storm Armour Fleece 1/4 Zip, Carbon Heather (090)/Black, X-Large

    Armour Fleece is light, breathable & stretches for superior mobility. Soft inner layer traps heat to keep you warm & comfortable. Material wicks sweat & dries really fast.

    • Color: Carbon Heather (090)/Black
    • Brand: Under Armour
    • ASIN: B01850QURS
    • UPC: 889819617858

  • Kodiak Cutting Tools KCT202717 USA Made 1/4-20 Hand Threading Tap Set, Includes Taper, Plug and Bottom Taps, Ground Threads, High Speed Steel, H3 Limit, 4 Flute, 1/4" Diameter x 20 TPI (Pack of 3)

    1/4-20 Hand Threading Tap .255" Shank 1 Thread Length 2-1/2" Overall Length 4 Flute Standard Hand Threading Tap.

    • Brand: Kodiak Cutting Tools
    • ASIN: B007BTPNC8

  • Eaton Weatherhead Coll-O-Crimp 04E-B04 Inverted Male Swivel Straight Fitting, AISI/SAE 12L14 Carbon Steel, 1/4" Hose ID, 1/4" Tube Size

    This Eaton Weatherhead 04E-B04 tube and hose swivel fitting is suitable for connecting a tube to a hose in a range of hydraulic fluid transfer applications. It is made of zinc-plated low-carbon steel for strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. The fitting has a socket with hose insert on one end for use with 1/4" inside diameter (ID) hoses, and male 7/16-24 inverted flare threads on the other end for use with 1/4" outside diameter (OD) tubes. This tube and hose swivel fitting is suitable for use in a range of industrial, commercial, and agricultural hydraulic fluid transfer applications.Hose fittings connect, control, change the direction of, and terminate the flow in piping and hose systems. They are made of brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and other materials that resist corrosion, pressure, and wear. Hose fittings have various types of connections, including threaded, barbed, push-to-connect, dry disconnect, and others including those based on internationally-accepted specifications. Hose fittings are used in systems such as air compressors, automatic manufacturing operations, aircraft controls, and tire installation in industries including agriculture, mining, road construction, firefighting, and aviation.Eaton manufactures electrical, hydraulic, and mecha...

    • Brand: Weatherhead
    • ASIN: B008I5H4I0

  • Andis Carbon-Infused Steel UltraEdge Dog Clipper Blade, Size-5 FC, 1/4-Inch Cut Length (64122)

    The Andis PEt Ultra Edge Size 5FC leaves hair 1/4-inch. This blade Fits Andis model AG, AGP, AGR+, AGCL, AGRC and MBG models

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Andis
    • ASIN: B0002ZFOW2
    • UPC: 401026412202

  • EAONE 800 Pieces 32 Values 5% Resistors Kit, 0 Ohm-1M Ohm 1/4W Carbon Film Resistors Assortment for DIY and Experiments

    EAONE 800 Pieces 32 Values 5% Carbon Film Resistors Kit Features Useful assortment Total 800 pieces in 1 set. Including 25 pieces for each common used 32 values resistors. Easy to use Every value was labled and packed individually, there are color code guidance help you read the right resistance. Great compatibility Works well for a wide variety of applications including Arduino projects and other electronic and electrical experiments. Specifications Values: 32 Tolerance: ±5% Power: 1/4W Carbon film Package include 25 Pieces each of the following 32 standard values: 25pcs * 0 Ω 25pcs * 10 Ω 25pcs * 22 Ω 25pcs * 33 Ω 25pcs * 47 Ω 25pcs * 51 Ω 25pcs * 68 Ω 25pcs * 100 Ω 25pcs * 220 Ω 25pcs * 330 Ω 25pcs * 470 Ω 25pcs * 510 Ω 25pcs * 680 Ω 25pcs * 1K Ω 25pcs * 2.2K Ω 25pcs * 3.3K Ω 25pcs * 4.7K Ω 25pcs * 5.1K Ω 25pcs * 6.8K Ω 25pcs * 10K Ω 25pcs * 22K Ω 25pcs * 33K Ω 25pcs * 47K Ω 25pcs * 51K Ω 25pcs * 68K Ω 25pcs * 100K Ω 25pcs * 220K Ω 25pcs * 330K Ω 25pcs * 470K Ω 25pcs * 510K Ω 25pcs * 680K Ω 25pcs * 1M Ω Note CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Do not for children under 3 yrs. Product warranty If anything arise, please feel free to contact us for solutions. EAONE Customer Service Team promise to offer 45 days money back guarantee and 18 month...

    • Brand: EAONE
    • ASIN: B078YL2S5Z
    • UPC: 601263549109

  • CHAOREN Ratchet Belt Replacement Strap 1 3/8", Leather Belt Strap for 40MM Slide Click Buckle

    The design DNA of CHAOREN's fashion belt is to highlight the personality and taste in the details, which make it easy to match. Insist on high cost-effective products, so that the pursuit of quality and fashion is affordable.One size fits all belt-trim to fit1/4 inch adjustable micro-increments with 38 positions in the ratchet track system. Soyou can easy cutting the strap to your waist size for an exact fit, one size can almost fit all waist sizes.Precautions for Initial Use1.Cut the belt to length following to the instructions in the product picture. Be careful not to cut too much on the first time, leaving at least 2.5 inches of excess from the left belt hole for overlap.2.After the first cut, insert the strap to the buckle and gently fasten it. Perform any additional cuts if necessary. After finishing the adjustments for length, firmly press the closure block on the buckle and pull to check if it is firmly closed.Smart Ratchet Belt Effortless With CHAOREN Automatic Ratchet Belt, you can simply adjust the fit at different times of the day. It's extremely easy to use, especially when you are on a long-haul plane, or after eating on an appointment.Durable with top genuine leatherTop Genuine Leather with premium top embossing coating ensure its durability and elegance for a daily...

    • Color: Carbon Fiber Texture Black
    • Brand: CHAOREN
    • ASIN: B07CMSF2WS
    • UPC: 687345857119